25 Supportive Gifts for Unemployed Family Relations 

Being unemployed is depressing. Time and also money might have been wasted as time goes by. We understand that it would be great to give interesting, motivational gifts for unemployed friends or family. Giving special gifts can always be a good way of keeping them energized, motivated, and not to mention less depressed. We believe that they have tried their best, but maybe time is not their side, yet. So, let’s find the best gifts for unemployed that will boost their confidence and keep their chip up while waiting for the best opportunities to knock on their door.

By giving supportive gifts for unemployed friends or family, especially ones that are eager to improve their skills and expertise, hopefully they will feel motivated to work even harder. Therefore, we have listed 25 interesting gifts for your unemployed loved ones. In the list, you’ll find a snack bar, chocolate gift box, books, funny shirts, and a painting kit that might improve their creativity skills. So, shall we check them out?

1. Funemployed Shirt

Funemployed Shirt

A funny shirt would be an interesting gift for unemployed family. Sometimes, they would need consolation so that they could get some energy when they are looking for opportunities. The shirt has up to 5 colors you can choose according to your family’s preferences. So, check this item out before it runs out!

2. The Unemployed Survival Guide Book

The Unemployed Survival Guide Book

No matter how impressive the resume and cover letter are, first you need to know the basic strategies on how to hunt for the best jobs. This“The Unemployed College Graduate’s Survival Guide” book will help your unemployed friends with the best advice to sharpen their interview and resume making skills. In addition, the book also includes some tips on making them a stand out candidate in the eyes of the employers. This books is gonna be a great gift for unemployed friends, especially those who just graduated! 

3. Almond Milk & Honey Bath Set

Almond Milk & Honey Bath Set

If you have a female friend who is currently looking here and there for jobs, then it’s understandable if she can feel a bit stressed out sometime. To help her relax after a tiring day, you can give her this almond milk and honey bath set as a gift. This gift set can help to relax her mind and make her feel fresh to start another job hunting struggles. This bath set are made of natural ingredients, making them great for the skin. Get this set now before it runs out, and give it to your dear friend as an unemployed gift.

4. Happy Gift Card

Happy Gift Card

Food is everyone’s love language. So, if you choose to give this happy gift card to your unemployed family, hopefully you can be happier despite their efforts to find the best jobs out there. This gift card is valid for use in several restaurants as listed in the card. Simply by topping up some balance in the card, they can directly use it in any restaurant they want! This gift card comes as a sweet gift for someone who needs a nice treat after having a hard day.

5. Snack Basket

Snack Basket

Looking for things that can support your unemployed friends to be more spirited? This snack basket can be their best supporter. While hunting for a job, they might also have a skill development class. To support their efforts, we can give this snack bar that consists of sweet and savory snacks to them. This big snack bar can be your choice in giving practical and supportive gifts for unemployed friends.

6. Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate is one of the best mood boosters ever! For a friend who’s feeling stressed out after looking for a job, this box of chocolate is the best choice of gift for that friend, ever. You will find 15 types of delicious chocolate in one box, beautifully wrapped in a pretty box. This item will be the perfect gift for unemployed friend, which is also the best consolation gift, ever!

7. Hickory Farms Gift Box

Hickory Farms Gift Box

It feels good when we can help our unemployed friend by giving them additional food supplies, don’t you think? So why not sending them food packages to console them? This unique meat & cheese gift box is certainly one of the greatest gifts for unemployed friends or family. Made of nutritious ingredients, especially the signature beef sausages, the contents of this box can turn into any great dish, through amazing cooking skills, of course. 

8. 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication Book

10 Skills for Effective Business Communication

Business communication skills are important. This is the skill that teaches us on how to communicate and share information with others, including with our business partners or colleagues. During a job interview, people can also ask us about business communication skill. Therefore, this book will be a great unemployed gift for those who are currently hunting for jobs. This book will be one of the best gifts for unemployed friends or family, which will help them to prepare themselves before going into the corporate world. 

9. The Real Strategies to Dream Job Success Book

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The best gift for unemployed family might be books that can help them to improve their soft skills and hard skills. This book called “The Real Strategies to Dream Job Success” provides the reader with the first steps to go into the job market. Moreover, this book also consists of strategies to have a successful job interviews, too. Check this book out and see if you can have this as a gift for unemployed family before it runs out!

10. Speak with No Fear Book

Speak with No Fear

Public speaking skill is important while we are entering the professional and corporate world. This book titled Speak with No Fear will provide you with important tips on how to speak professionally in front of many people. In the professional world, to speak in front of many people is unavoidable. Therefore, advancing this skill will prepare anyone to be ready for having many presentations later on. Therefore, we added this book as a recommended gift for unemployed friends and family. 

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11. The 2-Hour Job Search Book

The 2-Hour Job Search

“The 2-Hour Job Search” helps you to use the best out of technology to get the right job faster. Especially during these times, you don’t need to go door to door to submit your CV. Many job search sites are there to help you to find the right job that suits your experiences and qualifications, and even your preferred work-location. This book can be a useful gift for unemployed family who have difficulties in finding the most suitable job through online sites and other advanced tools. 

12. Women’s Casual Blouse

Women’s Casual Blouse

Looking for a casual blouse for your unemployed friend? Take a look at this blouse with a unique design! It has pop-up flowers on the sleeves, and it’s made of polyester and soft fabric that will give the feeling of comfort to anyone who wears it. Made of soft materials, the casual blouse is perfect not only for work, but also for dates or casual parties. Take this item as a gift for your unemployed friend, so that she can wear for a job interview.

13. Resume & Cover Letter Writing Package

Resume & Cover Letter Writing Package

Sometimes, we are struggling to make an attractive and professional resume and cover letter that stands out. Therefore, we recommend you to give this package as a gift for unemployed family members. The package will help them to have a level-up job hunting skill by advancing resume and cover letter writing skills that suit their qualifications. In addition, there will also be a worksheet sent by the supplier so that they know what kind of writing skills they need to be successful. 

14. Personalized Leather Portfolio 

Personalized Leather Portfolio

It’s important to write ideas or employment info on the notes that we can carry everywhere. Therefore, this personalized leather portfolio journal will be one of the most useful gifts for unemployed friends and family. To make it look like a special gift, we can add our own personalization such as choosing one from three colors offered and sewed name on the journal book cover. The leather cover on the journal book is sewed by hand, so it will be the perfect gift for the your unemployed friends and family!

15. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card

Being unemployed for too long can be stressful, so we need some kind of entertainment in the house! If your unemployed brothers or sisters love movies, drama series, or just a short documentary on Netflix, then this Netflix digital gift card can be a great gift idea! This gift card will allow them to enjoy Netflix streaming for almost 3 months and valid on any device, as long as it has an active internet connection. This gift card would be a great surprise gift! 

16. Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit

People often feel bored or stressed out when they have no jobs. This embroidery kit fits a person who wants to be stress-free and wants to enjoy therapeutic activities. It includes a guide booklet, an embroidery needle, thread card with labeled DMC cotton thread colors, pre-printed cotton twill fabric, and a wooden 6 inch embroidery hoop. Isn’t it right to give this item as a gift for unemployed sisters? 

17. Thinking, Fast and Slow Book

Thinking, Fast and Slow

One of the New York Times Best Seller Books, Thinking, Fast and Slowprovides knowledge on two systems that drive the way we think; logical and intuitive. This book also offers insights on when to think intuitively and logically, which becomes important when we are already landing on our job. This book will help our friends to think in different ways while working professionally. Therefore, the book written by Daniel Kahneman will be the best gift for them, before and even after being employed. 

18. Macrame Kit

Gifts for Unemployed

Another gift that can help unemployed sisters to take some rest from job hunting activities, is this macrame kit. The kit has included a macrame tools set and video tutorial to help people create macrame and build their creative thinking. Once the macrame is complete, she can use it as a wall decor. Therefore, this macrame kit can be considered as a great gift for unemployed sisters!

19. Office Bag

Gifts for Unemployed

A good bag can take you to wherever you wanna go. So, gift this office bag, which was made of vegan leather, to your unemployed friends as a motivational gift. You can personalize the bag with initials of the receiver, which make it look more special. They will find amazing features such as interior zipper pockets, exterior pockets, and magnet closure for safety. They can use this bag for formal job interviews or after they are employed. Without a doubt, this exquisite leather bag is a great gift for unemployed friends to prepare them for their future job.

20. Paint by Number

Gifts for Unemployed

Paint by number is known as a painting kit that will train our focus on colors and concept through written numbers. So, you must paint the sketch according to the instructions. Moreover, paint by number kit can help boost our creative thinking and concentration. Unemployed people often feel stressful and bored as well, so this painting by number kit will be a great gift for them. The set included color tubes, sketch, color instructions, mini easel, and also painting brushes. 

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21. Skills Development Book 

Gifts for Unemployed

The good thing about being unemployed is that we have a lot of time to improve our knowledge and develop our way of thinking. This skills development book provides knowledge on training programs for the unemployed, and also the importance of skills development workshops for trainees. This book will be helpful as a gift for unemployed siblings who want to know the pros and cons of training programs while preparing for their dream jobs. 

22. Self-care Coffee Relaxation Gift Box

Gifts for Unemployed

We understand that unemployed people can feel depressed, especially when time (and perhaps money) are no longer on their side. Therefore, we recommend you to choose this self-care coffee relaxation set as a gift for unemployed friends. The set includes a glass mug, body scrub, and natural soy wax to help your friends rest for a while before starting another job hunting activities. 

23. Ultimate Starbucks Coffee Box

Gifts for Unemployed

Who doesn’t love Starbucks coffee? Coffee helps us to stay relaxed, awake, and focused. This Starbucks coffee box can be one of your choices in giving a gift for unemployed friends. Since it’s called the ultimate box, the set includes several interesting items, such as Biscoff biscuits, chocolate bar, coffee bag, and also coffee sachets. You can also add your motivational message to support your unemployed friends. 

24. Gainfully Unemployed

Gainfully Unemployed

We understand that it’s depressing to be jobless. Aside fro being financially unstable, we can also feel tired after trying our best with no significant results so far. Gift this “Gainfully Unemployed: 17 Ways to Maintain Your Sanity while Looking for Work” book for unemployed friends or family, which will provide them with 17 pieces of advice on how to avoid stress while hunting for a job. The book will also navigate them to stay sane and patient while waiting for the perfect job. This book is literally the ultimate guide for unemployed people to stay spirited and patient.

25. Linen White Shirt

Gifts for Unemployed

One of the best motivations for an unemployed brother is by giving them new clothes, such as this simple linen shirt. It is made of high quality linen that provides him comfort, even when he is going to the office, a casual party, or if you are just taking a walk in the park. This linen shirt will be perfect as a gift for an unemployed brother, so that he can stay fresh for job hunting, until he finally finds the perfect job.

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What is a good gift for someone who is unemployed?

For unemployed friends and family, it would be best to give something that can boost their motivation while finding jobs and improving their knowledge while preparing themselves for job interviews. All employers would love to have people with the highest quality physically and mentally, right? Therefore, we recommend some books such as ‘The Unemployed College Graduate’s Survival Guide’ and The 2-Hour Job Search book as a gift for unemployed friends. We can also give a resume and cover letter writing package to help them in writing skills while applying for jobs. 

What to send to someone who lost their job?

It is understandable that someone who lost their job will be more depressed because there is no source of revenue, because they will have financial instability. Therefore, we recommend you to give something that can cheer them up, such as a snack basket and a box of assorted chocolate. We can also help fulfill their food supplies when they are in need, such as unique meat & cheese gift boxes. 

What do you do when you lose your job?

Having some rest and reading books to add more knowledge, and improve our self-quality so that when we are about to apply for new jobs, we know we are valuable, knowledgable, and also attractive. Therefore, we can become a stand-out candidate in the eyes of the employers. 

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