25 Jaw-Dropping Among Us Shirt

We live in an era where the video game is made with ridiculously high budgets and hundreds of designers and engineers. Meanwhile, twenty years ago, you wouldn’t believe us if we told you that EA Sports’ FIFA 22 will have crazy realistic graphics that resemble real players. The same thing goes to other titles like Red Dead Redemption, Spider-Man, Uncharted, you name it! But among all those crazy games, there’s one simple game with simple graphics and gameplay that will surely get you addicted: and that is Among Us.

Among Us has been a phenomenon since its release. With its simple gameplay and plot, you can enjoy hours of solving the mystery of the impostor. Safe to say, this game has become a staple in pop culture. As a result, fans can’t stop looking for different kinds of merchandise. One merchandise that has been in demand is, for instance, shirts. There are a lot of cool and unique Among Us shirts out there to choose from. If you’re interested in the game, then you should try and buy one. Take a look at our list below!

Cool Among Us Shirts for Adult

There are a lot of cool Among Us Shirts out there for sale. It’s gonna be hard resisting to buy at least one of the shirts that we are going to recommend for you. On this list, we are going to list down cool Among Us Shirts for all ages. Take a look below!

1. Personalized Among Us Shirt 

Personalized Among Us Shirt

Just as in any other game, you’re going to need a username in order for other people to identify you. The username you used will be strictly unique to you because no one can use the same nickname. That cool username can be immortalized by this personalized Among Us shirt! Just request for that specific name and it will be printed out for you in no time. What a unique shirt!

2. Repeated Impostor T-shirt

Repeated Impostor

The probability of becoming an impostor is not that high, especially if you are playing in a room of 10 people. But sometimes, you just have that streak of luck (or bad luck, depending on your preference) where you get that role consecutively. If you enjoy that privilege, you might want to buy this shirt and tell others how you got Impostor was written all over you (pun intended!). 

3. Impostor T-shirt


Here’s another take on the repeated Impostor design that we have recommended previously. It’s got a cool design and you can show it off to your friends. In addition, you can wear this with great comfort, as it is made from imported and premium materials. 

4. Simple ImPostor

Simple ImPostor

Unlike its predecessors, this ImPostor shirt doesn’t brag much about the word. But just like impostors in the game, it needed to be as simple as possible to do the job. Therefore, we thought that this Among Us shirt will suit people who enjoy simplistic designs on their shirt. 

5. “Ur Actin Kinda Sus” Shirt

Actin’ Sus

Playing Among Us regularly will probably turn you into a bit of a skeptic. If you feel like one, this awesome Among Us shirt might be the perfect option for you. Additionally, the amazing shirt got a cool dabbing crewmate that will light up your day. 

6. “Member of The Birthday Boy” Shirt

No products found.

Celebrate your boy’s birthday with fun parties, delicious foods, and cool Among Us shirts! With this set of matching shirts, you can get a fun and cool photo to immortalize your son’s precious milestone. Hence, make sure to get one now.

7. Birthday Shirt Matching Set


Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that the family member who’s going to celebrate your family birthday isn’t the son. In that case, you need to find other cool Among Us shirts than the one we mentioned previously. But don’t worry, we got that covered. Just take a look at this alternative matching set. Equally cool to do the job!

8. “Sus and Arrow” Shirt

Sus and Arrow

No matter what role you got, there’s going to be a time when you’ll get all the hate and blame for being the impostor. All your excuses will be thrown back with replies of “sus”. If you ever feel that feeling, you might like this particularly cool Among Us shirt. This fantastic t-shirt will surely represent your exact position at that time.

9. Impostor Among Us

Impostor Among Us

The loading screen of Among Us has been so iconic. If you enjoy looking at that beautiful design, then you would want to acquire this cool Among Us shirt. This t-shirt is cool and super cute!

10. Crewmates Collage


Due to the simple graphics and gameplay, most people who played the game will feel some nostalgic and retro vibe from it. And for that reason, Among Us shirts will look cool with vintage game vibes. This shirt has a collage of crewmates with different colors that will surely give you a little bit of that. So cool!

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11. Purple Impostor

Purple Impostor

While crewmates have the task to maintain the integrity of the ship, it’s the impostor’s job to make sure they fail. But they also need to do it discreetly. It really makes the job harder and cooler for people who got this role. If you agree to that, you might want to look at this equally cool Among Us shirt. This great t-shirt indeed depicts one purple impostor who’s up to no good. 

12. “Kinda Awesome and Sus” Shirt

Kinda Awesome and Sus

The Among Us game has been a huge success, so successful that even without any logos or words of the title on a shirt, people will still be able to recognize it. This shirt is one of those cool examples. Make sure to buy one!

13. Eat, Sleep, Among Us, Repeat

among us shirt

Just admit that you are addicted to playing this cool video game. There’s nothing wrong in doing that, we’re all guilty for that matter! If you can’t spend a day without logging in to the app, then this shirt might be the best one out there for you. 

14. “Trust No One” Shirt

among us shirt

Among Us taught us an important life lesson: while it is good to have someone that you can trust, it’s essential for you not to be too naïve. If you agree with that wise word, you might want to spread it out through this awesome Among Us shirt. The graphic printed on the t-shirt truly speaks what’s on your mind.

15. Group Matching Shirt

among us shirt

This set of matching shirts is an awesome choice for you and your gang to wear on special occasions. There’s a catch: one of you will get the impostor variant shirt! To make it interesting, you can spread out this shirt at random!

Awesome Among Us Shirts for Kids

Now that we’ve seen cool Among Us shirts for all ages, it’s time to turn to the kids. Most of the designs we recommend before can be perfectly suited for children as well. But on this list, we’re going to be posting some of the designs that will look cute on kids. 

16. Impostor’s Family Shirt

among us shirt

Children like family and colorful stuff. Based on that reasoning, we thought that this piece would be a perfect fit for a child. One thing for sure: they would certainly look adorable wearing this shirt

17. Among Us Logo Shirt

Among Us Logo for Kid

Want a more cheerful vibe for your kid’s shirt? This cute Among Us piece can undoubtedly be one for you to consider. With a revitalized logo, your children would definitely beg to get their hands on one of these. 

18. Personalized Birthday Shirt

among us shirt

After seeing some of the birthday matching shirts that we have recommended before, you might be wondering if there’s any personalized birthday shirt? The answer: you bet there is! Make sure to give your child’s name and age immediately so that you can get this beautiful Among Us t-shirt in time for the celebration. 

19. Among Us T-shirt Kids

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Look at this beautiful Among Us t-shirt for kids and imagine how it will fit perfectly on your kid. It’s got a cool design with a space background, which sounds fitting as the game is set in space too!

20. Colorful Among Us T-shirt

among us shirt

Contrary to most adults, children would love colorful shirts containing many designs and pictures of their favorite stuff. It’s the reason why we thought that this particular Among Us shirt might be better suited for a child. We also know for a fact that your loved one will definitely love it!

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21. “Shh!” Blue Variant Shirt

among us shirt

Prior to entering the game, you will be notified of the role that you are going to embrace. Before that, though, you’ll see the iconic Shh! message. We know that you enjoy seeing it, and we know that your kids loved it. Perhaps it’s good to consider buying this Among Us t-shirt for them! The fantastic design will surely make them fall in love at the first sight.

22. Among Us Theme Shirt

among us shirt

The loading theme for Among Us is looking insanely cool. If you ever wonder how it will translate to a shirt, worry no more! This bad boy of a shirt is looking fresh, and it will be a perfect suit for your child. 

Unique Among Us Shirts for Girls

Among Us is a globally favored game enjoyed by various people across the planet. It’s not a game that’s made only for men. Girls all around the world also can’t get enough of this game. Bearing that thought in mind, we would like to recommend some cool Among Us Shirts for girls. 

23. “Cat is Sus!” T-shirt

among us shirt

Most of the designs that we recommend on this list have some masculine vibes on them. On the other hand, this cute Among Us shirt doesn’t share the same vibes, which makes this piece perfect for girls!

24. “I’m A Cute” Shirt

among us shirt

Among Us has the feature of modifying your own avatar. You can even make them as cute as yourself! If you feel that you and your avatar are cute, you might want to buy this awesome Among Us shirt. The vibrant and contrasting color will make you beg for more of this stunning piece.

25. “Love is Among Us” Tshirt

among us shirt

A shirt that suits perfectly for lovely occasions like Valentine’s, this cute Among Us shirt will suit perfectly for someone as lovely as yourself. Besides, you can’t resist liking the cute design of this shirt!

Final Thoughts

Among Us is truly a phenomenon! It becomes a hit the moment it was launched to the market. Due to the popularity of Among Us, merchandises and collectibles are being made for all the fans, including t-shirts. True Among Us fans would be proud to wear t-shirts that have unique and cool Among Us graphics on them, and we have compiled some of the most recommended ones just for you.

Rather than having the common and basic t-shirts, we think that it will be a lot cooler to pick the ones that will make people around you questioning on where did you get that t-shirt, right? So, show your love to Among Us by wearing a one-of-a-kind Among Us t-shirt. Or, you can also pick one to make a great gift for your friend or relative who is also a fan of the game.

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What are the Best Among Us Shirts for Girls?

We’ve said it before: Among Us is a critically-acclaimed video game enjoyed by men and women all around the world. As a result, you’re going to be able to find a lot of Among Us shirts for girls. But from all those items offered, we’d like to suggest cute shirts with even cuter designs printed on them, such as this “Love is Among Us” shirt.

What are the Best Among Us Shirts for Boys?

Boys loved actions. They probably will enjoy the thrill of eliminating other crewmates to fulfill their missions. Standing by that fact, we are going to recommend finding awesome Among Us shirts with cool poses on them, such as this “Trust No One” shirt and “Kinda Sus” shirt.

What are the Best Among Us Shirts for Kids?

Children loved colorful designs on their shirts. They might not appreciate simplistic designs as grown-ups do. That’s why it’s essential for you to find cool Among Us shirts with colorful designs and many characters on them. It may cheer your kids and encourage them more in their daily activities! 

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