25 Cool Wooden Toys for Your Lovely Children 

It’s common for children to play with toys, but how about wooden toys? Wooden toys are loved not only because they are fun but also for their lifetime durability and classic look. Most wooden toys are also safe to use and play with because they are lightweight. Another reason is that they have affordable prices that won’t hurt your wallet!

Here we have listed 25 cool wooden toys you must-have, whether for yourself or your kids! Some of these wooden toys are educational and beneficial for preschool kids. Not only can it be used for toys, but when the time goes by, some of them can be used as home decorations that will add a more minimalist look. Let’s check them out!

1. Balance Wooden Toys

Balance Wooden Toys

Physical training while playing, why not? Here we recommend a balance toy for your kids. It is made of birch wood and a linden tree that provide durability. In addition, you can add stepping stones and more beams for a more challenging play. This unique wooden toy is a must-have item for parents who want their kids to have a better childhood development!

2. Climbing Arch

Climbing Arch

This climbing arch is a must-have wooden toy as well! It is fun to play with, and it can help babies or preschool kids develop their muscles and control their balance. This item is available in several colors and styles with additional attachments. These include a wooden ladder, swing, and rope board. 

3. Wooden Car 

Wooden Car 

This cute wooden car can be used as a toy to play with children, or when it is no longer used to play, we can use it as home decoration! This item is meticulously handmade and unpainted, so it can be a small project for you and the kids to add some colors. Check these rare wooden toys out before they are sold out!

4. Busy Board

Busy Board

This busy board is handy for building your kids’ motor and creative skills. Your kids will enjoy several activities and colors that are built-in on one board. It is also made of eco-wood, so it will be safe to play with the kids. If you want to get this item as a gift for celebrating a kid’s birthday, you can also add engraved names on the board. Such a fun and very educational wooden toy!

5. Wooden Ring Stacker

Wooden Ring Stacker

Doesn’t this ring stacker look cute? Available in up to 9 colors, this item will help your children boost their motoric skills and concept learning, such as shapes and colors. Moreover, you can add your own personalization, such as an engraved name on the toy. Therefore, we highly recommend this cool wooden toy because of its design and benefits for the kids! 

6. Wooden Excavator Toys

Wooden Excavator Toys

This wooden excavator is not only great as a toy but also as a private collection and home decoration. It serves a simple classic look and is made of jackfruit, cherry, and rubberwood by hand, so it is safe to use with children. 

The item’s parts can rotate 360 degrees, and the excavator crane can also scoop, which will be fun, especially for boys. Therefore, we added this unique excavator as one of the most remarkable wooden toys.

7. Personalized Wooden Car

Personalized Wooden Car

Let’s play a racing competition with this wooden car toy! These wooden toys are made of cherry, walnut, and maple wood to give a minimalistic and classic look. You can also get these wooden toys as a gift for the kids and customize them by adding engraved names. Check them out while they are still available!

8. Spaze Puzzle

Spaze Puzzle

We found other wooden toys for your kids! This space puzzle features engraved names of each planet with pretty colors representing the planet’s identity. The kids can assemble it, and the activity will stimulate their sensory skills. The puzzle board and all of the pieces utilize high-quality plywood that gives a classic look. 

9. Imbucare Box Ball and Coin 2-in-1 

Imbucare Box Ball and Coin 2 in 1 

This Imbucare box ball has up to 7 colors of drawer and coins. This set of wooden toys is considerably educational for kids because it will build motoric and concentration skills. This item is also made of high-quality wood without any toxic colors and sharp corners, so toddlers can play with it safely.

10. Wooden Star Threading Toy

Wooden Star Threading Toy

Toys needed to be both educational and fun. This threading toy has it! Although it’s still included as traditional toys, it will help the kids to build their motoric and hand movement coordination. It is made of high-quality wood to give a classic look. 

Nevertheless, the adults need to supervise the kids while playing with this toy because of the sharp corner of the star-shaped toy. Therefore, we added this to a list of cool wooden toys.

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11. Archery Wooden Set

Archery Wooden Set

Let your kid plays like the archery athletes! This archery set will be beneficial for their physical activity and personal growth. Moreover, the bow and arrows are made of high-quality wood with an engraved name on the bow, so they can be used as a gift. Let’s check these wooden toys before they are sold out!

12. Name Puzzle Busy Board

Name Puzzle Busy Board

Educational toys have become a trend nowadays. This busy board supports motoric skills and concept learning for kids, such as shapes and colors. You can customize the kids’ names, add engraved messages on the board, and choose your preferred colors. 

The busy board is also made of high-quality wood with non-sharp corners, so it will be safe to play with the kids. These wooden toys will be extraordinary for a birthday gift!

13. Montessori Rolling Cylinder Set

Montessori Rolling Cylinder Set

This set of Montessori rolling cylinders is a must-have wooden toy! Not only has it fun, but it will allow the babies and preschool kids to generate their grasping skills. These wooden toys are chemical-free and made of beechwood without any painting, so it is eco-friendly and safe to play with kids. 

14. Climbing Arch with Cushion

Climbing Arch with Cushion

Perhaps the most comfortable wooden toys you have ever found! Despite its comfy feature, this climbing arch is made of high-quality birchwood designed to help build the kids’ balancing ability, learning, and motoric skills. Check this out before it’s sold out!

15. Montessori Life Cycle Tray

Montessori Life Cycle Tray

This wooden life cycle tray will help the kids learn one of the introductory biology courses. The kids can learn the life cycle of more than 5 types of creatures, trees, turtles, chickens, and more. Simply insert coins into the plate according to the correct order of the life cycles. 

Besides learning an introductory biology course, the kids can train their concentration and strengthen their visual memory. Therefore, we added this unique item to the list of the best wooden toys.

16. Sorting Toys

Sorting Toys

We are also recommending other types of wooden toys. This sorting toy is suitable for all kids, especially babies and pre-school kids. Separating between triangles, squares, and spherical will help the kids build hand movement, grasping, and sensory skills early. Check this out while it lasts!

17. Montessori Leaf Puzzle

Montessori Leaf Puzzle

Solving puzzles is always fun and challenging! So, this leaf puzzle made of wood for kids will make an excellent present. It will also connect the kids to nature. Put the wooden leaf in its correct place, and the puzzle will be solved! These wooden toys will help the kids build their motoric skills and hand movement better. 

18. Change Quarter Bouncing Game

Change Quarter Bouncing Game

This wooden toy is kinda unique. This bouncing game wooden board can be your kids’ go-to place when they can’t get enough basketball or baseball. There are 13 different quarter-bouncing games your sons or daughters have to play. 

Simply bounce the flat side of the board into the hole. When the kids have achieved their goals, move the pad farther than before and play it again as they have done previously. Perfect to be brought to the beach or picnic park. Therefore, we add this item to the most unique wooden toys list every parent should have!

19. Katamino Game

Katamino Game

It’s essential to learn geometry, but how can we make it fun? This Katamino game is designed thoroughly to help kids practice mathematics in a more fun way. The smaller the playing space, the more challenging this game is. All parts of this game are made of wood to give an aesthetic look. Therefore, we strongly recommend this item!

20. Baseball Game

Baseball Game

Feel the thrill of an American baseball game through this game board. The set includes two dice and a giant board like a baseball game, just in a mini size that you can bring everywhere. Handcrafted well with maple wood veneer to give it a classic look and will last for generations. Check this wooden toy set before it’s sold out!

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21. Yard Dice

Yard Dice

This massive yard dice set will be perfect for bringing to the park or the backyard. They are made by hand with high-quality wood that not only fits as wooden toys but also as home decorations. The item will come to you with the game rules and drawstring bag. Therefore, we added this item to this list of the most amazing wooden toys you should check out!

22. Hearts Four-Across Game 

Hearts Four-Across Game 

Where to find other unique wooden toys then this four-across game board? You can add your own personalization by adding engraved names of the kids or even your partner. 

Furthermore, these wooden toys will add more colors to your family room by simply putting the heart and letter coins according to their place on the board. It is made of maple wood that gives a classic brunette brown look. Check this wooden toy out while it still lasts!

23. 3D Tic Tac Toe

3D Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe refers to Roma’s traditional game. Terni lapilli means ‘three pebbles at a time,’ a classic game where you would need to complete the stackable O’s and X’s. The set is made of Indian rosewood, giving a classic look with light and dark brown mixed. You can play with these wooden toys horizontally and vertically for extra fun family time!

24. Hockey Bingo

Hockey Bingo

Playing hockey won’t be so difficult anymore! Play this challenging game called hockey bingo with your friends, kids, or partner. It is just like a number-drawing game, but more unique and exciting! Each board features more than 1 million possible combinations that will lead you to bingo. Let’s add this to your list of cool wooden toys!

25. Snap Attack Magnetic Game

Snap Attack Magnetic Game

If most of the wooden toys in this list are educational, then we will add more fun wooden toys here. We recommend this snap attack toy to play with the kids and family! All parts, including coins and pads, are made of high-quality birchwood and give an attractive look that can make all people intrigued to come to play. 

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What age are wooden toys for?

Generally, toys are primarily produced and designed for babies, preschool kids, or maybe the oldest kids in elementary school. But nowadays, many toys are designed to approach many teens and even adults. Toys help us to keep entertained, other than smartphones and TV. Coming wooden toys, with their fun and educational features, it has a classic look with lifetime durability. Therefore, wooden toys are produced to be used by babies to even adults.

What are the best educational wooden toys?

Best educational toys are ones that can help to boost your kids’ skills and learning value. We have listed several items that can help build skills such as grasping, motoric, concept learning, and concentration training. You can consider the Katamino game and life cycle tray to learn basic geometrical mathematics and biology courses. We also recommend the archery set to grow the mindset, or sorting toysspace puzzles, and leaf puzzles to train the kids’ motoric skills and concept learning. 

The most popular wooden toys are ones that can provide comfort, fun, and education. We recommend climbing arches with cushions, snap attack toys, and the Busy boards. They are the most popular toys because they raise competitive feelings and excitement in playing games. 

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