25 Summer Camp Counselor Gifts To Appreciate Their Hard Work

Summer camp counselors are some of the hardest-working people you will ever meet. They work for months and even years to ensure their campers have the best summer ever. They work long hours, often through long days and weekends, with groups of rowdy kids. Your summer camp counselor is not only a dedicated professional but also a friend. Giving them a gift shows them that you appreciate all their hard work and care about them. Therefore, summer camp counselor gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation for all the time and effort that summer camp counselors put into keeping campers safe, happy, and well-fed!

Suppose you have favorite summer camp counselors and want to give them a token of appreciation, then you need fantastic gift ideas to impress them. If you are confused about choosing the best one, don’t worry!

From personalized gifts for teachers to cool outfits as staff appreciation ideas, we have compiled the best items across the internet just for you. Let’s look at our best summer camp counselor gifts in this article and you will find the perfect one for them!

Do You Give Camp Counselors A Gift?

You can give camp counselors gifts as a symbol of appreciation. They may not be allowed to receive expensive gifts, but simple gifts to show your honor is still okay. Or, you can give them useful gifts that support their job during the program. If you are looking for more inspiration for summer camp counselor gifts, then you can check in the article above.

How Do You Thank A Summer Camp Counselor?

You can say it directly to your summer camp counselor to show your appreciation of their hard work. If you are not good at direct talking, you can write messages along with a small gift of appreciation to show your sincerity. For more summer camp counselor gifts inspiration, please read in the article above.

BEST and Memorable Summer Camp Counselor Gifts

1. Summer Camp Autograph Pillowcase

Summer Camp Autograph Pillowcase

Give the gift that every summer camp counselor dreams of getting after a long tiring day: a pillow! Unlike the regular pillow, the unique design and white pillow cover allow you to put autographs on it.

You can also let other campers give a sign and thank you for the camp counselor’s hard work in the program. It will definitely be their special bunkmate that brings high quality sleep after finishing the job.

2. Certified Badass Summer Camp Counselor Sticker

Certified Badass Summer Camp Counselor Sticker

In case you are looking for simple summer camp counselor gifts as a symbol of appreciation, then you should give them this unique sticker. The straightforward design portrays how amazing they are as summer camp counselors. It can be stuck on any smooth surface, like their cars, to celebrate them being fantastic summer camp counselors and to display it in a humorous way.

It will be a fun gift that motivates them whenever they feel down.

3. Coffee Summer Camp Counselor T-Shirt

Coffee Summer Camp Counselor T-Shirt

Make a gag with this funny outfit for camp counselors who can’t live without coffee. It will be one of the most thought of summer camp counselor gifts in a funny way as it describes their secret power so well.

Made from 100%  ringspun cotton, the outfit is soft and breathable, perfect for your active camp counselors. They can mix and match it casually with jeans, shorts, or trousers to hang out or chill at home. We guarantee you that they will smile ear to ear receiving this gift.

4. Camp Life Pouch Bag

Camp Life Pouch Bag

Help your camp counselor organize their stuff by giving them the lovely pouch bag. The design is specially made for camp counselors, with a cute camping cartoon design printed on the front side.

It is made of canvas and is the perfect size to accommodate most of their daily accessories and toiletries. They are also handy as the size is tiny. Camp counselors with high mobility or those who love to travel will definitely need this simple bag.

5. Best Camp Counselor Ever Journal

Best Camp Counselor Ever Journal

Show your respect to your camp counselors with this journal. The cover symbolizes your admiration for them as the best camp counselor ever. It will be one of the most useful gifts as they can record notes and evaluate the program with the journal.

In addition, the small size allows them to bring it everywhere. What a handy one! And of course, the counselor’s gift is a symbol of appreciation from the campers they will cherish forever.

6. Beyond Bookmarks Camp Life Gift Box

Beyond Bookmarks Camp Life Gift Box

Tired of trying to find staff appreciation ideas? Then you should consider giving them a gift box full of fun and happiness as an amazing surprise! This camp care package is highly recommended as it is filled with loads of games and cool camp supplies for better camp experiences.

From amazing frisbee and water bomb ball for outdoor games to puzzle games and playing cards for indoor activities, this gift box will also add more game ideas for your camp counselors.

7. Barbeque Utensils Kit

Barbeque Utensils Kit

Let your favorite counselors enjoy the barbeque time by giving them the premium barbeque kit. Especially if they love to grill or cook meats very much, it will be one of the ideal summer camp counselor presents for them.

This kit provides 26 pieces of BBQ grill set which will support them to cook the meat easier and better. The knife comes in a long size which makes it quicker to cut the meats, while the spatulas will help your counselors to flip them to the other side. In addition, it is simpler to take the cooked food from the skewers, thanks to the “food removal ring” design. 

8. Camp Counselor Funny Mug

Camp Counselor Funny Mug

Show how proud you are to have them as amazing summer camp counselors by giving them this hilarious ceramic mug. The creative horse comparison pictures describe your fantastic summer camp counselors in a funny way. The amusing mug design will effortlessly match your counselor’s vibrant personality and boost their mood with every sip.

Since it comes in two sizes, we recommend buying a small one as the other one is too big for warm beverages, like coffee and tea. Definitely, one of the best gifts for summer camp counselors to appreciate their hard work in making a great program.

9. Summer Skin Care Package

Summer Skin Care Package

Spending most of the time outdoors must be difficult for your summer camp counselors as they are exposed to sunlight and radiation all day. Therefore, you can give them gifts that will protect their skin, such as this summer skin care package. It features sunscreen, soap, lip balm, washcloth, and bug repellant spray in one go that will be beneficial to maintain their skin.

They are recommended, especially if they love to camp in the wood, where insects commonly inhabit. Besides, the sizes are pretty small. So, they can bring them whenever they need to travel.

10. Campfire Squad Wish Bracelet

Campfire Squad Wish Bracelet

A little keepsake as a good luck charm is also one of the best presents a summer camp counselor can ever expect. You can give them the wish bracelet so they can make their own wish. Moreover, it features a small star in the twine bracelet that will grant the wish. Simply follow the instructions on the card after making a wish. It is believed that their wish will come true if they wear the bracelet and suddenly break in two.

Though all colors are lovely, it will be better to match the color with your counselor’s personality to show your respect.

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11. Camp Director Hat

Camp Director Hat

Surprise your camp counselor with cool fashion items as summer camp counselor gifts. The cool cap will definitely add more charm to them. It features a simple embroidered design on the front that describes them as a camp director of the program.

Thanks to the simple design, your camp counselors can easily wear it on any occasion. And of course, bring it for camping! Made from 100% cotton twill with an adjustable strap, your camp counselor will surely love to wear this comfortable hat all day.

12. Essential Tying Knot Kit

Essential Tying Knot Kit

This kit will definitely be a lifesaver even for experienced summer camp counselors during the program. With this kit, they can teach all the campers to tie knots in a simple way. It comes with colorful ropes and other stuff they need to explain the tying knot method to the campers easily.

Packed in a small and compact box, they can bring it in one go. Not to mention the keyring that allows them to attach the kit to their backpack.

13. Camp Life Embroidered Apron

Camp Life Embroidered Apron

Light up the summer camp vibes by giving your camp counselors a cool apron they can wear during the barbeque party. It has cool embroidered lettering that describes its camping life motto along with a creative camper van image.

Made from cotton and polyester, this apron is lightweight and comfortable, such a perfect summer camp counselor gift for barbeque lovers. Since you can choose the color, we highly suggest you choose the one that’s your counselor’s favorite. Pink, yellow, and orange are perfect for those with cheerful personalities. Meanwhile, the neutral khaki, black, or sage green are an easy match for your calm counselors.

14. Camp Counselor Sign

Camp Counselor Sign

Surprise your favorite camp counselor with this unique sign to respect their private room. Because it is composed of aluminum, it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor decoration. You can recommend hanging it on the bedroom wall to enliven the space.

The design gives a strong statement about their expertise and calling as camp counselors. But again, pick colors that synchronize their inner souls to make it more meaningful. Your favorite counselors will surely be happy to receive this cool gift.

15. Grill Master Gift Set

Grill Master Gift Set

For those who don’t have much time to clean the big grill, this gift set will be the perfect solution. The gift set features kabob grilling baskets and flavor-infusing grilling wrap, making a faster and simple grilling experience.

Packed in a cool mesh grill bag, your camp counselors can bring this set on the go. Therefore, they can enjoy the grill anywhere and anytime they want. What a masterpiece for BBQ lovers!

16. Camping Multi Tool

Camping Multi Tool

Who would expect that you may need a rope cutter and can opener at the same time? A summer camp counselor would! With the multipurpose tool, you can help their job during the program well. The simple design comes with ten features they will need to survive during the camp.

From the simple cutter to the tent peg puller, all those skills are available in the fantastic tool. Even more remarkable, it is small. Hence, your counselor can easily slip it into a pocket or bag.

17. Electrolyte Hydration Mix

Electrolyte Hydration Mix

Keep your camp counselors hydrated by giving them the electrolyte drink as a counselor’s summer camp gift. Especially if they sweat a lot, they need more than just water to balance ions in their body. The hydration mix drink works better than water alone in hydrating the bloodstream quickly and effectively.

With notes of berry and honey aromas, passion fruit is both energizing and refreshing. You can make it a gift, especially for those who love outdoor activities that require extra energy.

18. Camping Party Silicone Wrist Bracelet

Camping Party Silicone Wrist Bracelet

The camping silicone wrist bracelet will be one of the best staff appreciation ideas to remind them of the amazing program. You can give this bracelet to all your summer camp counselors as an additional accessory that expresses their love for camping. It has various colors and designs, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

If you are confused about which one is perfect for your summer camp counselors, just try to observe their personalities. Pick one that suits them best!

19. Neon Whistle Necklace

Neon Whistle Necklace

Support your camp counselors’ job with the iconic stuff they should have: a whistle! As you give them summer camp counselor gifts, try to make them memorable by giving them in neon colors. Apart from looking gorgeous, those bright colors are easy to find. So, they can easily find it if they accidentally drop it.

You can consider their favorite color before giving them. Or, you can simply buy all the colors so they will get extra stock. Besides, they can put it on the bag as an accessory as well.

20. 52 Essential Coping Skills Kit

52 Essential Coping Skills Kit

As your summer camp counselors need to be happy and fun all the time, they may hide their stress and anxiety behind them. Help them to release their worries away by giving them the essential coping skills kit. It has 52 exercises that can be used to recognize personal triggers and learn how to react to them.

They can also use it with other counselors to help them acknowledge their feelings without being judgemental. Developed by a Harvard researcher, this exercise is legit recommended for counselors that are often pressured. What a thoughtful gift!

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21. Recycled Nature Scenery Socks

Recycled Nature Scenery Socks

Your summer camp counselors may also be environment enthusiasts as they interact with nature a lot. Therefore, you can give them the recycled socks as summer camp counselor gifts. In fact, it is made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, two materials that are considered wastes.

The amazing design portrays the fantastic nature scenery that will delight them. They may use them with their pajamas, during camping to warm their feet, or simply wrapping with a blanket while hanging around the pit. This gift will definitely make them smile ear to ear.

22. Men’s Organizing Travel Pack

Men’s Organizing Travel Pack

A simple gift your summer camp counselor may never think that it exists, this travel pack is the true lifesaver. The set comes with several bags in different sizes for various pictures that describe the purpose of each item. They can separate clothes, shoes, and even charger cables in different pouches.

By keeping valuables organized, untangled, and simple to locate, these fashionable pouches facilitate your busy summer camp counselors. Also, look at the design! They are awesome, especially for those counselors that are into aesthetic designs.

23. Wireless Water Dancing Speaker

Wireless Water Dancing Speaker

Get your summer camp counselors a little company by giving them this cool speaker. Especially if they can’t live without music, the speaker will be a perfect gift to fill the atmosphere and lift the mood.

Unlike the regular speaker, it comes with unique water dancing in colorful lights, depending on the music beat. Thus, your counselors can display it in their rooms as night lamps to accompany them sleeping at night. The mesmerizing visual may also help them to gain more inspiration for the next summer camp program. Or even cooler, bring the speaker to the camp!

24. Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

If you are looking for gifts for summer camp counselors that will be beneficial for the next summer camp, this picnic blanket will be the answer. This blanket is suitable for outdoor and indoor use because it is made of polyester, foam sponge, and waterproof PEVA.

Thus, they don’t have to worry about the blankie when the rain comes since it won’t soak in the water. Besides using the blanket for outdoor activity, it is also ideal for living room decoration, thanks to its elegant striped plaid pattern.

25. Summer Camp Chaos Coordinator Tank Top

Summer Camp Chaos Coordinator Tank Top

In case your summer camp counselors love to wear tank tops, then you should give them this gift as a symbol of appreciation. The tank top comes with obvious but funny lettering, as their main job as summer camp counselors is to fix chaos during the program. Furthermore, the design is simple and loose. So, the cotton tank top is breathable and comfy to use in hot summer temperatures.

Since it comes in diverse colors, you can easily pick one that is your counselor’s favorite. Your summer counselor will feel grateful to receive this gift as you care for their demanding job.

Final Thoughts

Being a summer camp counselor is challenging. They need to ensure that the camping goes on smoothly with minimum troubles. Hence, surprising them with a special gift will be meaningful and touch their hearts dearly. You can give various presents. But, we recommend something memorable they can use for their summer activities—for example, tank tops, hats, barbeque kits and aprons, pillows, and blankets. If you want something more unique, you can try an essential camping kit where your counselors can teach their students to do tie knotting for survival skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it hard being a camp counselor?

Counseling is a demanding profession, especially during summer camp. The summers can be scorching, and the hours are long. It might be demanding to provide for children’s needs all day and night. It calls for perseverance, maturity, and patience. Therefore, you can show your appreciation by giving them summer camp counselor gifts. We hope you will find more gift ideas in the article above.

What does a camp counselor do?

Camp counselors work with campers to organize, direct, and carry out camp activities. They usually will think creatively to choose ideal games that hone leadership and survival skills.  Additionally, they offer top-notch educational possibilities in a fun setting that promotes development via worry-free play.

They play double roles as teachers and friends at the same time to make the campers have a great experience.

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