25 Unique Anime Gifts for Japanese Enthusiast

Anime is a visual animation originating from Japan and has been produced in various formats, such as tv series, short movies, or full-length movies. In the last decade, anime has gone viral with many fans around the globe. In addition to the art style, the anime storyline hits the hearts of the audience more differently from ordinary cartoons. The advances in technology have also improved anime quality, making it even more popular, and we can even find lots of unique anime gifts in the market. Plus, the presence of streaming platforms such as Netflix has increase the number of anime fans, with a fairly wide age range from small children to adults.

Many people who are fans of some famous anime make accessories or merchandise related to anime increasingly sought after. Therefore, we have created a list of ideas of 25 unique anime gifts for people who love anime as well as Japanese enthusiasts. Let’s check them out!

1. Sailor Moon Bookmark Set

Sailor Moon Bookmark Set

Most people who like anime are usually interested in enjoying the physical version by reading manga, comics or graphic novels from Japan. Some people even collect manga from the anime they like to read to find out the whole story. Based on that reason, we provide a unique anime gift for those who love to read manga in the form of a Sailor Moon bookmark set. It is from a classic 90s anime that was very popular in its time, especially for teenage girls.

2. Anime Custom Dollar Bill

Anime Custom Dollar Bill

Do you have a favorite character from an anime? In our opinion, this is the most unique anime gift for anime lovers. As a personalized anime gift, you can frame your favorite characters on this anime custom dollar bill. Choose your favorite character, and frame it in a 100-dollar display. With a size of 90×40 cm, this item will definitely make a cool display for your room.

3. Vegeta Keychain Pouch

Vegeta Keychain Pouch

Another classic anime that we provide as an idea for a unique anime gift comes from the Dragon Ball series. One of the famous characters from the anime, named Vegeta, comes in the form of a keychain pouch. Undoubtedly, this item is suitable as a gift for those who like Dragon Ball anime for them to bring credit/business cards, masks, earbuds, or whatever they need.

4. Cowboy Bebop Beanie

Cowboy Bebop Beanie

Retro anime called Cowboy Bebop is one of the famous anime that was made into a live-action series on Netflix last year. We recommend this Cowboy Bebop beanie as a unique anime gift for those who like this anime or for teenage girls who like to wear beanies. Having an embroidered with the words “See you later space cowboy” that is popular from the anime, they will definitely like it.

5. Ghibli Studio Hand Painted Denim Jacket

Ghibli Studio Hand Painted Denim Jacket

Ghibli Studio is a well-known production studio that focuses on making original anime movies. Each film is famous and unique because it can touch the heart of every audience. Here, we present you with a Ghibli Studio custom hand-painted denim jacket, as a unique anime gift for Ghibli fans or for her. Additionally, this cool item was made using durable acrylic paint and carefully painted with love.

6. Uchiha Madara 3D Model Print File

Uchiha Madara 3D Model Print File

This unique anime gift is specifically created for those of you who have a 3D print at home or print it at a 3D print service. We provide 3D model print files for you to make statues of Uchiha Madara, who is a famous badass character from Naruto anime. Moreover, you can also use this gift as a collection or display for your room decoration, too!

7. LED Lamp for Anime Fans

LED Lamp for Anime Fans

We present to you LED lights as a unique anime gift to decorate your room. Having an adjustable light color gives your room an ambience to match your mood. With the words eat, sleep, anime, and repeat describe your life as an anime lover. In addition, this item can also be customized with a name or text to make this a more personal gift for him or her.

8. Hisoka HunterxHunter Earrings

Hisoka HunterxHunter Earrings

Good news for you, Hunter x Hunter fans. They finally made a comeback with the latest anime season this year. To celebrate their comeback, we provide Hisoka’s earrings for you as a unique anime gift for her. These earrings come in distinctive shapes such as Hisoka’s makeup in the form of stars and teardrops with hanging ornaments in the form of cards.

9. Nezuko Sneakers

Nezuko Sneakers

Do you know about the anime titled the Demon Slayer? The new anime that became a hit was in demand by many fans around the world. With stunning animated graphics, it is easy for people to fall in love with this anime. One of the famous figures is Nezuko, who is presented in these custom sneakers. Therefore, we think that these sneakers would a unique anime gift for those who like the character Nezuko.

10. Stainless Steel Cowboy Bebop Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Cowboy Bebop Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle is another unique anime gift from Cowboy Bebop anime, which comes with a picture of Spike Spiegel as the main character of the anime. Truly a versatile bottle with a sporty design that you can take for sports such as cycling or going camping and is leak-proof.

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11. Demon Slayer Wooden Music Box

Demon Slayer Wooden Music Box

If you are a fan of the Demon Slayer anime, surely you know the famous opening song, Gurenge. Just by hearing that phenomenal music, it must stick in our minds how cool scenes from the Demon Slayer anime are. So, have this music box as a unique anime gift that you can give to this anime’s fans.

12. Custom Anime Portrait

Custom Anime Portrait

Attack on Titan is one of the most famous anime of the past year. With stunning animation scenes and good image quality, it is loved by many people. Have a custom portrait with the anime Attack on Titan theme that is replaced with the faces of you and your partner as a personalized anime gift. Without a doubt, this item would be a unique anime gift that can be used as a present for those fans of this anime.

13. Demon Slayer Pendant Necklace

Demon Slayer Pendant Necklace

This beautiful collection of Demon Slayer anime is the best anime gift that comes in the form of a pendant necklace based on the anime’s character. This pair are a unique anime gift for those fans of Demon Slayer that can also be used as a collection. Each one represents an important character from the anime’s story, so how do you represent your favorite character?

14. Pokemon Chess Set

Pokemon Chess Set

We think it is impossible for anime fans not to know about Pokemon, because it’s a classic anime that is attached to most people’s childhood with the unique monsters that exist in the anime. We are happy to tell you that Pokemon is now available in the form of custom chess pieces as a unique anime gift for those who like Pokemon. Each chess piece is replaced with a unique and different pokemon shape, making it the best anime gift.

15. Tokyo Ghoul Anteiku Mug

Tokyo Ghoul Anteiku Mug

Tokyo Ghoul is a well-known anime that tells us about the phenomenon of the emergence of flesh-eating creatures, where some disguise themselves as cafe workers at Anteiku Cafe. This time, the unique anime gift raised the theme by creating a souvenir mug from Anteiku. People who like the Tokyo Ghoul anime will be happy if they are given this mug to drink coffee.

16. Pikachu & Eevee Gold Metal Card

Pikachu _ Eevee Gold Metal Card

Pokemon anime is famous for its merchandise in the form of TCG (Trading Card Game). Many people collect them, and some cards can be very expensive, too! Here we present you with a unique anime gift in the form of a replica of Pokemon TCG with Pikachu & Eevee in a gold metal card. Suitable as a gift to show your love for your partner or as a gift for boyfriend who loves Pokemon.

17. Kanto Pokemon Gym Badges

Kanto Pokemon Gym Badges

This is another unique anime gift from the Pokemon series. If you follow the story, the main character goes on an adventure against the gym leaders to collect all the badges. We present all the badges in replicas that match the story in the anime. Suitable as a gift for him a die-hard Pokemon fans and to be used as a collection.

18. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Script Signature

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Script Signature

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an iconic anime that has been famous for more than thirty years and still has many fans until now. Known for his art style and unique character depictions, he has stuck in the hearts of many. Here we have a unique anime gift for you collectors of items related to this anime. Moreover, this item is presented in the form of an autographed anime script from the voice actor of important characters from this anime.

19. High-Rise Invasion Smiling Face Mask

High-Rise Invasion Smiling Face Mask

For those of you who may not know, this unique anime gift comes from an anime called High-Rise Invasion. An anime that tells the story of a high school boy who moves to a world full of skyscrapers, and is chased by a mysterious figure who uses a smiling face mask as above. Now we present you a mask from the anime that comes with a luminous LED that can be used for your Halloween props.

20. Dragon Ball Z Trinket Box

Dragon Ball Z Trinket Box

Dragon Ball fans certainly know very well about Goku and Vegeta. They are the main characters and, at the same time, play a crucial role in this anime. For fans of Goku and Vegeta, we have the two characteds in the form of a trinket box to store your stuff. A unique anime gift made of a special wooden box, especially for fans of this anime.

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Akatsuki Cufflinks

Akatsuki is a group of villains in the Naruto anime series whose job is to hunt down people with powers like Naruto. Even though they are villains, some people like their badass persona and have an iconic outfit with a red cloud symbol. This time we give you a unique anime gift in the form of Akatsuki cufflinks for you or Naruto anime fans as your accessories or as a gift for boyfriend.

22. Gojo Satoru’s Black Glasses

Gojo Satoru’s Black Glasses

Hello Jujutsu Kaisen fans! We also provide black glasses of Gojo Satoru as a unique anime gift for you. Everyone’s favorite character is indeed very iconic, with an unusual personality and overpowering strength. Suitable for those of you who want to cosplay as high schooler Gojo Satoru or as a gift for boyfriend.

23. Doflamingo’s Iconic Glasses

Doflamingo’s Iconic Glasses

One of the important villains from the One Piece anime is Doflamingo. He was a formidable foe in that arc. He has an eccentric appearance, especially his iconic sunglasses. We provide these Doflamingo sunglasses as a unique anime gift for you One Piece fans, which can be used as your collection or cosplay equipment.

24. Custom Anime Rug

Custom Anime Rug

What if you could have your favorite anime character in the form of a rug? You can have this custom anime rug designed as a unique anime gift for you or your loved ones. As a personalized anime gift, you can request which character you like so we can make it into a rug that can decorate your room.

25. Fairytail Beach Towel

Fairytail Beach Towel

Last but not least from our list. We provide you with a unique anime gift from the Fairytale series. This is a Fairytail beach towel featuring their main characters Natsu, Lucy, and their sidekick Happy. Has a soft and thick material that is perfect for you to use as your base when lying on the beach.

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