21 Greatest Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes You Can Buy

We know that cosplayers the world over have been loving Mortal Kombat characters for years now, and we wondered, could we find the most authentic and realistic outfits out there? Challenge accepted! Now, for those with their tickets already booked for the next Comic-con or highly anticipated fan convention, understandably, you’ll be wanting to get your hands on these world-class costumes.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve done the leg work for you and rounded up ten of the most incredible Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes to buy right now…

Top Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes

In a realm where fantasy and reality collide, the warriors of Mortal Kombat emerge from the shadows, not through pixels or sound effects, but through the artistry of cosplay. Each stitch and seam tells a tale of battles fought, of fatalities delivered, and of legends reborn. As the mist clears, revealing the most iconic costumes, one can’t help but marvel at the dedication of these real-world combatants.

Journey with us, as we unveil the top Mortal Kombat cosplays that have transcended the screen, bringing Outworld’s fiercest to our very doorstep. Prepare, for the tournament has only just begun.

#1 Scorpion Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Costume

Round one! We’re kicking off with what we consider to be one of the best Mortal Kombat costumes for guys. Arguably one of the most well-known characters within the game, this leatherette costume captures the Scorpion character to perfection.

If you’re out to take revenge for your own death, do it in this striking black and yellow outfit complete with mask, foot-guards and easy fastening Velcro.

It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also comfortable with its quilted layer and lining. Finally, it’s made to measure so you’ll be sure to look slick as you take on this beloved persona!

#2 Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costume

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costume - Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes

Is there another ninja you’ve been dreaming of playing? We thought so! Try out this incredible Sub Zero costume for size and become the formidable ninja of your dreams! His un-rivalled control of the ice and determination to beat his arch-enemy Scorpion once and for all shines through in this ice blue replica costume.

Just as the Scorpion costume, this cosplay outfit is made in a quality leatherette fabric and fastens with Velcro for ease when taking it on or off.

#3 Kitana Mortal Kombat Costume

Kitana Mortal Kombat Costume - Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes

Moving on, we’re looking to some of the most impressive female Mortal Kombat costumes, namely, Kitana. This incredible cosplay costume is made to order by the seller.

This will ensure the perfect fit as you slip into your outfit and become the 10,000-year-old princess. Silk, faux leather and satin are combined to give the perfect finish to this breathtaking ensemble! You’ll be unmissable in this striking, and amazingly accurate blue-hued cosplay and can certainly be asked to stop for a picture or two along the way!

#4 Jade!

Jade mortal combat costume

She started out as an unplayable secret character back in the day but you can play her to your heart’s content with this amazingly accurate and detailed cosplay costume from Cosplay Art Work.

This gorgeous green Jade outfit comes complete with a face mask, jumpsuit and side chains. For an additional cost, you can also order a complimenting weapon. A fan or stick are available to provide the perfect finishing touch to your final look!

#5 Reptile Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes

Reptile mortal combat costume - Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes

Another of our highly recommended Mortal Kombat cosplay costumes is the Reptile, by Shop Cosplay Costumes. Halloween may be over but we’re recommending this one for every event from Comic-Con to cosplay birthday parties! Made from quilted leatherette, this costume is a fantastic replica.

It also features Slimtex between the cloth layers to volumize and maintain the shape of the vest. Finally, foot-guards are supplied made in a matching leatherette to the vest.

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#6 Mortal Combat Mileena Costume

Mileena Costume

Of all the adult Mortal Kombat costumes we’ve seen, this has to be one of our favorites! Play the perfect duel wielding assassin with this outstanding Mileena costume.

She may be a boss only occasionally but you’ll feel like one full time wearing this! Like some others, this costume is totally handmade to measure and sewn to your specific measurements.

This particular costume includes everything you could need and is made from leatherette and thermoplastic. It includes the top, pants with greave, belt with loincloth, bracers, bracelets, mask, necklace and shoe covers. If that’s not money well spent we don’t know what is!

#7 Smoke

Smoke mortal kombat costume

Mortal Kombat cosplay costumes don’t get more authentic than this ultimate ninja outfit! Smoke is one of the best-known characters from the Mortal Kombat series and looking at this incredible outfit, we know why! The pants are made from a breathable, stretchable fabric with contrasting leatherette inserts attached to the sides. Additionally, they’re easily fastened by a velcro zipper.

When it comes to the shirt, plates are inserted to provide a better, more convincing shape to replicate the characters in-game physique. This outfit is also inclusive of the mask, bracers and foot guards.

#8 Ermac

Ermac mortal kombat costumes for adults

The best adult Mortal Kombat costumes are those that directly resemble the in-game characters and this next design certainly does that. Ermac was introduced in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and now you too can revenge as many souls as you wish in his iconic black and red outfit by ShopCosplayCostume.

One of our favorite and most recognizable features is the black leatherette mask (which can be easily taken on and off throughout the day as needed). You’ll receive the outfit in its entirety and can be sure it fits you perfectly when giving your measurements after checkout.

#9 Sindel Mortal Kombat Costume

Sindel - Mortal Kombat- Sexy Costume

Making her first appearance in Mortal Kombat 3 as the mother of Princess Kitana, we have Queen Sindel! This show stopping Sindel inspired costume is made in 4-way stretch lycra and can be made custom when requested from the seller. It includes a bodysuit, gloves, leg warmers and even boot covers!

Choose from a Brazilian cut or opt for a full coverage suit. Alternatively, you can order a custom fit pattern for your exact measurements to make the costume yourself at home!

#10 Skarlet Mortal Kombat Costume

Skarlet Mortal Kombat Costume

She was created from the blood of many warriors by her fellow game character, Shao Khan. She’s also known for some of the games most grisly finishing moves, many of which, due to her origins, use blood.

Now you can adorn her blood-red costume for yourself with this sultry, Not nice Skarlet cosplay costume by ValhallaMom. Many elements of this outfit such as the mask, shoulder pads. bracers, shirt, skirt, kunai, stocking are all included.

Also, the blades with scabbards, wig and other pieces can be ordered upon request for an added cost when you really want to go the extra mile!

So far, we have featured the best Mortal Kombat costumes for both men and women! Now, we’re almost at the end. Last but not least is our bonus costume idea “Shao Kahn” the final boss that made his debut in Mortal Kombat II.

#11 Raiden Mortal Kombat Costume

Rubie's Costume Mortal Kombat Raiden Costume

Get the complete costume in one package. You don’t need to buy additional props or stuff out there for the perfect look of Raiden. The costume base is a jumpsuit, with 100% polyester material. The belt, shin guard, gauntlet, hood and even the hat will make your look perfect from head to toe. Strike a pose, then steal the spotlight!

Furthermore, it is licensed under the Mortal Kombat itself. Hence, the quality is a no joke.

#12 Sonya Blade

Secret Wishes Women's Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade Costume

A sexy yet fierce look for the costume play party is here for you! Since the theme is Mortal Kombat, you can be a Sonya Blade for a night. Simply by choosing this costume, then, your look will be completely different by changing the look in one package.

A high quality costume, 100% movie look alike, with 100% polyester material. The other props are already attached, so it is easy to wear. Just put your black shoes on, and you are ready to do the best pose of Sonya Blade!

#13 Scorpion

Rubie's mens Mortal Kombat Deluxe Scorpion Adult Sized Costumes

Sometimes, when you buy the costume play, there must be something that is not complete even if you already buy it in one package. Whether it is a mask or blade. Then, you should buy additional props to get the perfect look. But, no need to worry, if you want to get the look of Scorpion for the costume play party.

This pull closure costume is an official one and comes with a complete set for you. A mask, guard, belt, and attached foam tabard on the front. The material is 100% polyester and hand washed.

#14 Shao Khan

Shao Khan Mortal Kombat Costume

This beloved recurring character has knowledge of black magic, a godlike strength and seeks to conquer all!

Why not try his incredible costume for yourself and take an unforgettable turn at your next cosplay event. Mock and taunt your way through the crowd as you wow them with your incredible 3d printed armor.

Mortal Kombat cosplay costumes don’t get more impressive than this. Each set is made to measure for the buyer and you can also purchase Shao Khan’s helmet separately to finish off your look!

Mortal Kombat Costumes for Couples

We know that all Mortal Kombat characters are good at fighting. Each of them has their own excellent power and ability, which make them unique and different from one another. If you are a true fan, either the video game or movie, then you might want to ask your significant other to wear Mortal Kombat costumes for couples.

Here are some inspirations for costumes to wear.

15. Double Smoke Costumes

Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes
Source: Pinterest (@thecostumet)

If you are a fan of Smoke and plan on wearing a Smoke costume for the next cosplay exhibition, then why not make it double by letting your girlfriend wear the same costume as you? You can pick a costume that comes as a set for both male and female, and see how you both can look super awesome with matching costumes.

As for the female version of the Smoke costume, it comes with a feminine touch that will make your girlfriend look badass but still has a sweet touch. In addition, we think it would be even cooler if she also wears a silver of white wig to complete her look.

16. Scorpion and Sub-Zero

Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes
Source: Pinterest (@thecostumet)

Scorpion and Sub-Zero have similar costumes with different colors. If you are looking for a couple Mortal Kombat costumes for you and your significant other, we think you can become these dynamic duo.

These costumes come in red and blue, and both have combinations of black that will make you look super cool. You can wear a black pair of boots while she can wear a pair of heeled black boots. In addition, make sure you both wear masks with a color based on each costume.

17. Jade and Jax Combo

Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes
Source: Pinterest (@whitnirenea)

Are you and your partner planning on showing some skin for the next cosplay event? If you are, then you must check out our next Mortal Kombat costume idea for couples. Here we have Jade and Jax costumes that come in such designs to make you show some flawless skin of yours.

As for him, you can just be topless and paint your hands all the way to the shoulders in silver. It will create a metallic look, which is a very iconic element of Jake’s costume. Make sure you wear a red army beret hat to complete your look. For her, she can use green face paint to create a mask-like face cover. We can assure you, both of you will be the center of attention at the event.

18. Sonya Blade and Scorpion

Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes
Source: Pinterest (@thecostumet)

Next up we have a pair of Mortal Kombat costumes that feature Scorpion and Sonya Blade costumes. If you and your partner are both fans of Mortal Kombat and planning to be all out with your costumes, then we think this set of costumes will be a great pick.

The Sonya Blade costume features a sexy army outfit, which is the iconic look of Sonya. While the Scorpion costume comes in an excellent quality since we think it perfectly represents the actual look of the character. Although Sonya Blade and Scorpion are enemies, in the world of cosplay you can be friends, or a couple.

19. Goro and Scorpion

Goro and Scorpion
Source: Pinterest (@guinegogg)

Goro is without a doubt one of the most unique Mortal Kombat characters we know. He has a lot of arms, powerful ones, and he also has great powers, too! In the video game, it is not that easy to beat Goro. Based on that, we think Goro will make a great costume to wear, especially if you are a true fan of Mortal Kombat.

Since it comes as a couple costume, your partner can wear a female version of Scorpion costume. But instead of wearing the iconic yellow costume, she can add some twists to the costume and make it look more badass. After all, she will be standing next to Goro, so we think she needs to look more intimidating, right?

20. Raiden and Kitana

Raiden and Kitana
Source: Pinterest (@c9551)

If you ask us, we have to admit that Kitana is one of our favorite characters in Mortal Kombat. She has a sweet look, yet she can fight and beat the most powerful Mortal Kombat characters using her weapons, which is a pair of razor-edged steel fans.

To pair Kitana, we think Raiden will be the best character to stand beside her. With a traditional Chinese costume, Raiden will make a perfect partner while he can also become a great partner to fight the enemies. To complete Raiden’s look, make sure you add the straw hat, too!

21. Mileena and Kitana

Mileena and Kitana
Source: Pinterest (@fistandantilus00)

If you and your bestie are still looking here and there to find the best couple costumes for the next cosplay event, then you might want to stop your search here. Here we have an excellent choice of costumes for your and your BFF, and the costumes come in the form of Kitana and Mileena costumes.

We think the two costumes will make a great pair especially if you both want to look sexy and make all eyes on you. The costumes come in pink and blue and both are made of high-quality materials that ensure comfort all night long.

Key Characters and Their Signature Looks

Being one of the most popular video games and movies, Mortal Kombat has become a legend with strong characters. All characters have their own iconic and powerful weapons, and they also wear amazing outfits which make them some of the best recommended characters to cosplay. From Scorpion to Kitana and Liu Kang, we can assure you that you will have an amazing time cosplaying them, especially if you plan on wearing Mortal Kombat costumes with your partner.

Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costumes
Key Characters and Their Signature Looks

However, there are several characters that are more popular than the rest. Most of them are well-known not only for their powers and fighting skills, but also for their deadly weapons. Scorpion for instance. He is known to have a weapon named The Kunai which is attached to a chain or rope that he shoots out of his sleeve.

Sub-Zero is known for his deadly combat weapons made of ice. Kitana on the other hand, has a more feminine yet deadly weapon in the form of hand fans. Our advice, if you choose to cosplay one of the most popular characters, make sure you carry the weapons with you as well.

Mortal Kombat Cosplay Community

In the world of cosplay where many cosplayers choose to cosplay their favorite anime characters, Mortal Kombat characters will still have a place in their true fans’ hearts. So, we can assure you that you will still see cosplayers who wear Scorpion, Kitana, Liu Kang, or Raiden’s costumes in every cosplay event.

In fact, there are still plenty of Mortal Kombat cosplay communities out there who continue sharing their stories with each other. If you are a fan and you haven’t been joining any Mortal Kombat cosplay community yet, you can search online for forums, social media groups, websites or chat platform groups and join one or more of them. One of the advantages of joining a community group is that you’ll be able to share cosplay photos, tutorials, and experiences.

Final Thought

Dive into the thrilling world of Mortal Kombat with our top-notch cosplay costumes! Embrace the spirit of your favorite characters and bring them to life at your next event. Whether it’s Scorpion’s menace or Sonya Blade’s fierceness, each costume is a gateway to adventure. Don’t just dream about it; make it a reality.

Choose your warrior, and prepare to captivate and inspire fellow fans. In the realm of Mortal Kombat cosplay, you’re not just dressing up; you’re becoming part of a legendary saga.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any iconic Mortal Kombat characters to cosplay as?

Yes, some iconic Mortal Kombat characters for cosplay include Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kitana, Mileena, and more. Choose a character you love and resonate with.

Are there Mortal Kombat cosplay events or conventions?

Yes, many conventions and events feature Mortal Kombat cosplay contests and gatherings. Check the schedule of your local conventions or look for specialized Mortal Kombat meet-ups.

How do I choose the right Mortal Kombat character to cosplay?

Select a character you connect with or admire, considering factors like their design, personality, and fighting style. Research the character’s costume complexity and whether it matches your cosplay skills.

What’s the most challenging aspect of Mortal Kombat cosplay?

The most challenging part is often perfecting the intricate details of the costumes, such as armor, masks, and body paint, and capturing the character’s personality through your performance.

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