25 Texas State University Gifts for Alumni

For Texas State University alumni, their graduation is a golden moment. It is because they have worked hard and fought to graduate from their beloved alma mater. And for you, it is a perfect time to give them Texas State University gifts as a keepsake before they take off into real life. No worries if you are still clueless about what to give for the alumni.

In that case, you can take a look at our extended list of outstanding Texas State University gifts that the alumni will absolutely love! From personalized items to the official Texas State University gifts, all are exciting and practical. Are you curious? Let’s check them out one by one!

What Is Texas State University Known For?

Texas State University is located in San Marcos, Texas. It is well-known as a public research university. Moreover, it has several popular majors, such as Multi/Interdisciplinary studies, Psychology, Marketing Management, Finance, and many more.

What Is Unique About Texas State University?

A unique fact about Texas State University is this is the only campus in Texas that graduated one U.S. President – Lyndon B. Johnson. He was the 36th president of the U.S. who served from 1963 to 1969.

What Do Students Do For Fun At Texas State University?

Intramural sports are a competitive activity by the Texas State University students. This activity is carried out through leagues, tournaments, and other special occasions. However, students can do many other fun events at this campus. For instance, holding social events, community outreach, and volunteering activities.

Best Texas State University Gifts

1. Texas State Uni Women’s Ring

Texas State Uni Women’s Ring

Gifting at the moment of graduation is a tradition that should not be missed. Therefore, participating in this rare event is a must. If you don’t know what to shop for graduation gift, you can try this enchanting ring

The shimmering crystals that appear on the university logo make it look expensive. Their friend will definitely be amazed to see him wearing this ring when they attend the reunion. It makes the ring becomes one of the most outstanding Texas State University gifts you discovered.

2. Texas State University Art Print

Texas State University Campus Minimalist Art Print

A gift that can rewind college memories is considered one of the best Texas State University gifts. For example, this minimalist art print décor.

Maybe this piece looks too basic and has no value for some people. But, every detail of this beautiful painting can remind alumni of the good times during their studies. It can be mounted in their living room or bedroom to show how proud they were to be the alumni of Texas State University.

3. Texas State University Styrofoam Cups

Authentic Texas State University Styrofoam Cups

Who didn’t play beer pong in college? We think everyone has experienced this exciting game. That’s why, these Styrofoam cups with a campus print on the front would be a great Texas State University gift for alumni.

Although it is uncommon gift, some items with memories will make meaningful gifts. Alumni can even try to play beer pong with their family or relatives using these cups, while flashing back on the good times at their college.

4. Customized Texas State Bobcats Mug

Customized Texas State Bobcats Coffee Mug

Everyone probably understands why mugs are the best and most practical items as gifts, including being one of the best gifts of the Texas State University gifts.

It is because mugs can be personalized by adding the name of the person you want to give a gift to. For example, this customized mug. It may seem basic, but a personalized item never fails as a gift because it makes someone feel special.

5. “Go Bobcats” Texas State Pillow 

Flowers as graduation gifts seem to be too mainstream. How about gifting alumni this Texas State University pillow? Sounds good, right?

There is an awesome doodle graphic printing that reads “Go Bobcats,” a famous university symbol. Furthermore, this pillow can be used as a travelling companion. The choice of Texas State University gifts has become more diverse, thanks to this comfy pillow.

6. Texas State University Earrings

Bobcats-Inspired Texas State University Earrings

Do you have any idea if you will find these exquisite earrings as Texas State University gifts? This pair will absolutely make the recipient surprised!

Uniquely beaded in such a way, these Texas State University earrings are just amazing to complete the alumni’s gorgeous look. Especially if they decide to wear them to the class reunion. Moreover, the logo makes the accessories look eccentric.

7. Waterproof Texas University Sticker

Waterproof Texas State University Sticker Pack

Do you want to give a memento to alumni you know closely but are too busy looking for it? Then, you’ve found the right gift!

These sticker packs would be the perfect Texas State University gifts. Because they feature various university trademarks’ designs. In addition, this sticker fits to any spots they want to stick it. For instance, on the laptop, refrigerator, or notebook.

8. Diploma Frame for Texas University

Diploma Frame for Texas University State Alumni

Show your appreciation to the Texas State University alumni by awarding this diploma frame. This amusing piece will allow them to showcase their hard work to everyone.

Moreover, the alumni can display this frame in their room or in the living room. Everyone who comes will definitely see the frame and tell how proud they are having a friend who is an alumnus of Texas State University.

9. TX State University Alumni Mirror

With this mirror, the alumni can proudly tell everyone about their university. It is a matching fit to display in any room, such as the living room or office.

Furthermore, the Texas State University text provides a unique touch that can’t be found in other mirrors. It is definitely one of the most incredible Texas State University gifts you should buy!

10. Official Texas State University Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Official Texas State University Pendant

Wondering what to buy a Texas State University jewelry gift but fail to find a perfect one? Why don’t you take a look at this exciting piece?

It is an attractive pendant that features the university’s abbreviation with its symbol. Moreover, the 925 sterling silver material no doubt guarantees its durability. The charm will be a great match to any necklace chain the alumni prefer.

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11. Texas State University T-Shirt

This list will not be complete if we don’t include an authentic Texas State t-shirt as Texas State University gifts.

The text and its design are printed perfectly on this t-shirt . It is excellent for a casual style. Additionally, the t-shirt features a maroon color that truly characterizes their beloved campus where they grew up.

12. College Garden Flag

College Garden Flag

Suppose you know alumni who are genuinely in love with their campus. In that case, this piece fits as Texas State University gift.

This Texas State flag is an absolute addition to their garden. Because it can really show off to people where the house owner studied. Other than that, it would make a great piece to décor their garden too.

13. Men’s Texas State University Floral Beach Shirt

Who would have thought that Texas State University had unique merchandise like this floral beach shirt? Its floral pattern creates a summer vibe to every alumni who wears it.

Moreover, thanks to the Bobcats graphics that blend smoothly with the flowers, this piece has a manly touch. What incredible apparel to stand out when visiting the beach!

14. Texas State Insulated Tumbler

Double Walled Texas State Insulated Tumbler

Besides mugs, tumblers can also be efficient gifts for alumni to bring water or any drink from home. Although, this insulated tumbler does not leave its aesthetic side.

The Bobcats logo and color choice leave its own characteristics as one of the best Texas State University gifts for alumni. Speaking about the quality, the tumbler has a double wall feature that can maintain cold and hot temperatures.

15. Official Texas State Tartan Socks

Official Texas State University Tartan Socks

At first glance, you might think that these tartan socks are inspired by Gryffindor. In fact, these socks are one of the most appealing collections of official Texas State University gifts for alumni.

The Bobcats are evenly graphed on these tartan socks. Moreover, the pair is suitable to keep the legs warm while reading books and having a cup of tea on the couch.

16. Texas State University Keychain

Premium Texas State University Keychain

It is understandable why a keychain is often used as a graduation gift as a memento for alumni. Because it convenient to be installed anywhere they want, like this Premium Texas State University keychain

It bears a Bobcat, recognized immediately for other alumni, in case you lose it. So don’t be surprised if they can make friends just because they see this tiny piece. What  a small yet meaningful gift!

17. TXST Insulated Can Cooler

TXST Insulated Foam Can Cooler

Some drinks are better consumed when it is cold. And suppose you know any Texas State University alumni who likes a cold drink. Therefore, you may consider buying them this can cooler as a Texas State University graduation gift.

The cooler highlights the two universities’ symbols that displays clearly on this item. Moreover, they have a double-sided design. So it is easy to identify just in case they lose it.

18. Long-Sleeve Texas State Hoodie

Long-Sleeve Texas State University Hoodie

Hoodies can always make an excellent Texas State University gift. It generally has a straightforward design, that is excellent because it is more on-point. For example, this amazing long-sleeve hoodie

In addition, usually, hoodies are also unisex; thus, it fits everyone no matter the gender. It can also act as a jacket and a long sleeve, perfect for matching everyday styles.

19. Dogs Collar

All Star Dogs Texas State Bobcats Dog Collar

You must know at least one alumnus who has a dog as his pet. If so, this dog collar would be a splendid Texas State University gift for him.

Having a signature pattern which is Bobcats imprint, people will know that the dog’s owner is an alumnus of the university. Moreover, it is adjustable to ensure comfort for their dog while wearing it.

20. Texas Scented Candle

Homesick Texas Scented Candle

Although these candles are not exact Texas State University merchandise, it is still the most awesome Texas State University gifts you should buy. The reason is this Texas scented candle will bring back memories about the warmth of Texas for any alumni, who happen not to be residents of the state.

Also, they will indirectly reminisce about the excitement of the school days at the campus. Moreover, the fragrance from the candle will make alumni miss Texas and their good old memories happened there.

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21. Wall-Mounted Texas State Bottle Opener

Are you someone who like to give unusual items as a gift for alumni? Then this Texas State Themed bottle opener would be a great match as a Texas State University gift for them.

Unlike conventional bottle openers, this one is wall-mounted that allows them to conveniently prepare the beverages before the party begins. It also offers you a terrific text design of the university, marked with an eye-catching logo of the university.

22. Texas State Luggage Tag

Inspired TXST University Luggage Tag

Luggage tags can also be fascinating and valuable gifts for the recipient. Especially if the tag has signature marks, such as this Texas State University gift.

You can directly notice this Texas State Luggage tag since the maroon color and the logo appeared on the back of this item. The alumni will no longer have to worry about losing their belongings while traveling; thanks for this handy gift.

23. Engraved Texas State Money Clip

Engraved Texas State University Money Clip

Counting money can be tricky because sometimes we often lose count. And for that reason, this Texas State money clip will certainly become the most convenient Texas State University gift. Especially alumni who may now work as bankers.

Despite its basic design, it can help to clip the money and also ensure to be more accurate when counting. Moreover, the clip can also help organize money to be neater.

24. Texas State University Throw Blanket

Signature Texas State University Throw Blanke

Sometimes some alumni proudly collect various stuff of their beloved campus. That’s why this throw blanket is a Texas State University gift choice that the recipient will never forget.

It features a very big Bobcat image. Additionally, the Texas State University’s name under its logo, makes the item a perfect one to their campus merchandise collection.

25. Unframed Print Texas State Décor 

Unframed Print Texas State Décor

If you know a alumni who like to decorate their homes, we think that you should give this unframed print décor as a Texas State University gift.

It is a well-designed art beautifully packaged on a barrel that gives an enchanting wood look. The alumni can hang this piece in their living room, study, or bedroom. Thanks to its brownish color, the décor can fit any interior design of the room.

Final Thoughts

Spending many years of your life in university must have left you with memories to cherish and remember for the rest of your life. It has become an important part of your life, and we believe that you will always feel proud of being your university alumni. If you have a special person in your life who happens to one of the alumnus of Texas State University, we would recommend you to give that person a special Texas State University Gift. It would be a super meaningful gift that bring back beautiful memories and stories from their college years.

The gift can be something that they can use daily, or something that they can place inside their bedroom or living room as an item that keeps those memories close to their hearts. Check out the list of the most recommended gifts to find the best gift!

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