Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Surf Truck

The Chevrolet Colorado pickup surf truck is a complete deviation from the norm we have come to expect of surfers.

It has risen against the odds to break the suffocating stereotype that associates specific rides with the surfing crowds. 

This incredible off-road truck offers features that make it ideal for trips to the beach all year round no matter the weather.

It comes complete with a spacious surf board rack designed to handle two boards and its back section is covered in canvas to keep your perishable picnic edibles safe from direct heat or rain.  

Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Surf Truck

The seats in the two front cabins are all waterproof and the back is equipped with sufficient storage space including a suspended retractable cargo rack for additional convenience. The external boasts a color choice inspired by nature and made to blend it in with the delightful outdoors.

Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Surf Truck

Its humongous engine, fuel tank and hardy wheels are designed to handle the rough outdoors better than most and you can be sure to get back home in one happy piece after a day of adventure out in the wild. 

Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Surf Truck

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