25 Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

Star Wars: one of the leading cultural phenomena out there. There are little indications that they would stop either, with the announcement of upcoming movies and serials such as “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. With that in mind, why don’t we just hop on the bandwagon and get on the excitement as well? Might as well buy some Star Wars merchandise too, right?

Just like Marvel and DC, Star Wars offers a lot of cool stuff out there. One that might catch your attention are its massive selection of cool hoodies. With awesome Star Wars hoodies, you can wear it to various occasions. Heck, you can even wear it to a nearby store and look cool with it. So, go check out our list below and purchase one for your beloved ones!

Best Star Wars Hoodies for Daily Activities

Hoodies are a trending fashion that you can wear everywhere. Below, we have listed down awesome Star Wars hoodies with cool design for you to consider. Warning: all of these hoodies are really cool, so proceed with caution!

1. “Sons of Anakin” Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

If you got a friend who is a fan of both Star Wars and Sons of Anarchy, then this is truly the best of both worlds. This hoodie has a unique design inspired by the vest of the Reaper Crew tweaked with references from Star Wars. Don’t tell us that you failed to realize the word Anakin in place of Anarchy. Cheeky, but cool enough!

2. “Support The Troops Star” Wars Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

A vintage theme is exactly what you need for a classic movie. And this is exactly what you got with this awesome Star Wars hoodie. Prove that your friend is a loyal servant to the galactic empire by giving out this hoodie to them. Besides, you might also notice that this logo looks a lot like the Top Gun movie, which makes it all the more awesome.

3. “The Jedi Promise” Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

To all the hardcore Star Wars lover, it’s no new knowledge that being a Jedi requires a great deal of self-control in order to avoid abusing the Force. If you or your friend upholds the same value, then do not think twice and renew this vow by wearing this Star Wars Hoodie!

4. Star Wars Neon Poster Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

The arrival of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977 marks a huge turning point in the world of Sci-Fi. Relive the milestone glory by rocking this customized hoodie containing a poster of the iconic 1977 Star Wars movie.

5. Star Wars Droids Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

There are a lot of things to like from this particular awesome Star Wars hoodie. Not only does it include three of the most iconic droids in the Star Wars universe (no offense, C-3PO!), but it also represents the three generations of different droids throughout the Star Wars history. Pretty cool, right?

6. “Good Vibes” Star Wars Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

Is there anything better than emanating a good vibe to people around you? Well, there is. And it is by spreading those vibes by wearing this Master Yoda “Good Vibes” Hoodie.

7. Pixelate Star Wars Hoodie

Pixelate Star Wars Hoodie

Printed with eco-friendly inks and with fashionable-friendly design, this pixelated version of Darth Vade and the Stormtroopers is a must have for you hardcore Star Wars lover out there. Do not wait and order this customized cotton-polyester Star Wars hoodie!

8. Seattle Seahawks Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

Another cool rendition of Star Wars. This time, it’s for you Seattle Seahawks supporters out there! Show who’s boss by wearing this Seattle Seahawks Star Wars Empire Hoodie. What’s more, there are alternatives available for the New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos too.

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies for Casual Fans

There are groups of people out there who knew Star Wars to an extent, but didn’t care to dig out too much about it. This list of awesome Star Wars Hoodies are made for those of you who appreciate the designs more than the movies!

9. Darth Vader Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

No one can argue that Darth Vader is one of the most iconic movie villains of all time. With its recognizable helmet present on this hoodie, this is a really perfect gift to someone who barely knew Star Wars, but likes it enough to appreciate this gift!

10. “Star Wars Logo” Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

Another simplistic take for a rather awesome Star Wars hoodie. This cool-looking Star Wars hoodie is really suitable for casual fans with a minimalistic taste in design. Please bear in mind that the force is still strong with this one!

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11. “The Mandalorian” Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

Can’t get enough with the two seasons of The Mandalorian? Well, there’s nothing left to do besides purchasing this lightweight Star Wars hoodie. Wear it proudly by carrying the codes of Mandalore with you. Remember: this is the way.

12. “Vintage Star Wars 1977” Hoodie

Vintage Star Wars 1977 Hoodie

Star Wars and vintage designs really work together, huh? Rock this vintage Star Wars hoodie and feel the retro vibes of the original Star Wars trilogy!

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies for Iconic Quotes

Practically every character in the Star Wars lore have gotten an iconic quote that fans remember. It does make sense if it’s applied to an awesome Star Wars hoodie. Check out our compilation below.

13. “Real, The Struggle Is” Hoodie

“Real, The Struggle Is”

Master Yoda is truly one of the wisest Jedi of all time. But of all his wise words, perhaps these four words could not be more relatable now. And that’s why it really suits everyone who wear this black graphic hoodie.

14. “May The Force Be with You” Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

You must be living in a cave if you haven’t even heard this iconic quote at least once. Hence, it seemed obvious to choose this lightweight Star Wars hoodie as a gift to someone who is onto the pop culture phenomenon. You can even buy one for yourself too!

15. “X-Wing Star Wars Charcoal” Hoodie

X-Wing Star Wars Charcoal Hoodie

We always knew that the force is strong with you and your friends. We also knew that it would grow stronger by obtaining this Charcoal Heather Star Wars Hoodie. Just make sure that you won’t fall into the dark side.

16. “I Have The High Ground” Hoodie

“I Have the High Ground” Star Wars Hoodie

We all knew the fateful event and that iconic shout by Obi-Wan towards Anakin. Relive that legendary moment by rocking this Unisex Black Star Wars Hoodie, and perhaps reenact the line to one of your friends!

17. “I Am Your Father” Hoodie

“I Am Your Father” Star Wars Hoodie

The Empire Strikes Back remains to be one of the best movies of all time. One of the most important scenes in the movie Is the confession of Vader to Luke. What better way to honor the movie by purchasing this cool Pull Over Hoodie?

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies with Characters

Star Wars owed much of its popularity from their iconic characters. Perhaps, you would want to know what it feels like to be a lightsaber-wielding Jedi, or wear a Beskar armor and be a Mandalorian. Either way, please take a look at this rundown of Awesome Star Wars Hoodies.

18. “Chewbacca Star Wars” Hoodie

Chewbacca Star Wars Hoodie

Chewie: everyone’s favorite Wookie. Wear this cute-looking furry cosplay hoodie and do your best Chewbacca impersonation. We dare you!

19. The Mandalorian Hoodie

The Mandalorian Hoodie

This one really suits all the Mandalorian TV series fans. This sublimated Mandalorian Hoodie will make you feel like wearing real Beskar armor.

20. Baby Yoda Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

A cute cosplay alternative Halloween or Comic Con! This Baby Yoda hoodie will be perfect for your partner or friend, should you choose to purchase the Mandalorian Hoodie for yourself.

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21. Stormtrooper Hoodie

Stormtrooper Hoodie

Should you choose to defend the galactic empire, enlist yourself and wear this Zip Up Stormtrooper Hoodie. Suit up and enforce the law wherever you go!

22. Ahsoka Tano

“Ahsoka Tano”

Perhaps this Jedi Cosplay hoodie might be more suitable for you to give out to female friends. Ahsoka Tano ranks as one of the most badass Jedi ever, and everyone who wore this hoodie will certainly feel the same way.

23. Jedi


This cloak-like Star Wars hoodie is the perfect suit for all lightsaber fans. Whether you choose to defend the light or dark side, this hoodie will fit both causes.

24. Boba Fett Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

Another alternative for the Mandalorian Armor-type hoodie. This vintage Boba Fett Star Wars hoodie will suit you perfectly who loved the original bounty hunter!

25. Obi-Wan Kenobi Hoodie

Awesome Star Wars Hoodies

With the ongoing hype towards the upcoming Disney+ series, the love towards Obi-Wan Kenobi will surely skyrockets even further. Use this Obi-Wan Star Wars cosplay hoodie as a gesture that you are on the bandwagon as well!

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