25 Adorable Kawaii Cosplay Ideas That Will Elevate Your Cute Style

“Kawaii” is a Japanese word that nowadays refers to something or someone that is cute, lovable, and innocent. It is usually used to describe little girls, women, and animals, but rarely boys. Kawaii things in Japan are manifested in almost everything, including anime characters. Thus, there are many people who want to find some kawaii ideas for cosplay.

Being cute or “kawaii” is something that every cosplayer would want to be. However, doing a kawaii cosplay is as easy as it sounds. After all, a cosplayer needs to carefully choose the best character who has a cute and lovely look as well as a personality. 

If you are looking for kawaii cosplay ideas, congratulations! You found us. Here we would share some awesome kawaii anime characters so that you can get some ideas for your next cosplay. Without any further ado, let’s check them out!

1. The Platelets – Cells’ at Work

The Platelets – Cells’ at Work

Talking about kawaii or cute characters in anime, the human personification of platelets in Cells at Work are the cutest characters of all. In the real humans body, platelets play important roles especially in fixing wounds. Platelets cannot defeat any threats from bacteria or viruses because they are small.

But, even if they are small, they are extremely nimble so they can go through bacteria and fix wounds protected by white blood cells.

In Cells at Work, they are presented in a simple costume of blue T-shirt, white pants, and cute hat. Even though most characters in Cells’ at work are cute, the platelets have cute characteristics that are as cute as their appearance.

They are polite, innocent, humble, and lovable to other cell characters in the anime. Bringing this cosplay to life would be one of the most wonderful kawaii cosplay ideas ever.

2. Sangonomiya Kokomi – Genshin Impact

Sangonomiya Kokomi – Genshin Impact
Source: Pinterest (@rolecosplay.com)

Genshin Impact is a role-playing game that has various characters who have different costumes, weapons, and personalities. Those characters are mostly girls and are extremely kawaii with their costumes, faces, makeup, and body movements.

Sangonomiya Kokomi is the cutest character that has healing skills that can heal her members but give hidro-based damages to the enemies. Her look is extremely kawaii with pink blueish hair combined with blue-white costume would be a kawaii cosplay idea for cute girls out there.

3. Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

Katara is a character in Avatar: The Last Airbender that has an emotional maternal characteristic. She lost her mother at a younger age. Yet, she is a great Waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe who later is even able to bend blood in someone’s body.

As part of the Waterbender dress code, she wears a blue dress with white stripes, and blue pants complete with a pair of boots. Even though she has that motherish character, her young look remains kawaii. Doing a cosplay as Katara would be a kawaii cosplay idea with a strong and mature characteristic to play.

4. Mio Akiyama – K-On!

Mio Akiyama – K-On!
Source: Pinterest (@Dr Sherri Worth)

“K-On!” anime is an anime of 5 kawaii main characters who play music. One of them is Mio Akiyama who has black and long straight hair. She is a left-handed bassist, second vocalist, and main lyric writer of the band Hokago Tea Time. Her kawaii look comes with a warm, shy, and sensitive personality.

The sensitive personality allows her to be kind and empathetic to others, especially her band members. Her kawaii look and sensitive personality is a wonderful consideration to choose this character in your kawaii cosplay ideas.

However, her show costume in black cute dress combined with blue striped sleeve shirt would be a great costume for your cosplay.

5. Rikka Takanashi – Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Rikka Takanashi – Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!
Source: Pinterest (@bakasteam.deviantart.com)

Rikka Takanashi is a kawaii character in the “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!” anime. She has short indigo hair with a small yellow ribbon. She also has a cyan left eye and red right eye which is covered with a medical eyepatch.

It was mentioned that the reason for her covering her right eye is because it is a “Tyrant’s Eye” that has the power to reveal destinies. In the anime, she wears a school uniform consisting of a white shirt, and a red bowtie, and is covered with a black blazer.

She also wears a red skirt with white stripe. This cute look of Rikka Takanashi is an awesome kawaii cosplay idea for you, cosplay lovers. 

6. Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

“Fruit Basket” series is an anime adapted from a manga series made by Natsuki Takaya. This manga series then is adapted into some anime but the same thing is that Tohru Honda remains the main protagonist in all anime series.

She is an independent, extremely kind, and selfless person. She is visualized as a cute, slim, fair-skinned girl who has straight, waist-length brown hair with eyebrow-length fringe.

Her hair was tied with a pink ribbon; sometimes one big ribbon, sometimes two ribbons. This is a truly kawaii cosplay costume idea that will elevate your kawaii style.

7. Rin Tohsaka – Fate/Stay night

Rin Tohsaka – Fate/Stay night

If you are looking for kawaii cosplay ideas but want to find a strong-willed character, Rin Tohsaka of Fate/Stay Night is for you! Her simple red long-sleeved T-shirt with a cross symbol on her chest combined with a black skirt shows how kawaii but simple.

In the anime, she has a magical power and also a task to keep the city in peace. However, her magical power and task, even her identity as a member of magus family iss a secret.

For you who love kawaii cosplay ideas, this character we highly recommend her. With her long black curly hair and simple costume, her look is extremely kawaii.

8. Kagura – Gintama

Kagura – Gintama

Kagura is a protagonist character in Gintama who has red hair that is tied in two knots on the sides. She wears a red cheongsam or traditional dress with yellow piping. Kagura is known as a naive cute girl yet she also has a sharp tongue and strong muscles as she is a member of Yato which fights most of the time.

Her kawaii look can be shown through her cute smile, sparkling eyes, knot tied hair, and red Chinese traditional dress. Kagura characters are a perfect kawaii cosplay idea for those of you who naturally have muscles on your body but have a beautiful face at the same time. Show your kawaii style with this character.

9. Meiko Honma (Menma) – Anohana

Meiko Honma (Menma) – Anohana
Source: Pinterest (@ily zhang)

Even though “Anohana” holds a sad story background, the main character Meiko Honma or Menma has a super kawaii appearance. It is because she is a little girl who has long straight silver hair with a fringe on her forehead. Her fringe forms her face and her big eyes as she looks like an innocent young girl.

She wears a white dress with a blue ribbon. Her kawaii look comes with kind, childish, and selfless characteristics which elevate her cuteness to super kawaii. Menma is an amazingly kawaii character should you want to do a kawaii cosplay. Get your silver hair and costume and dress up! 

10. Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki is the main heroine in the Sword Art Online anime series. She has a strong personality that would inspire all girls out there. She would do her best in her game and would help others who are in trouble. Physically, she has long straight light brown hair and brown eyes.

Her kawaii look is enhanced when she wears her white outfit combined with red stripes. Asuna Yuuki is an awesome idea for your kawaii cosplay and her character will give more cuteness into your style.

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11. Hyuga Hinata – Naruto

Hyuga Hinata – Naruto

Hyuga Hinata in “Naruto” is a very shy girl who has Naruto as her first love. She is also a polite, thoughtful, and hardworking person. As a member of the Hyuga family, she is well-known for being born with “Byakugan” which also causes her eye color to be white.

She has long purple hair with a fringe that form her cute and innocent face. She wears a non-sleeved purple T-shirt with a purple obi or belt and a pair of short pants. Her kawaii look is a perfect kawaii cosplay idea for you. Grab your costume and dress up!

12. Rea Sanka – Sankarea

Rea Sanka - Sankarea
Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

Rea Sanka is a daughter of Dan’ichiro Sanka with her biological mother who died right after giving birth to Rea. Rea has long straight hair with fringe, purple eyes, and wears a purple uniform as a high school student. After she died, she was zombified by Chihiro and then her purple eyes turned red and her skin became pale white.

Even though she became a zombie, her personality remains the same. She is quite friendly and naive. Her personality gives more kawaii sense to her kawaii appearance. 

13. Hatsune Miku – Vocaloid

Hatsune Miku – Vocaloid

Hatsune Miku is the first character that is released in Vocaloid. Her name literally means “The First Sound From The Future”. She has long blue twin-tailed hair and her unique fringe which is very iconic.

Her kawaii look and costumes vary and develop continuously, thus this character has so many choices of kawaii look and costumes. It is a great choice for your kawaii cosplay ideas that you can suit your kawaii style.

14. Pikachu – Pokemon

Pikachu – Pokemon
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Who does not know Pikachu? It is a Pokemon that has yellow fur with red cheeks and a little black accent on the tip of its cute long ears. Pikachu has an electric superpower and an iconic yell of “PIKACHU!” It is super kawaii.

Pikachu has a small body, quite similar to a mouse, but it is incredibly chubby and kawaii. Doing a costume playing of Pikachu would be challenging and cutely overload. You can choose the best kawaii costume of Pikachu in a human form and show your kawaii style!

15. Kagome Higurashi – Inuyasha

Kagome Higurashi – Inuyasha
Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

Kagome Higurashi is the main protagonist female character in “Inuyasha” who has a strong will and is independent in solving her problems. Her kind and friendly personality enhance her beautiful appearance. She has simple dark long hair with fringe and dark eyes that are so adorable and strongly kawaii.

She wears a school uniform with a green skirt and a red tie bow. Her simple costume can be more adorable with her arc and arrow on her as well as her arrow bag on her back. Kagome Higurashi is a kawaii character that would elevate your kawaii cosplay style!

16. Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Ouran High School Host Club

Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Ouran High School Host Club
Source: Pinterest (@ily zhang)

If you are a girl who wants to do a costume play of a kawaii boy, here we present Mitsukuni Haninozuka to you. He is also known as “Honey” who loves sweets; candy and cake, and cute things. He looks like a child and has a cute appearance that makes him appealing to girls.

He is a high school student with the look of an elementary school student. LOL! His kawaii charm is overloading. He has short blonde hair, brown eyes, a bright smile, and a small body. He wears a blue blazer school uniform with a white shirt underneath, a blue necktie, and black long pants.

If you are cosplaying him, don’t forget to hold his best friend; a pink rabbit, Usa-chan.

17. Ushio Okazaki – Clannad

Ushio Okazaki – Clannad
Source: Instagram (@woomylumi)

If you have watched “Clannad”, you must know the kawaii girl, Ushio Okazaki. She is a kindergarten student who has a sad background story. But she lives a positive and happy life with her family, uncle, and aunty. Physically, she has short brown hair and brown eyes.

She wears a blue one-piece dress with a white necktie, white pair of socks, and brown shoes. This anime is a dramatic anime that would present you full of tears, but the character of Ushio Okazaki is internally kawaii. Her character is a great kawaii cosplay idea with a dramatic background story.

18. Shizuka Minamoto – Doraemon

Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon
Source: Instagram (@bang_ikki)

Doraemon is a famous series that has been going on for more than one decade. In Doraemon, the character of Shizuka is well-known as a smart, diligent, and kind girl who always gets her best mark at school. She has short dark hair with pigtails.

You will also notice that she always wears a long-sleeved one-piece pink dress or a long-sleeved shirt with a blue skirt. She also wears a pair of socks and a brown pair of shoes. Her personality and look will elevate you to kawaii cosplay should you decide to do it is Shizuka Minamoto.

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19. Nana – Mobile Legend Bang Bang

Nana - Mobile Legend Bang Bang
Source: Pinterest (@Bhargav)

These kawaii cosplay ideas do not only come from anime characters, but also from games. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the most famous games that have various characters including kawaii characters.

The characters or heroes in MLBB are various in terms of skills, costume, appearance, and background stories. One of the most kawaii heroes is Nana. She is a Leonin who is energetic, enthusiastic, strong-willed, and optimistic.

She has big furry cat ears and a long cute tail that makes her look even more kawaii. Her costume is mostly in magenta color, the same as her hair. Her look is a kawaii game hero that is great for your kawaii cosplay idea.

20. Anne Hanakoizumi

Anne Hanakoizumi
Source: Instagram (@anakichi)

Anne Hanakoizumi is one of the main characters in the “Anne Happy” anime series. She is a cute girl who has short pale orange hair with a small bun on the top of her hair tied with a white big ribbon. Her fringe look messy in adorable way and her eyes are dark pink.

She looks super kawaii with her school uniform which consists of white T-shirt, black blazer, red necktie, and a red skirt. Anne Hanakoizumi also comes with a cheerful, and kind personality, but yet she is also clumsy.

Choosing her as your cosplay character would be extremely kawaii in look and personality. This sweet girl is ready to elevate your kawaii style up!

21. Ram and Ram – Hyperdimension Neptunia

Ram and Ram - Hyperdimension Neptunia
Source: Pinterest (@rolecosplay.com)

Twinning with your best friend or dear sister for a costume party is always a great idea. If you’re planning on wearing kawaii cosplay for the party, then this Ram and Ram cosplay idea is definitely the best choice. Both of you will look adorable in these identical costumes. The only difference lies in the hair color, which are blue and pink. 

22. Kanna Kamui – Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Kanna Kamui - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Source: Pinterest (@Kimmy Narukami)

Who says that you can be Kanna Kamui for the upcoming anime-related event? You can definitely choose to be Kanna Kamui if you want to. As one of the most kawaii anime characters, Kanna Kamui wears a sweet pink and white dress, and also a white stocking to boost her appearance. If you want to go for Kanna Kamui cosplay, then you must make sure to include the horns, too.

23. Anya Forger – Spy x Family

Anya Forger - Spy x Family
Source: Pinterest (@takerlama.com)

Actually, the dress of this Anya Forger cosplay is not too complicated like most of the rest of anime character cosplays. However, if you love this cosplay idea, then the two items that you must never forget when it comes to Anya Forger cosplay are the pink hair and the black horns.

24. Yashiro Nene – Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

Yashiro Nene - Toilet Bound Hanako-kun
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you want to become the character of Yashiro Nene, then some of the things that you need to have include a mini dress that combines the color of gray and dark purple beautifully. And then, wear a pair of dark purple stockings. Lastly, put on a long white mig, and voila! You will be one of those with the best kawaii cosplay.

25. Tyusu Asui – My Hero Academia

Tyusu Asui - My Hero Academia
Source: Pinterest (@mobile.twitter.com)

Just look at how cute and sweet Tyusu Asui is in this pic! You can steal the look because this Tyusu Asui cosplay is just too cute to miss. Being a cute character in My Hero Academia, of course we can see why it’s worth to pick, right? It has all the requirements to be the cutests cosplay ever!

Latest Post:

What does kawaii mean?

Kawaii is a Japanese word that describe something as having cute, adorable, pretty, and lovable characters. The word “kawaii” first came out in the 1970s by teenagers who wrote in childlike handwriting. The word “kawaii” has been getting famous since then.

What is considered kawaii?

Kids; boys and girls, young girls, animals, dolls, and other cute things that are adorable, cuddly, and fluffy are usually considered as kawaii. Those cute things usually are something with pink color or fluffy texture.  

Is kawaii an insult?

“Kawaii” in Japan is usually considered as a high praise, but sometimes the word needs its best subject to be spoken to. Since “kawaii” refers to cute, innocent, soft, and lovable, you might need to consider not telling it to men. It is because of the characteristics of men who love to be strong, being cute is not so good for them. Thus, it might be considered as an insult for some men.

How do you become a kawaii?

Kawaii is a great combination of cute looks and a lovely personality. Thus, you need to prepare your best kawaii look; such as with a bright color dress, hair ribbon, cute cheerful make-up,  and youthful hair, as well as your lovely personality; sweet, empathetic, kind, and selfless. You can also choose a kawaii character as your role model and act like her.

Why is Japan obsessed with kawaii?

A study conducted by Hiroshima University in Japan revealed that cute or kawaii items and pictures can help Japanese people relax. It allows them to have a little escape from their routine, work, and other pressures. It allows them to be more productive, calm, and comfortable.

Besides, adult Japanese people have strong work pressures and strict social norms that somehow make them psychologically stay in their 12-year-old inner child to find their safe and comfortable space. Thus, adult Japanese women love to be described as having a kawaii face or appearance.

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