20 Best Ways on How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Work Respectfully

Every year on March 5th Cinco de Mayo commemorates the victory the Mexican army had over France in 1862. The occasion has developed into a huge celebration of Mexican culture in the United States, featuring everything amazing to have originated from that nation. This is definitely a special day, particularly for Mexicans to show their pride and culture. In case you are going to work during Cinco de Mayo this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel the festive atmosphere. Whether you are a Mexican or not, there are many fun and respectful ways on how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work. 

Let’s take a look at some authentic ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work in the article below. From celebrating Mexican heritage to creative games for the Cinco de Mayo office party, we are sure you will never run out of fun activities to do with your office colleagues. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Wear Mexican Flag Color Outfit

One of the coolest ways to show your Mexican pride is from your outfit. You can dress in red, white, and green, which symbolizes the color of the Mexican flag. Ask your colleagues to wear those colors on Cinco de Mayo, and during lunch time, you can host a mini fashion show contest and take a group photo. 

2. Bring Traditional Mexican Cuisine

You can get some breakfast tacos from a nearby Mexican restaurant if you don’t have time to prepare any Mexican dishes at home. Let your colleagues taste delicious Mexican food such as guacamole, tortillas, tamales and burritos. Mexican cuisine meals also can be turned into amusing food art, as well. To create the flag, combine guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.

3. Drink Virgin Cocktails

Cinco de Mayo celebration is the perfect time to enjoy some Mexican drinks. Since it is still office hours, you can enjoy virgin cocktails. Everyone can act as though they aren’t at work by mixing up some Mexican drinks without the alcohol, and the non-alcoholic beer or tequila can be a good option.

4. Have a Nutritious Guacamole

In case you need to work during Cinco de Mayo, then make sure you have guacamole for your breakfast, snack, or lunch. In fact, guacamole is incredibly popular as a healthy and nutritious food. The high protein and fat from this classic Mexican cuisine will boost your energy and focus while working on Cinco de Mayo day.

5. Play Cinco do Mayo Music

One of the most popular traditional Mexican music to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is mariachi. Therefore, we think that it would be wonderful music to celebrate at work if you weren’t able to go out and listen to live traditional Mexican music. You might search for Spotify playlists including traditional Mexican music or listen to a radio station. Connect your phone to a bluetooth speaker and let the music rock the celebration at work.

6. Set a Taco Bar at Office

Let your office colleagues feel the hype of Cinco de Mayo with a taco bar at the office by throwing a little office party with the delicious Mexican food. Have a Mexican restaurant in your neighborhood cater the event, and let your colleagues be creative in creating their own tacos. After all, DIY food-related projects are always fun.

7. Decorate Your Desk with Colorful Ornaments

No need to be confused anymore in deciding how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work. You can use your desk as a blank canvas to express the true Cinco de Mayo celebration. The national flag of Mexico is displayed using the colors red, green, and white. Put streamers, flags, tissue poms, and other Cinco de Mayo party decorations, which combine those colors in your office desk. So, hurry and decorate your desk on this special day to boost your productivity at work.

8. Host a Dance Event

Traditional Mexican folk dancing, or ballet folklorico, has come to symbolize Cinco de Mayo celebrations all around Southern California and the country. Therefore, dancing is a brilliant choice to feel the Cinco de Mayo vibe at the office. Invite your colleagues to participate in a mini dance event to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Moreover, you can also give a small reward for the best dancers.

9. Create Cinco De Mayo Speed Quiz Competition

Let this quiz decide who knows everything about Mexico the most in your office. Create a trivia contest that is entertaining and educational. Questions may cover topics such as historical events that occurred in Mexico, famous people, sports, and more. You can divide participants into teams for a bracket-style game.

10. Add a Few Spanish Words to Your Sentence

To honor Mexican heritage on Cinco de Mayo, you can try this fun activity while working. Start with a simple greeling like “Hola” and “Gracias” while meeting your office mates. It will hone your Spanish and show your respect to Mexicans on this special day.

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11. Cinco De Mayo Team Building

You don’t have to restrict your festivities to the workplace; instead, seize the chance the day offers for an unforgettable offsite team-building activity. You can go out and have a good time with your colleagues from your department. There are bound to be a ton of choices close by, including trying out typical Mexican food and drinks. Create a team challenge or hunting games so everyone is having fun on Cinco de Mayo..

12. Play Mexican Culture Virtual Game

With your office colleagues, have some fun playing games to see who knows the most about Mexican culture. Even better, you may create teams out of your coworkers to engage in friendly competition and provide rewards to the winners. You’ve probably heard about Lotera if you’ve had the pleasure of working with a Mexican-American coworker. Bingo-like in nature, but with more character, attitude, and enjoyment.

13. Share Mexican Products as Token of Appreciation

Give your team Mexican products to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. In fact, this is also the most concrete method to help Mexican small businesses on this Cinco De Mayo. As a gift of appreciation, you can purchase the greatest tropical produce, including bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and avocados.

14. Learn to Make Farolitos

Learn To Make Farolitos

Bring the Cinco de Mayo celebration vibe at work with Farolitos. So, you need to learn to make Farolitos, or paper lanterns, which are a common ritual in New Mexico and serve as a reminder of their native heritage. Simply prepare a paper bag, some scissors, and a flameless candle. Watch the video tutorial on Youtube and let your office mates create their own Farolitos.

15. Create DIY Maracas as Zero Waste Action 

Create DIY Maracas As Zero Waste Action 

A great instrument to Mexican music, making DIY maracas is a fun activity to introduce Mexican heritage to your office mates. Moreover, this can be made with items you already have around the house or even from your recycling bin. Make your own maracas using used water bottles or even discarded Easter eggs. Don’t forget to adron yours with washi tape to complement the Cinco de Mayo theme.

16. Add Paper Fan Garland at Your Office Gate

Add Paper Fan Garland In Your Office Gate

Feel the Cinco de Mayo spirit with a paper fan garland in your office gate. Ask your office permission to decorate the gate with this authentic Cinco de Mayo ornament.  Moreover, it’s simpler than you might think to make a paper fan garland. Make them from the tissue paper, glue, string, and scissors. Choose vibrant colors with the Mexican flag for this Cinco De Mayo decoration.

17. Reading Mexican Literature

Reading Mexican Literature

This could be your way to commemorate being a book person. When you have downtime at work, read a few pages of Mexican literature. There is so much exquisite poetry and literature from Mexico, including works by both classic and modern authors. You can start with excellent books such as Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz.

18. Share the True Story

Share The True Story

Whether you are Mexican or half-Mexican-American, this is your time to share the history of Cinco de Mayo celebration. Without understanding the significance of the event from a cultural perspective, many Americans are eager to celebrate with tacos and margaritas. Spend a little time learning about the occasion and educate your office mates before starting the celebration event.

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19. Pinata Challenge

Pinata Challenge

A Pinata challenge should be part of your Cinco de Mayo celebration at the office because no Mexican celebration would be complete without one. If you want to skip this ritual, we’ve got you the perfect solution. Challenge your colleagues to make mini Pinatas using paper cups, tissue paper and ribbons. These make excellent original desk accents that may be used all year long.

20. Pepper Eating Contest

Pepper Eating Contest

This contest will bring tears of joy to your coworkers who enjoy spicy food! Prepare jalapeno, serrano, chiles de árbol, cascabels, moritas, and other peppers for the eating competition because Mexico is a hotspot for peppers. Enjoy a variety of flavors while incorporating the spice!

Latest Post:

What should I bring to the office for the celebration of Cinco de Mayo at work?

You can bring some traditional Mexican food and share it with your office mates. In addition, give them some local products to support Mexican small businesses while introducing them to Mexican culture. Suppose you don’t know how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work, check the article above for more inspiration.

What can you not do on Cinco de Mayo?

Avoid donning sombreros, fake mustaches, and costumes with Mexican themes. When speaking to Spanish speakers who are native speakers, try to avoid using impolite Spanish. In addition, don’t use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to overindulge on drinks.

What colors are for Cinco de Mayo?

Red, white, and green are the colors of Cinco de Mayo, which are also those of the Mexican flag. The symbolism of the flag’s colors has changed throughout time. Red signifies religion and the blood of the country’s heroes while white and green stand for unification and purity.

What kind of food is eaten on Cinco de Mayo?

Mole poblano is the official dish of the holiday, due to the fact that Cinco de Mayo honors Mexico’s triumph over France at the Battle of Puebla. It is a Puebla-based, rich and flavorful chili and chocolate sauce. During Cinco de Mayo, other Mexican dishes like chilaquiles, tamales, carnitas, and barbacoa are also available.

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