25 Motenssori Baby Toys for Baby’s Skill Development

Have you ever heard about Montessori before? To refresh your memory, Montessori is a method of learning designed specifically for little babies or toddlers. It was created to break the traditional ways of nurture. Montessori method focuses more on the babies’ development, while the traditional ways are more focus on the parents. For babies, toys are something to play with everyday. However, toys can also be used to train them about their senses and also skills. Therefore, there are lots of Montessori baby toys in the market, specifically created to support babies’ skill development.

Montessori baby toys come in so many shapes, colors, materials, and also size. Aside of being a fun toy to play with, it also features so many advantages to let babies develop their skills and senses. If you’re currently looking for the perfect Montessori toy to help your baby’s skill development, then you have come to the right place. Here we have a list of 25 most recommended Montessori baby toys to be the perfect learning toy for your baby. Or if you want to get a nice toy as a gift, this list will also be beneficial for you.

Wooden Montessori Baby Toys

As the Montessori method encourages us to use attractive natural material, the wooden toy is one of the most popular Montessori baby toys. Moreover, wooden toys are preferred as they have beautiful and timeless designs, feel great to handle, and lightweight. If you’re unsure to pick the best wooden Montessori baby toys, then let’s take a look at our list below!

1. Color Stacking Toy

Color Stacking Toy

This is a perfect toy for babies to learn about colors and shapes. This colorful wooden toy contains items with five colors and five shapes for your baby to play with. To create different combinations, you can ask your baby about numbers, colors, and shapes using the colorful pieces of this toy. Moreover, this wooden blocks were designed with smooth edges, which will be safe and easy for your baby to hold.

2. Manhattan Teether Grasping Toy

Manhattan Teether Grasping Toy

Give your baby this Montessori baby toy and let them play while practicing their motor skills. Made of high-quality materials, this toy is lightweight and absolutely safe for your baby. This wooden rattle also has elastic ties, making it easy for your little one to grab and hold. Moreover, this toy is also a great teether, and no matter how your baby plays with it, it will always return to its original shape.

3. Baby Carrot Sorting Toy

Baby Carrot Sorting Toy

If you are looking for the perfect Montessori baby toy that can cultivate your little one’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination, then you need to consider buying this cool toy for your baby. This toy will train your baby’s brain to recognize shapes and orders. Made of lightweight wood, your baby can hold it nicely and experience a fun learning activity.

4. Rainbow Abacus Toy

Rainbow Abacus Toy

Look at how adorable and lovely this Montessori baby toy is! The ring abacus color was beautifully designed to pair with the soft bead colors, giving extra cuteness to its appeal. Moreover, you can guarantee that this is a high-quality and handmade product, which will let your baby enjoy their playing time with this lovely toy.

5. Palmar Grasp Cylinder Block

Palmar Grasp Cylinder Block

Are you looking for a special Montessori baby toy that can make a perfect birthday gift? Well, you can believe in us when we say that personalized palmar grasp block will be a great birthday gift idea. Any baby would love to learn through putting the pieces of cute cylinder back into the base. Moreover, you can customize the toy by putting a special baby’s name on it.

6. Alphabet and Number Puzzle

Alphabet and Number Puzzle

This awesome and colorful toy will help your baby to learn about numbers, alphabets, shapes, and also colors, all in one puzzle! Made of wooden blocks that are free from phthalates and heavy metals, this toy is completely safe for your baby. Without a doubt, this toy will definitely develop your baby’s dexterity and fine’s motor skills. 

7. DIY Sensory Activity Board

DIY Sensory Activity Board

As your baby gets more active, you should find Montessori baby toys to keep your little one busy and focus. If that’s the case, then you should give your baby this sensory activity board as a gift. As this is a DIY board, you can change the sensory materials with different textures and shapes, which will surely surprise your baby.

8. DIY Track Toy

DIY Track Toy

This one is another DIY toy that can create a fun playing time for both the baby and also the parents! The parents can help to assemble the track board, and the baby can slide the character to follow the unique tracks. Undoubtedly, your baby will surely be attracted and focus to this Montessori baby toy.

9. Shape Sorter Cube

Shape Sorter Cube

Traveling with babies can be challenging at times, especially in finding the perfect way to keep your baby entertained on the road. Therefore, you should prepare a small but attractive toy that will make your busy and entertained. For that particular reason, then this shape sorter cube is one of the best Montessori baby toys for traveling. In. Not to mention, this toy is also a smart option to avoid your baby from electronic entertainment during a long trip, which can damage their eyes.

10. Wooden Busy Board as Montessori Baby Toy

Wooden Busy Board

No one can resist how creative and beautiful this Montessori baby toy looks! You just have to follow the steps to make your own busy board. Once you’re finished, you can give it to your baby and let your baby enjoy a fun playing and learning time with it. It has nine amazing spots to touch and play on one board, which will definitely keep your baby happy all the time!

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Soft Montessori Baby Toys

For some people, baby toys should be soft so they won’t hurt the babies, especially because we know that babies have no control over their body yet. Therefore, many Montessori baby toys feature soft texture, and we have collected some of the best ones in the following list.

11. Stacking Ball Soft Toy

Stacking Ball Soft Toy

Babies are always interested in stacking things, knocking them down, building them again, and repeat. As part of the Montessori method, this activity is good for their brain development. Therefore, you can get your little one a soft and durable stacking ball to help them develop and improve their skills.

12. My First Baby Tissue Box

My First Baby Tissue Box

If you have a baby who loves to play with tissue boxes and paper, it’s totally normal for you to feel a bit worry that your baby might eat or swallow his toys. To put your mind at ease, you can replace those toys with new Montessori baby toy, which is totally safe for your baby. For that reason, this colorful tissue box will be one of the best options. It will not only entertain your baby for hours, since your baby can also pull-along the tissue toy, which will be the a good item to train your baby’s sensory skills.

13. Baby Blocks Toys

Baby Blocks Toys

If you are looking for soft and sound Montessori baby toys, then this item is destined for you. Beside stacking the blocks, your baby can also squeeze it to make squeaking sounds. This toy will encourage your baby’s reaching and grasping skills, help to attract attention, and also improve auditory development.

14. Sensory Sorter Toy

Sensory Sorter Toy

Help your baby improve his sensory skills with this amazing toy. This toy has 14 chunky blocks with 14 different textures. Your baby can try to hold and sort it to the elastic band of cuboid. Moreover, this toy has cute patterns and colorful design to attract your baby’s attention. 

15. Infant Baby Book

Infant Baby Book

Who said that a baby can’t read a book? Well, it’s actually true, but it doesn’t apply to this book. This baby book was specifically designed for infants, to train their eyes accommodation and wide-field view. Made of high quality and soft like silk material, this baby book will definitely make your baby can’t get his eyes off it.

16. Stacking Rings Teethers

Stacking Rings Teethers

When your baby’s teeth starts to grow, sometimes he will feel uncomfortable, plus it will make him throws tantrums as well. Therefore, this toy is suitable to calm your baby’s emotions. As your baby plays with this toy, it will produce a sound, which can be attractive to your baby. Moreover, your baby can also plays stacking using this toy.

17. Polyester Cloth Simulation Book

Polyester Cloth Simulation Book

As your baby becomes a toddler, the existing infant books should be replaced with this adorable stimulation book. It has a colorful design, which will attract your baby’s attention. When your baby flips over the book, the wrinkle feature on each page will produce a squeaking sound,. Without a doubt, this one is the perfect toy to enhance brain development and create a love for reading.

18. Guitar Grasp Toy

Guitar Grasp Toy

Are you looking for something fluffy and cuddly as Montessori baby toys? Don’t worry, because we also have this guitar grasp toy to encourage your baby’s gross motor skills. Moreover, the string will produce a vibrating sounds once it is pulled, which gives a soothing sensation to your baby’s senses.

Practical Montessori Baby Toys

As Montessori baby toys should promote engagement and learning purpose, some of them are designed as the real instruments that might be useful later in life. Moreover, practical Montessori baby toys will be the perfect activity to operate instruments and train your baby’s skill in a fun way. 

19. Personalized Xylophone Toy

Personalized Xylophone Toy

In case your baby loves to hit things, try to release that energy to hit this xylophone toy. This colorful toy will produce various sounds once its hit, which can be an interesting toy for your baby to play. Moreover, it will also teach your baby an an early musical skill to build his love for music.

20. Percussion Sensory Sack

Percussion Sensory Sack

We have come to the last 5 items on this list, and this one is another toy to enhance your baby’s auditory development! This sack features colorful and attractive egg shaker, maraca, and also handbells, which will produce completely different sounds once they shake. Your baby will learn that once this toy vibrates, it will produce various sounds, making it a perfect toy for improving his brain development.

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21. Baby Push Walker

Baby Push Walker

A push-pull toy is a great Montessori baby toy, for a baby who’s learning to walk. Therefore, this adorable toy will help your baby cultivates their motor skill. As your baby tries to push this toy, they will learn about wheel movement and also weight, through a fun activity. 

22. Repair Kit Set

Repair Kit Set

If your baby has always been mirroring his Dad when it comes to repairing many things at home, why don’t you give your baby this Montessori baby toy? You can get this version of adult’s tools and equipments for your baby since this item will be a lot safer for him to use, alongside his Dad. Your baby can freely imitate your activity with this toy in a safer environment.

23. Organization Shelf Montessori Furniture

Organization Shelf Montessori Furniture

There are always meaningful lessons learned in every Montessori activity, including this organization shelf. As your toddler improves motor skills, your baby can learn how to organize things, too! You can give him the freedom and trust in organize his toys, which will build your baby’s confidence as well.

24. Baby Climbing Arch

Baby Climbing Arch

Montessori toys are not only focusing on sensory and brain development, because there are also Montessori toys that encourage physical activities. In case you are looking for practical Montessori baby toys that focus on muscle development and balance control, then this climbing arch is definitely the best option. Made of the best wooden material, this toy can make your active baby smiles all day long.

25. Magnetic Fishing Toy

Magnetic Fishing Toy

For parents who want to introduce their baby to fishing, this toy can be a good start. Since it is still not safe to bring your baby fishing in the real water, then you can give your baby this magnetic fishing toy instead, which features a similar concept as real fishing activity.

Latest Post:

What are Montessori toys?

Montessori toys are the ones that have valuable learning purpose and engagement. Unlike any entertainment toys, Montessori toys cover a wide range of skills, from fine’s motor skills to practical life skills. Moreover, a Montessori toy always focuses on one skill at a time. Therefore, this kind of toy is indeed a playful learning activity for babies. 

Do babies need Montessori toys?

Yes, they do! As babies are still in their golden age, training skills will support their growth very well. Since Montessori toys always promote learning purposes rather than entertainment, you might be afraid if your baby is less interested with those toys. But, don’t worry! Because in fact, playing with Montessori baby toys can keep them engaged and having fun for hours at the same time.

How do I choose a Montessori toy?

You can choose a Montessori toy depending on your children’s age. As they might have to achieve some skills at a certain age, you should focus on picking the right Montessori toy for the right age. For example, if your baby starts to have teeth, then you can give him/her teether toys. Or, if your baby starts to explore physical ability, a baby climbing arch will be a smart idea.

Why do Montessori use wooden toys?

Actually, Montessori toys are not always using wood as the main materials. However, as the Montessori method always encourages the use of natural material, many Montessori toys use wood as the material. You can check all wooden Montessori baby toys in our list for more inspiration. Or, if you are looking for Montessori baby toys made from other material, you can also check on our list above.

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