Luxury Wooden Bathtub Caddy

If your bath time involves more than just a bath and water, then take a look at this Luxury Wooden Bathtub Caddy.

Some people just don’t like laying in bath, soaking up water and thinking about truly existential problems in silence. Sometimes the best way to relax is to put on your favorite movie on, take a glass of wine and enjoy.

This Luxury Wooden Bathtub Caddy is a handmade tray that sits across your bath and has different compartments that let you take a cup of tea or a glass of wine with you, in addition to your phone, tablet and cosmetics that you will have in the reach of your hand. 

The tray made out of bamboo that is resistant to water and extremely durable. The caddy’s length can be adjusted to almost any kind of bathtub since it can reach even 43 inches in width.

Make your bath time much more entertaining by watching or reading something that will put a smile on your face with the help of this great luxurious bathtub accessory.

Luxury Wooden Bathtub Caddy

Luxury Wooden Bathtub Caddy

Luxury Wooden Bathtub Caddy

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