26 Shiny Glow in the Dark Gifts for All You Cheerful People

A glow in the dark item is truly a beautiful sight to see. Without any electricity and sophisticated technology, they can light up in the dark. Nowadays, anything can be modified with that special paint and become glow-in-the-dark collectibles, or GITD for shorts. Due to its popularity, it really makes sense to find some glow in the dark gifts for your loved ones.

Some people might find wearing some glow in the dark gifts to be fascinating and trendy. This kind of people are those who usually go to a rave party to have some fun. After all, it is really cool to see these items glow in the dark while enjoying some EDM.

Glow in the Dark Gifts
Glow in the Dark Gifts

Glow in the dark gifts come in different shapes and sizes. However, the most important thing is to find the right item for you and your friend! That’s why we’re here, to help you in making the right decision.

Let’s jump straight into our awesome list. Warning: these glow in the dark gifts might be too shiny for your eyes.

Small-sized Glow in the Dark Gifts

As mentioned previously, glow in the dark gifts have a variety of shapes and sizes. If your friend loves to collect small-sized items, then you’re in the perfect place. Please have a look at some of the best small-sized glow in the dark gifts.  

1. Zelda Glow in the Dark Necklace

Zelda Glow in the Dark Necklace

The Legend of Zelda is a very popular video game franchise. If your friend loves to play this iconic game, then you should buy this cool glow in the dark necklace, depicting Navi the fairy.

When your friend stumbles upon a dark place, Navi will shine and give some wise advice for them.  

2. Krypton Thinking Putty

Krypton Thinking Putty

When you’re looking for creative glow in the dark gifts, then you should seriously consider this amazing Krypton thinking putty. Its bouncy and stretchy nature makes it adorable for everybody.

Just make sure that this Krypton thinking putty doesn’t get any closer to Superman.

3. Time Teaching Watches

Time Teaching Watches

Toddlers and children also love to have some glow in the dark gifts for themselves.

We really think that this adorable teaching watch is perfect for every curious child. It is a fun way to teach them how to tell time by looking at the colors and glow-in-the-dark animals. They’ll surely love wearing this item around. 

4. Glow in the Dark Cable Lightning

Glow in the Dark Cable Lightning

A lightning-fast cable charger should also look cool and awesome, just like this particular cable.

When it is left in a dark room, it will glow directly, thus reducing the chance of losing your phone. It is also equipped with fast-charging technology. Truly one of the most awesome glow in the dark gifts, right?

5. Cylinder Glow in the Dark Necklace

Cylinder Glow in the Dark Necklace

Here’s a lovely gift idea for your partner. Just take a look at the design of this cool necklace. We’re pretty sure that the person who wears this necklace will be the Belle of the ball! Plus, it is also a handmade item, which makes it all the more beautiful.  

6. Glow in the Dark Stone Bead

Glow in the Dark Stone Bead

If you don’t know this already, a Luminous Stone is a gemstone that has a meaning and purpose to brighten the owner’s heart. It is also some sort of amulet that can bring positive energy to its wearer.

If you want your friend to be blessed with good luck, make sure to buy this glow-in-the-dark item for them. 

7. Vat19 GITD Pencil

Vat19 GITD Pencil

It turns out that Vat19 has gotten creative and created their own unique version of glow-in-the-dark pencil.

While it is still able to provide assistance in writing information on a notebook, its highlight is the ability to shine brightly during the night. Such an awesome item to have in your possession.

Glow in the Dark Figures and Shirts

Now, we’re approaching the main highlight of the article: glow in the dark gifts in the form of action figures, toys, and shirts. These items can act as collectible items that are fun to play (or wear) with.

Make sure to consider adding an item or two to your cart.

8. GITD Rock Painting Craft Kit

GITD Rock Painting Craft Kit

A plain rock can really be fun for a kid, provided that it can be modified to their liking.

With this awesome kit, they can paint certain rocks as they wish with glow in the dark paints. It is also lightweight and portable, making it the perfect crafting kit for a kid. 

9. Glowing Putty Gels and Slime Kit

Glowing Putty Gels and Slime Kit

Kids have different tastes. However, they can all agree that slimy and stretchy objects are always attractive in their eyes.

With this amazing set, they can have 15 different sets of experiments and make their own slimy object. It really does encourage and develop the creativity side of a youngling. 

10. GITD Treasure Set

GITD Treasure Set

Captain Ryan’s Mystery Treasure Chest is a very famous toy that kids love. This time, it comes in a micro size.

With this toy set, kids will be challenged to find a hidden treasure with all-new glow-in-the-dark surprises like micro figures, pirate ship, and putty. It is truly one of the best glow in the dark gifts that money can buy. 

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11. Funko Pop Hobgoblin Figure and Tees

Funko Pop Hobgoblin Figure and Tees

Funko is known for releasing various special edition glow in the dark figures.

However, it doesn’t get any better than this cool Hobgoblin set. Inside, you will find the menacing character that is able to glow, accompanied by an awesome Funko Marvel shirt in extra large size. 

12. Funko Naruto Glow in the Dark

Funko Naruto Glow in the Dark

In the anime community, Naruto is widely regarded as one of the best series of all time.

Here, we have the titular character all geared up and ready for action. Every Naruto die-hard fan will know that this figure depicts the infamous six path technique, and we’re sure that it is one of the best glow in the dark gifts out there in the market. 

13. Let’s Glow Crazy Shirt

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This magnificent shirt really delivers on its promise: to glow like crazy.

In a place with lots of illumination, the item might seem like any other normal shirt. However, the magic happens when the lights go out. Don’t afford to miss this one, because it’s one of the most amazing glow in the dark gifts on our list.

14. Interactive Glow-in-the-dark Shirt

Interactive Glow-in-the-dark Shirt

Having a glow-in-the-dark shirt is one thing, but having an interactive glowing shirt is really awesome!

You can create your own design with the included glow pen or a mobile phone torch. It is really perfect for a person who likes to go out on a rave festival.

15. Retro GITD Robocop Toy

Retro GITD Robocop Toy

Everyone’s favorite cop is back, and he’s out for vengeance through this retro collectible item.

If you’re looking for glow in the dark gifts that can hunt down bad people, then this is the perfect item. Its awesome skin can glow like crazy and find any villains nearby. 

16. Glow in the Dark Race Track

Glow in the Dark Race Track

Whether you’re a HotWheels, Mattel, or any other car toy fan, you still need eye-catching race tracks to test those bad boys out.

The track is challenging on its own, but the magic doesn’t truly happen until you turn the lights off. Plus, you will also receive 1 LED light up speed car. 

17. Outdoor Dart Game

Games that can be played as a family can be good glow in the dark gifts.

With this outdoor dart game, you can enjoy hours of fun with your loved ones. Try to throw these glow-in-the-dark darts and see if you can manage to hit certain targets scattered across the lawn. It’s so fun!

18. Glowing Samurai Game

Glowing Samurai Game

Unleash your inner Jedi or Samurai with this awesome game set.

Try to get off from video games and play some cool outdoor games with your friend with these glowing samurai swords. Furthermore, there are ten game variations that can be played alongside this sword!

19. Glow in the Dark Stationery Gift Basket

Glow in the Dark Stationery Gift Basket

We have repeatedly said that slimy toys are always favorable for children of all ages.

With this awesome gift basket, they can create their own version of sparkly and colorful galaxy slimes. Make sure to add some glow in the dark stars to those slimes to make them more awesome.

Glow in the Dark Gifts for Decoration

Before leaving, please make sure to stay put and look through our final category for glow in the dark gifts. Down below, you will see some awesome glow in the dark gifts that can be used as house decorations.

20. Glow-in-the-Dark Sand Window

Glow-in-the-Dark Sand Window

This is one of the most unique glow in the dark gifts that you’ll ever see.

With every turn, the miniature environment of this wall art will change. It is perfect for people who like to collect calming decorations for their home. Buy this immediately before the stock runs out. 

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21. Interactive Travel Map

Interactive Travel Map

This is one of the best glow-in-the-dark gifts for people who like to travel around the world. Just hang this wall art near a window and let it absorb light during the day.

At night, places that you have visited and marked with a flag will shine beautifully. 

22. Glow-in-the-dark Personalized Metal Art

Glow-in-the-dark Personalized Metal Art

Decorate your house with a personalized number that has some meaning in your life.

With this 3D printed metal art, your house will look very beautiful, especially during the night. It is also extremely durable and equipped with heavy-duty double-sided tape. 

23. Night Street Decal

Night Street Decal

Transform your kid’s room into a stunning night-time street with this awesome glow-in-the-dark decal.

With high-quality self-adhesive material, this decal is quick to apply and can be easily removed without causing any damage. We’re sure that your kids will love this new environment. 

24. Glow-in-the-dark Zodiac Art

Glow-in-the-dark Zodiac Art

Every person has their own constellation star that guides and protects them throughout their lives. With this personalized wall décor, you can choose a unique zodiac that suits you (or your friend).

Make sure to hang it somewhere bright during the day and watch as it shines bright during the night. 

25. Solar System Sticker

Solar System Sticker

Finding glow-in-the-dark gifts for people who love astronomy can’t get any easier if you have this item in your possession.

It can act as a beautiful decoration on any home. But when night comes, make sure to gaze at the wonders of our solar system through these stickers.

26. GITD Kinetic Sand Landscape

GITD Kinetic Sand Landscape

We’re going to end our list with something really amazing: a kinetic sand landscape that glows in the dark!

When you have nothing else to do, just flip the frame upside-down and see as the sand trickles around air bubbles, creating a new and otherworldly landscape. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best toys that Glow in the Dark?

These days, making toys that can also glow in the dark seems like a trend for manufacturers all around the world.

However, Funko seems to produce some awesome figures, such as this amazing Hobgoblin vinyl figure. If you want to find vintage toys that can glow in the dark, make sure to consider buying the awesome Robocop action figure

What are the best Glow in the Dark gifts for adults?

It turns out that adults also enjoy having some glow in the dark items around. For starters, this interactive glow-in-the-dark shirt can satisfy them! As an alternative, you can also buy this lovely sand landscape art as a present. 

What is the best Glow in the Dark gift basket?

Contrary to previous questions, there aren’t many glow in the dark gift baskets available in the market.

However, we can encourage you to consider buying this wonderful gift set for your kids. It can help them create funny slimy objects that can glow in the dark!

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