25 Stunning Female Mandalorian Cosplay Ideas  

For all Star War fans out there, Mandalorian is a familiar character. The famous Mandalorian warriors are the hunters and they wear special outfits and armor which hold their identity. Each Mandalorian group has their own signature armor and weapon which will signify who they are. While most Mandalorian are male, there are some female Mandalorian characters that are super popular. If you are a Star Wars Universe fangirl, a female Mandalorian would be a great cosplay idea to try. 

We have put together 20 different female Mandalorian cosplay ideas to help you achieve your best female Mandalorian cosplay look. To make it easier for you, we have put the ideas related to different female characters, such as Cara Dune, Bo-Katan, Fennec Shand, Koska Rieves, and many more. The rest are unique female Mandalorian cosplay ideas that will suit female cosplayers best. There is definitely something for everyone. 

1. Blue Mandalorian 

Blue Mandalorian

A true Mandalorian or Star Wars fan will know that there are different groups of Mandalorian and each group has their own design and color for their armor. We will start this list of female mandalorian cosplay ideas with the Blue Mandalorian costume. Blue represents reliability. This is one of the important values for a Mandalorian warrior. She needs to be reliable, especially in delivering her tasks. You can get a full set of blue Mandalorian costumes starting with its helmet and the full-on armor all in blue color. 

2. Purple Mandalorian Costume 

Purple Mandalorian Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Female Mandalorian)

The next color we are going with is purple. The purple female Mandalorian cosplay costume definitely feels like royalty. It is an uncommon color you see a particular group of Mandalorian wearing. They say the purple color means luck. Everyone could definitely use some luck on any day. 

3. White Mandalorian Costume 

White Mandalorian Costume

If you want an armor color that is just the basic one, you can of course go for white color. White color is just a simple and cool color. You can easily pull off this look. It is best for you to go for a complete look with a white helmet too. With this, you will look like you came out of the real movie. 

4. White Red Mandalorian Costume

 White Red Mandalorian Costume
Source: Pinterest (@sfgate.com)

If a full white suit is too plain for you, you can go with this white red suit. It is basically an all white Mandalorian suit. The unique part is the red detailing around the breastplate of the armor and a short red cape at the back. This is the chic version of the all white Mandalorian armor. 

5. Steampunk Mandalorian 

Steampunk Mandalorian
Source: Pinterest (@ThreeD)

There is this style that we call steampunk fashion. It is largely inspired by the post-apocalyptic era. It combines Victorian era clothing with the rough industrial era. At its most basic sense, the style will be largely dominated by metal. For this steampunk female Mandalorian cosplay look, the armor is made of brass, copper, steel, and steel. The helmet is also made from similar material. If you want to do something extra, you can consider this shiny armor as your cosplay outfit. 

6. Old Style Mandalorian

Old Style Mandalorian
Source: Pinterest (@dexerto.com)

This Old Style Mandalorian looks like the design of the classic Greek or Roman army uniform. Despite it coming in an old style, it is really magnificent and warrior-like. It is also the perfect female Mandalorian cosplay style if you don’t really want to wear a helmet. Don’t forget the leather boots and cape to complete the whole look. You can also consider getting the Mandalorian sniper rifle as your prop. 

7. Pink Female Mandalorian 

Pink Female Mandalorian
Source: Pinterest (@Josh Welsh)

A list of female Mandalorian cosplay ideas won’t be complete without a pink female mandalorian costume on the list. There is not an actual group of Mandalorian which wear this color. However, the pink color is known to symbolize respect. The combination of pink and white is always appealing to many women so it will be the perfect female mandalorian cosplay outfit that you can consider. 

8. Cara Dune Costume 

Cara Dune Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Tvovermind.com)

Cara Dune is one of the most popular female mandalorian due to her importance as the character that moves the whole story. It is only natural to dress up as the main character. Unlike any other Mandalorian, Cara Dune mostly dresses without using a helmet in the movie. Her armor looks like the old Roman warrior. So, you can save the effort on yourself by buying the whole costume set

9. Fennec Shand Costume 

Fennec Shand Costume
Source: Pinterest (@xcoser.com)

Fennec Shand is another popular female mandalorian character who is a bounty hunter. She is a cool and amazing character which has gained many fans because of it. The unique thing about her costume is it has some orange detailing. There is this hanging part on her armor that looks like wings. Her orange helmet is also unique and one of a kind. You will definitely look great in her outfit. 

10. Bo-Katan Costume

Bo-Katan Costume
Source: Pinterest (@starwars.fandom.com)

The next popular female mandalorian character that has a great outfit is Bo-Katan. She is the leader of the Night Owls and a liutenant in a terrorist group named Death Watch. The unique part of her outfit is its color combination of black and blue. She has a full armor set with a helmet too. A very easy   to pull off. 

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11. Bo-Katan With A Headband

Bo-Katan With A Headband
Source: Pinterest (@Aenne Barr)

Another Bo-Katan costume alternative if you want something lighter. Using a helmet might be too stuffy and carrying it everywhere is just too troublesome. So, you need to consider getting just a Bo-Katan’s suit and her headband without her helmet. This headband is actually the iconic Bo-Katan look you need to try for your female Malndalorian cosplay idea.. 

12. Koska Reeves

Koska Reeves
Source: Pinterest (@sideshow.com)

Fighting alongside Bo-Katan, we have the faithful and skillful Koska Reeves. She is one of the female mandalorian characters distinguished by her unique braids that look like a crown on her head. Since she is part of the Night Owls too, she has blue armor and a helmet. Reeves’ armor has a deep light blue color which is just beautiful. The shade of blue that women will like. You really don’t want to miss her outfit. 

13. Sabine Wren Costume 

Sabine Wren Costume
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Sabine Wren is an early female Mandalorian leader back in the rebellion era against the Galactic Empire. Her suit probably has the most uncommon color: red. If you prefer red compared to blue, you need to get her costume. Also, you need to get one of those Mandalorian pistols to complete your whole female mandalorian cosplay look.  

14. Sabine Wren Costume 2.0 

Sabine Wren Costume 2.0
Source: Pinterest (@roboemma.tumblr.com)

Apparently, Sabine Wren has several different armor designs that she uses in different seasons of the movie. This time it comes in the combination of purple and yellow. There are flame-like details on the armor which makes it unique. It gives a strong sense of identity to the armor. You can also complete the look with a matching purple blaster.

15. Ursa Wren Costume 

Ursa Wren Costume
Source: Pinterest (@artstation.com)

There are tons of female Mandalorian characters and we are going to introduce you to Ursa Wren. Ursa Wren is the mother of Sabine Wren. Formerly, she was a member of the Death Watch. Her armor comes in the combination of gray and yellow. It gives a bright yet mature look to the armor. If this is the female Mandalorian cosplay look you are looking for, you can consider going as Ursa Wren.  

16. Cinderella Mandalorian Armor 

Cinderella Mandalorian Armor
Source: Pinterest (@flic.kr)

There is this cool collaboration between Disney and the Mandalorian. This time we will take a look at the collaboration with Disney Princess. The first one would be the collaboration with CInderella. It comes in the iconic light blue color just like Cinderella’s dress. There are cute pumpkin details in your light blue helmet. It is definitely the color that many girls would love wearing. 

17. Snow White Mandalorian 

Snow White Mandalorian
Source: Pinterest (@themarysue.com)

The next Disney princess we got inspiration from is Snow White. The helmet and armor are all in the combination of Snow White colors: blue, yellow, and red. The unique detail of this outfit is the red bow on top of the helmet which really resembles Snow White’s look. Don’t forget to bring a sniper rifle so that people would not mistake you dressing up as Snow White instead of a Mandalorian. 

18. Ariel Mandalorian Costume 

Ariel Mandalorian Costume
Source: Pinterest (@sakurafairies.com)

We should not miss out on looking at the collaboration with Princess Ariel. The armor comes in bluish green color. It has fish scale and shell detail which is iconic of the ocean where Princess Ariel comes from. It will be best if you also have red hair just like Princess Ariel with a cute hair pin in the shape of a shell. You will definitely be the star of the show. 

19. Elsa Mandalorian

Elsa Mandalorian
Source: Pinterest (@artstation.com)

Lastly, we should not leave Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen behind. She is definitely a cool ice princess to begin with. What do you think if a Mandalorian warrior has a power similar to her? Obviously, the helmet and armor will be in ice blue color with zig zag lines detailing. The previous ideas might feel too much of a princess for you, but this one came out just right. It is not too girly yet not too fierce. You get the best of both worlds equally. 

20. The Child Shoulder Sister Mandalorian

The Child Shoulder Sister Mandalorian
Source: Pinterest (@spotlightstores.com)

We are ending this list of female Mandalorian cosplay ideas with the most famous character out of all the characters in Star Wars: yoda. You use basic silver steel Mandalorian armor. Don’t forget to have your leather strap and belt. The most unique part of this outfit is baby Yoda that sits on your shoulder becoming your most faithful companion wherever you go. 

21. Modest Mandalorian in White

Modest Mandalorian in White
Source: Pinterest (@Matthew Espinoza)

This one is a good option for girls who want to become a Mandalorian that looks clean and modest. This cosplay requires you to wear an all white costume from top to bottom. In terms of accessories, make sure you bring your gun with you, which needs to come in white as well. In addition to making this cosplay even more unique, add a white veil that covers your hair down to the shoulder and chest area. 

22. Female Mandalorian Army

Female Mandalorian Army
Source: Pinterest (@Commander Cody)

Any girl who chooses to look like this cool female Mandalorian army will definitely look like a true badass, no doubt about it. The green army color of the overall costume plus the army pattern on the body armor will turn your look into a real Mandalorian army for sure. Don’t forget to paint the helmet in the same color as your body armor, and bring two hand guns, too! 

23. Belle Mandalorian

Belle Mandalorian

This version of Bella is probably a bit different compared to the real Belle that we have seen in the Beauty and the Beast movies. But it’s not a sin to turn Bella into a Mandalorian, because she will look fierce yet still adorable with her yellow-ish orange costume and helmet. Therefore, we recommend this costume to you since you can be a unique Belle that looks badass yet sweet, especially with a red rose to carry anywhere you go.

24. Sexy Mandalorian

Sexy Mandalorian
Source: Pinterest (@Sith Lord Papo)

Every girl would love to be this sexy Mandalorian for one night, undoubtedly. This costume is super easy to create. All you need is a costume that consists of dark gray pants, blue crop top with a long sleeve, a green cape, and of course the accessories that come with it. A helmet is obviously mandatory, plus a weapon and body armor to complete your look.

25. A Mandalorian in Red

A Mandalorian in Red
Source: Pinterest (@starlight-hunter.deviantart.com)

This Mandalorian cosplay will steal people’s attention as it comes with a cool costume and red body armor. The combination of black and red will never fail you, especially when it comes to a Mandalorian costume that will wow all Star Wars die hard fans out there. To create a more dramatic look, you can go a little bit extra by coloring your hair using bright purple color as seen on this image. So, dare to try?

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What is the best color for female mandalorian costume?

Each color of the Mandalorian armor has its own meaning. The red one means honoring a parent. Black means justice. Gold means vengeance. Blue means reliability. Lastly, green means duty. With knowing the meaning of each color, it will be best to have the black color female Mandalorian cosplay costume. Second best choice would be blue or green. 

How to easily dress like a female mandalorian?

The easiest way is to buy or make yourself the Mandalorian armor. The armor is the most important item in a Madalorian outfit. So, it will be easiest to just have your armor on.  You can also go for the whole costume set of a specific female Mandalorian character. The easiest would be to just go for the most basic Mandalorian armor set and make it in your favorite color to add some identity and personal feel to it. 

What is the perfect armor for female mandalorian? 

There are different types of armor for Mandalorian in general. Each group of Mandalorian has their own signature armor design. However, for the female Mandalorian, their armor has a special breast plate. It is the significant difference that it has with the male Mandalorian armor. 

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