25 Charming Gifts for Librarians Who Love Their Job

Working as librarians can be a dream job for those who love to be surrounded by books. It gives librarians delight to be a part of the Library’s particular sense of comfort. If you have librarians in your life, you are probably one of the luckiest people on Earth. They will be happy to share information and resources that will help you to broaden your knowledge. Their life may look boring outside, but librarians always generate a sense of self-satisfaction by helping people. Therefore, it is understandable when gifts for librarians should be linked to their precious job.

Since their job always needs them to focus all the time, charming gifts for librarians will lift up their spirits while working. Suppose you want to send your gratitude and cheer them up at work, you should choose the perfect gifts for librarians to make them happy. Therefore, those selected hot items below are ready to inspire you choosing the best gift for your librarian.

Gifts for Male Librarians

Although librarians is commonly regarded as a female-dominated profession, there are also great and helpful men librarians who work very hard. Sometimes this stereotype makes people underestimate male librarians. Help them to bring the fighting spirit back to their low point with charming gifts for librarians.

1. Personalized Library Card Pillow

Personalized Library Card Pillow

Your male librarians may lack sleep, since they have to help visitors all the time. Therefore, useful gifts for librarians such as this unique pillow will be an excellent choice. Unlike the regular pillow, the cotton pillow design resembles the iconic and classic library card where you can customize the name and title. This gift will provide a restful sleep for your librarians.

2. Fall Asleep Here Magnetic Bookmark

Fall Asleep Here Magnetic Bookmark

For those sleepy librarians who often miss the last page while reading, this little gift would be a great life saver. This unique bookmark will stay put thanks to the magnetic latch, and the soft faux-leather exterior will not damage the paper. It would be a perfect placeholder for various publications, making you able to continue reading comfortably.

3. Funny Nerd Socks

Funny Nerd Socks

Keep your librarians’ feet warm and cozy in these adorable and funny socks. The unique and colorful book design of these gifts for librarians makes a strong fashion statement that will crack a laugh. Moreover, your librarian can see the funny quotes on the soles, making your man laugh at the reality and ease his burden.

4. Librarian Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Librarian Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Make your librarian look fashionable while showing off their job as a man with this cool long sleeve shirt. The creative shirt design beautifully compiled all of the book genres to cover, making your librarian look smart and full of knowledge. Made from 100% cotton, it offers a comfortable and soft outfit to wear. 

5. Book Pet Desktop Ornament

Book Pet Desktop Ornament

Get your male librarian this tiny sidekick on their desk. The adorable book ornament pops in the desk and becomes the center of attraction. Made from polymer clay, the cute design is enough to fill his office room with joy and happiness. Therefore, your male librarian will feel less lonely while working.

6. Notecards From The Library

Notecards From The Library

This is one of the most memorable gifts for librarians in your life. If your man is a librarian who loves to collect memorable and vintage items, then he surely will fall in love with this gift. It features a classic card catalog box, filled with nostalgic 30 notecards to keep literary classics. This beautifully designed notecard set is an ideal present for him.

7. Reading Books Mouth Protection

Reading Books Mouth Protection

Working in the library all day makes your male librarian exposed to dust and fug. Help him prevent respiratory issues with this gift for the librarian. Made from polyester with classic book design, this mouth protector will match perfectly to his outfit. 

8. William Shakespare Luxury Pen

William Shakespare Luxury Pen

Surprise your boy who works as a librarian with this awesome and luxurious pen. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary pen. However, this pen is beautifully engraved with the famous William Shakespare quote that will deeply touch his heart. Made from wood with mahogany color, it gives a timeless accent that will be an amazing keepsake to treasure.

Gifts for Female Librarians

Female librarians always dedicate their time and effort for the sake of information and knowledge. Although this job may seem not to offer a big salary, their sincerity and love toward books are always the first priority. With charming gifts for librarians, you can show your support for their noble work.

9. Well Read Women: A Reader Journal

Well Read Women A Reader Journal

If your woman who works as a librarian already read a lot of books, she would fall in love with this gift. This is one of the most amazing gifts for librarians that highlight famous quotes from female characters from various books and novels. This lovely journal is filled with watercolor portraits of literature’s most popular female characters, allowing her to recall key moments in the story.

10. Library Card Tote Bag

Library Card Tote Bag

Make your girl who works at the library look fashionable and proud of her job with this unique library card tote bag. Made from 100% cotton, the simple but cool design blends perfectly to her daily outfit. The bag contains an interior pocket for her essentials, and is the ideal size for carrying her reading materials with her on the go.

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11. Librarian Nutritional Facts Water Bottle

Gifts for Librarians

Keep your female librarian hydrated with this charming water bottle. In case she should focus on her work all day, this unique gift for librarians could be a savior. The convenient size provides enough space to keep the water close to her while working. Moreover, the creative design which depicts a librarian into the nutrition facts will light up her day.

12. Women Bookworm Coffee Mug

Gifts for Librarians

Drinking a cup of coffee is indeed a great way to start your woman’s busy day before working at the library. Therefore, you can surprise her with this beautiful coffee mug. The colorful book design beautifully covered this mug, giving your librarian additional energy before work..

13. Best Librarian Ever Keychain

Best Librarian Ever Keychain

In case you have a lot to say to your girl librarian but you are not a good talker, then this keychain will do it for you. It features a stunning silver pendant that reads, “Best Librarian Ever”, which shows your sincere support for her work. Moreover, you can add another pendant with personalized and motivational messages that surely will warm her heart.

14. Women Librarian Zipper Pouch

Women Librarian Zipper Pouch

Get your girl useful gifts for librarians such as this pretty zipper pouch to store her makeup or personal stuff while working at the library. The creative design on the front gives a strong statement that a librarian is indeed a noble job. Made from canvas material, the surface is also waterproof and will protect her stuff from the outside safely.

15. Book Stack Earrings

Book Stack Earrings

These earrings are definitely stunning gifts for librarians which beautifully radiate their own charms. What makes it unique, the colorful pendant comes from the vibrant books stack design. Made from glass and alloy, the ideal size is suitable for your female librarian in her daily outfit.

16. Bookshelf Loop Scarf

Bookshelf Loop Scarf

Who says that a woman who works as a librarian has the worst outfit? Add a little bit of accent in her plain clothes with this beautiful bookshelf loop scarf. This is one of the most fashionable gifts for librarians that will highlight her appearance. Made from 100% chiffon, this gift is super light and comfortable to wear.

17. Handmade Book Brooch

Gifts for Librarians

If you want to give your girl who works as a librarian a little keepsake that reminds her of her favorite thing in life, this handmade gift will be the best choice. This is a tiny leather notebook brooch that is beautifully handcrafted to seem like a closed notebook and is fused together to make a single piece. It will look incredibly awesome on her bag or clothes.

18. Book Lovers Gift Box

Book Lovers Gift Box

A girl who works as a librarian is indeed a fan of books. Therefore, it will be the best gift for librarians that provides everything she loves about books. It contains soft and comfortable printed reading socks, a wooden page holder, a cute mini reading sign, a silicone pointer bookmark, and a wonderful tote bag to carry her favorite books. Your librarian will definitely can’t help but receive this gift. 

19. Retirement Librarian Appreciation

Gifts for Librarians

Show your appreciation for your senior woman librarian who has worked hard all the time with this charming retirement gift. This gift for librarians features a charming pendant made from cubic zirconia in white gold finish that expresses your sincere love and support. Moreover, it is beautifully framed with a thoughtful message to show that she will be an amazing librarian forever.

DIY Gifts for Librarians

Librarians usually have high curiosity and love to explore new things. Therefore, DIY gifts for librarians will make them excited since they need to challenge themselves. Although this activity takes a lot of time to complete, those gifts for librarians will bring another satisfaction once it is done.

20. DIY Book Arts Kit

Gifts for Librarians

For those creative librarians who wish to create their own book, this DIY book arts kit will be a delightful gift. In one box your librarians will get man made leather, book glue, book boards, and colorful papers to create their dream book. Moreover, it also contains a personal instruction in case your librarians are stuck while creating the book.

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21. DIY Folded Book Pattern

Gifts for Librarians

With this gift, your librarians can create a masterpiece of book art by folding books. The DIY gift for librarians provides the “Book Nerd” pattern and the folding book tutorial to turn their ordinary book into a beautiful literary art. This pattern will show your librarians how to produce a one-of-a-kind piece of book sculpture art, especially for book lovers.

22. Librarian Quote Embroidery Kit

Gifts for Librarians

If your librarians also love embroidery, this DIY gift will make a wonderful time for them. It features a cool design to follow which says “A Well-Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature” and also the library’s due date stamp table on the side. After they’ve finished stitching this embroidery kit, they can place it on the overstuffed bookcase.

23. DIY Sketchbook Kit

Gifts for Librarians

Journaling is a healing activity for librarians since they pour all of their emotions and feelings into it. With this DIY Sketchbook Kit, your librarians can design their own journal or sketchbook with decorative elements. The Medieval long stitch design is also beautifully decorated on the side of this book, giving its own charm and appeal. 

24. DIY Mini Book Nook Model Building Set

DIY Mini Book Nook Model Building Set

Help your librarians to create their own dream book nook with this awesome DIY model building set. This is one of the most creative gifts for librarians to project their favorite place in the mini version. All furniture is made from wood material which represent the real items in real life, making it a perfect gift they will cherish forever.

25. Kraft Paper Bookmark

Kraft Paper Bookmark

Make your librarians’ reading experience become meaningful and fruitful with this kraft paper bookmark. Your librarians can jot down some quick notes right on the bookmark while reading. It’s a breeze to complete reading assignments with this gift for librarians. This is definitely a good DIY gift to support their hobby.

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What are libraries known for?

Libraries serve as gathering places for the community. They link people to information and people to one another. They provide computer classes, allowing adults to stay connected to the digital world. Moreover, they are also safe places for children, offering homework assistance, activities, and book clubs after school, thanks to skillful librarians. In case you want to say thank you to those helpful librarians, you can give them little gifts. For more inspiration, you can check our lists of charming gifts for librarians in the article above.

What do librarians like as gifts?

Since their life is always surrounded with books, they definitely like gifts that remind them of their favorite thing in this world. For instance, the Book Lovers Gift Set or the Reading Books Mouth Protection will be a great option. Moreover, they also love something that can support them while working. Therefore, functional gifts for librarians such as the Librarian Nutritional Facts Water Bottle or the William Shakespeare Luxury Pen will be something hard to resist.

How do you appreciate librarians?

Saying thank you is the simple way to appreciate the librarians. Moreover, to express your sincere feeling, you can get them gifts for librarians to make them happy. Thoughtful gifts such as the best Librarian Keychain will be a beautiful present to express your thankfulness. Or, in case the librarian is going to retire, you can show your appreciation with the Librarian Appreciation Gift.

Can you buy things from a library?

In fact, the library was intended as a place where you can borrow the books, not purchase them. Libraries are supported by a variety of sources, including local taxes, charity and for-profit grants, and private donations. Therefore, libraries’ principal source of operating money has traditionally been public funds, not from selling books. However, today some libraries allow you to place a book order. 

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