27 Highly Recommended Gifts for School Counselor

A school counselor plays a big role in helping and assisting students. Although they are not therapists nor teachers, school therapists need to know how to handle every student’s problems and issues. Whether it’s an issue about school problem, personal life, home, or social life, good school counselor needs to have the ability to help students dealing with those kinds of issues. Based on that reason, we can really say that school counselors carry huge responsibilities on their shoulders. for the best school counselor in your life, why don’t you treasure their hardship by giving them a great gift? Giving great gifts for school counselor is a noble thing to do, especially if you want to thank them for all the good things they have done to you.

For a school counselor who has been helping you so much throughout the school season, they deserve the best gift ever. However, choosing for the perfect gift can be a bit challenging, but don’t worry because it’s not that hard as long as you know where to look for the best gift to appreciate their hard work.

If you are looking for some inspirations for meaningful and best gifts for your favorite school counselor, make sure you stick around. Below we have created a list of 27 best gifts for counselor for you to consider. Keen to take a look? Let’s go!

BEST Gifts for School Counselor

In this guide, we unveil the best gifts that speak volumes of gratitude and appreciation, tailored for the everyday heroes in our schools. Dive in to find that perfect gesture, a gift that resonates with the dedication and care of a school counselor, inspiring you to make their day as special as they make every student’s journey.

1. Bamboo Cheese Board Gift Set

gifts for school counselor

The best gifts for school counselor is something that can come useful for them. As the first gift recommendation on our list, here we have this cheese board gift set made of organic Moso bamboo. If you know that your school counselor loves to spend their time in the kitchen, then we think this is the perfect gift to pick.

The casafield cheese boards are Eco-friendly with natural finish, which will be look pretty to be displayed or used for important occasions. Plus, it also comes with a slate tray, four knives, and 2 dip bowls! We have no doubt, the school counselor will be very happy getting this as a gift.

2. Mcwhorter Coffee Mug Set

gifts for school counselor

An elegant gold plated set of mugs as gifts for school counselor? Why not! As you can see, this set of gifts has the most elegant designs that no one can resist, including a special school counselor in your life. Therefore, we think this set of mugs will be an awesome pick for a special school counselor in your life.

In our opinion, these mugs offer true beauty, and each set consists of 6 mugs, with 16 Oz for the capacity. Carefully made of high quality porcelain, this is undoubtedly the best and most elegant set of gift to pick. So, let’s thank the school counselor with these gold-pleated mugs!

3. Luxury Spa Kit for Men

gifts for school counselor

Next up we have an ultimate self-care gift set from the LOVERY Store. This is a complete set of self-care items for men, making it the perfect gift for a male counselor who has done so much for the best of the students.

With so many problems to solve, we think your favorite counselor needs sometime to take care of himself, and that’s where this set of gift come to work. All products are infused with sandalwood and oak essential oils, all natural, and skin friendly formula. We have to say that the gift set contains everything that the school counselor might need for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience at home.

4. Maxi Premium Turkish Snacks Gift Set

gifts for school counselor

A festive treat gift set can be very entertaining for many people, including your favorite school counselor, we believe. So, when it comes the best gifts for school counselor, you might want to bring this box of happiness to them after school hour is over.

By doing so, you can let them enjoy some sweet snacks while finishing up their work before heading home. One box contains premium Turkish munchies snacks, and a high quality assortment of treats. Also, we also suggest that you add an appreciative wish on the gift card to make it more meaningful!

5. Japanese Elegant Tea Set 

gifts for school counselor

Lead-free, non-toxic, and beautifully presentable for big days or when having an important guest. That’s not all, because we think this tea set will also make a wonderful gift for your favorite school counselor. Also, this is a great choice of gift to describe how much you are thankful for having them as a school teacher.

Made of high quality ceramic, we think this Japanese elegant tea set will make a perfect gift for a special school counselor. It includes 1 teapot, 4 tea cups, 1 tea board, and 1 gift bag, which will make a great companion during afternoon tea time. In our opinion, it’s one of the most decent gifts for the school counselor.

6. Extra Cozy Hygge Gift Box

gifts for school counselor

Thank the counselor’s efforts for helping students go through their hard times at school with this curated gift box. Being a sweet gift for school counselors, this gift box consists of 9 items including 1 pair of cozy rustic knit cotton wool socks, stainless steel campfire mug with speckles, 1 unscented 4 inch candles, 1 vegan leather journal, and 1 pack of hand-crafted salted caramels, 1 wooden ornament with botanical print, 1 pack of holiday spiced tea selection, and bonuses. Whoa! Such a complete gift package.

What else do you possibly need from a complete gift set? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this gift set now before it runs out.

7. Black and Rose Gold Luxury Pen Gift Set

gifts for school counselor

If you are looking for something elegant as a gift for you favorite school counselor? We think this luxury retractable ballpoint pen will be a great pick. This elegant pen is wrapped in rose gold and black color. In our opinion, this pen looks gorgeous and it looks expensive, too.

Since it also comes with a leather box, we think the only thing missing is the greeting card to write your message on how you appreciate everything he has done at school. We would suggest that you pick a minimalist card paper, write your message, and get this decent gift ready for the school counselor.

8. Coffee Lovers Gift Set 

gifts for school counselor

Looking for a coffee-themed gift for the school counselor? Then say no more! Please allow us to recommend this box of coffee stuff for your coffee-lover counselor. In this box you will find a funny mug, good quality ground coffee roasted by Starbucks, a canvas desk print, and hand painted accents, plus a plush coffee bean ornament.

We think it has everything you need to have in a gift box for a coffee-lover. In addition, it also includes some of the funny quotes and sayings that will put a smile to your favorite school counselor’s face.

9. Chocolate and Coffee Gift Box

gifts for school counselor

Another choice of gift for coffee lover, right here we have another coffee box to give to your dear school counselor. But not only coffee, this gift set also contains white chocolate with raspberry and goji berry, 1 ceramic mug, and 1 piece tin of candle, too!

So, let your favorite counselor enjoy her cup of coffee in the morning accompanied by the scented candle, which we believe will make her feel more relaxed and fresh to start her days. In short, let her indulges her inner self with this perfect gift set.

10. Pretty Scented Candles Gift Set

gifts for school counselor

Counseling inside a nice scented room will calm down the nerves. Therefore, you might want want to make sure that your favorite school counselor has a nice scnted candle inside their counseling room. These candles can bring relaxation to students so they can be more comfortable telling their concern to the counselor, and this candle is the answer.

In our opinion, this set of candles can make that scenario come true. That’s why we decided to include this scented candle to our list. So, do you want to give this as a gift for the school counselor?

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11. A Gift Box Full of Men’s Needs

gifts for school counselor

Need to find a little more lavish gift set for your male school counselor? Don’t worry, because right here we have the perfect recommendation for you right here. This is a set of useful gifts for a stylish school counselor you know. Being one of the most recommended gifts for school counselor, this gift box of luxury is brought to you by Malisata.

Being one of the most complete gifts for school counselor, the package contains a belt, sunglasses, pen, wallet, watch, and also a keychain. In our opinion, this is a complete set of men’s most favorite accessories. We have no doubt he will gladly receive this as a gift, and feel much appreciated, too.

12. Ghirardelli Gold Glitter Sleigh Choco Gift Basket

gifts for school counselor

Respect the hardship of your favorite school counselor with this gold glitter chocolate basket from Ghirardelli. We can assure you that a sweet treat never fails to bring happiness to anyone, on any occasion. As for this one, we think the school counselor would be very happy to receive this sweet basket from you.

Being a lovely box full of chocolates, this gift consists of 8 chocolates including dark mint, peppermint stick, dark chocolate and many more. In our opinion, this gift will make a perfect box for school counselor who loves chocolate, too!

13. Two Tone Canvas Travel Bag

Two Tone Canvas Travel Bag

Moving on to the next gift recommendation, we have this bag! In our opinion, this is such an elegant and stunning travel bag to make a useful gift for a special person in your life. Being one of the most useful gifts for school counselor, especially male counselor, we highly recommend you to pick this bag.

Moreover, you can also customize the initial based on the school counselor’s name. It is stylish, has many compartments, and fit for traveling anywhere. Oh, and this bag is well made by Gifts for Guys Co. So, we can ensure it’s quality and durability.

14. Clear Acrylic Seasoning Boxes

Clear Acrylic Seasoning Boxes

This seasoning container contains 4 high quality acrylic boxes. As for this one, we think it’s one of the most recommended gifts for school counselor who loves to cook! It helps to organize the seasoning rack. Moreover, each box is also removable and comes with its own clear spoon.

In total you’ll get 4 boxes with 4 spoons, which will be very useful in the kitchen. In our opinion, you won’t regret having this as a gift for your favorite school counselor. We think this is going to be such a useful yet lovely item the school counselor had. 

15. True Way Hoodie with Sincere Message

True Way Hoodie with Sincere Message

Hoodie is a simple yet prefect gift for appreciating the school counselor who has done so much for the students. Plus, we also think this hoodie from the True Way has a positive message that spreads positivity and good vibe to everyone.

It might includes a short sentence only, but who ver thought that it can actually mean so much. We also believe that “You Matter” is one of the best mantras that the school counselor says to the students. But now, as you give this hoodie to them, the mantra becomes someone else’s wish for them. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

16. A Wooden Animal Phone Stand

True Way Hoodie with Sincere Message

These beautifully carved animal stands can keep the school counselor’s phone upright when they are on duty. But the function is not the main thing that this item offers, Just look at the design of it, and you’ll see that they all look super cute and adorable.

It can also add nice addition to your favorite school counselor’s working desk, too. Plus, it can create a nice ambiance, thanks to the adorable pattern of it. We highly recommend you to consider this as a gift for the counselor as it only costs you less than $30.

17. The Box of Emotions

True Way Hoodie with Sincere Message

We bet the school counselor can’t thank you enough for giving them this box of emotion as a gift. Being such a useful and meaningful gift, this set of cards can help the counseling session becomes so much easier for the counselor as well as the studene. The box consists of 80 cards and was designed by the Center for the History of The Emotions.

For a school counselor who is highly passionate about helping students deal with their problems and issues, we think this set of cards is highly recommended!

18. Floating Moon Desk Lamp

Floating Moon Desk Lamp

Increasing the counselor’s room ambiance to becomes more relaxing and less intimidating sounds like a good idea. In order to do that, we recommend you to get this floating moon desk lamp as a gift for them. Thanks to it’s unique design, we believe it will be one of their favorite room décor items.

Its levitating 3-D lunar replica is truly mesmerizing, and the warm light tone can vibrate a tranquil vibes across the room. Moreover, it’s rechargeable, so no battery is needed.

19. Modern Desktop Terracotta Planters

Floating Moon Desk Lamp

Since we are talking about room ambience, how about enhancing the school counselor’s personal space in their house or apartment with this next item? If your favorite counselor loves plants, then we think these modern desktop terracotta planters will make a very cute gift.

Thanks to it’s cute and unique design, we believe without a doubt that it can add more accent to the counselor’s private desk at home. Specially designed for desktop, we also believe that the size wouldn’t take much space.

20. Eyeglasses Holder from Wood

Floating Moon Desk Lamp

Does the school counselor wear eyeglasses everyday? Who knows, maybe they often encounter the ‘where is my glasses’ typical drama everyday. But, we can assure you that it won’t happen again if you give them this Rapa Nui eyeglasses holder as a gift.

Modeled after the famous Moai statues, this useful yet unique art piece will make a great addition to your favorite counselor’s working desk. In addition, it will also add a nice artsy touch since it is made in India.s

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21. Wooden Box Sign for Office Desk

Wooden Box Sign for Office Desk

A word of affirmation type of decoration as a gift? Why not! We can assure you that having this kind of gift will be such a perfect gift for a great school counselor who has been there when students are in need.

Take this next item for example. You can get this Blulu inspirational wooden box sign as a special and meaningful gift for a special counselor for 16 dollars only. In has so much meaning yet it’s very affordable, too. Also, we think this gift can be a reminder for the students and also for the counselor themselves.

22. Motivational Water Gallon

Motivational Water Gallon

Let the counselor know that you care about their well-being by giving this motivational 128 oz water bottle from Venture Pal Store as a gift. Aside from it’s reminder function, we think this bottle is also unique in terms of design. Plus, it’s available in many colors, eco-friendly, lightweight, and portable. What else could you possibly need from a water bottle?

Moreover, it will also be a nice reminder for the school counselor to maintain their water intake. As you know, with so much work to do, they might forget to drink regularly. Also, you don’t need to spend much as it will only cost you $16.

23. Keychain with Genuine Message

Keychain with Genuine Message

Make the school counselor’s day with this engraved keychain that can touch the counselor’s heart. After all the efforts they have given to their students, we believe without a doubt this honest message on a keychain is one thing they need to hear.

Made of stainless steel, this keychain features more than just a meaningful message. It also features durability, functions, and last but not least, a smooth craftsmanship. Let’s be honest here, what else could you possibly need from a keychain?

24. Nike Unisex Hoodie

Nike Unisex Hoodie

Looking for branded stuff, or kind of? If you are, then we can recommend this timeless style hoodie from Nike for you. After all, everyone need a good hoodie for any occasion, don’t you think? In that case, we believe that your favorite school counselor needs it, too.

As for this one, we think this one is the perfect hoodie because it’s unisex and comes in neutral color. It is made of cotton fleece, and it also machine wash friendly. In our opinion, this hoodie will be very comfortable to wear, and it can be worn on any season throughout the year!

25. Customized T-shirt

Customized T-shirt for School Counselors

Here we have the best t-shirt for the best counselor in town! This t-shirt will let the world know that the school counselor is the best counselor with this t-shirt. We personally think all students will agree on that, don’t you think?

Being a high-quality t-shirt, this product is launched by Teacher Appreciation Gifts store, making it a high-quality shirt for any occasion. We are pretty sure that this tee is worth giving to the best school counselor in town!

26. Igloo Lunch Snack

Gifts for School Counselor

Looking for a gift that can be used for a long period of time by a special school counselor? Search no more, because a lunch bag is the answer. For a recommendation of the best lunch bag, this one is definitely the best choice.

This nostalgic lunch bag is designed from Igloo, assuring high-quality and durability. Fully insulated to keep food fresh, adjustable shoulder strap, antimicrobial, leak resistant, and fit in up to 12 cans, we can’t think of other products rather than this one.

27. Initial Charm Necklace

Gifts for School Counselor

A grand and precious gift for thanking the school counselor after helping to solve the students’ problems at school. Yes, this necklace is indeed the best kind of gift for that purpose. We have to say that this gift will totally be worth it.

This initial necklace from NASHELLE can surely bring a big smile to your favorite school counselor’s face. Moreover, it also comes in several options that you can choose, and you can pick which color is best for her, be it gold or silver.

Final Thoughts

Being a school counselor is not easy. Dealing with various students’ issues and problems, a great school counselor needs to have whatever it takes to make sure the students are able to perform their best in school. For such a special school counselor who has done so much for students, that counselor deserves a special gift to make them feel appreciated and loved. Do make sure you pick the gift carefully, because you don’t know how much the gift will mean to them.

Check our list for the most recommended gifts for a special school counselor in your life.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What simple item can still impress the school counselor?

A minimalist notebook with high quality materials might work. You can consider buying the Moleskine Professional Composition notebook. It has 240 sheets, with 5 inch width. We suggest you get the black one, because it’s more exclusive.

What kind of technology advanced item that school counselors would totally love?

That is very easy. Air humidifier is everyone’s best friend now. Thanks to the pandemic (not literally thanking it) the air humidifier is becoming one of must-have items at home. You can get the ultrasonic humidifier from PureGuardian

What kind of wardrobe should I get for the school counselor in the winter?

A lightweight scarf that still can warm the body. You can get a horizontal stripe recycled scarf from United by Blue here. By giving this you can impress the school counselor, as well as saving our planet from textile waste.

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