25 Stunning Naruto Female Cosplay Costume That Will Impress Everyone

Naruto cosplay has gotten a lot of attention from anime lovers all over the world. It appeals to many young ladies because it allows them to express themselves while also providing a sense of community and fun. Moreover, they grow up alongside the characters, experiencing and understanding their suffering. Therefore, many Naruto female cosplayers embrace those characters for who they are and learn to understand why they act the way they do. Furthermore, Naruto has a large cast of characters to explore. Hence, there are many Naruto female cosplayers who practically enjoy wearing various cute and stunning costumes.

For girls who are inventive and creative, cosplay is both a professional career and a hobby that provides a lot of excitement and fun. If you are one of them, then you surely will need to add more Naruto female cosplay outfits in your wardrobe. In this article, we have compiled awesome ideas of Naruto female cosplay outfits that are definitely worth buying. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Naruto Uzumaki Female Cosplay Costume

Naruto Uzumaki Female Cosplay Costume

Suppose you want to cosplay as Naruto in the female version, then this awesome costume will be the best choice. Inspired by Naruto’s outfit in the last Naruto the movie, it definitely will look stunning to wear as Naruto females cosplay. The orange skirt combined with the signature jacket also creates a fresh and cute high school student look.

2. Sakura Haruno Coat Costume

Sakura Haruno Coat Costume

In case you are looking for Naruto female cosplay which is suitable in the cold weather, we are sure this costume will make you warm and comfortable. Made from polycotton blend and leather, the design amazingly represents Sakura during the winter. Moreover, the red and pink color makes the wearer appear lovable.

3. Hinata Hyuga Wedding Costume

Hinata Hyuga Wedding Costume

Recreate the iconic scene of Naruto and Hinata’s wedding with this Naruto female cosplay dress. Featuring the white long kimono with red accent, this costume shows its own charms and elegance. We are sure any anime lover will be impressed with the stunning Hinata wedding costume.

4. Uzumaki Naruto Lolita Kimono Dress

Uzumaki Naruto Lolita Kimono Dress

Show your charm and cuteness to Naruto lovers with this lolita kimono dress. It is beautifully designed with a layered skirt, giving volumes to your hips and making your waist look smaller. Moreover, you can customize the size so it feels comfortable to wear and makes an easy movement.

5. Haruno Sakura Cosplay Costume

Haruno Sakura Cosplay Costumea

Wearing a skirt might feel less comfortable. Therefore, why don’t you try wearing this Naruto female cosplay set? This costume expresses the toughness of Sakura while fighting but the cutting makes it look stunning. Made from the thick Renoir fabric, it is soft, warm, and comfortable to wear.

6. Akatsuki Kimono Cosplay

Akatsuki Kimono Cosplay

In case you are bored of looking cute and sexy, then you should try this Naruto female cosplay outfit. With this costume, you may be part of the Akatsuki and become the center of attraction. Moreover, the kimono is equipped with a long white belt, giving a strong appeal in your costume.

7. Namikaze Minato Hooded Fleece Outer

Namikaze Minato Hooded Fleece Outer

Get yourself a casual and stylish outfit with this Naruto female cosplay outfit. Inspired by the jacket of one of the supporting characters who is loved by people in the Konoha Village, this costume will definitely make you look awesome and likable. In addition, the design on the back of the hoodie will make you look charming.

8. Sakura Skirt Cosplay

Sakura Skirt Cosplay

A Naruto female cosplay is not complete without some acting and fighting scenes. You can show your move and style freely wearing this Sakura Skirt Cosplay. Made from faux leather and knitted cotton, you can guarantee its quality. You definitely will be loved by all anime lovers.

9. Naruto Maid Outfit

Naruto Maid Outfit

Maybe the Naruto character is too powerful for Naruto female cosplay. Instead, you can dress as Naruto’s maid that will attract any Naruto enthusiast. What makes it unique, this costume features a wide sleeve as if it were a kimono while combining a short layered skirt which gives extra cuteness.

10. Uzumaki Cloak Cardigan

Uzumaki Cloak Cardigan

Who says cosplay outfits are always complicated? Well, you might have a different perspective with this costume. Simply put this cloak cardigan on your shoulder, and appear elegant in the Naruto female cosplay. SInce the Naruto’s cloak can form a dense shroud of chakra around, you might feel more confident and look stronger wearing this costume as well.

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11. Uchiha Sasuke Kimono Dress

Uchiha Sasuke Kimono Dress

If you are a big fan of Uchiha Sasuke, then you must adore the female version outfit. Unlike the Naruto costume which is dominated with strong colors, this female cosplay outfit comes with calming blue tones and elegant design. Moreover, this design is handmade from uniform fabric and milk silk fabric which is very smooth and comfortable to wear.

12. Red Cloud Cosplay Cape

naruto female cosplay

Show your fearless charm with this red cloud cosplay costume. It features a cape, a headband, and also a red ring which is connected to the Akatsuki. Since the red cloud means fairness and justice, you can join this organization and become the center of attraction in the Naruto female cosplay.

13. Tsunade Kimono Robe

naruto female cosplay

Cosplaying as Tsunade may be one of the rarest but iconic female characters. This Tsunade kimono robe is lovely and comfortable. This trendy mid-length robe has a figure-flattering form and incorporates the distinctive flowing bell sleeves and a belt, making it an ideal treat for the Naruto female cosplay.

14. Gaara Halloween Cosplay

naruto female cosplay

If the Halloween party is coming up, then cosplaying as Gaara will be an excellent idea. This costume is handcrafted by polyester and designed especially to surprise and attract a crowd. It features a full suit which is also suitable for women, making it perfect for Naruto female cosplay.

15. Hyuga Hinata Costume Anime Cosplay

naruto female cosplay

Hinata is a symbol of calm and power in one character. You can express those awesome traits with this outfit during Naruto female cosplay. Featuring a jacket, a leg bag, a leg band, and pants, you will get full protection from the outside while cosplaying. Moreover, the combination of fabric material is definitely incredible.

16. Ino Yamanaka Cosplay Costume

naruto female cosplay

If you are ready to show the V line in your abs, then this Naruto female cosplay outfit is the best idea. The base of this costume is a sleeveless, midriff shirt with a high collar, button closure, and wrap around skirt made from a high elasticity cotton in a wonderful purple color. Underneath, a pair of bloomers are trimmed in a black fishnet material that matches the arm and leg socks in this set, creating a perfect Ino Yamanaka.

17. Naruto Temari Halloween Costume

naruto female cosplay

Increase your confidence level by cosplaying into Temari’s lovely character. This Naruto female cosplay kimono will transform you into the charming and cheerful Temari. It features a long kimono with a big red belt. Moreover, it comes with two iconic gloves that will highlight the fashion.

18. Uchiha Madara Female Costume

naruto female cosplay

You may feel sympathy for the story behind this character’s childhood. Therefore, you can share the same experience by wearing this costume for Naruto female cosplay. Although it is a guy character, this costume provides a unisex design which is suitable and comfortable while wearing it.

19. Rin Cosplay Costume

naruto female cosplay

This Naruto female cosplay outfit will definitely make you look both sexy and strong. Inspired by the incredibly talented character in Naruto, Rin Nohara, this costume will expose your curvy hips in a charming way. Not to mention, the black and white color combination makes you appear stunning.

20. Sakura Pre-shippuden Edition Costume

naruto female cosplay

This Sakura costume is definitely one of the hottest items among Naruto female cosplayers. It may remind you of the beginning story of Naruto, which brings nostalgic memories. In addition, you can enjoy this Sakura costume while sporting your vibrant pink hair and enticing green eyes to resemble the real one.

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21. Otsutsuki Hagoromo Cosplay Costume

naruto female cosplay

With this costume, we are sure you will be the Cosplay God. The Hagoromo Otsutsuki outer resembles a mythical god known as the Sage Of The Six Paths throughout the shinobi world. Moreover, the modern and trendy design will make you look attractive during Naruto female cosplay and be honored as if it were God.

22. Sakura Cheongsam Cosplay

naruto female cosplay

No one can resist the beauty of this cosplay costume, especially Sakura fans. This Naruto female cosplay costume combined the famous Chinese dress with red and pink tones of Sakura’s outfit, which makes it exceptionally stunning. It also has a great cutting and pretty flowers accent that will make you look fabulous. 

23. Hinata Hyuga Cheongsam Cosplay

naruto female cosplay

If you are bored of pink and red colors to look sexy and pretty, well, this cosplay costume will give you the perfect option. The lilac and purple color combination will radiate your charm in an elegant way. Made from silk satin, this Naruto female cosplay outfit looks fancy in its simple design.

24. The Last Naruto The Movie Hinata Costume

naruto female cosplay

Did you remember the gorgeous Hinata in the last Naruto movie? With this costume, you can resemble the happy ending scene of Hinata during Naruto female cosplay. It features the purple stripe white top with purple pants which is comfortable to wear. Moreover, the big purple belt will highlight your waist which makes you look stand out.

25. Konoha Gakuen Den Female Costume

naruto female cosplay

Create a lovable Naruto female cosplay look with this awesome costume. Long thick pants and a white inner polo will undoubtedly transform you into a fighter who will confront all problems and complexities, and you will be hailed as a hero. This is definitely an elegant costume that is worth buying!

Latest post:

What is a female cosplay?

A female cosplay is an art performance where females wear costumes and portray certain characters. Cosplay is a portmanteau of “costume play”. Therefore, a female cosplay will express the feminine side of those characters by dressing and acting. This activity is really popular among anime lovers. For instance, Naruto female cosplay always steals the fans’ attention. In addition, Naruto female cosplayers can even ‘role-play’ as characters, mimicking their mannerisms and actions, even replicating their character’s clothes.

Who should I cosplay from Naruto?

To answer that question, you should ask yourself about your favorite character from Naruto. Since it will make you portray the character easily once you know details of your favorite one. If you are interested in Naruto female cosplay, you can dress as Sakura or Hinata, the two most lovable characters. For example, the Haruno Sakura cosplay costume will make you appear tough and sexy. Meanwhile, you can recreate the wedding scene with the Hinata Hyuga wedding costume that will make you a fabulous cosplayer.

How do I dress like Naruto?

Orange is the signature color of Naruto’s outfit Therefore, you can put on a coordinating orange outfit. Put on an orange jacket and slacks, preferably with blue or black accents and a white collar. In case you want to show the Naruto character in a cute and sexy way, you can wear the Naruto maid outfit or the Naruto Uzumaki female cosplay costume. For more ideas of Naruto female cosplay, you can check out the article above.

Who has the coolest outfit in Naruto?

Well, this answer can be subjective since Naruto lovers have their own favorite characters. However, Naruto is definitely at the top of the list. Moreover, some fans thought that female characters also have the best outfit since they show both cuteness and sexiness, which makes people want to dress as Naruto female cosplayers. If you are interested in having a Naruto female cosplay costume, please check our lists above to get more inspiration.

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