43 Superb Steampunk Gifts For Her That She Will Adore

Steampunk; the name alone is both whimsical and enchanting.

Imagine yourself, transported to an Edwardian world, a place somehow familiar, yet brimming with new-age technology.

What started as an undefined part of science fiction in the nineteen fifties and sixties, pioneered by renowned authors such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, has become a worldwide phenomenon; from writers to readers, to those who live and love the genre, there is something both magical and mysterious about the Steampunk sub-culture.

Steampunk Gifts For Women:

From magical steampunk necklaces and pendants to unique costumes and more we have got you covered!

So without further ado…

 #1 Custom Made Steampunk Rings

steampunk gifts for her - rings - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Sometimes, a simple gift off the shelf does not send the right message; but, you can send the perfect message with these awesome custom-made steampunk rings, custom designed with Swarovski crystals

#2 Steampunk Twilight Bra

steampunk-twilight-bra - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Looking for a little midnight sex appeal, or the perfect addition to a cosplay costume? Perhaps a little more Nightmare Before Christmas than Steampunk, but we love this piece just the same. Find it Here

 #3 Steampunk Pendant Necklace


Invoking eerie visions of laying on an operating table in the Victorian era, this pendant is wonderful in the most obscure ways; man, doctor, scientist, or… mad scientist.

#4 Steampunk Leather Garter

Steampunk Leather Garter - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Keep your tinctures, tonics, and potions close at hand with this funky tincture and tonic glass bottles in bullet holder garter. Rock on!

#5 The Alchemist’s Daughter Costume

The Alchemist's Daughter Costume - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Go all out, with this awesome costume, custom designed, and hand tailored to your specifications, this costume is available in a wide array of colors to suit your specific desires.

#6 Steampunk LED Watch

Steampunk LED Watch - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Go high-tech with this futuristic watch, that looks like it would feel right at home in Battlestar Galactica, or as part of a time-traveler’s garb.

#7 Silver Steampunk Earrings

Silver Steampunk Earrings

If you’re looking for something a little more intricate, these exquisite earrings may be the perfect match. They’re made from vintage silver watch movements and accented with gold gears and Neo-Victorian filigree.

#8 Victorian Steampunk Bracelet

Vintage Watch Bracelet

With a touch of class and a touch of technology, this bracelet is a wonderful addition to existing steampunk gear or a standalone addition to your everyday wear.

#9 Steampunk Dagger Earrings

Steampunk Dagger Earrings - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Bring darkness, romance, and mystery into your life, with these fantastic steampunk earrings, combining Victorian style and vintage watch movements.

#10 Victorian Steampunk Spats

victorian steampunk spats - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Add some flare and style to your comfy shoes with these waterproof spats, transforming ordinary shoes into Victorian low-cut boots, because being beauty should not come at the cost of happy feet!

#11 Steampunk Apocalyptic Mad Scientist Goggles

bronze steampunk goggles

Goggles are to Steampunk, what swords and eye patches are to pirates, and these bitchin’ goggles will make a rockin’ addition to any costume: Airship Captain, Mad Scientist, Not-So-Mad Scientist, you name it.

#12 Studded Buckle Corset w/ Tulle Bustle Skirt

Black UNDERBUST Heavy Duty Corset

Find inspiration for your Steampunk costume, with this wondrous piece. From assassin to automaton, the possibilities for this one seem a bit endless.

#13 Steampunk “In My Heart” Pendant Necklace

Steampunk “In My Heart” Pendant Necklace - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Say what you mean, and mean what you say, with this magnificently crafted “In My Heart, All the Time” steampunk pendant necklace, complete with vintage watch movements and Swarovski rhinestones.

#14 Hot Air Balloon Earrings

Hot-air Balloon earrings

Meticulously crafted from blown glass, and accented with antique copper, these earrings are sure the catch the eye, and be a conversation starter; we love this steampunk stuff.

#15 Steampunk Mini Top Hat

Mini Top Hat,

Combining the Wonderland of Lewis Carol and the universe of Steampunk, this Steampunk Mini Top Hat is a great accenting piece for any costume, and is available in sizes from newborn to adult!

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#16 Leather Steampunk Bag

Wood-Sided Leather Sachel

This bag is absolutely gorgeous, and in addition to invoking Steampunk, we definitely get some Lord of the Rings vibes from this piece, as well. Only recommended for those buyers who don’t mind talking about their bag all the time.

#17 Urban Lifestyle Leather Utility Belt

Urban Lifestyle Leather Utility Belt - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Pockets are perhaps a modern necessity, but you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this utility belt, perfect for our modern nomadic urban lifestyle. Made out of one hundred perfect genuine leather, and built to last for years to come; the ultimate in Steampunk gear.

#18 Steampunk Pirate Skirt

Steampunk Dress Plus Size

Do you fancy yourself swashbuckling in the clouds? If so, we invite you to check out this cool Steampunk Pirate Skirt, which will have you ready and prepared for your destination aboard an airship.

#19 Women’s Steampunk Half-Face Mask

Steampunk Half Mask Cyborg

Please don’t dawdle, you’re very late indeed; for the masquerade, that is. This intricate mask is sure to accentuate your face, rather than masquerade it.

#20 Steampunk Eye Decals

Steampunk Eye Decals - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Accent your eyes, body, and jewelry with these cool mini clock parts, sure to add a little dazzle to your daily life.

#21 Knee high Steampunk Boots

Knee high Steampunk Boots - Steampunk Gifts For Her

These boots were made for walking, and kicking ass. The perfect addition to a Wild West Steampunk costume, with a short skirt to show them off in all their glory; great steampunk gifts.

#22 Sexy knit Steampunk Bra

Stay warm with this Steampunk gift that is sure to even impress grandma!

#23 Alice In Wonderland Brooch

Alice In Wonderland Brooch - Steampunk Gifts For Her

This charm brooch has all the comforts of Wonderland, from potion to kettle, key to rabbit, and of course, a pocket watch to ensure you’re always on time!

#24 Fingerless Steampunk Wrist Warmers

Fingerless Steampunk Wrist Warmers - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Keep warm and stay cool with these gnarly wrist warmers. That might some like an oxymoron, but there is no better way to describe these cool wrist warmers.

#25 Bent Gear hairclips

Steampunk Costume Hair Clip Thick

Get your gearhead on with this subtle but sweet homage to Steampunk, available in sizes from 6 to 10 cm, these barrettes make awesome Steampunk gifts for her.

#26 Steampunk Skirt Belt – Festival Bag

Utility belt , Festival Pocket Belt

A great addition to any skirt, these skirt belt bags accentuate your skirt, helping you to accessorize and keep everything you need close at hand!

#27  Red Salon Girl Dress

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but anyone would be stunning to behold is this sexy, bold costume.

#28 Book Locket Necklace

Book Locket Necklace - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Made with Swarovski crystals and vintage watch movements, this locket is both unique and awesome, allowing you to hold your love ones close to your heart, making sure you have time for them always.

#29 Victorian Bridal hair clip

Vintage Women Steampunk Gear Butterfly Hair Clip

We love this Steampunk inspired Victorian hair clip; the perfect accessory for festivals or any occasion you are looking to spice up with a little Steampunk love.

#30 Steampunk Masquerade Mask

Steampunk Columbine Mask

It may be a little steamier than the Plague Doctor’s Mask from which the artist has taken inspiration, but we love this creative take on an old classic, complete with a gold-adorned Madonna chest piece.

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#31 Victorian Steampunk Corset

Women's Spiral Steel Boned Steampunk Gothic Bustier Corset

This beautifully crafted patchwork corset is one of our favorites; modeled after corsets of the Victorian era, with a stylistic approach, creating a highly fashionable and unique look!

#32 Cog & Gears Steampunk Rings

Cog & Gears Steampunk Rings - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Incorporate Steampunk into your everyday life with these not-so-subtle, but inspiring designs. These rings will add a level of sophistication to your costume, or heck, even to your blue jeans. 

#33 Sexy Steampunk Pin-up Girl Print

Sexy Steampunk Pin-up Girl Print - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Nothing is sexier than a strong, independent woman; and what better way to show your independence, than with this awesome pin-up!

#34 Mechanical Steampunk Watch Bracelet

Engraved Watch

This mechanical watch bracelet with a wrap-style wristband is both sleek and creative; the perfect gift for Steampunk fans and aficionados.

#35  Gypsy Steampunk Lock & Key Charm Bracelet

Gypsy Steampunk Lock & Key Charm Bracelet - Steampunk Gifts For Her

As you clink and clang along the streets of Rapture, neighbor’s will notice the familiar sound as you approach. Whether they shut their door or prepare to open it, is entirely up to you!

#36 Silver wing & Skull Boot Bracelet

Skull Wing Valentine BOOT Bracelet

This super cool boot bling will help emphasize those sweet new kickers you got. Created in antique silver, with silver wing charms, and a single skull in the center.

#37 Mother’s Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Opal Steampunk Pendant

Don’t let Mother’s Day come and go without finding something special for the mother in your life. This birthstone pendant necklace is an impeccable way to let mom know you love her. One of our favorite steampunk gifts for her.

#38 Glass Dome Globe Pendant Necklace

Glass Dome Globe Pendant Necklace - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Who knew a glass bulb full of cogs and watch parts could be so fascinating? Yet, it is, as it dangles mysteriously around your neck. And for all you automatons out there, spare parts.

#39 Aurora Borealis Ring

Aurora Borealis ring - Steampunk Gifts For Her

Inspired by organic shapes, and mechanical designs, this ring is gracefully elegant, with a tightly bound coil wrapping around your finger; accented with a Swarovski crystal reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

#40 Native Faux Fur Steampunk Vest

If you’re looking for something a little less mechanical, and a little more natural, we got you covered with this bodacious vest, great for ravers, marauders, natives, and like!

#41 Floral Lace Steampunk Wristbands

Floral Lace Steampunk Wristbands

These steampunk wristbands radiate a gothic vibe to anyone who wears them. The floral lace detail is very enchanting, especially when connected to the stunning pearl ring. Excellent addition for steampunk lovers who like to collect unique accessories.

#42 Steampunk Fire Necklace

Steampunk Fire Necklace

Complete your girlfriend’s cosplay steampunk outfit with this rare piece of necklace. A locket pendant emits a blue fire that sparks a mystical vibe. It will surely make her look stand out.

#43 Sorrica Women Steampunk Skirt

Sorrica Women Steampunk Skirt

Do you happen to have a girlfriend who loves to collect steampunk costumes? Well, this skirt will undoubtedly make her appearance effortlessly stunning. The lace detail and skirt design perfectly depict the Victorian era.

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