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25 Ergonomic Gifts for Your Home Activities

All products that have been manufactured or made by hand are designed to have a shape that suits the user, or we can call it ergonomic. By paying attention to the structure and workings of the user’s body, ergonomic products can provide comfort and avoid accidental injury due to repetitive activities. Even though we do light activities, such as indoor activities, if we maintain an improper position for a long time, it will have an impact on the body, such as muscle pain, joint inflammation, and others. 

However, using ergonomic products means that we create a safe environment which leads to increased productivity. Giving an ergonomic gift means that we show our concern for that person as well as a reminder to always take care of ourselves. Here we have prepared some ergonomic gifts that you can make gifts for your loved ones. To provide the needs of work from home and some other activities that you do at home.

1. Ergonomic Massage Office Chair

Ergonomic Massage Office Chair

Have you ever felt sore while working? It can be caused by the chair you use is not comfortable, so it gives pain when used for a long time. Present this massage office chair as an ergonomic gift for you or your coworkers. With high-quality black leather, this chair is equipped with cushions that can massage your neck and waist so you will be ready to work all day.

2. Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Desk

Working at the computer and sitting all day can cause pain in your waist and back. Get this adjustable desk as an ergonomic gift to complement your needs. You can freely adjust the height of the desk to match your chair or even work standing up to stretch your body. Made of high-quality durable steel, designed with a simple yet decorative look that is suitable for your home or office.

3. Keyboard Wrist Rest Support

Keyboard Wrist Rest Support

Some keyboards have uncomfortable edges so when you work for long periods it can cause wrist pain. To prevent that, have this keyboard wrist support as an ergonomic gift to help your wrist be more comfortable. A handmade product that uses the best choice of wood material is carefully prepared for you. Fully customizable by your request to suit your needs, such as size, dimension, and differently sloped or material.

4. Footrest Cushion

Footrest Cushion

Work more comfortably using this footrest cushion under your desk. With an easy-to-remove cover, it is easy to wash when you want to clean it. The cover material is also of high quality and anti-slip when you use it. This footrest cushion is also recommended by orthopedics because it can prevent pain and improve blood circulation, making it a perfect ergonomic gift.

5. Organic Spelt Husk for Meditation

Organic Spelt Husk for Meditation

If you like yoga or meditate for a long time with the lotus position like the picture above it often causes numbness in the legs. Prevent that by having this Organic Spelt Husk to help you meditate. Distribute your body weight evenly with the help of this cushion for better posture. Available in six attractive colors suitable for an ergonomic gift.

6. Memory Foam Reading Cushion

Memory Foam Reading Cushion

Laziness often makes you lean back carelessly and improperly which might cause pain in your back. To avoid that, have this memory foam cushion as an ergonomic gift product that you can use when reading a book, using a laptop, or getting rest after eating. Comfort is the highlighted thing in this product because it uses high-quality soft memory foam made by healthcare professionals.

7. Ergonomic Clothes Hanger

Ergonomic Clothes Hanger

If you are looking for the perfect display or want to give someone an ergonomic gift, then this clothes hanger is a great choice. With naturally polished wood, your wardrobe and display will look more elegant. The rounded edges are also an advantage because they prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled.

8. Buckle Meh Dai Baby Carrier

Buckle Meh Dai Baby Carrier

For those of you who are new parents or want to present an ergonomic gift to a couple who is having a toddler, we recommend this Buckle Meh Dai baby carrier to you. Serves to carry your child either in front or behind with a body panel strap system that binds at four ends, so it is safe for your child. Also equipped with an attached hood that can protect the head of your child from the sunray. 

9. Chair Cushion 

Chair Cushion

Having a chair with a wooden or metal base may be painful if you sit on it for a long time. With that hard surface, you can add this chair cushion as an ergonomic gift to make it feel more comfortable. Made of soft material with an ornament in the form of rabbit ears on the top part. Available in seven different colors making this cushion a perfect decoration for your home.

10. Ergonomic Design Lunch Box 

Ergonomic Design Lunch Box

Picnic with a long-distance but your supplies are still warm using this lunch box. With the appropriate design, these three lunch boxes can be stacked into one so that they are easy to carry when you travel. Made of metal that can maintain heat for a long time, it is covered with a plastic part, and the handle on the top makes it the perfect ergonomic gift.

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11. Olive Wood Serving Tray

Olive Wood Serving Tray

When else can you serve drinks with an elegant appearance other than using this olive wood serving tray? Handmade with care and decorated with painted turquoise and azure colors ceramic are the perfect combinations to compliment the beauty of this serving tray. Equipped with handles on both sides that are designed to fit your finger, making this item an ergonomic gift.

12. Bathtub Pillow

Bathtub Pillow

Often when soaking in the bathtub you become disturbed due to slipping when leaning on the edge of the tub. Don’t be bothered by that anymore by having this bathtub pillow with strong non-slip suction cups. The super soft and elastic headrest adds to provide a more relaxed feel. A perfect embodiment as an ergonomic gift that suits you.

14. Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen Floor

Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen Floor

Have you ever felt tired when cooking in the kitchen for a long time? Soothe your fatigue away using this ergonomic gift product while you are cooking. These anti-fatigue mats are equipped with a massage ball in the middle which can massage the points on your feet thereby reducing pain. The selected material is also anti-slip so you don’t have to worry while working. 

14. Ergonomic Thimbles

Ergonomic Thimbles

Having a hobby of manual sewing sometimes makes your finger hurt because it is punctured by the needle you use. To prevent the risk of needle puncture you can use a thimble. Which is usually made of metal and is very uncomfortable to use on your fingers, but not with this one product. Use materials that are soft and fit your finger. Available in various colors and sizes to suit your needs. Suitable as an ergonomic gift for those who like to sew.

15. Wooden Cane

Wooden Cane

Have a gentleman’s appearance by using a wooden cane as your accessory. The good quality wood material is formed by carving along the wood, and the final touch is covered with a glossy oil coating. A very comfortable handle is given an ornament in the form of an animal that looks elegant if you use it. Perfect for helping you walk and maintaining balance, making it an ergonomic gift.

16. Armrest Support Cushion for Driving

Armrest Support Cushion for Driving

Driving with arm conditions that tend to be static for a long time can cause pain in several parts. To overcome that, you can get help from this armrest product. Made of cushion wrapped in fabric, making it soft and comfortable for you to use while driving. Available in various color options to suit your taste. Can be ordered in custom sizes, making it suitable as an ergonomic gift.

17. Ergonomic Bone Guitar Pick

Ergonomic Bone Guitar Pick

Those guitar players who use flat picks might be uncomfortable. This inconvenience makes it sometimes slip your finger, so you have to prepare a lot just in case. Now you don’t have to worry because you can have this bone pick as an ergonomic gift for guitarists. Have a groove on the index finger and an imprint for the thumb so it doesn’t slip off your finger easily.

18. Double Shoulder Guitar Strap

Double Shoulder Guitar Strap

One of the ergonomic gifts for guitar users is a double shoulder strap. Using a regular guitar strap can be painful for some people. It is caused by the weight on your shoulder to prop the guitar. Avoid this problem by using a double strap guitar to distribute the weight evenly on both your shoulders. The perfect ergonomic gift for a guitarist to get rid of shoulder pain.

19. Silicone Case for NS Lite

Silicone Case for NS Lite

Do you know or even own a Nintendo Switch Lite? Have a Silicone Gel Case to complete your console to avoid dust and not be easily scratched. In addition, by using a case, you can have an additional grip so it is more ergonomic. For those of you who have sweaty hands, this product is perfect for you or as an ergonomic gift.

20. Mini Joystick Controller for Mobile Devices

Mini Joystick Controller for Mobile Devices

Get hype with the mobile phone gaming trend by owning this mini-joystick controller as an ergonomic gift. Compatible with iOS or Android users, it’s available in three colors black, white, and pink. It has a male port that is connected to your mobile phone and a female port to connect your charger cable. Enjoy the ease of playing with better control over using this more ergonomic joystick.

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21. Stainless Hand Weeder

Stainless Hand Weeder

Pulling grass by the roots couldn’t be easier than using this product. Have this hand weeder to add to your gardening tools. Made of stainless metal and ergonomically designed to fit the shape of people’s hands in general. With a pointed end to lock the grass, combine with a small shovel at the bottom. So, it can pull a weed up to the roots. One of the best ergonomic gifts for gardeners.

22. Senjay Bike Saddle

Senjay Bike Saddle

Riding a bicycle must be very exciting, but what happens if the saddle is hard and not suitable for long-distance driving? It must be painful and annoying. That will not happen if you use this Senjay saddle on your bicycle. Made of high-quality material, comfortable, lightweight, and not easy to deform. Give this item as an ergonomic gift for people who have a hobby of cycling.

23. Butterfly-Shaped Memory Foam

Butterfly-Shaped Memory Foam

Neck stiffness might happen to you if you are sleeping in an improper position. Don’t let you feel it by having this butterfly-shaped pillow made from memory foam that is soft and comfortable for the neck. Give this pillow as an ergonomic gift for someone who often complains of neck pain due to sleeping wrong.

24. Pet Food Saucer

Pet Food Saucer

Ergonomics isn’t just for humans but is more specific to the user’s purposes. Just like a product intended for your pet, it must also have an ergonomic value so that your pet can use it comfortably. Look at this pet food saucer with a slightly taller shape. It can reduce your pet’s spine strain. Decorating your pet’s name makes this item the perfect ergonomic gift for the cat or dog owner.

25. Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar fasciitis can happen to anyone, especially people who work in long-standing conditions may give excessive pressure on the heel to your finger, causing inflammation to tear the tissue. Reduce the symptoms by using this insole for plantar fasciitis with an ergonomic shape. Give this as an ergonomic gift as support in shoes for people who have complaints like the ones above.

Latest Post:

What are the ergonomic features?

Ergonomic features mean that a product is designed according to the shape and how the body parts work to provide safety and comfort when used. If you are actively using or in non-ergonomic conditions, it can cause various problems, especially injuries to the musculoskeletal area. To prevent that, have an ergonomic product or give an ergonomic gift to those who need it. In this list, we have prepared several ergonomic products such as adjustable desks, bathtub pillows, mini-joystick controllers, etc.

What is the main purpose of ergonomics?

The main goals of ergonomics are to prevent injuries, especially in the musculoskeletal tissue. When you work with a product that is not comfortable or remains in an improper condition for a long time can cause this to happen. For that, have some products like the ones on our list that suit your needs to prevent injuries from happening.

How can I make my home office more ergonomic?

If your work environment is in front of a computer, then we have the right recommendation for you. You can have a set of massage office chairs that can provide massage on your back, an adjustable desk, keyboard wrist support, and a footrest cushion.

What is an ergonomic desk?

An ergonomic desk is a desk that is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for work. For example, you can see this adjustable desk. Has a lever that can be used to adjust the height of the table to adjust the chair you have until it is level when you stand. It aims to reduce the long sitting time when you work.

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