25 Ideal and Useful Gifts for Stroke Victims That They Will Love

Suffering from a stroke is like a nightmare for everyone. It seems life has just flipped 180 degrees. That’s why the people around stroke victims should support and pay attention to them, in order to gain the spirit to do the recovery. Before you want to show some love to the stroke victim, you should know what they need. Because stroke can cause paralysis or weakness on one body side and it gives impacts to the balance of their body. Here, you will not feel confused anymore after reading these 25 ideal gifts for stroke victims. There are gifts which are useful, meaningful, and memorable or funny ones in order to cheer up their days.

1. Coloring Books

gifts for stroke victims

You can start with coloring books to stimulate the memory of color for the stroke victim. You can help them to choose the color they want by coloring the picture as they like. It takes more time but it will be fun if they start to relate the color of the pictures like the furniture at home. For example, the sofa at home is in red color, they remember it then ask you to give red for the sofa picture in a book. It is like a step ahead for them to recover. 

2. Music Box

Gifts for Stroke Victims

We understand that stroke victims should avoid the television and radio first since there are many distractions there and it can have a bad effect on their brains. But you know that sometimes it feels so empty and lonely. Then, it is time for you to present a music box as a gift. You may choose the classic one to be played to help their brain feel relaxed and ready to do rehabilitation or any therapy on the other day.

3. Motivational Quotes

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Sometimes, we feel tired in our life, then we read the motivational quotes that suddenly come by, we feel the spirit again. Moreover, if the motivational quotes are relatable to our current feeling. The same thing goes to the stroke victims as well; they could feel tired and bored with their life, that’s why giving motivational quotes could be meaningful for them. Choose the best motivational quotes and hang it on the wall of the room that can be seen easily.

4. Puzzle

gifts for stroke victims

Puzzle can stimulate the brain and good for their cognitive skill. It strengthens their memory particularly if the puzzle is a picture of something memorable such as their favorite cars, city or animals. Giving a surprise of puzzle to them as a gift, and you can start with a simple puzzle first. If they like it and the improvement is good, you can give another gift with different difficulties in the future.

5. Photo Book

Photo Book

Let’s gain beautiful memories of the stroke victims by giving them a gift contains of photo book. It will call their memory and connect something missing through their brain. If the photo collection you have is mostly in digital and you face the difficulty to print it, no worries, you may order a video photo album to ease you and also the receiver enjoying the photos.

6. Funny Toys

Gifts for Stroke Victims

People sometimes underestimate how fun giving a toy as a gift is. Moreover, if the toy is uncommon and easy to use in order to cheer everyone, not for the receiver only. Funny toys cannot be found easily but we have a good place for you to buy. Get ready for some giggles and fun moments with it!

7. T-Shirt

Gifts for Stroke Victims

If you are not sure what you give, always choose t-shirt. A simple one or customized, people would love it. Here, we suggest you give the simple one with comfortable material, so that the stroke patient can enjoy their day doing the activity ahead. Make sure you buy the right size for them.

8. Hoodie


In the holiday season or cold season, let’s add some warmth to your favorite person who just struggled with a stroke. Get a gift of hoodie, ensure they wear it even at home, because they can feel warm and soft and relax. The plain design or two tones would be a great choice for them. No noisy design, no dizzy feeling. Also, they can wear it when exercising outside.

9. Pillow

Gifts for Stroke Victims

A good quality sleep helps maintain the immune system and makes the brain work smoothly on the other day. When normal people need a good quality sleep, how about the stroke patient who needs more rest than us? Buying a good quality pillow to accompany them to sleep every night is a blessed gift. Get the pillow that has a relaxing scent and can be warmed up before it is used. 

10. Blanket

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Blankets can be used while sitting comfortable on the sofa, on the car, or on the bed like usual. A personalized blanket will be an unforgettable and most favorite gift for whoever received it. The receiver can feel the warmth on the body and heart. Buying personalized blanket for stroke patients can make them smile in happiness. 

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11. Diffuser

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Doing recovery activity for the stroke victims can make them fatigue and need more fresh air when taking a rest in order to boost their energy. You can buy this diffuser as a gifts for the stroke victims to help get fresh air. Select their favorite scent, so that they can inhale and exhale with a good quality and fresh air. Moreover, the diffuser can be used for a long time before buying the new refill one! It is a good deal, right?

12. Stone Necklace

Gifts for Stroke Victims

You may support your family or relatives who suffer from stroke by giving them a birthstone necklace. It will give them energy to do the recovery activity. Different birthstones will give different positive energy for them. So, the spirit is always high to do the recovery activity day by day for the stroke patient. 

13. Socks

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Socks as a gift in the holiday season may be a common one, but it never fails. The end of the year holiday means cold weather. Cold weather means you need warm and cozy socks to enjoy the holiday. Surprising a relative who struggles with stroke is simple. Let them feel warm by buying them a beautiful pair of socks to wear on holiday. You may choose an Eco-friendly material in order to support earth-life as well. 

14. Aromatherapy Soap

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Let the stroke patient have their quality time when bathing time by giving them an aromatherapy soap to make them feel calm, energizing, and can go to sleep easily. Aromatherapy soap is not only good for the mind but also the skin. It will soothe and moisturize the skin since the material is mostly made by natural ones. Select the best fit fragrant based on what they need and love. Think they cannot wait for the next bath after you gave it to them.

15. Cap


Cap will be a good idea to give for this holiday season for stroke patients. They can wear it when visiting the hospital for regular check-ups or when doing therapy outside. It can protect their hair from direct sun. Cap becomes a fashion statement that instantly enhances the look just by wearing it. Make it more fun by customized the words or just an initial name on it.

16. Pajamas


Who does not love pajamas? From the children to the elder people, they love wearing pajamas at home. Either they are ready to go to bed or just want to relax at home, they choose pajamas to wear. Holiday season means you can wear your pajamas all day long at home. That is the reason pajamas should be on the gift ideas for everyone particularly the stroke patient. Make it more personal by writing the initial names on the pajamas. 

17. Shoes


Wearing shoes for stroke patients will never be the same anymore. They often face difficulty with sneakers or lace shoes. And it becomes worse if most of their shoe collections are sneakers or lace shoes before they get sick. Then, the timing is right for you to buy a new pair of shoes as a gift for them. A pair of comfortable shoes that is easy to wear everywhere they go outside. Choose the beautiful color and they are ready to rock!

18. Face Mask

Face Mask

Nowadays, due to the pandemic, wearing a face mask is like wearing clothes. Buying a stroke victim a bundle of reusable face masks will help them maintain their health and stay away from other viruses. Buy a different color in a pack so that it can match with the outfit they wear. 

19. Hand Sanitizer

Gifts for Stroke Victims

In a world with a pandemic situation, cleaning hands using a soap or hand sanitizer cannot be denied. Moreover for the stroke sufferer, cleanliness is a must. Buying a hand sanitizer which suits sensitive skin will be lovely for the stroke patient. The germ will go away and the hand is still smooth. 

20. Pill Storage

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Taking a pill every day is one of the regular things for stroke patients, especially if the pills or medicines are more than two types with different schedules to consume. It sometimes confuses the patient and a caregiver if they forget about it. No more confusing day for taking pills if you give them monthly pill storage. Simply put the medicines based on the schedule to consume in a month, so that the stroke patient can consume it in the right way. More attractive with colorful designs you can choose.

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21. Eating Aids

Eating Aids

Eating will not be as free as before if you suffer from a stroke. A stroke victim tends to eat less. It is because their motor skills are weaker than before. Buying them special eating utensils will be helpful. It can be rotated easily. So, the stroke victim will have their appetite again.

22. Mug


Having a new mug, especially a personalized mug will always give a smile to people. You can use it for drinking coffee, tea, or mineral water. A personalized mug can be bought for the stroke patient, so it is easy for them to grab their mugs without even confusing which one to use since everything takes a longer time for them to be done. If you buy them a mug as a gift which comes with a special design and initial, it is very helpful for them. A cool gift for sure!

23. Walking Stick

Walking Stick

A person who suffers from a stroke has paralysis on one side of the body and is difficult to walk. Then, giving them walking stick is pretty much helping them. They can take a walk around the house easier although it takes longer than usual. At least, it can help them to move, exercise and become better. You can surprise them by giving them a folded one. So, it is easy to bring everywhere they want to. They will feel very grateful for having you as their lovely person.

24. Gym Ball

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Support stroke patient’s recovery activity by buying them a gym ball to exercise their motor skill. Exercise using a gym ball is good for the stroke patient, but still, the exercise should be accompanied by the expert to avoid the injury. Get a bright color gym ball such as orange or red, so that they can feel energized.

25. Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Smart watch is an answer if you need a gift to monitor heart-rate, blood-pressure, and walking step in one tool easily. Imagine you can track how long the step is for your dad who suffers from stroke day by day in an easy way. Imagine you can see the progress of your dad’s health just at a glance through the watch. Moreover, it is not only you who can see this but your dad or any other families can do too. It is the most useful and meaningful gift for us. And we are sure you think the same as well. 

26. Kindle E-reader

Kindle E-reader

People suffering from stroke may have mobility issues. They won’t be able to freely move around exploring interesting places. To keep them from being bored, you can get them a Kindle e-reader. It’ll allow them to read various interesting e-books on one device! Because the books are digital, they won’t have to worry about tidying up.

27. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Some stroke victims may require bed rest. However, spending time inside a room all day can be unbearably boring and stressful. So, you can help them find some excitement by giving them a Nintendo Switch. The portable gaming console will help them to relax and pass the time. Plus, playing games by pressing the joy-con may help stimulate their finger nerves.

28. Night Sky Projector

Night Sky Projector

A night sky projector would be a lovely present for bed-bound stroke victims! Because of their illness, it may be hard for them to go outside and enjoy the starry sky. This projector will bring back some sparkles into their life. The device can project HD stunning nebula and stars that look so colorful. It’ll envelop the whole bedroom, creating a magnificent enjoyable view.

29. Grip Strength Trainer

Grip Strength Trainer

People suffering from stroke may get paralyzed. They will have to undergo some physical therapy to regain their motoric capabilities. We can help them train their muscle and coordination by giving them this grip strength trainer. Stroke patients can use it to strengthen their muscles and grip. It’s a light exercise that is suitable for stroke therapy.

30. Fidget Toy

Fidget Toy

This is excellent for stroke victims of all ages. Kids or adults can play around with the cube filled with little switches and buttons. The fidget toy can help stroke victim to coordinate and train their finger. It can also help them to release anxiety and stress from being cooped up inside the bedroom. It’s a love small gift that will help them immensely!

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Final Thought

Giving physical gifts to stroke victims is very good. But your support and attention means everything to them. Let’s make them happy through the gift we give to them and the love we express everyday.

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