25 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Ideas for Cosplaying

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a popular Japanese manga by Hirohiko Araki. The story tells about the adventures of a boy from the Joestar family who faces various dangers to save his family and continues through the generations of the Joestar family.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has an unpredictable storyline plus realistic elements such as the original location in the real world. It makes many people love it, and even cosplays with this anime theme appear.

Cosplaying as one of the characters from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a unique idea because their characters often use unusual clothes. They also have some weird masculinity makeup. Just imagine if you cosplay as one of them, you will surely attract people and become the center of attention.

This inspires us to present Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay ideas that you can use for cosplay. Various ideas for both men and women can be found on our list. Here are 20 Jojo costume anime ideas for you. Hopefully, you can find one that works for you.

Amazing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay

Step into the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, where the line between reality and the extraordinary blurs with every outfit. Here, cosplayers transcend the ordinary, embodying characters as vivid and varied as the manga’s pages themselves. From the bold hues of Jotaro’s trench coat to the intricate details of Dio’s regalia, each cosplay is a masterpiece of creativity and passion.

Join us as we explore the most amazing JoJo cosplays, where fans become the art in Araki’s legendary saga.

1. Giorno Giovanna

Source: Pinterest (@9gag.com)

“I, Giorno Giovanna. Have a Dream”. Yes, that is one of the famous quotes uttered by Giorno Giovanna, the main protagonist of the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 5. An Italian teenage boy of Japanese descent joins the mafia to quell injustice committed by the mafia itself.

It is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea for those of you who want to look quirky. By wearing an electric pink dress and his signature blonde wig, you will look more like him.

2. The Pillar Men

The Pillar Men is the main antagonist from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 2: the Battle Tendency. What’s interesting about Pillar Men is that their names are from the names of famous rock bands such as Kars, Asidisi, Santana, and Wamu.

These enemies originated thousands of years ago and were once sealed as a stone pillar now come back to life to spread terror upon you as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea for you. Good cosplay idea for men who want to cosplay together.

3. Jotaro Kujo

Source: Pinterest (@artbynash.deviantart.com)

Jotaro Kujo is the main character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 3: the Stardust Crusader. This part is the first time a stand’s power is introduced, such as the spirit that accompanies the user. Jotaro, an arrogant high school boy, now has to go on an adventure to heal his mother, who is sick due to the influence of the stand.

We recommend these A Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay ideas for you. By using Jotaro’s hat and the appropriate make-up, you can be more like him.

4. Reitre Joseph Joestar

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Reitre Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joesta,r in his heyday, was indeed a hero who defeated the Pillar Men and saved the world. But there comes a time when he gets old, and it’s time to retire. We recommend this old Joseph Joestar as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea for you.

A perfect cosplay for a mature person who loves to cosplay as a character in Jojo’s anime. You can use a red suit and leopard print trapper hat to make it look even more like it.

5. Abbacchio

Source: Pinterest (@mobile.twitter.com)

Abbacchio is one of the unique characters from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 5: the Golden Wind. A mafia who is a former police officer has a different vision of how the mafia should act, namely using its power to protect the small people.

And so, we recommend Abbacchio as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay ideas for those who like mysterious persona characters. With proper makeup and a silver wig, you can become a masculine and mysterious Abbacchio.

6. Kishibe Rohan

Source: Pinterest (@Elisa1515)

Kishibe Rohan is a professional manga artist and the major ally in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 4: the Diamond Unbreakable. Has the power of a stand that is quite unique where he can see a person’s background and change it through the comic sheets he created.

A Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay ideas for those who love Kishibe Rohan. We recommend some accessories such as manga pen to complete your cosplay needs as Rohan.

7. Killer Queen

Source: Pinterest (@doujinshi.tumblr.com)

Killer Queen is the strongest stand and the main antagonist in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 4: the Diamond Unbreakable. Has a humanoid form with a cat-like face that is ready to bombard its enemies at any time.

So, it is a unique Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea that we highly recommend for you. With a dominant pink color that contrasts with its nature that destroys anything, the best Jojo cosplay idea you can try.

8. Doppio

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Doppio is another side of Diavolo, the main antagonist in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 5: the Golden Wind. The mastermind behind all the illegal activities carried out by the mafia, turns out to have two souls in one body.

Having the opposite nature to Diavolo, Doppio tends to be clumsy and goofy. We recommend Doppio as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea for those who love this character. By using a magenta wig and proper makeup, you can become a ridiculous Doppio.

9. Jonathan Joestar 

Source: Instagram (@greptyle)

Jonathan Joestar is the first Jojo in the story of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Jojo with the most tragic story where his life was always destroyed by Dio Brando, who did not like him. Even in small matters like the rugby club, Dio still doesn’t like Jonathan.

We recommend Jonathan Joestar as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure unique cosplay ideas for you because his design looks so cool. After using makeup similar to him, you can use a blue hair wig to look more like him.

10. Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 3 is indeed described as an old man. Carrying the rest of his heyday, he accompanies Jotaro on an adventure to heal his daughter, who is Jotaro’s mother.

He is described as wearing an all-brown outfit for adventure and wearing a cowboy hat like the photo above. With the right makeup, you can become Joseph Joestar for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay.

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11. Iggy

Source: Pinterest (@Luna N. Joshineon)

With the theme of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you can also cosplay as a dog. Yes, if you love this anime, you must be familiar with it. Iggy, the dog, may look adorable but don’t underestimate him because he is a stand user.

A dog has intelligence and emotions like ordinary humans. It doesn’t need complicated makeup or accessories, just by DIY things you can cosplay as Iggy.

12. Jotaro Kujo in White

Source: Pinterest (@Y O C K)

As he gets older, not only does his appearance change, but Jotaro Kujo is also getting wiser. In part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime, Jotaro returns to Japan and is seen wearing an all-white outfit like the photo above.

No longer the main protagonist, but he looks so stunning in white. We recommend you to cosplay as him for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea. By wearing his white hat so that you are more like him.

13. Kakyoin Licking Cherry

Source: Instagram (@maryelvery)

If you are a true fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure you will immediately know by looking at the photo above. Yes, it was the scene where Kakyoin licked the cherry. At first, when Kakyoin is possessed, he licks cherries in an unnatural way.

Turns out that was Kakyoin’s way of enjoying cherries, sounding “Pero Pero Pero” which means lick-lick in English. Indeed, cherries are her favorite fruit, she even has cherry earrings. We recommend this as a funny idea to cosplay as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character.

14. Aerosmith

Source: Instagram (@vega.masters)

Yes, it is inspired by the rock band Aerosmith, a unique stand owned by Narancia. As a member of the same group as Giorno, Narancia also has his own views on how to be kind to society. His Aerosmith is in the form of a small fighter plane, different from the other stands which are humanoid shapes.

If you want to cosplay as Narancia, we recommend you bring this red RC plane as your stand to do Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime cosplay.

15. Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa or Elizabeth Joestar is the mother and master of Joseph Joestar. Master of Hammon, who prepared Joseph Joestar to defeat the Pillar Men. This beautiful woman can also be used as an inspiration to cosplay as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character for women.

By using sunglasses and a red scarf that characterizes her, you can be more similar to her.

16. Jolyne Kujo

Source: Instagram (@𝘘𝘶𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘪)

Jolyne Kujo is the only female Jojo in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime universe. The daughter of Jotaro Kujo more or less has a youth similar to her father, arrogant, and acts as she pleases. We recommend her as your Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea for women.

To be more similar to her, you can use makeup to look a bit masculine like other Jojo characters and use a green bun wig that is her trademark.

17. Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata is the main protagonist in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 4: the Diamond Unbreakable. With his trademark pompadour hair, Josuke becomes an iconic character in this anime. With his stand, Crazy Diamond, Josuke can return anything to its original state, such as objects or even people.

The best cosplay idea is this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character because of his super unique hairstyle. You can use the help of pomade to shape your hair to make it more similar to him.

18. Bruno Bucciarati

Source: Pinterest (@SilverMystic)

Bruno Bucciarati is the leader of a small mafia group that Giorno Giovanna has entered into. With his charisma and determination, Bucciarati managed to make a good impression on the mafia for the people around him.

Together with his Sticky Finger stand, which has the power to turn anything into a zipper when hit, Bucciarati tries to eradicate all corrupt mafias. We provide you with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea with the after-effects of being hit by Bucciarati with the mouth turning into a zipper.

19. Yoshikage Kira

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

For us, Yoshikage Kira is the best and the smartest antagonist in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime. The main antagonist in Jojo’s part 4, many times, he almost beat all the protagonist characters in this anime. With his stand, Killer Queen, Kira can bombard anything and anyone.

A perfect Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea we have for you. By dressing up with a blonde wig and suit using his tie, you can easily mimic his style.

20. Dio Brando

Dio Brando is the main enemy of the Joestar family. Coming as an adopted son, Dio enters the family and wants to take everything from Jonathan Joestar, the first JoJo. Until it was known that he had not died in Jojo part 3, Dio returned with his stand, The World, which can stop time.

We recommend Dio Brando as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay idea for the antagonist character. By using his yellow suit and blonde wig, you can dress up as Dio Brando.

21. Robert E. Speedwagon Cosplay

Robert E. Speedwagon Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

Although Robert is described as a righteous man with the ability to smell out people’s personality, it doesn’t mean that a girl can’t become Robert as a cosplay, right? Since he is also a businessman, the look of his cosplay should include his costume, which is a dark blue suit with his iconic bowler hat, which becomes his weapon whenever in need.

The suit will look perfect with a bright purple inner vest and tie with similar color. Furthermore, you can be more creative with the cosplay by bringing along his hammer, too. 

22. Rykiel Cosplay

Rykiel Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@acparadise.com)

Rykiel was featured in the sixth part of the series, and he is one of DIO’s legitimate children with an unnamed woman. He wears an iconic suit with a cow pattern, which makes his looks different compared to other characters in the series.

To have his look, you can wear a sleeveless bodysuit with a hoodie, with a cow pattern from top to bottom, including the shoes, too. Add arm warmers in both hands with the same pattern, and wear a black wig to complete the look.

23. Caesar Zeppeli Cosplay

Caesar Zeppeli Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@yamato-leaphere.deviantart.com)

As one of the Italian characters from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli appears as a muscular man with two colored spots on both of his cheeks. If you’re one of the series’ fans who want to look masculine, then Caesar Zeppeli cosplay can be an option.

You can start by wearing a green crop jacket and gloves on top of white shirt and pants, and add additional accessories like a pink scarf and an orange headband to add to the look. Last but not least, you can wear a blonde wig to complete your appearance as Caesar Zeppeli. 

24. Johnny Joestar Cosplay

Johnny Joestar Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayware.com)

To become Johnny Joestar is actually quite easy. You can start by having metallic blue pants and a white top plus the gloves with the same color as the main costume. Then, prepare a white head cover on top of your blonde wig, plus a pair of blue shoes to complete your look.

However, it would be best to turn your appearance into perfection by applying the makeup as well, which is by wearing a blue lipstick and eyeshadows to match with your costume. 

25. Akira Otoishi Cosplay

Akira Otoishi Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@photography.solartempest.net)

With so many characters, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the anime series with a huge base of fans around the world. However, if you’re a bit confused in choosing which character to pick as your cosplay, then we would recommend this Akira Otoishi cosplay for you.

The costume is not too complicated to wear, but you can still look badass to wow everyone at the cosplay party. Several costume elements that you need to include aside from the back shirt and gray pants include the wide hat and green dots on the shirt. And to add to the look, don’t forget to wear your green lipstick, too!

Common Jojo Cosplay Ideas

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is full of unique characters with amazing outfits and costumes. A long list of Jojo’s characters includes several ones with the most exciting outfits and costumes. For those of you who are thinking of making the extra effort in cosplaying one of Jojo’s characters, then you might want to check out some of the best choices of Jojo cosplay ideas below.

26. Star Platinum Costume

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@arvkff)

You can try to cosplay as Star Platinum and make your best efforts to make sure your look is perfect and on-point. It is the most sophisticated yet unique Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure costumes to pick. You can first prepare or purchase a bodysuit and add elements and accessories that will make you look more convincing.

You can find the accessories online while you might also need to wear a knee-length pair of black boots, dye your hair black, and last but not least, put on makeup with a color that matches the color of your bodysuit. We can assure you that you will look perfect. However, since the bodysuit will be very tight, we need to remind you about the possibility for you to get sweaty due to the tight suit.

27. Flawless Lisa-Lisa Costume

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@oshen11)

We are confident to say that this is one flawless Lisa-Lisa costume to pick. As you can see, the hair is just smooth and flawless, while the outfit is just perfect with all the perfect elements like the red scarf, blue gloves, sunglasses, and last but not least, the perfect makeup.

If you are looking for an idea on what to cosplay, especially since there are too many Jojo’s Bizarre characters to choose from, then we recommend you to consider becoming Lisa-Lisa with this flawless costume and makeup. But due to the fact that you will look flawless, we think there will be a lot of guys asking for a date. Make sure you are well prepared for that.

28. Jolyne Costume

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@kalomira88)

This one is probably one of the most perfect Jolyne costumes to have. As you can see in the picture, the costume features all the elements of the outfit. It even includes the smallest elements like the blue wristband and hair color.

If you have plenty of time on your hand before the cosplay event, you can contact a trusted costume maker to create this Jolyne costume for you. But if time is not on your side, you might want to check online to find the costume that looks like the one in the pic, including the additional accessories, too.

29. Giada Robin Cosplay

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@alejandrogimnez)

Giada Robin’s outfit is one of the simplest and most sporty ones out there. If you are searching for one of the best options of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay, which has a sporty touch, then Giada Robin is definitely the answer.

It features a black tank top, a yellow pair of sporty pants with the suspender, an orange hair wig with the headband, and some bracelets to complete the look. In our opinion, this is a costume that you can DIY at home. If you have long hair, you can either dye it orange, or just wear an orange wig to save time. Your call!

30. Jean Pierre Polnareff Costume

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Tak0izu)

Jean Pierre Polnareff is one of the most unique Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure characters. If you are  guessing that it’s because of the hairstyle, you are absolutely right! His hair style looks as if he is ready to rock the dance floor back in the 80s or early 90s, don’t you think?

Well, actually the hairstyle is one of the most important elements about the costume. You can purchase a wig that is ready to wear, or trust your hairstylist to create one for you. As for the attire, wear an off shoulder black shirt and a pair of silver-ish pants to complete the look. Lastly, wear a black wrist band on each hand, and you are basically done!

31. Kars Costume

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@9gag)

Show some skin by cosplaying as Kars from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and make sure you have all the necessary elements to make you look stunning and sexy at the same time. You can get the costume online or from a costume store or rental near you, and add some twist by wearing a pair of black wedges and a long black wig to complete the look.

Since the costume will make you look like you are wearing bikinis, then you need to make sure you are going to a cosplay event indoors, since you don’t want to feel freezing while enjoying a fun cosplay event, don’t you?

32. Female Jotaro Costume

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@indigobehavior)

This female Jotaro costume is just something that a female Jotaro fan would like to wear. As you can see, this costume is so adorable since it includes a long black leather coat and a gentleman hat to complete the look.

Since the world of cosplay knows no gender, you can feel free to cosplay any of your favorite characters, including the male characters, too. So, we are calling all female fans of Jotaro to check out this cool female Jotaro costume. We have no doubt, you will fall in love with this costume instantly!

Final Thought

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure isn’t just an anime; it’s a vibrant world that beckons fans to step into its realm. Embracing its eccentricities through cosplay is a journey, a rite of passage for the true aficionado. Each character, with their iconic looks and poses, offers a unique canvas for self-expression.

So, whether you’re channeling the charisma of Dio or the valor of Jotaro, remember: in the world of Jojo, it’s all about making a statement. Dive in, stand out, and let the adventure begin!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you cosplay Yoshikage Kira?

To cosplay as Yoshikage Kira, you can dress up using a blonde wig and a suit with his Killer Queen tie. We recommend using makeup to make you look like an anime character and more like him.

How do you cosplay Joseph Joestar?

To cosplay as Joseph Joestar, you can dress up as a retired one who uses a suit or the adventurer one that uses all brown clothes with a cowboy hat. A funny character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that you can choose as cosplay inspiration.

Why do JoJo characters dress weird?

Because it was the result of the wild imagination of the creator of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Maybe, for some people, it is a weird thing, but instead, his unique style is easily recognized by people and loved by fans.

How many stands are in JoJo?

In total, from part 3 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, there are 168 stands in this anime. Each stand is unique and is owned by a different character with different abilities. That’s a lot of crazy ideas from the creator’s thoughts.

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