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His and Hers Bathtub

Relax in comfort and in style with this His and Hers Bathtub.

This awesome tub is designed to look like a pseudo-yin yang, with one-half decorated with pink underwater lights, and the other with blue.

The tub comes with two faucets, so if you and your sweetie cannot agree on a water temperature, you do not have to spoil the evening by arguing!

Simply fill each half separately and sink into the water to enjoy a side-by-side bath time experience  

His and Hers Bathtub


The bathtub is the perfect tub for couples it also features a soundwave massage (utilizing speakers to pulsate vibrations through the water) as well as a bubbly, Jacuzzi-like massage to help you feel completely at ease.  


His and Hers Bathtub


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