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31 Best Steampunk Costumes For Women You Can Buy

These Unique Steampunk costumes for women will come in handy during gothic masquerade balls or any other steampunk or cosplay event. But with their rising popularity, they are not simply limited to such occasions. As it stands, every fashion-conscious lady needs at least one such gown in the wardrobe.

Since the core element of the concept is based in the Victorian era, the genre has some of the most elegant designs ever known to womankind. Waist cinchers, corsets, and bustle skirts are just some of the highlights, each one with the limitless potential to flatter your look. So whether you are planning for an upcoming event such as a wedding, or a cosplay event, these female steampunk costume ideas would be a great place to start.

Best Steampunk Costume Ideas For Women:

To spare you the trouble, we have scoured the web to bring you a collection of some of the most impressive women’s steampunk costumes. There is something for everyone, so sit back and enjoy our collection of the ultimate ideas in ladies steampunk costumes.

#1 White Steampunk Costume 

White Steampunk Costume - Steampunk Costumes For Women

Step out in matchless style with one of these steampunk costumes for women. Featuring a daring and flattering design, its skirt derives inspiration from tuxedo tails.

The upper side sports a real steel boned corset to flatter your contours. And to show off your shapely legs, the front is micro mini length with long tails on either side. A blend of shining satin and black lace makes it an instant charmer and head-turner.

#2 3 Pc Victorian Brown Corset & Double Bustle Steampunk Outfit 

3 Pc Victorian Brown Corset & Double Bustle Steampunk Outfit

With this Victorian steampunk design, you have what it takes to bring out your full feminine flair and leave the world dumbstruck. A brown corset in a brocade design with studs and chains gives you an enchanting hourglass figure.

The lower part comprises two skirts, one short and the other one long. Pull them both up when you’re feeling sexy and need to show some leg, and cover up when the situation calls for modesty.

#3 Red and Black Steampunk Under-bust Corset 

 Red and Black Steampunk Under-bust Corset

Looking for the perfect piece to complete your steampunk look? Well, this red and black under-bust corset offers that and so much more.

Everyone who enjoys vintage fashion would appreciate its design and masterly execution. Brass hooks provide both a functional and highly aesthetic value, enhancing the vintage effect. All you need to do is pair up with an equally amazing costume and you will be the talk of your next event.

#4 Steampunk Outfit, 3-piece, Skirt, Shrug and Sleeves 

Steampunk Outfit, 3 piece, Skirt, Shrug and Sleeves

To create the ultimate image of steampunk fashion look no further than this 3-piece set. Comprising a layered black and brown skirt, a short-sleeved shrug and a pair of arm warmers, it is the real deal.

The skirt combines black and brown cotton fabric with lac hems in a flattering flowing design. a black shrug and arm warmers complete the look in style to make you the highlight of the day.

#5 Adult Steampunk Dress Costume 

Adult Steampunk Dress Costume

Dress your medieval best in one of these ladies steampunk costumes. This fancy dress costume comes in a captivating shade of burgundy. Meticulous detailing makes it impossible to miss.

If you love to make a grand entrance into events and create an indelible memory, this is your best bet. The set comprises a vintage dress, glovettes and a hat with a scarf and goggles. What more could anyone wish for?

#6 Victorian Bloomers Steampunk Clothing 

Victorian Bloomers Steampunk Clothing - Steampunk Costumes For Women

Does an edgy style define your wardrobe choice? If so then this pair of Victorian knickers would be right up your alley.

While in the past these were considered a necessity, now they have a more fun role. But of course, you would need to try it out to know if the theory works. Thanks to their optional open crotch design, they have limitless potential.

#7 Ultimate Steampunk Belts Kit 

Ultimate Steampunk Belts Kit

Your female steampunk cosplay outfit is far from complete without one of these steampunk costume accessories. What makes this particular one the best choice is its creative and all-inclusive design.

Featuring a total of three belts, assorted bags, two sets of keys, two genre watches and a clasp, it is the stuff of dreams.  Made using high-quality leather dyed in a rich, dark, reddish-brown hue, it is the picture of antiquity.

#8 Bella Blue Steampunk Costume 

Bella Blue Steampunk Costume

Make your next steampunk convention the most memorable one yet with this amazing Victorian outfit. Every aspect of its design spells adventure and fun. If your personality is bold and daring, this defines you.

Made to flatter your figure and give you a ton of sass, it is the ultimate choice to showcase your feminine side. And the captivating blue hue is a guarantee you will get noticed.

#9 Steampunk Gaslight Pinup Bustle Costume 

Green Steampunk Costume

Dive into a fantasy world in impeccable style with the ultimate design in women’s steampunk costumes. A body-flattering corset defines the upper side, with a bust lifting and slimming effect.

Antique toned metal clasps close up the front. Draping chains on the sides enhance the body shaping effect and add a vintage touch. A pleated mini skirt front highlights your sexy side while a draping back offers a graceful look!

#10 Female Steampunk Costume 

Female Steampunk Costume

Keep it simple yet stylish with one of these trendy female steampunk costumes. An elegant shade of white combines with deep brown to create a visual delight. An under-bust corset is designed to accentuate your feminine physique.

To highlight shapely long legs, the skirt is a micro-mini with a lace hem. If you have been cracking your brain over a sexy steampunk look, you have certainly found it!

#11 Steampunk set : Underbust Corset + Choker. Post Apocalyptic

SET: underbust corset/choker post apocalyptic

Take your gothic appeal to the next level with this amazing three-piece combination. A faux metallic under-bust corset, bracer and choker are all there is to this concept.

But the effect is impossible to beat. The detailing is impeccable with fake metal coils and spirals dominating the surface. As a result, it is the perfect artefact from a post-apocalyptic era. Eva foam is the material of choice used to create a flawless metallic representation.

#12 Cirque Rouge Burlesque Costume Steampunk Prom Dress 

Cirque Rouge Burlesque costume Steampunk Prom Dress - Steampunk Costumes For Women

Inject some sass into your look with a red and black gothic bustle dress. Designed to bring out every last detail of the Neo-Victorian side, this is a perfect tribute to the medieval era. Sheer organza with layered trims all around the edges offers unmatchable elegance.

And the contrast between the full steel corset and extremely fluffy bustle adds major pizzazz to the look. The only thing you need to add is the right attitude and you’ll be good to go!

#13 Victorian Delight Bustle Skirt 

Victorian Delight Bustle Skirt

You can never go wrong with a bustle skirt when it comes to steampunk costumes for women. And this particular one is top of the range in more ways than one. First, the use of satin gives it the perfect feel against your skin.

But more importantly, it adds a touch of sophisticated elegance to the look. A flirty ruffle and the pleats on the front bring out your feminine flair while the bows on the side and bustle back complete the vintage effect.

#14 Victorian Vigilante Superhero Costume 

Victorian Vigilante Superhero Costume

Let’s face it, one time or another we have all dreamed of being superheroes. But we know how hard it is to bring that fantasy to life.

This vigilante superhero costume is however pretty close to the real deal! In the realm of women’s steampunk clothing, few are quite as seductive as this one. With a mini skirt front that is barely there and a full length fluffy Victorian bustle back, nothing can stand in your way.

#15 Steampunk Long Ruffle Skirt 

Steampunk Long Ruffle Skirt

Stepping away from the Victorian convention, this long ruffle skirt is a breath of fresh air! Every aspect of it spells playfulness and is bound to elicit attention.

Thanks to its vintage inspiration, it has what it takes to create an impressive retro-futuristic effect. If you are looking for a simple yet unmistakable way to be the belle of the fair, you just found it!

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#16 Wine & Roses Saloon Girl Victorian Dress 

Wine & Roses Saloon Girl Victorian Dress

Live a day in your favorite romantic fantasy with one of the most outstanding steampunk women’s clothing ideas. The first thing that meets your eyes is the princess sleeve design that falls off both shoulders.

A brocade fashion corset gives way to a flattering high-low skirt to harmonize with the elegant concept. Gathers in four different places create a billowing design that will make you the highlight of your costume event.

#17 Fancy Aqua Turquoise Renaissance Cosplay Outfit 

Fancy Aqua Turquoise Renaissance Cosplay Outfit

Embrace your feminine side at the next renaissance fair with the ultimate choice in steampunk costumes. The turquoise blue fancy skirt captures attention from a mile away and holds the promise of a fairy tale look.

Bustles on the backside, a high-low hemline and lots of ruffles breathe life into the design. And with every movement you make, the drapes will swish in tandem for an amazing visual effect.

#18 Victorian Tea Party Costume 

Victorian Tea Party Costume - Steampunk Costumes For Women

For those who love a little mystery, this sexy Victorian outfit will offer precisely that. Apart from the staple green color of the steampunk genre, it has splashes of olive green.

That is a great way to break from tradition and ensure you stand out at your next event. And with the special touch from bronze chains and buttons, you get to enjoy a combination of elegance and imperial looks.

#19 Steampunk Victorian Western Women’s Costume 

Steampunk Victorian Western Women's Costume

A trendy and colorful fantasy dress is a great choice to flaunt your feminine side. From the figure-flattering design to the high-low skirt concept, everything about it screams elegance. Thanks to the distinct fabric choice, it is easy to trace the inspiration back to the 19th century. Matching glovelettes, boot spats, goggles and a choker leave nothing to chance in creating a harmonious effect.

#20 Victorian Steampunk Vampire Costume Dress 

Victorian Steampunk Vampire Costume Dress

Take your steampunk gown all the way with this vampire concept. So much more than just a functional piece, the dress tells a story.

Featuring a full-length bustle design on the back, the front of the dress is mini skirt length. The best part about it is that it is a four-piece outfit. It can thus be combined with other items in your wardrobe to create a new costume every time.

#21 Dark Delight Victorian Dress 

Dark Delight Victorian Dress

Every once in a while you might want to indulge your love for the dark side. When that time comes, do so in style with one of these womens steampunk costumes.

Made using luscious lace and shimmering taffeta, the gown is elegant in every respect. Flirty bows on the hips, neck and sleeve highlight feminine fair. Wow everyone this coming Halloween or at your next costume event.

#22 Black Steampunk Leather Skirt 

Black Steampunk Leather Skirt

If you are looking for versatility in your next steampunk costume, then you just found it. This rugged black skirt can adorn practically any look without much effort.

Simple yet delightful in its visual appeal, it brings out your edgy side. It shows meticulous attention to detail and will not fail to get you noticed. Made using high-quality sheepskin and cowhide, it could last a lifetime or more.

#23 Black Victorian Bustle Dress 

Black Victorian Bustle Dress

Black is the most timeless choice as far as steampunk costumes for women are concerned. Looking at this gown it is quite easy to see why. It is so simple yet so captivatingly elegant.

There is nothing to detract from the details of the design making every last aspect outstanding. Make an unforgettable entrance to any gothic event wearing one of these steampunk outfits female.

#24 Ladies Steampunk Vicky Hoop Skirt 

 Ladies Steampunk Vicky Hoop Skirt

Just because it’s from the steampunk collection does not mean it has to be predictable. If you love to deviate from the obvious and make your own rules this hoop skirt is just for you.

it is full of fun and mystery, offering the world a window into the unseen thanks to the design on the front. Remember to put on your naughty knickers to complete the look.

#25 Victorian Walking Costume Bustle Skirt 

Victorian Walking Costume Bustle Skirt

This costume is a picture of elegance at its finest. Comprising a body-hugging jacket and a skirt, it goes to show how far a little creativity can go.

The jacket features varying lace decorations with both aesthetic and functional value. Inserted lacing on the skirt creates a classic Victorian-era silhouette while keeping the pleats in shape.

#26 Victorian Steampunk Scrumptious Tea Party Costume 

Victorian Steampunk Scrumptious Tea Party Costume

Who said you have to stick to convention when it comes to your wedding ensemble? Here is a way to embrace your gothic side and have loads of fun while at it.

A combination of chocolate and ivory works perfectly to create an adorable effect. It is an edgy yet undeniably tasteful choice for a steampunk female. Enjoy the stolen glances and compliments that come with it.

#27 Victorian Masquerade Ball Gown 

Victorian Masquerade Ball Gown

The only thing more fun than attending a masquerade ball, is dressing up for it. Well, at least if you get the outfit right. With one of these steampunk costumes for girls, there is no limit to the fun you’ll have.

From the rich dark green hue to the contrast between corset and bustle skirt, everything about it is gorgeous. Stun observers at the ball and have the boys fight for a chance to dance with you!

#28 Steampunk Dress Mistress of Time Victorian Costume 

Steampunk Dress Mistress of Time Victorian Costume - Steampunk Costumes For Women

Tea party dresses such as this one are a great way to bring back the good old times. If you have always felt like your fashion sense belongs in the past, then here is the opportunity to show the world why.

This design tells a whole story thanks to its impeccable execution and attention to detail. The color and fabric are on point, working together with the concept to make it an amazing addition to your costume collection.

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#29 Steel Boned Vintage Corset Steampunk 

Steel Boned Vintage Corset Steampunk

A versatile corset steampunk to make you look slimmer. The color is beautiful and it is complete with the belt that will make your look unbeatable. The belt can be removed easily, hence it is easy to clean. But do not wash it using a washing machine. Get the elegant and beautiful look with this corset dress.

#30 Lace Gothic Bustier Skirt Set Costume

Lace Gothic Bustier Skirt Set Costume

If you love gothic style and want to get the look on your wedding day, then you absolutely need this one. Beautiful color, easy to wear, elegant and cool at the same time. You can be the most iconic bride with this set costume.  

#31 Steampunk Spiral Steel Boned Vintage Retro Corset

Steampunk Spiral Steel Boned Vintage Retro Corset

The luxury feel is the best one you can get once you wear it. You can choose the matching outfit for the bottom. The lace is soft and it is using zipper closure to make it easy for you to wear. Wear it for costume parties, halloween or your birthday party with a gothic theme. You will steal the attention.

One of the main highlights of this concept is its timeless nature. Unlike most current trends which at times are merely passing fads, steampunk girl clothing ideas are here to stay. It’s never too late to become a part of the action. And once you get started, you will never look back.

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