25 Perfect Gifts for Ex Boyfriend That Will Catch His Attention

Did you know that you can still exchange gifts with your ex-boyfriend? A woman who still loves her ex-boyfriend can continue to be in a relationship with him as a good friend. You can give practical, fashionable, or even unique items to express your affection that is still in your heart.

Don’t let your beautiful moments with your ex-boyfriend slip by and just disappear. Cool gifts can help you to make an impression and bring back your ex-boyfriend’s memories of the good time together.

Is your boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend having a birthday soon? Do you want to give a gift that your ex-boyfriend will not forget? Do not panic! We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for your ex-boyfriend to be able to draw his attention and affection back into your arms.

Best Practical Gifts for Ex Boyfriend

Practical items can help with all the needs and activities of your ex-boyfriend. Give him these cool and functional products to show that you still love him.

1. Forget You’re Awesome Flask

Forget You're Awesome Flask

If you still love him, then you can give him this practical flask. This is a form of attention. Made of industry-standard 304 Stainless Steel, this gift for an ex-boyfriend can keep his favorite liquor cold and delicious for a longer time. Perfect gift for those who love to drink liquor on the go.

2. Electric Shaver for Men & Grooming Kit

Electric Shaver for Men & Grooming Kit

If your ex-boyfriend has beards, then this all-in-one electric shaving kit is ideal for him. Show that you still care about him by giving this cool gift. This Multifunction Grooming Kit consists of 6 shaver functions, including a hair clipper, beard razor, facial massage brush, facial cleansing brush, and other tools. This tool can last for 90 minutes non-stop if it is fully charged.

3. Wood Phone Docking Station for Men

Wood Phone Docking Station for Men

Help him to organize all his personal belongings with this wooden nightstand organizer. It is perfect for storing cell phones, key chains, watches, glasses, and wallets. Made of premium wood with a marble-like texture, this cool item is ideal for your ex-boyfriend. On the organizer, there is an engraving that says I love you forever. What a deep message to show the love for your ex-boyfriend that is still there.

4. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Don’t let your ex-boyfriend starve in the morning. Help him cook a simple breakfast with this non-stick breakfast maker as a form of attention. He can cook burgers, pancakes, or sandwiches with the device. Perfect for a healthy breakfast or fast food when in a hurry.

5. Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

Is your ex-boyfriend a mobile person? Give him this cool anti-theft laptop bag. This bag features an anti-theft back pocket and locks with a tight locking system. The backpack also has a built-in external USB port to make it easy to charge his smartphone on the go.

6. Whiskey Glass Set Engraved “To My Handsome Man” Gifts

Whiskey Glass Set Engraved “To My Handsome Man” Gifts

Don’t let your ex-boyfriend’s drinking experience be mediocre. Give him a Whiskey Glass Set Engraved for maximum enjoyment of his favorite liquor without diluting it. This set features “Ace of Hearts” stones made of GreenCor Stainless Steel. The stone cubes offer optimal temperature control and do not melt like conventional ice. The message of love engraved on the box will draw his attention back.

7. Premium Scented and Relaxation Candles for Men

Premium Scented and Relaxation Candles for Men

Calm your ex-boyfriend’s mind and body with this elegant and functional candle. Apart from being a warm light source, this candle also provides soothing aromatherapy. It has various scents such as cedarwood and vanilla beans to give positive energy to your ex-boyfriend.

Best Unique Gifts for Ex Boyfriend

Items with a unique design and appearance are always worthy of attention. The uniqueness contained in the items will be the center of attention. Give the following best unique gifts for your ex-boyfriend to make him smile again.

8. Antique Nautical Vintage Directional Magnetic Compass

Antique Nautical Vintage Directional Magnetic Compass

Antique objects will give an unusual impression to your ex-boyfriend. This corrosion-resistant antique brass compass features an old-fashioned design with extraordinary antique ornamentation. This unique item can be used for navigation purposes on roads or adventure fields.

9. Take Your Pick Guitar Pick Set

Take Your Pick Guitar Pick Set

Give a unique item that your ex-boyfriend will never forget. For instance, if he is a musician, this unique guitar pick is a perfect choice. It conveys a number of meaningful emotions and affection. The guitar pick is made of lead plectrum that comes with a premium wooden display case. With this guitar pick, your ex-boyfriend can create a beautiful and romantic tone.

10. Lovebox Color & Photo

Lovebox Color & Photo

Your connection with your ex-boyfriend will continue through this unique Lovebox. This unusual device features a smartphone application to convey extraordinary affection. Yu can edit beautiful moments such as pictures, animations, photos, and love messages. Buy this cool product to go beyond ordinary communication.

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11. MAH 8” Brass Ship Sextant with Wooden Stand Item for Office

MAH 8'' Brass Ship Sextant with Wooden Stand Item for Office

Here is a unique decoration for your ex-boyfriend’s workspace! He will be impressed by this marine binocular’s unique designs and ornaments. The combination of brass, steel, and wood gives a very unique and ancient impression.

12. Heart Decor Gift for Him

Heart Decor Gift for Him

Next is this unique and romantic little gift! The accessory features a red heart in a transparent glass bottle. “You’re still the best decision I ever made” is a beautiful message that can win back the attention of your ex-boyfriend. What a unique and romantic gift idea for your ex-boyfriend.

13. Personalized Boyfriend Photo Wallet Gift

Personalized Boyfriend Photo Wallet Gift

Engrave your photo with your ex-boyfriend on a premium leather wallet. This cool wallet features precision engraved photos that last forever and never fade like your never-fading love for your ex-boyfriend. The compact design makes this cool wallet ideal for storing all your credit cards, driver’s licenses, money, business cards, and other knick-knacks.

14. I Love You Sign for Him

I Love You Sign for Him

A unique and interesting sign to remind you that you always love your ex-boyfriend. The words are engraved very touchingly on this unique plaque. Featured in a soft pink color, this product is perfect for decorating the desk as a reminder. Besides being elegant, this love plaque also gives your ex-boyfriend’s office an artistic touch.

Custom Love Letter Cufflinks

A message of love that will stick to your ex-boyfriend’s sleeve! This minimalist cufflink features a unique little envelope design. It conveys a sweet message of love, and it will add a unique accent to your ex-boyfriend’s work outfit.

16. Song Keychain Personalized Album Keyring

Song Keychain Personalized Album Keyring

Music is a symbol of love and memories. And now, you can immortalize your ex-boyfriend’s favorite music in a unique keyring. This incredibly well-made keychain features a unique music player design with stunning transparent material. It uses a laser-cut technique with high-quality and high-resolution UV printing.

17. Wooden Music Box – Can’t Help Falling in Love

Wooden Music Box – Can’t Help Falling in Love

Music can bring back good memories of your ex-boyfriend. Hence, this unique music box would be a good gift if you want to win him back! A meaningful message of love is beautifully engraved on the lid, making it looks even more special. This gift for an ex-boyfriend presents artistic and unique designs and ornaments. Turn the lever by hand to create a beautiful melody that brings back romantic memories.

18. Math Formulas Tie

Math Formulas Tie

If your ex-boyfriend is a logical person who loves math, then this quirky tie is perfect for him. The mathematical formula tie has a blue background that gives a smarter accent to your ex-boyfriend’s work outfit. What a unique gift!

19. Music Box Vintage Typewriter Style

Music Box Vintage Typewriter Style

Who would have thought that a music box could be this unique? This mechanical music box takes the form of a classic typewriter. It will make a perfect display piece in your ex-boyfriend’s living room.

Best Casual Gifts for Ex Boyfriend

Casual gifts are preferable when you want to give something to your ex boyfriend. You can improve the appearance of your ex-boyfriend’s outfit by providing the following casual items.

20. Hidden Message Jewelry Ex-Boyfriend Bracelet

Hidden Message Jewelry Ex Boyfriend Bracelet

This minimalist and casual necklace contain a meaningful love message for your ex-boyfriend. Made of genuine leather, the cool bracelet can be personalized with your own secret and romantic message on the back. You can write up to 11 words of love on this casual and elegant item.

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21. Authentic MLB Stadium Seat Relic Watches

Authentic MLB Stadium Seat Relic Watches

Relive your ex-boyfriend’s love and care by gifting this genuine, premium leather watch. This gift for an ex-boyfriend features an Authentic MLB Stadium Relic design that’s perfect for baseball lovers. It has a casual design yet offers a precision-operated Swiss movement, a finely polished stainless-steel case, and an eco-leather strap.

22. Vostey Men’s Hiking Boots Waterproof Casual

Vostey Men's Hiking Boots Waterproof Casual

Give these casual shoes with synthetic leather base material to increase the confidence of your ex-boyfriend. Made from selected quality materials, these boots are waterproof and comfortable to wear. These casual shoes feature a natural rubber outsole with a rugged and bumpy texture that makes them non-slip.

23. Vitelli Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Vitelli Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

This casual style multifunctional pouch brings great value to your ex-boyfriend. Featuring a casual Italian design, this bag is made of premium leather and has a strong zipper. Your ex-boyfriend will love this item unconditionally!

24. Steve Madden Men’s Dress Casual Everyday Leather Belt

Steve Madden Men's Dress Casual Everyday Leather Belt

Give proper attention to your ex-boyfriend’s outfit. So it will be thoughtful of you to give him this Steve Madden men’s casual belt. It is ideal for various occasions. This fashionable item is made of a premium blend of leather and polyurethane, making it flexible yet durable.

25. TBMPOY Men’s Windproof Bomber Jackets

TBMPOY Men's Windproof Bomber Jackets

An elegant and casual look with a romantic maroon color will attract the attention of your ex-boyfriend. Hence, this maroon jacket is a good choice for a gift. It is made of lightweight, wind-resistant fabric. This fashionable jacket is windproof, providing excellent protection against wind and sun. Order this cool item right away before it runs out!

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What is the best gift to give to your ex-boyfriend?     

It’s a very important question. If you are looking for the best gift to give to your ex-boyfriend, then you can choose Lovebox Color & Photo or Wood Burned Desk Photo Clock or Personalized Boyfriend Photo Wallet Gift. These gifts for your ex-boyfriend are claimed to be the best because they present the most precious photos and moments of the two of you. So, you can draw back his love.

Is it OK to give your ex a gift?  

It’s simple! You are allowed to give gifts to your ex-boyfriends. No one has the right to hinder this. There are no regulations that prohibit you from giving gifts to him. So, be confident and give him the best gift.

How do I win my boyfriend again?  

Love and affection cannot be simply forgotten. You can give the best romantic items to improve your relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Don’t let you choose the wrong product. Bring back the beautiful memories together, so he believes that you still love him.

How can I attract my ex-boyfriend?  

If you want to get the attention of your ex-boyfriend back, then there are a few things you should do. You can improve your appearance to make it more beautiful and attractive. In addition, you can also pay more attention to him. For instance, you can buy him gifts or items that are useful for his daily life.

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