26 Cool Chair Ideas That You Can Buy

How is it, working from home for almost two years? Does back-pain already come to your daily life? We know that sitting for 8 hours is giving you strain. Since you are here, we guess that you are starting to wonder whether it’s time for you to invest in a back-friendly chair for work, or not. The answer is YES! It will boost your productivity and will effectively increase your performa. Now, we see you here too gamers. This era truly benefits you for staying at home for days without everyone telling you to socialize (in fact, staying at home is the right thing to do now). Well, do you have the same problem of having a back pain from sitting almost all day pushing your rank? Okay, we got you here. Now let us show all you, the 26 cool chairs you can buy!

Cool Chairs for Working at Home

If you’re a worker that working from home until midnight, here are comfortable and cool chairs for working that you can choose.

1. Comfortable Seat with Gold Legs

Comfortable Seat with Gold Legs

Look at the fluffy cushion that is ready to pamper your back and hip. This swivel chair can add more comfort in juggling multiple office tasks everyday. This also can freshen your room with its cute soft gray color and gold legs. Pretty, don’t you think? Make this yours now!

2. A Cool Sitting Stool for You

cool chairs

Are you the type of person who loves to move to another room, seeking new nuance to get inspired? Maybe you can consider this cool accordion style sitting stool to be placed next to your living room desk, dining room, or any room in your house that you like. This chair is making your muscles awake to keep you productive. 

3. Eccentric Skateboard Stool

cool chairs

Wholeheartedly polished by Jason Podlaski, this unique skateboard stool can be another option for you when working in another room. Besides keeping you focused, this stool can also add more accent to your place. The scrapes and scars on the decks vibrate an attractive veneer of use over the original graphics.

4. Folding Floor Office Chair

Folding Floor Office Seat

Best choice from Best Choice Products! This minimalist grey working chair can blend flawlessly with your other furniture. It is a folding floor, 360 degrees swivel, and has 4 adjustable positions. Best Choice designed this product to be very lightweight, so you can take this room to room. When not in use, just fold it easily.

5. A Modern Computer Desk Chair

cool chairs

Made with love by Studio 55D, this swivable office chair is pretty cool to be your work from home companion. It has a high back, it is white (so up to date!), and has armrests. The frame is chrome plated steel, the cushion is wrapped in faux leather that can hold up to 280 lbs. Curious to get one?

6. A Lavish Task Chair

A Lavish Task Seat

If your room is full of lavis stuff, then this lavish Louise Task Chair can be your new girl in the room. It is ergonomic, made out of solid wood, it allows you to swivel, and offers you extra seat padding. Working with style? Check. It has recessed arms for a distinctive look, and is upholstered with velvet materials. 

7. Hara Rattan Chair

cool chairs

Working with a new vibe? There you go. This hara rattan chair can be your go to option if you are longing for a new vibe. The rattan can radiate such a boho style to your room. Naturally durable, this colonial furniture is ready to be your working chair for years. 

8. Enosburg Executive Chair

Enosburg Executive Chair

Work like an executive from home. Or, if you are already an executive, this is the chair you are looking for. The white PU leather gives that exclusive and pricey look. It has lumbar support, knee tilt, ergonomic of course, tilt lock, anti-microbial (perfect!), and extra seat padding.

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9. Beige Colored Executive Office Chair

Beige Colored Executive Office Chair

Looking for a beige color office chair? Here it is. This waterfall seat is from Serta. This chair can help alleviate pressure on your legs, to enhance the comfort and circulation of your body. It has pneumatic control that lets you easily customize the height as you desire. Very cool. 

10. Japanese Style Modern Office Seat

cool chairs

A recliner chair on the floor exclusively shipped from Hong Kong. The chair features leather, PP foam, and steel tube for the armrests. It can be your relaxing seat while you are reading books, working some Monday tasks, or simply watching TV. The waist can be adjusted into 4 positions. The head part can turn into 14 positions as well. Plus, on the arm side, you can place your phone, iPad, or book in the attached pocket. 

Cool Chairs for Gamers

Beside computer, headphone, mouse and keyboard, all gamer need comfortable and coolest looking chair that can be a reason they could win their game. Here are 10 cool chairs for gamers that you can choose.

11. Brazen No Compromise Gaming Chair

cool chairs

This cool looking chair is just what you need. BraZen Gaming Chair – Pride 2.0 Surround Sound is an ergonomic chair, with bluetooth speaker that surrounds the gaming chair. All done for you to enjoy your gaming experience more. This can connect directly or indirectly to almost any device with an audio output. This is a fully-respected item we found!

12. Furgle Ergonomic Chair

cool chairs

Feeling tired of playing? Have a rest with this Furgle Ergonomic Gaming Leather Chair. It can recline to 140 degrees. Its headrest is removable, and it has Lumbar Support that can pamper your waist and neck. A long session of gaming is not giving you pain anymore with this. 

13. The 890 Red Home Gaming Chair

cool chairs

A chair equipped with advanced features for gamers. This chair has adjustable pillows, an upholstered cushion, and a back designed to give more comfort for your cervical and lumbar spine. A bluetooth stereo around the chair? Check. The ergonomic footrest perfectly matches the reclining, making you enjoy the body seating and lying position even more. 

14. WeGuard Massage Gaming Chair

cool chairs

A Swivel Ergonomic Chair brought to you by WeGuard. Pretty notorious for producing additional equipment for gamers. The chair is made from high quality PU leather. It’s very cool. Adjustable headrest and lumbar, also able to be retracted. The most important thing is that it has a USB electric massager in the lumbar section! Very worth it for you to buy. 

15. Active Double 3D Gaming Chair

Active Double 3D Gaming to Support the Lumbar

A hidden gem gaming chair that can save your gaming life! The adjustable 3D backrest works so well and is designed for your back and spine right posture when playing games for hours. The W-shaped seat cushion also allows your hip to perfectly fit and reduce the weight pressure. The foam padding is an organic polymer, which makes you comfortable during intense sessions.

16. Vinsetto Gaming Chair with LED Light

cool chairs

Focus on your gaming rank more or completing your mission within hours with this very enjoyable Vinsetto gaming chair with colorful LED flashing lights. Adjustable seat height that matches your sitting habit, 2D armrest that you can move up, down or rotate. Oh, and the LED light colors can be controlled based on your mood by a remote. 

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17. A High-Quality Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A High-Quality Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A super easy to put and move gaming chair perfect for you who prefer playing games with a low desk. It is ergonomic, covered with breathable PU leather, and has a tilt-tension knob under it that allows you to adjust the hard level of rocking the chair. And it also has a massager inside! 

18. An X Rocker Gaming Chair Special Edition

An X Rocker Gaming Special Edition

You know that X Rocker never fails their customers with their very cozy chairs. This time, they are selling this amo patterned ergonomic chair. Make this yours, show it off to your game enemies, and vibrate the  pro-player vibes, so they are nervous enough to play with you throughout the game session. 

19. GT Lite Foldable Simulator Cockpit

cool chairs

This Next Level Racing foldable simulator cockpit is special for you, who loves to play a simulator cockpit game. With its foldable feature, it can save you some space when you are not in the game mode. It can deliver a very realistic and rigid racing experience. This one is compatible with all major wheels and pedals such as Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec.

20. Costway Cozy Gaming Chair

Costway Cozy Gaming

Seems very simple, but who knows that this chair is very cozy for gamers! It can be folded into 5 positions available. Swivel to 360 degrees? Definitely can. Enjoy all around movement while battling with your rivals in game. Very solid construction, and soft padding can enhance your comfortness in playing. Get this Costway gaming chair for only 159 dollars!

3 Cool Chairs for Living Room

Feeling a bit dilemmatic of what chair to buy that suits your house design? Calm down. You can check out this Handmade and Ergonomic Bean Bag Chair. It is perfect to be placed in your living room, or near the garden if you have any. 

Or, do you need a tropical touch to your house? Then this Upcycled Denim Hammock Chair is meant for you. And if you love color so much, you can get this way too comfortable Plushie Made out of Unicorn Rainbow

3 Cool Chairs for Relax at Home

Need perfect seats to relax on the weekend with family? Maybe this cool Vintage Bentwood Dark Wicker Rattan can help. We have also found Inner Balance Wellness Massage Chair. Highly recommended. Or, if you have kids, you can surprise them with a Giant Gummy Bear Seat here

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