25 Cinco De Mayo Gifts to Cheer You Up

Mexico is a country that is well-known for its historical sites and rich cultures. While you are in Mexico, why not try to participate in their Cinco De Mayo festivities and experience their popular piñatas? Enjoy yourself with the week-long celebrations and also their customs! It falls on every 5th of May, a fantastic time of the year to visit the country.

Before the pandemic, most Mexicans celebrated Cinco de Mayo together inside and outside the office. Since it can not happen this year, simply send your colleagues and customers Cinco De Mayo gifts! This way, you can still stay connected with them. Let’s check our 25 curated and collated choices of Cinco De Mayo gifts!

1. Make Cinco De Mayo Great Again T-Shirt

Make Cinco De Mayo Great Again T-Shirt

Looking for a Cinco De Mayo gift for your special someone? This unisex T-shirt is the great gift for your loved one. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. Made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, it is comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

2. Cinco de Mayo Siesta Fiesta Game

Cinco de Mayo Siesta Fiesta Game

Test your Spanish with this Cinco de Mayo Siesta o Fiesta Game! It is such a fun Mexican fiesta game to play with your friends and family at your Cinco de Mayo party! You can impress your guests with this fun and unique game. You will also bring so much joy to liven up the atmosphere!

3. Cinco de Mayo Party Cactus Shot Glasses

Cinco de Mayo Party Cactus Shot Glasses

Line up these cute little cactus shots at your next fiesta! These plastic cactus shot glasses will be great for Cinco de Mayo decoration. They are also perfect for bar display. These shot glasses are a great reusable drinkware choice because they are thick and sturdy plastic. It is a type of drinkware that can also double as decoration.

4. Skull Earrings

Skull Earrings

Looking for a unique Cinco De Mayo gift for your girlfriend? These skull earrings are a great gift for her. These stud or dangle earrings are safe to use because they are handmade from hypoallergenic materials. Because of that, these are the perfect earrings to celebrate the upcoming Cinco De Mayo festival!

5. Cinco de Mayo Garland

Cinco De Mayo Garland

This Cinco De Mayo garland is stunning, festive, fun, and full of colour! The base of the garland is made with grapevines so it does not bend. There are bows made throughout the garland with bright pink, orange, turquoise, green, purple and yellow and a colourful patterned ribbon. The colours are so vibrant and absolutely beautiful.

6. Cinco de Mayo Piñata

Cinco de Mayo Piñata

This donkey piñata will be the hit of your Cinco De Mayo celebration! Piñatas are a common element in parties, especially in Mexico around Christmas time. This 16 inch piñata can be filled with fruits and candies such as guavas, oranges, jicamas, pieces of sugar cane, tejocotes and wrapped candies. Some piñatas are “traps” filled with flour, confetti or water. 

7. Stainless Steel Stands with Bamboo for Taco Trays

Stainless Steel Stands with Bamboo for Taco Trays

Tired of your stuffed tacos always spilling all over? Consuming tacos is often a sloppy experience with the shell crumbling almost instantaneously after a bite. Thankfully, the solution is simple. Here we have the ultimate holder set to make your taco-eating so much easier. Now you can fill up your tacos without worrying about them breaking. 

8. Cinco De Mayo Mug

Cinco De Mayo Mug

Looking for a great Cinco De Mayo gift for any coffee or tea lover? This Cinco De Mayo mug is the perfect pick you can choose to accompany her/his daily drinks. This 11 fl. oz. mug will excite her/him while enjoying morning coffee or afternoon tea. Handmade from high-quality ceramic, it is designed to be durable with its image printed on both sides. 

9. Disposable Dinnerware for Cinco de Mayo Mexican Fiesta Party

Disposable Dinnerware for Cinco de Mayo Mexican Fiesta Party

Celebrate the Cinco De Mayo Mexican party with these 24 disposable dinnerware sets. It includes plastic knives, spoons, forks, paper plates, napkins, and cups. The plastic silverware is in various vivid colors. Furthermore, these items feature adorable motifs such as guitars, sombreros, jalapenos, cactus, piñatas, and maracas. 

10. Mexican Fiesta Party Gift Box

cinco de mayo gifts

Surprise your special someone with a smile by giving this Mexican Fiesta Party Gift Box! This fiesta gift box will bring a little piece of Mexico to your special someone. All items inside this gift box are 100% authentic. The pack contains fun stuff like a mini party piñata, cactus candle, Mexican candies, and many more!

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11. 12-Piece Mini Mexican Sombrero Hats for Cinco De Mayo Party Supplies

cinco de mayo gifts

These 12-piece mini sombrero hats are sure to make your party stand out and have some fun. The straw hats come with a colourful trim design and make great party favours for Cinco de Mayo, Mexican theme parties, taco Tuesday, and even double as fun decor to hang on walls or decorate tabletops.

12. Fiesta Square Dinner Plate for Cinco De Mayo

cinco de mayo gifts

No matter what is being served at your fiesta, these Mexican dinner plates are sure to make your main course a little more festive! They are a must-have addition to your fiesta and Cinco De Mayo party supplies! You can stack these paper plates on your buffet table for easy access. Or, you can also place one on the party table to set the mood.

13. Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Party Sombrero Head Boppers

cinco de mayo gifts

Come on, be loco and show off your moves! You can drink and dance with this sombrero head bopper! Be quirky with this feathered headpiece featuring bouncy sequined sombreros. Get a bunch to give out to your guests or use as props in your photo booth. Fun will be springing from where you are standing.

14. Taco Plastic Tablecloth

cinco de mayo gifts

As much as you would probably love to cover your table in actual tacos, it is a situation that would require a great deal of cleanup after your fiesta. Cover your table with this taco tablecloth instead! This great fiesta tablecloth is perfect for taco night or any party with a taco buffet. This disposable tablecloth will help make cleanup a breeze.

15. Cinco De Mayo Colouring Book for Kids

cinco de mayo gifts

Looking for a Cinco De Mayo gift for your child or grandchild? This Cinco De Mayo colouring book is a great Cinco De Mayo gift idea to give to your children or grandchildren. Created with preschoolers and kindergarteners in mind, this colouring book will allow them to develop their motor skills while they have fun!

16. Mexican Kitchen Towels

cinco de mayo gifts

The servilletas are widely used in Mexican kitchens for many purposes because it is very versatile. Hang it by the sink, and they are ready to help dry the dishes. Wrapped around tortillas, they keep the food warm through dinner. Set on the table, they are napkins or placemats. It is made in Mexico by artisans using mechanical looms.

17. Hand Painted Mexican Tortilla Warmer

cinco de mayo gifts

Be kind to your flatbreads by nestling them in the elegant coziness of this traditional Mexican tortillero. Hand-painted in the centuries-old majolica technique, its brilliant colors and exuberant botanical motifs bring dazzling Mexican artistry to your table. The durable clay keeps freshly made or pre-heated tortillas toasty for extra warmth.

18. Mexican Embroidery Apron

cinco de mayo gifts

Chicken molé, pozole, chilaquile, cook up something truly spectacular in this handmade apron. Featuring embroidered designs of birds, butterflies, and flowers, it celebrates the bold colours of Mexico City. The front pocket has ample room to stash all the tools of your trade. We cannot promise it will improve your culinary know-how, but at least you will look the part.

19. Mexican Cocktail Kit

cinco de mayo gifts

Festivals in Mexico are made extra-festive by a special cocktail. Mixed up in clay cups called cantaritos de barro, they are made to sip while strolling. The clay keeps the cocktail cool, and some say it makes the drink more delicious, too. If you cannot make it to a zócalo, you can at least concoct this drink at home with a made-in-Mexico kit.

20. Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

cinco de mayo gifts

This traditional set will allow you to make real hot chocolate, as it has been done for centuries in Mexico. Pure cacao is blended with ground almonds, pecans, walnuts, and cinnamon to create an authentic Mexican flavor. You just need to mix and froth the ingredients with the hand-carved molinillo whisk and the hand-molded clay jug!

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21. Mini Wooden Fiesta Maracas

Mini Wooden Fiesta Maracas

This colored percussion set includes 12 pieces of mini wooden maracas. The instruments can produce relaxing noise for the kids to enjoy at Cinco De Mayo-themed parties, birthday parties, and classroom music events. In addition, these festive instruments come in 6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. So, they will brighten up your parties!

22. Cinco De Mayo Mexican Fiesta Poncho Costume

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Fiesta Poncho Costume

Are you searching for a Cinco De Mayo gift that is fabulous and fashionable? This Mexican fiesta poncho costume will be an excellent choice to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. It is 100% polyester fabric, so the poncho will be comfortable to wear. Additionally, it has one size which will fit most adults. This colorful poncho is a fun wearable item for a fiesta party.

23. Mexican Sombrero Cooler Cinco De Mayo Drink Holder

Mexican Sombrero Cooler Cinco De Mayo Drink Holder

Looking for a Cinco De Mayo gift which is functional and fun? This inflatable Mexican sombrero cooler is a great gift which holds approximately ten 12-ounce drink cans. It is also a delightful decoration to be put on the dining table in any Mexican themed party any time of the year.

24. Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Bead Necklaces

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Bead Necklaces

These fiesta beaded necklaces will spice up your lively fiesta! They serve as incredible party decorations at Cinco de Mayo gatherings, Mexican party celebrations, birthday parties, and many more. The various beads designs will keep everyone happy because they look so colorful. In any case, they will be a hit at your parties!

25. Sunglasses Cinco De Mayo Photo Booth Props

Sunglasses Cinco De Mayo Photo Booth Props

These novelty glasses are awesome Cinco De Mayo gifts for a fiesta party, including 6 pairs of different Mexican-themed glasses. They are a perfect fancy dress accessory or give friends away as a sweet gag gift! One in a perfect size for both kids and adults. They will instantly set your party apart from the others.

Final Thoughts

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most awaited days of the year in Mexico. It’s the day where people can enjoy a colorful party, delicious food, and have fun with friends and loved one. However, some might not be able to enjoy the festivities due to distance and other reasons. But, why not give them special gifts to make sure they can still celebrate the special day from a distance?

To cheer them up, you can select gifts that can represent the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo. For gift ideas, we hope our list can give you some ideas on what gifts to pick, which we hope can make them the happiest on a happy Mexican day!

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