26 Most Recommended Gifts from Colorado

Colorado is known as one of the Mountain States in America. Famous for its amazing Rocky Mountains, Colorado is full of breathtaking views, surely give you an unforgettable views and hiking experience. With so many things that Colorado can offer, it also has lots of gifts and souvenirs to bring home for your friends and loved ones. Having said that, if you’re currently looking for the perfect gifts from Colorado, then you’re in the right hands.

From Colorado-inspired wearable to favorite foodies, Colorado has it all! Here we are sharing 26 of the most recommended gifts from Colorado. These gifts will not just put a smile on the face of your favorite Colorado lover. It will also brighten up the day of dear friend or family who would love to have a touch of Colorado in their lives. 

1. Local Hive Raw & Unfiltered Colorado Honey

Unfiltered Colorado Honey

All Colorado lovers must have this Local Hive Raw & Unfiltered Colorado Honey inside their kitchen or on the dining table. The texture of this honey is super light, which is why it will give you a smooth taste as pure as the driven snow.

Made of pure 100% honey, this bottle is so full of goodness. It was sourced from local beekeepers in Colorado.

2. Boyer’s Coffee Rocky Mountain Thunder Whole Bean Coffee

Boyer’s Coffee

Now you can stop browsing for the perfect Colorado gift for a coffee lover in your life. Why? Because this Boyer’s Coffee Rocky Mountain Thunder Coffee is the best solution for you. It gives a taste of the Rocky Mountains with a distinct smokey flavor.

We believe without a doubt, your favorite coffee lover will enjoy a sip or two of this coffee every morning to begin the day.

3. Colorado Spice Cinnamon

A Cup of Colorado Tea Collection

The famous Cinnamon is definitely one of the perfect gifts from Colorado. Not only for a true Colorado lover, but also for anyone who enjoys a taste of Cinnamon made originally from the Centennial State.

This jar of Cinnamon includes 2.75 inches of Cinnamon sticks. The size is perfect for chefs, restaurants or industrial kitchens, and also for those who love to have a jar full of tasty Cinnamon sticks at home. If your mother, wife or sisters love to cook tasty meals in the kitchen, then this Colorado Spice Cinnamon sticks will make a wonderful gift for them.

4. Ambrosia Gently Strained Honey

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Gift Basket

Looking for a natural, tasty and nutritious gift for a true Colorado lover? We must say that you must include the famous Ambrosia Gently Strained Honey from Colorado into your list of gifts for your loved ones. This wonderful bottle has all the good things you need from high-quality honey.

It is an artisan crafted honey that has a deep caramel flavor and flush floral notes. As 100% natural honey, it’s gluten free and you can enjoy it by swirling it into your cup of tea, dropping it on your morning toast, or even having a spoonful of it in the morning. However you want to have it, we can assure you that you will enjoy every single drop of this honey from Colorado. Comes as a set of 4, it will be a nice gift for any occasion, including house housewarming, too!

5. Rocky Mountain Colorado Steel Flask

Rocky Mountain Colorado Steel Flask

This masculine-looking flask is definitely the best gift from Colorado for a special Colorado lover friend. Made of lightweight stainless steel with leather wrap, this flask is very easy to carry. Moreover, it also perfect to store in any jeans pocket, coat or suit.

In our opinion, this item would be a wonderful gift for a boyfriend who love to carry his favorite liquor while he is out in the outdoors.

6. Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs on Canvas

Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs on Canvas

Hang this beautiful canvas in a living room, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs, anytime you like. This piece of wall art is definitely one of the most precious gifts from Colorado. Without a doubt, this gift is the kind of gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

7. Retro Colorado T-Shirt

Retro Colorado T-Shirt

A true Colorado lover must have that one t-shirt that represents the love of Colorado, like this retro t-shirt for instance. This adorable t-shirt features a cool retro-style graphic of Colorado mountains. Made of 100% ring-spun cotton, this t-shirt is super soft and comfy to wear everyday.

8. Colorado Waterproof Fedora Hat

Colorado Waterproof Fedora Hat

Add a touch of Colorado to your favorite’s Colorado friend with this waterproof fedora hat. This hat will be as a nice addition to either casual or formal attire. Available in green, red, brown, dark blue and yellow, this hat is 100% waterproof and it includes a leather band, too. Definitely a high-quality gift from Colorado!

Your dad, husband, or boyfriend will look super cool wearing this hat along with their favorite leather boots.

9. Colorado Great Sand Dunes Quarter MOney Clip

Colorado Great Sand Dunes Quarter MOney Clip

The Great Sand Dunes National Park Commemorative Money Clip is truly one of the best gifts from Colorado. This gift is amazingly perfect for a dear friend who loves to have a Colorado-inspired accessory handy at all times.

Made of Stainless Steel, this money clip features silver tone finish for a sleek and clean appearance. So, grab this gift now before it runs out!

10. Colorado Serving Platter

Colorado Serving Platter

A piece of this bright and colorful Colorado Serving Plate will make any kitchen or dining table look so much better, prettier, attractive, and cheerful, too! So, why not let let your loved one enjoy her dish served in this plate, while enjoying the fun graphic of The Centennial State.

A special mom would be super happy to have this lovely and useful Colorado gift from you.

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11. Colorado Magnet

Colorado Magnet

Fridge magnets might be one of those mainstream gifts. However, sometimes you can find a truly adorable and unique fridge magnet to bring home for your loved ones.

If you’re looking for a cute gift from Colorado for your favorite Colorado lover, these super adorable magnets are definitely worth buying. The cute graphic will look cute on any kitchen fridge.

12. Engraved Colorado Mountain Scene Key Rack

Engraved Colorado Mountain

There’s nothing more ‘Colorado’ than this Engraved Colorado Mountain Scene Key Rack. If you ask us, we would say that this is one of the best gifts from Colorado for your loved ones. It will come as a useful item to keep your keys safe and sound.

There will no drama about forgetting where you put your keys anymore. Furthermore, the natural wooden design also features the historical Colorado mountain scene, which gives this art piece an authentic mountain look.

13. Colorado Glass Beer Can

Colorado Glass Beer Can

Colorado beer must be enjoyed using this Colorado Glass Beer Can. The simple look of this glass plus the small but sweet engraving of Colorado makes this glass a sweet Colorado gift for a dear friend. Not to mention those who love to spend time with friends while enjoying an original Colorado beer.

14. Colorado Silver Antiqued Bracelet

Colorado Silver Antiqued Bracelet

Beautiful and precious are two words that perfectly describe this wonderful bracelet. Handcrafted in silver and copper, this Colorado Silver Antiqued Bracelet is clearly one of the sweetest gifts from Colorado for your special person. Since this item is selling fast, then we suggest that you better put one on your shopping cart now!

15. Instant Colorado Scented Candle

Instant Colorado Scented Candle

Give your favorite Colorado lover an instant feeling of Colorado by giving him or her this Instant Colorado Scented Candle. Each candle features the scents of natural Juniper, Bergamot and also Ylang.

Moreover, all scents will definitely make you feel like sitting near comfortably the fireplace, inside a wonderful cabin in the woods of Colorado. 

16. Colorado Wood Flag Decoration

Colorado Wood Flag Decoration

Made of cedar wood, this rustic-looking decoration is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Colorado. In addition, the unique 3D look of this decoration will give a natural touch of Colorado into any room at home such as the living room, bedroom , or study room.

The rustic-style will also look awesome on any desk. In addition, this piece also includes a sawtooth hanger so you can hang it on the wall, too.

17. Colorado Tote Bag with Mountain Peaks

Colorado Tote Bag with Mountain Peaks

The minimalist version of Colorado mountain peaks are printed nicely on this environmentally friendly tote bag. Being one of the best gifts from Colorado for a special woman in your life, this tote bag offers the perfect size.

She can definitely use this bag for a trip to the farmer’s market or the grocery store. Moreover, this tote bag is also perfect for anyone who loves the environment, because this item is eco-friendly!

18. Colorado Home Phone Stand

Colorado Home Phone Stand

Being one of the states in the United States with the world’s best mountains, Colorado is rich in solid and high-quality wood materials, which is why this wooden phone stand can be one of the best gifts from Colorado. Pick this lovely item and anyone would love to put this in their working desk, bedroom, or basically any room they like.

19. Colorado Wine Tumbler

Colorado Wine Tumbler

Looking for an exclusive gift from Colorado? This Colorado Wine Tumbler is the perfect pick. Comes in an exclusive box and elegant color, this tumbler will surely amaze your friends or relatives who had wonderful memories of Colorado State. Or even better, you can give this lovely tumbler to your girlfriend as a special anniversary gift.

20. Colorado Typography Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

Colorado Typography Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

Who can resist having a nice Typography Magnetic Beer Opener in their kitchen? Anyone, a beer lover in particular, can easily open their beer bottles, sodas, or other beverages using this unique gift from Colorado. This gift might be small in size but it is obviously big in terms of functionality. You beer lover friend will be thrilled to get this gift from you.

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21. Women’s Novelty Colorado Crew Socks

Women's Novelty Colorado Crew Socks

Make sure your favorite Colorado lover stays warm in these colorful retro-style Colorado socks.

Made of 70% cotton, 27% nylon, and 3% spandex, these bold and bright socks are perfect to wear with simply anything. Feel free to choose between shirts, pants, or even blazers! In addition, these will also be perfect to wear during a relaxing TV time at home.

22. Americaware Colorado Night Sky Silhouette Mug

Americaware Colorado Night Sky Silhouette Mug

Whether it’s a morning coffee, afternoon tea, or hot chocolate in the evening, this Americanware Colorado Night Sky Silhouette Mug will always be the perfect companion. This mug features a 3D raised lettering that gives a unique look to it. Moreover, it’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.

23. NOUMANDA Minimalist Mountain Range Colorado Necklace

NOUMANDA Minimalist Mountain Range Colorado Necklace

When you’re looking for a special gift from Colorado for a special person in your life, this one is definitely the best pick. This precious NOUMANDA Minimalist Mountain Range Colorado Necklace is definitely the perfect kind of gift for that special person.

Made of copper, this necklace features a sweet and minimalist pendant design to perfectly match any attire, both casual and formal.

24. Colorado Opoly

Colorado Opoly

We love this Colorado Opoly board game! And we’re quite sure that you will love to have this as one of the most unique gifts from Colorado. You can give this to your family as a fun gift from Colorado. It will be a super fun game that you can play together with the whole gang.

25. JOOCAR Rocky Mountain Colorado Coasters

JOOCAR Rocky Mountain Colorado Coasters

We will never get tired of coasters, because these simple gifts can mean so much for the receivers. Aside from being super useful and durable gifts, coasters can also describe the beauty and uniqueness of a place.

These coasters represent the state of Colorado through the beautiful images of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

26. Vintage Colorado Retro Hoodie

Vintage Colorado Retro Hoodie

The beautiful view of Colorado mountains will look amazing in basically anything. Whether it’s in t-shirts, coasters, paintings, and also in this hoodie. For that reason, this hoodie will be a super adorable gift from Colorado. You can give this to true residents, tourists, visitors, or anyone who loves the state of Colorado. 

Final Thoughts

Being one of the states in the US with the most beautiful mountains, Colorado deserves to be adored by many. If you happen to have the chance of visiting this charming state, make sure you bring home some of the most wonderful gifts from Colorado for your loved ones.

Choose your pick from our list of the most recommended gifts from Colorado above, which we hope can give you better ideas on what would the best items to choose. In addition, a cool Colorado gift can also make a wonderful gift for a special person who you know has a huge love for the Mountain State.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is something you can only get in Colorado?

Colorado-headquartered companies produce everything from hi-tech snowboards and ski jackets, to sweet and savory candies. There are tons of products in every kind of category. So, you can easily find Colorado Body Care, Clothing & Apparel, to sweets like Hammond’s Candies and chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

What products is Colorado known for?

From the Eastern Plains to the Western Slope, Colorado best-known fare includes Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, Palisade Peaches, and Olathe Sweet Corn. Moreover, Colorado has long been known as a beer capital, and have a fast-growing reputation for wine and spirits.

What are the best gifts for Colorado lovers?

True Colorado lovers will appreciate gifts like a Pure Colorado Mountain Honey, Colorado Tea Collection, Colorado State Chocolate, or any Colorado wearables. Because these kind of gifts will definitely show the pride of being a Colorado lover.

What are the best food gifts from Colorado?

Tingy liqueur, cheesecake-in-a-jar, salsas, green chilis, chocolate, tea, and, of course beer. Colorado’s foodies are constantly on the lookout for new flavors and eating experiences. Some of the most preferable foodies include Cheesecake in a jar by Decadence Gourmet, Do Sauce,  or Grumpy’s BBQ Sauces.

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