25 Fun and Useful Rainy Day Gifts Ideas

Rainy days means a lazy day at home. While some of us might be upset because we need to change our plans due to the rain, some of us actually find it enjoyable to stay at home all day. It might be just another reason for us to enjoy some more time at home.

However, some of us might still need to go to school or work even during rainy days. Thus, you can make use of some items that will help you out during rainy days. While umbrellas and raincoats are a must have during the rainy season, there are other things that you also make good use of. We have put together 25 items into a list of rainy day gifts that your recipient can use to survive the rain or to spend a pleasant time at home.

Items For a Rainy Day at Home

We will start this list of rainy day gift ideas with things that would make their time spent at home fun and cozy. These items will prevent them from getting bored at home and will keep them warm and cozy throughout the rain.  

1. The Happy Socks 


When they are all gloomy because the rain makes them stay in their house for the whole day, they can put these Happy Socks on. The little things that put a smile on their face: comfy socks with a little smile.

2. Reusable Popcorn Bucket


Transforming their room into a private cinema during rainy days? Don’t forget to get this Reusable Popcorn Bucket to complete the vibes. It comes with the iconic popcorn bucket shape and their name on it for some personal touch. 

3. Camping Mugs


Rainy days are perfect for a little snuggle with a nice cup of their favorite hot drink. They can take out the camping mugs and imagine themselves sitting around a campfire sipping your hot chocolate. The warm feeling that they need. 

4. Swiss Miss – Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow


Rainy days call for a cup of hot chocolate. A cup of creamy and delicious hot chocolate along with tiny marshmallows is all the warmth they need on a rainy day. Wrapped in their favorite blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in their hand, they don’t have to worry about the cold.  

5. Twinning – Camomile, Honey, and Vanilla Tea

Twinning - Camomile, Honey, and Vanilla Tea

If they prefer something that is light and sweet instead of something creamy, you can choose the Honey Tea instead. The sweetness from the honey and vanilla will help soothe the soul. A cup of warm honey tea is what they need to chase all the cold away. 

6. Pringles – Potato Chips Variation Packs 

Pringles - Potato Chips Variation Packs

A lazy day at home requires lots and lots of snacks. You can consider getting their favorite chips to munch while they enjoy their lazy day at home, catching up on their favorite tv shows and dramas.  

7. Nabisco Sweet Treats Cookie Variety Pack

Pringles - Potato Chips Variation Packs

For the sweet tooth, you can choose to supply them with enough of their favorite cookies. They will enjoy themselves with the variety of cookies it comes with. 

8. Progresso – Rich & Hearty Chicken Soup

Pringles - Potato Chips Variation Packs

Soups are a perfect menu item for rainy days. They can just heat the soup and it is ready to be served. Very simple and easy to make, especially during rainy days when they want something warm and fast. 

9. Pajama Set

Pajama Set

Staying in during rainy days requires a comfortable outfit to wear. You can consider getting a pajama set for them. It is made from high quality linen that is thick, but soft to the skin. WIth the pretty design and color, it will surely make their days at home cozy and fun. 

10. Moroccan Denim Slippers

Moroccan Denim Slippers

If they have your comfy pajamas ready for a rainy day at home, they need comfortable slippers with it. The Moroccan Denim Slippers come in a unique design: looks just like those slippers that Aladdin and Jasmine wear. It is definitely a warm and comfortable pair of slippers for them to use at home. 

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11. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

A Rainy day essential is the weighted blanket especially if the rain lasts for the whole night. There are benefits to using a weighted blanket which result in better quality sleep. This weighted blanket is made with material that is safe and durable, comfortable to be used by the whole family.  

Rainy Days Indoor Activities

Whether you are forced to stay at home or stay in the school or office because the rain prevents you from going home, the next items on this list of rainy day gifts would keep you entertained. 

12. Personalized Puzzle Books

rainy day gifts

You can give them a fun activity to do while they wait for the rain to stop. This Personalized Puzzle Books consisted of 50 crosswords, puzzles, and word searches that they can solve to kill time. They can also take this book with them on days they might be stuck at school / office because of the rain. 

13. French Tart Baking Kit

rainy day gifts

Another fun activity kit on this list of rainy day gifts is the French tart Baking Kit. This kit comes with all the equipment needed and a recipe card for lemon meringue tarts. It could be a great rainy day activity for those who love to bake. 

14. DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit

rainy day gifts

At home activity and self-care product in one. This DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit comes with all natural ingredients and instruction on how to make small 16 bath bombs. After making them, you can use them and soak yourself in a warm bath. 

15. Skin Renewing Mask

rainy day gifts

This Skin Renewing Mask Set would make a great rainy day gift. A self-care activity to do at home on days when they can’t go out because of the rain. It comes in a unique design similar to the prescription capsules. It is made with all the ingredients they need to pamper your skin. 

16. Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards

Card games are always a fun activity for a day indoors. Whether they are stuck at school, office, or house because of the rain, if they have a deck of card with them, they will lose track of time while waiting for the rain to stop. Just make sure they have some company with them to play the games together. 

17. Board Games

Board Games

If they are not the card came kind of person, they can go with the board game instead. Make sure to have their favorite board game at home ready for rainy days when they have to change your weekend hangout plans to a board game night at home.

Rainy Days Outfit Essential 

If they are those people who still need to go out even during the rain, you can consider getting the next items on this list of rainy day gifts for them. It will help them not get soaked by the rain even when they are out. 

18. birkenstock – Unisex Adult Sandals 

Birkenstock - Unisex Adult Sandals

Speaking from experience, sandals are very useful during rainy days. They can always take these waterproof sandals to work or school. When they need to go through the rain, they just have to put these sandals on and they will not have to worry for their sneakers to get wet.They can walk through all the water puddles and just wash and dry them when they are back home. 

19. Larina – Waterproof Knee High Platform Boot

rainy day gifts

Waterproof boots could also be another alternative to wear in the rainy season. Boots are relatively on the pricier side, but nevertheless they can use them during snowy days too. It will definitely make a long lasting rainy day gift option. 

20. The North Face – Venture 2 Waterproof Jacket

rainy day gifts

To complete their rainy day outfit is a waterproof jacket. By using a waterproof jacket, they can keep your clothes dry while going through the rain. This jacket has a stylish design so they can go through the rain with style. 

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21. Nubile Waterproof Backpack

Nubile Waterproof Backpack

Another useful item on this list of rainy day gifts is the waterproof backpack. If you need to bring your laptop, homeworks, documents, or other valuable things along with them during rainy days, this backpack will help keep their things from getting soaked by the rain water.  

Rainy Days Essentials 

The last 4 items on this list lof rainy day gifts are the general rain day essentials. You can get these items as a gift to help them not only get over one rainy day but every single day during the rainy season. 

22. Planet Wise – Reusable Wet/Dry Bag

rainy day gifts

A Reusable Wet/Dry Bag is another useful item on this list of rainy day gifts. They can bring along this reusable wet/dry bag in their bag every time you go out during the rainy season. It will come in handy if they need to separate wet items or just keep their valuables dry if they don’t have a waterproof bag. 

23. Hand Towels

When they are stuck in the rain with no umbrella and end up all wet, they will need a small towel to wipe away all the water. They can bring this small towel anywhere they go during the rainy season. It will come in handy if they need to wipe all the rain water. 

24. Insignia – Portable Charger

rainy day gifts

During rainy days, sometimes they are stuck at some place and can’t go home for quite a long time. They will want to have a portable charger with you. At least they can ensure that their phone will not run out of battery. Just make sure to charge the portable charger regularly. 

25. Equate – Adult Once Daily Multivitamin Gummies

rainy day gifts

Vitamins are a must have during the rainy season. WIth the change in weather, they will need to keep their body strong and these vitamins will help. This multivitamin comes in a gummy version that they can take once a day. It is the item on this rainy day gifts list they can consider getting for those who still need to go out and about even during the rain. 

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What should I buy on a rainy day?

During rainy days, you need to make sure you have all the things that you need to still do your regular activity. If you still need to go home and work despite the weather, you can consider getting a Nubile Waterproof Backpack and a The North Face Venture 2 Waterproof Jacket so you can keep your stuff and yourself from getting soaked by the rain. 

What do you put in a rainy day basket?

Making a rainy day basket is like making a house-warming gift basket. From this list of rainy day gifts you can consider getting hot beverages and snacks such as the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and some of their favorite Pringles Potato Chips. Then, you can also put in camping mugs and board games for them to enjoy their time at home during rainy days or just any day. 

What are the best rainy day gifts besides umbrellas?

The best rainy day gifts from this list of rainy day gifts would be reusable Wet/Dry Bag or Birkenstock Unisex Adult Sandals. Both of these are super useful for rainy days and they are both easy to clean and reuse. 

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