26 Awesome and Menacing Demon Slayer Figures That Collectable

From time to time, new and exciting anime showed up and became a huge success in the mainstream media. Popular shows such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto have been there to accompany our childhood. Currently, we have cool and exciting shows like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. One anime, however, stood up as being one of the most popular series of all time. And yes, we’re talking about Demon Slayer. This show has been a favorite topic for many anime lovers out there. 

It’s hard to argue the general reception for Demon Slayer. This series surely got it all: fast-paced action, intriguing story line, and iconic characters. The last factor is really important to a franchise, especially for its marketing purposes. With famous characters like Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado, you can be sure that fans will undoubtedly be looking forward to hunting all Demon Slayer figures and collectibles. For that reason, we are going to be discussing some of the best Demon Slayer figures that might interest you!

Can Demon Slayer Figures Make Money?

To put it simply, yes. These Demon Slayer figures are usually made in a limited amount of items. When the demand is high and the item is rare, you can sell them at a huge profit. For a safe bet, try collecting exclusive Demon Slayer Funko Pops, as they are usually in high demand with limited stocks.

Are Demon Slayer Figures Limited Edition?

Many Demon Slayer figures are produced in limited runs, which means that only a certain number of figures are made available for sale. Limited edition figures can be more rare and valuable than standard releases.

Mini Demon Slayer Figures

There are a lot of different Demon Slayer figures to collect. If you intend to collect them, then you probably are going to need a large space to store them. But if your house is already packed enough, you might want to consider collecting these mini-figures instead.

1. Demon Slayer 10 Minifigures

demon slayer figures

Take a moment to look closer at these mini figures. You can adore its detail and how cool each character looks. And once you’re done, and if you really like them, then do not hesitate to buy these awesome Demon Slayer figures and add them to your collection!

You can choose your favorite Demon Slayer characters from this selection of 10 mini-figures, ranging from Tanjiro to Obanai. Then, arrange them in your glass cabinet to showcase in your room.

2. Demon Slayer Figures Set

demon slayer figures

Tired of buying individual characters to collect an entire set? Then you probably would fancy this Demon Slayer set. This set consists of six iconic characters from the show, along with some props that you can add them in your display cabinet.

Once you showcase all of them at home, we need to remind you to be ready to see your friends’ expression when they see your new collection items. They will definitely envy you. No doubt.

3. Cute Demon Slayer Figures Set of 15

demon slayer figures

Here’s another cool set of figures for you. For this item, you’ll get 15 different figures! Yes, you heard the number right, it’s indeed 15. Though it is not as detailed as the previous item, you’ll definitely notice that these mini figures are looking adorable!

Moreover, all of them will certainly look good when displayed on your table. You can sort the main characters to feature on the first row, followed by the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Get this set and add them to your collection right away!

4. Sitting Demon Slayer Figures

demon slayer figures

Demon Slayers certainly need the energy to hunt their sworn enemies, too. Hence, it’s a good idea to take a break and consume their meal, just as depicted on this awesome Demon Slayer figures.

Here, you have the privilege to choose from 9 existing figures that you’d like! If you like the strongest characters, you better pick Muichiro Tokito and Tanjiro Kamado figures to add to your collection. So all Demon Slayer fans, get this now before it runs out!

5. Demon Slayer Lego Minifigures

demon slayer figures

Lego mini-figures have always been treasured collectibles that will be hunted down by collectors all around the world. As for the famous Demon Slayer, we are happy to tell you that Lego turns out to also produce a set of Demon Slayer figures.

If you like Lego, and if you love Demon Slayer, too, then we believe that you indeed wouldn’t want to miss the chance of getting these awesome figures. They have smaller sizes, making them perfect for those fans who don’t have a big cabinet to display figurines.

6. Cute Demon Slayer 2-pack

demon slayer figures

Demon Slayer chronicles the effort of Tanjiro in helping her sister, Nezuko, to turn back into a human once more. If you are a fan of the Demon Slayer who happen to like both of them, then you might want to consider buying this cute pack for you to display in your home!

It comes in a size that fits the palm of your hand, which make it a super adorable figurine to collect. You can keep them in acrylic box with fairy lights if you want to add dramatic effect to your collection.

7. Chibi Demon Slayer Set of 4

demon slayer figures

Want an even cuter Demon Slayer figure? Sit tight, because we might have one in store for you. Just take a look at these 4 mini figures. They look super cute and adorable, with cute expressions, too!

What else do you possibly need from figurines? We bet that you can’t stop staring at these one, so go and buy one! Apart from being fantastic figurine displays, you can try decorate your birthday cake with these amazing characters. Just don’t eat them, they’re not edible!

PVC Demon Slayer Figures

Now that we have gone past the mini-figures, let’s take a look at some of the cool and detailed Demon Slayer figures. They generally have bigger sizes, so be prepared in saving some spaces in your glass cabinet to display them with other collections. Unlike our previous list, most of these Demon Slayer figures come in individual piece that is meticulously crafted. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

8. Kanao Tsuyuri Banpresto Figure

Kanao Tsuyuri Banpresto

Being a true Demon Slayer fan, we believe that you recognize the character of Kanao Tsuyuri. She is a major supporting character in the show. Although she’s a supporting character, she gained a lot of attention from many fans. Mainly, it is because she is a shy Demon Slayer that won’t hesitate to eliminate her enemies.

Moreover, we need to tell you that there aren’t a lot of Kanao figures out there, so you might not want to miss the opportunity to obtain this figure. You better add Tanjiro figurine to match with Kanao Tsuyuri as a married couple in your display cabinet.

9. Agatsuna Zenitsu with Sword

Agatsuna Zenitsu with Sword

We have seen how cute Agatsuna looked like a plush doll. Hence, we would suggest that you prepare yourself for a cool Demon Slayer figure depicting Agatsuna Zenitsu with his sword. This is surely one of the cool-looking PVC figures you have ever found.

Made with attention to details and extra precision, we believe that this figurine deserves a spot on your collection shelf at home. If you want to create a stunning pair collection, buy the Nezuko figurine to accompany Agatsuna Zenitsu as they both are married couple in the anime.

10. Tanjiro Kamado

demon slayer figures

This particular Demon Slayer figure came from the same publisher as the previous item that we offered. And similar to Agatsuna, this Tanjiro figure looks undoubtedly awesome. With round black base, it would be easier for you to display it on your shelf or desk.

Moreover, we also need to praise the make of this item as it comes with extra detailing process, making it one of the must-have items for collectors, including you, we believe? To create an amazing pair of collection, it will be best to add Inosuke Hashibira figure as the character is the closest friend of Tanjiro in the Demon Slayer anime.

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11. Nezuko Banpresto Figure

demon slayer figures

Although she has been turned into a demon, Nezuko still possesses a little bit of humanity inside her. Aside from a constant battle of personality, she also needs to be skillful enough to fight other demons.

If you are a fan of Demon Slayer who love a particular character of Nezuko, then we have no doubt that this cool figure is the perfect way to describe that! Besides, this figure is perfect for those who fancy feminine image but with a powerful character. Grab one before it’s too late!

12. Nezuko Figure Q Version

Nezuko Figure Q Version

Next up we have a figurine made for fans of Nezuko. We all know that she is one of the best characters in the series. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when there are a lot of different figures depicting her.

Here we would like to recommend this cool Q Version of Nezuko for you. We believe any fan of Nezuko will be thrilled to have this figurine as a new addition to the collection. Plus, she’s looking very sweet with this pose too. In addition to the table display, you can showcase this figure next to your small potted cactus or succulent (choose the flowe-shaped!).

13. Obanai Figure

demon slayer figures

Just like Kanao, Obanai is also one of the major supporting casts for the Demon Slayer series. And just like Kanao, there aren’t many Obanai figures that you can choose.

Therefore, if you like this character and has been looking everywhere for a high-quality figurine of Obanai, you can sit back and relax now, because we have the answer for you. So, you might want to buy this while stock lasts. You can also add Mitsuri figure as Kobanai is deeply in love with her in this anime.

Funko Pop Demon Slayer Figures

Funko figures have been one of the most sought out items out there in the market. Currently, Funko has released one wave of Demon Slayer figures along with some additional exclusive characters. They come in creative designs and styles, so you have more options to buy.

Moreover, they are also pretty small, making them easy and won’t take up too much space to display. Let’s take a look at some of them!

14. Zenitsu Agatsuma Funko Pop

Zenitsu Agatsuma Funko Pop

First up, we got Zenitsu Agatsuna. As you can see, this pop is looking very cool. He is locked up in concentration before charging on his enemies! If you happen to be a fan of Zenitsu Agatsuna, then we would suggest that you grab this cute figurine quick before it runs out!

After all, we all know that the number of Funko Pop figurines’ fans are increasing pretty fast, right? Some of the funko fans love to display them with the package. But we recommend to unwrap it and showcase only the figure to save spaces for others.

15. Muzan Kibutsuji Funko Pop

Muzan Kibutsuji Funko Pop

Next up, we’ve got the great Muzan Kibutsuji figurine that deserves to part of your collection. As you can clearly see, this Funko Pop is looking very menacing, just like his character on the show.

If you love the character of Muzan Kibutsuji, then this figurine is all yours to own. However, we need to remind you that you don’t need to be scared of scary red eyes. To balance the collection, you better ad Yorichii figure, a protagonist character that defeats Muzan Kibutjusii.

16. Nezuko Kamado Funko Pop

Nezuko Kamado Funko Pop

Your Demon Slayer Funko Pop collection won’t be complete without the presence of Nezuko Kamado Funko Pop. Hence, take a moment to wonder at the detail that Funko gave to this figure.

If you are a true fan of this particular character, then don’t wait anymore and go buy one now! You can also make this Funko collection an alternative to the Nezuko PVC figurines since this one has smaller size, making it a perfect display for narrow space.

17. Tanjiro Funko Pop

Tanjiro Funko Pop

As one of the two surviving members of the Kamado family, Tanjiro is the one member that is out there looking for vengeance. Therefore, why don’t you help him accomplish his task by obtaining this figure?

We can assure you that it will surely fit with your Demon Slayer figures collection. Make sure you have either the wife figure, Kanao Tsuyuri or his best friend Inosuke Hashibira to complete the set. Just imagine having this item as the main point of your figurine display, we are pretty sure your friends will envy you.

18. Inosuke Hashibira Funko Pop

Inosuke Hashibira Funko Pop

Now, this is the first Inosuke Hashibira figure on this list of Demon Slayer figures. As you can see here, this particular Funko Pop is definitely the perfect item for all Demon Slayer fans.

There’s so much attention to detail on this figure, so we must say that you’ll hate to miss it! Match this figure with Tanjiro Fuko pop or Aoi Kanzaki, his wife, if you want to make your display even more appealing. So, what are you waiting for? Get this figurine now before it runs out.

19. Inosuke Hashibira Lounging

Inosuke Hashibira Lounging Exclusive Pop

Inosuke Hashibira is undoubtedly one of the show’s most popular characters. If you are one of the fans of this character, we are happy to tell you that Funko knows it. Therefore, they made an exclusive item for the character.

Right here you can see Inosuke Hashibira relaxing in his costume. Just by looking at it, we can see that it looks so funny and cool at the same time. Since you have several options of this kind of figure, you better buy some and arrange them in a row.

20. Tanjiro with Mask Exclusive Pop

Tanjiro with Mask Exclusive Pop

Being one of the most popular brands of figurines, Funko has released some other exclusive Pop figures besides Inosuke. Take this Tanjiro Kamado figure as an example.

Since it’s a beautiful and awesome looking figurines, we believe that it deserves a spot inside your display rack. It would make a valuable addition and you won’t regret buying it as your latest item! We recommend collecting some of his characters in different manners, then arrange them in your glass cabinet for the best showcase.

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21. Tanjiro with Dragon Exclusive Pop

Tanjiro with Dragon Exclusive Pop

We can’t get enough of Tanjiro figures. Well, neither should you! Here, we’ve got this awesome Tanjiro Funko Pop, accompanied by a Dragon. Better yet, try to light it up in the dark with a UV flashlight! It will surely look more captivating!

With so many good reasons to share, there is no reason for you to ignore this item. Based on how this figurine looks, we can’t say much aside from suggesting you to add this item to the shopping cart immediately!

22. Nezuko in Box Special Pop

Nezuko in Box Special Pop

This particular Funko is inspired by one of the show’s iconic scenes. This is definitely one Demon Slayer figures that deserves a closer look. Once you’re done with it, make sure you add it to your collection, because you will regret it if you don’t.

In our opinion, this figurine looks very similar to the scene! You can add fairy lights around your acrylic box or glass cabinet to light up the space and create stunning effect. So wait no more and purchase one now before it sells out.

23. Tanjiro vs. Rui Moment Pop

Tanjiro vs. Rui Moment Pop

Funko has been known to release great Movie Moments Pops. These Movie Moments Pop depicts an iconic scene from your favorite movie, such as the Vader vs Skywalker scene on the Empire Strikes Back.

For Demon Slayer fans, you’ll get the privilege of owning this Tanjiro vs Rui anime moment! This Funko Pop is looking very beautiful and cool! To make it even more amazing, set warm white fairly lights around and see how it creates dramatic effect around the scene.

Rare Demon Slayer Figures

Action figures will always be produced on a limited basis. Once the stock runs out, you won’t get the chance to buy it at a retail price. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout for your favorite figures. But don’t worry! We have compiled several scarce ones you can buy before it’s too late. You surely won’t want to miss a chance at these cool and rare Demon Slayer Figures! Check them out!

24. Nezuko PVC Action Figure

Nezuko PVC

Take a look at this magnificent Nezuko Kamado Action figure! The attention to detail for this figure is just amazing. Moreover, this one is a pretty rare Demon Slayer figure, so you might not have the time to think about buying.

If you want to obtain one, then you need to hurry to add it to your shopping cart. For the best display, you better make sure you have a glass cabinet with warm lamp attached to it. Or, you can install it yourself with LED or fairy lights.

25. Nezuko Blood Demon Art FiguartsZero

Nezuko Blood Demon Art FiguartsZero

Due to her nature, Nezuko Kamado is able to summon the blood demon art to aid her during battle. It looks so cool in the anime, and it certainly looks very awesome on this rare Demon Slayer figure, too.

We have to admit that FiguartsZero certainly nailed it on this product, and you wouldn’t want to miss having one of these! Imagine having this item as a new item to add to your collection. Since it has a slightly bigger size than others, it will be best to prepare larger display cabinet to accommodate your collections.

26. Another Version of Agatsuna Zenitsu

No products found.

Last up, we’ve got another cool product from FiguartsZero. This time, they made a version of Agatsuna Zenitsu. It’s a highly detailed sculpture with cool special effects to accompany the figure. We recommend having one in your living room’s cabinet to showcase to your guests with other collections.

It certainly justified the high price set and the “rareness” nature of the product. But for a true fan, having this as a new addition will come as something to treasure. After all, we cannot put a price tag to something we love so much, right?

Final Thoughts

Being a fan of Japanese anime series is one thing, but collecting anime figures is another thing. Although most likely, if you love anime series, you will have the tendency to hunt for the characters’ figures and then collect them. As you already know, we have a list of the best Demon Slayer figures to be owned by fans who love to collect the figures as well.

There are lots of choices for you who want to add your collection, and we can guarantee that these items will be a great addition to your collectible shelf. For those of you who just started collecting Demon Slayer figures, we also have some recommendation of the figures that you need to own first. So make sure you choose wisely.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best demon slayer chibi figures?

Every anime has its own version of chibi figures. As scary as Demon Slayer characters can be, they will indeed look funny and cute! We’d like to recommend this Zenitsu Agatsuma plush doll for you. If you’re looking for other characters, then you might want to consider these Demon Slayer figures. 

What are the best demon slayer collectible figures?

Demon Slayer fans would certainly appreciate highly-detailed Demon Slayer figures that represent their favorite characters well. Bearing that thought in mind, we figure that Banpresto figures may offer you figures with those criteria at an affordable price.

Where can you buy Demon Slayer figures?

Demon Slayer Figures can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including online stores, hobby shops, and anime conventions. Some popular retailers include Amazon, Hot Topic, and GameStop.

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