23 Unique Gifts For Dog Groomers They Will Appreciate

Perhaps the groomer you know is a seasoned pro and could shampoo poodles in their sleep! Or, maybe they’re just starting out and are celebrating their new dream job as a canine grooming specialist.

Either way, we’ve compiled a must-see list of gifts for dog groomers that are sure to receive four paws up no matter the occasion.

Cool Gift Ideas For Dog Groomers

#1 Dog Groomer T-Shirt

Dog Groomer T-Shirt

Whether they wear it for work or keep it to show off on off-duty days, this funny dog groomer t-shirt is sure to draw a smile the moment they see it. Perfect for styling with their favorite pair of jeans and letting everyone know what they do for a living, even when they have a day off from grooming all those pups!

Shop the Dog Groomer T-shirt Here

#2 Dog Groomer Apron 

Dog Groomer Apron

The next time someone brings their four-legged friend to your dog groomer asking them to ‘just brush out’ their dogs’ knots and matted hair, they’ll be more than happy you gifted them this hilarious (and highly practical) apron! It’s adjustable, made from 100% cotton, and even has large pockets at the front for storing any grooming tools they need on hand. What’s more, it comes in purple, blue, green, berry, and red so you can choose a color that matches their business decor.

Shop the Dog Groomer Apron Here


#3 Aquapaw Pro Dog Grooming Sprayer and Scrubber 

Aquapaw Pro Dog Grooming Sprayer and Scrubber

When it comes to practical gift ideas for dog groomers, few are as handy as this Aquapaw dog grooming sprayer and scrubber. With a simple click-on click-off function, it’s made for grooming pets with ease whether they’re at work or taking care of their own pups at home. It’s compatible with indoor showers and means they can spray, clean, and scrub their dog clean using just one tool. Less fuss and less mess!

Shop the Aquapaw Pro Dog Sprayer and Scrubber Here

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#4 Dog Grooming Hourly Rate T-Shirt 

Dog Grooming Hourly Rate T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt has to be one of our favorite gifts for dog groomers. Not only is it genuinely stylish and available in navy, black, or dark heather, it also has a hilarious price list print. No dog groomer needs an audience or to be told how to do their job after all. Thankfully, this t-shirt makes all of that perfectly clear without them needing to say a word!

Shop the Dog Grooming Hourly Rate T-shirt Here


#5 Zen Dog Garden Sculptures

Zen Dog Garden Sculptures

For the dog groomer that loves to spend time in the garden, these zen dog garden statues will add a humorous touch to their outdoor space. They come in two different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits their yard size. Alternatively, both the small and large dogs look great as a pair if you want to go all out!

Shop the Zen Dog Garden Sculptures Here

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#6 Quality Dog Grooming Table 

Quality Dog Grooming Table

Practical dog groomer gifts don’t get better than their very own dog grooming table. Whether they need a new one for their current business or you’re helping them start a new venture, this quality table comes with adjustable legs, a non-skid top, and is 100% waterproof!

Shop the Dog Grooming Table Here


#7 Relaxation Candle For Dog Groomers 

Relaxation Candle For Dog Groomers

After a long day shampooing, brushing, and looking after excitable doggos, the dog groomer you know deserves to unwind with this vanilla-scented relaxation candle. Specifically made for dog groomers, it even comes with an inspiring chill-out message printed on the front.

Shop the Relaxation Candle Here


#8 Funny Fantastic Dog Groomer Coffee Mug 

Funny Fantastic Dog Groomer Coffee Mug

From their morning coffee to a relaxing cup of tea on a break or at the end of the day, this funny dog groomer mug is ideal for hot drink lovers with a good sense of humor! What’s more, you can personalize the inside with their favorite color and there are eight shades to choose from.

Shop the Funny Fantastic Dog Groomer Coffee Mug Here


#9 Humorous Dog Groomer Shirt – Dog Groomer Life 


It’s funny because it’s true! This t-shirt is ideal for anyone searching out fun clothing gifts for dog groomers. It’s guaranteed to make them laugh and, if they’re brave enough to wear it to work, should get a chuckle out of their customers and colleagues too!

Shop the Humorous Dog Groomer Shirt – Dog Groomer Life Here


#10 Dog Breed Umbrellas 

Dog Breed Umbrellas

It’s no secret that most dog groomers absolutely adore dogs. Luckily, on our search for unique gifts for dog groomers, we found this dog breed umbrella which should be perfect for them! From German Shepherds to Golden Retrievers and Poodles to Pugs, there are 22 different dog breed silhouettes to choose from. This is the quintessential gift for rainy dog walks in the park or keeping them dry on their way to a day at the groomers.

Shop the Dog Breed Umbrellas Here


#11 It’s My Life It’s My Passion Vintage Poster 

It's My Life It's My Passion Vintage Poster

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift because someone you know is starting their own dog grooming business (or they’re coming up on a special work anniversary), gift them this truly thoughtful, vintage-style poster. We can say with certainty it’s one of the kindest gifts for dog groomers we’ve ever come across.

Shop the It’s My Life It’s My Passion Vintage Poster Here


#12 Dog Barber Long Sleeve Shirt 

Dog Barber Long Sleeve Shirt

For the dog groomer, excuse us, dog barber you know that likes to keep things fashionable, gift them this cool, printed, raglan style t-shirt. It might be hilarious but it’s also a genuinely stylish-looking shirt they’ll love to wear both for work and weekend days.

Shop the Dog Barber Long Sleeve Shirt Here


#13 Dog Groomer Custom Street Sign 

Dog Groomer Custom Street Sign

Whether they’re celebrating their new job, retiring, or just want everyone to know how much they love what they do, these custom black and white street signs make the best dog grooming gifts! They come in various sizes and will look incredible displayed either behind a counter at work or in their office. Also, if you think another color will suit their space better, there are nine different shades to choose from.

Shop the Dog Groomer Custom Street Sign Here


#14 Dog Groomers Tool Bucket Organizer 

Dog Groomers Tool Bucket Organizer

Being a dog groomer means you have countless tools, brushes, and products that you need to keep on hand in an organized fashion. Luckily, this waxed canvas tool bucket organizer (with a whopping 58 purpose-built pockets) exists and will make their daily lives and duties instantly quicker and easier!

Shop the Dog Groomers Tool Bucket Organizer Here


#15 Proud Dog Groomer Furologist Leggings 

Proud Dog Groomer Furologist Leggings

The next time you need unique clothing gifts for dog groomers, look no further than these leggings complete with a multi-colored paw print pattern! They can wear them for a comfy day at work or even to relax or work out in.

Shop the Proud Dog Groomer Furologist Leggings Here


#16 Dogs Because People Suck Travel Mug 

Dogs Because People Suck Travel Mug

For the groomer you know that likes dogs more than people (don’t we all?), gift them this high-quality etched tumbler. It comes in nine different colors and is the ideal size and weight for carrying their favorite hot beverage on the go. Alternatively, these tumblers are also designed to keep cold drinks cold should your groomer be into iced coffees instead!

Shop the Dogs Because People Suck Travel Mug Here


#17 I Make Puppies Pretty Cute Dog Grooming Tee 

I Make Puppies Pretty Cute Dog Grooming Tee

Since making puppies look pretty might just be one of the sweetest and most rewarding parts of their job, having it written on a t-shirt makes for a truly special gift for dog groomers if you ask us! This one comes in six different colors and will be invaluable for their day job or weekends off.

Shop the I Make Puppies Pretty Cute Dog Grooming Tee Here


#18 Dog Groomer keyring 

Dog Groomer keyring

If you’re looking for a dog groomer gift you can personalize for that extra special touch, this keyring is the one. Complete with puppy and brush charms and a sweet engraved message, you can personalize it with their initial and even add a birthstone for just a couple of dollars more.

Shop the Dog groomer keyring Here


#19 Dog Groomer Gift – Custom Caricature Portrait 

Dog Groomer Gift - Custom Caricature Portrait

For a unique gift idea that we’re certain they’ll adore, choose this custom caricature portrait. Simply send the artist a few clear photos of the dog groomer you’re celebrating and they create a custom digital portrait of them doing what they do best. Once you receive it, have it printed onto anything you like from socks to t-shirts to canvases which they can display at home or even in their workspace!

Shop the Dog Groomer Gift – Custom Caricature Portrait Here


#20 Dog Groomer Coffee First – Shirt – Tank Top or Hoodie 

Dog Groomer Coffee First - Shirt - Tank Top or Hoodie

Every groomer needs a strong cup of coffee (or a least a hot tea) before beginning their dog grooming duties for the day. Happily, this t-shirt will let everyone in on that fact. For an extra special present idea, why not combine this fun shirt with one of the recommended coffee cups on our list?

Shop the Dog Groomer Coffee First – Shirt – Tank Top or Hoodie Here


#21 Dog Groomer Tote Bag 

Dog Groomer Tote Bag

From brushes and combs to shampoos and scrubbing mitts, every dog groomer needs a sizable storage bag to transport their tools around in. What’s more, they’ll love this tote cleverly decorated with pretty much every word we can think of that relates to dog grooming!

Shop the Dog Groomer Tote Bag Here


#22 Lavender & Chamomile Gift Box

Lavender & Chamomile Gift Box

If you’re looking for a gift that’s not dog-themed but will instead help the groomer you know to relax at the end of the week, choose this stunning lavender and chamomile gift set. The basic package comes with scented soap, roll-on essential oil, body lotion, a candle, and shower steamers. However, if you want to go all out and give them the ultimate tranquility package, opt for one of the other nine larger gift sets that come with room sprays, sugar scrubs, bath salts, lip balm, and more.

Shop the Lavender & Chamomile Gift Box Here


#23 Sweet Sunshine Gift Basket 

Sweet Sunshine Gift Basket

Another luxurious bath gift we highly recommend for dog groomers is this Sweet Sunshine basket. Perfect for soothing tired limbs and over-worked hands this luxury hamper comes complete with citrus whipped sugar scrub, citrus soap, a lemon loofa soap bar, chamomile and lavender milk bath, and a herbal bath tea.

Shop the #23 Sweet Sunshine Gift Basket Here


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