30 Ideal and Useful Gifts for Stroke Victims They Will Love

Suffering from a stroke is like a nightmare for everyone. It seems life has just flipped 180 degrees. That’s why the people around stroke victims should support and pay attention to them to gain the spirit to recover. Before you want to show some love to the stroke victim, you should know what they need. Because a stroke can cause paralysis or weakness on one body side, and it impacts the balance of the body. But if you have no idea what to give, don’t worry!

Here, we have compiled the 25 most ideal gifts for stroke victims they will love.

Furthermore, there are some useful gifts for stroke survivors that will be beneficial to support their recovery. So they won’t feel lonely while having a long treatment journey ahead. And if you want to give something unusual, we also include meaningful, memorable, or funny items to cheer up their days.

Pick one of the most valuable gifts for stroke victims in our curated list that suits their needs! Interested? Check them out!

BEST Gifts for Stroke Victims

Discovering the perfect gifts for stroke victims can be a profound way to show your care and support during their journey to recovery.

Whether you’re looking to inspire their rehabilitation efforts, enhance their daily comfort, or simply bring a smile to their face, this curated list of thoughtful and practical gifts for stroke victims is designed to brighten their path to wellness.

Moreover, your thoughtful gesture can make a world of difference. So, read on to discover the perfect way to bring joy and assistance to someone you care about!

1. Flowers Coloring Books for Stress Relief

gifts for stroke victims

You can start with coloring books to stimulate the memory of color for the stroke victim.

You can help them to choose the color they want by coloring the picture as they like. It takes more time, but it will be fun if they can connect the color of the pictures to the furniture at home. For example, if the sofa at home is red color, they remember it and then ask you to give red for the sofa picture in the book.

Well, it may be slow, but that’s fine!

One little step for them to recover is better than none. And you can help them by giving them this thoughtful present!

2. Wooden Music Box

Gifts for Stroke Victims

We understand that stroke victims should avoid television and radio first. It is crucial due to many distractions which can negatively affect their brains. But you know that sometimes it feels so empty and lonely. Then, it is time for you to present a music box as a gift. You can choose the classic one to play. Such kind of music is not too loud.

Hence, it helps the victim’s brain feel relaxed and ready to do rehabilitation or any therapy on the other day.

Besides, music can stimulate the verbal memory of stroke survivors and, thus, may advance their recovery. In addition, the music box is tiny. So, the caretaker can bring it everywhere with the survivor.

3. Motivational and Inspirational Quote Sign

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Sometimes, we feel tired of our life. Then, we read the motivational quotes that suddenly come by, and we feel the courage again.

If the motivational quotes are close to our feelings, stroke victims may relate to the quotes as well. They could feel tired and bored with their life due to diseases that leave them with a long treatment period.

That’s why giving motivational quotes could be meaningful for them. Choose the best motivational quotes and hang them on the bedroom wall so that they are more accessible to see.

You can also mount it on any room’s wall where the stroke survivor commonly stays, for example, the family room.

4. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

gifts for stroke victims

It’s common knowledge that playing a puzzle can stimulate the brain. Thus, giving puzzle sets to stroke survivors is recommended to improve their cognitive skills, particularly their memories.

They will be encouraged to remember every piece of the picture and then arrange them into one big shape.

But remember to choose one that is suitable for the degree of their strokes—for instance, giving the school bus puzzle for the beginner level. Once they are used to it, you can give another one with a car race picture. Hence, they can keep up with the recovery and not feel pressured.

5. Heirloom Custom Video Book

Photo Book

Let’s gain beautiful memories of the stroke victims by giving them a photo book! It will work great to recall their memories about their families, friends, and even hobbies through the pictures.

You can help them by printing some photos and sticking them based on the categories (e.g., kids, families, friends, etc.).

It would also be better to write some notes on the blank space under the photos, explaining at what event the photo was taken and who was on the photo. By doing so, the stroke survivor can easily recognize them.

6. Confetti High Five Shooter

Gifts for Stroke Victims

People sometimes underestimate how fun giving a toy as a gift is. In fact, toys are beneficial for stroke sufferers since they can hone the touch senses that are lacking due to their illness. For example, this funny palm-press confetti toy.

Though it looks simple, the toy is recommended to train the muscles on the hand by asking them to press the toy. Meanwhile, the confetti can also surprise them with flying colors that cheer them up. Get ready for some giggles and fun moments with it!

7. Regular Fit T-Shirt

Gifts for Stroke Victims

If you are not sure what to give to stroke victims, always choose t-shirt. You can simply buy one on the marketplace, like this t-shirt, with a genderless stripe pattern. They can easily pair it up with any trousers or jeans they love.

Nonetheless, we also recommend a customized one to make it more meaningful.

Just request to feature the survivor’s name or cartoon characters of their hobbies to give a memorable touch. But of course, remember to choose the right size to ensure comfort. And if possible, always pick cotton material that is breathable and lightweight.

8. Adidas Adicolor Shattered Hoodie


In the cold season, let’s add some warmth to your favorite person who just struggled with a stroke. Get a gift of hoodie that can keep them warm and relax during the freezing time!

We recommend picking one with a neutral color, like this black hoodie, to match different colors and styles easily. Besides, it is unisex.

So you don’t have to worry about mistakenly giving it to the wrong person. And if they are still on the recovery to make their sensories function to normal, you better get a plain one with minimal noisy designs. It may prevent them from feeling dizzy.

9. Calming Lavender Pillow

Gifts for Stroke Victims

A night of good quality sleep helps maintain the immune system and makes the brain work smoothly on the other day.

When normal people need good quality sleep, how about stroke patient who needs more rest than us? Buying a good quality pillow to accompany them to sleep every night is a blessed gift.

To advance the experience, you can get the pillow that has a relaxing scent and can be warmed up before it is used. Besides the soft and aromatic features, you also need to ensure comfort. It is important to support the weak parts of the body after suffering major changes.

10. Family Blanket Building Blocks

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Comfort is a top priority for people with strokes. Especially when they can only sleep on the bed or sit on the couch; one that can support this is a blanket. Thus, it can be one of the best gifts for stroke victims.

They can use it while watching TV in a wheelchair or warm their feet in the winter.

To make it more personal, you can get a customized one with their name printed on the blanket. Not only will they feel loved, but the thoughtful gift is also memorable. Consider the pattern that suits their personality to make it more touching.

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11. Natural Reed Lavender Diffuser

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Doing recovery activities for stroke victims can make them fatigued and bored.

They probably need to get some fresh air while taking a rest to boost their energy. And so, you can buy this diffuser as a gift for stroke victims to help them relax. But please consider selecting their favorite scents.

It is recommended as some people are sensitive to particular aromas that, instead of calming them, can make them dizzy. Moreover, they can reuse the diffuser multiple times, which also reduces waste. It is a good deal, isn’t it?

12. Custom Mixed Stone Necklace

Gifts for Stroke Victims

You may support your family or relatives who suffer from stroke by giving them a birthstone necklace.

This charm will give them the energy to go through the long and tiring recovery activity. But thanks to its tiny size, the stroke patient can easily put it on the necklace or bracelet. Also, mix and match the chain to pair with their outfits.

Instead of requesting one birthstone, you can ask the artist to create four birthstones representing the people. We recommend including the victim’s family birthstones so the survivor can feel their family close to the heart.

13. Vegan Friendly Bamboo Socks

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Socks as a gift in the holiday season? Well, it may be a common one, but it never fails! You can consider buying a pair of socks for a relative who survives a stroke to keep them warm during the cold weather.

To make it more special, choose these stunning bamboo-based socks that are earth-friendly.

These pieces are perfect, especially for the one that concerns the environment. Since the socks come in four colors, we suggest you choose one that represents the victim’s favorite color or personality. Such details will be much appreciated!

14. Chakra Bath Salt Set

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Let the stroke patient have quality time when bathing by giving them an aromatherapy soap. It can make them feel relaxed, energized, and sleep soundly.

Aromatic, sea salt-based soap is not only good for the mind but also for the skin.

It will soothe and moisturize the skin since the material is mostly made of natural ones. Select the best-fit fragrant based on what they need and love, so they can feel like meditating while bathing. Think they cannot wait for the next bath after you give it to them!

15. Customized Cap


A cap will be a good idea for stroke patients this holiday season. They can wear it when visiting the hospital for regular check-ups or when having therapy. It can protect their hair from the direct sun so they won’t feel overwhelmed and dizzy.

You can also customize the design by requesting to embroider their names on the hat, which can enhance the fashion statement.

Furthermore, we recommend buying neutral colors, usually dark ones like black, navy, khaki, or white, as they are easier to match with any style than other shades.

16. Cutton Chrismas Family Pajamas


Who doesn’t love pajamas? Children and elderly people love wearing pajamas at home because the outfits are comfy and lightweight. Due to these features, some people even wear them as casual clothes, especially in the winter.

For that reason, we think that pajamas can be the ideal gifts for stroke victims who put comfort as a primary priority. To make it more sentimental, ask the seller to put the patient’s initial name. You can also include a pair of fluffy socks to complete the set.

17. Casual Shoes


Wearing shoes for stroke patients will never be the same anymore. They often face difficulty with sneakers or lace shoes. For that reason, we opted to buy them a new pair of shoes as a gift. Even though there are no various laces or motifs, the design is not out of fashion!

Even though there are no various laces or motifs, the design is not out of fashion!

The neutral black and khaki colors will easily match any style they prefer, whether it be formal or casual. In addition, the shoe designs are comfortable to wear, especially for someone who has suffered a stroke.

18. Face Mask

Face Mask

Nowadays, due to the pandemic, wearing a face mask is like wearing clothes. They are important, especially for those with non-communicable diseases, such as stroke.

Hence, buying stroke victims a bundle of reusable face masks will help them maintain their health and prevent viruses from infecting.

Instead of purchasing black or white ones, we strongly suggest choosing different colors that are more fashionable. So, stroke patient has more options to effortlessly match it with their daily attires.

19. Organic Hand Sanitizer

Gifts for Stroke Victims

In a world with a pandemic, you can’t miss cleaning your hands using soap or hand sanitizer after daily activities. It also applies to stroke survivors, even stricter due to their illness.

Hence, gifting gifts for stroke victims, like a pack of hand sanitizer seems an excellent idea.

They can use it to quickly disinfect their hands without rushing to the sink. Since there are many choices you can find in the market, purchasing the one for sensitive skin is the best bet as it is more gentle. So it will eliminate the germ while maintaining skin moisture.

20. Colorful Pill Storage

Gifts for Stroke Victims

During their therapy and recovery, taking pills daily may be the regular thing the stroke patients must do to recover faster. However, it can be tricky for the caretaker to organize the medicines daily, especially if the patient consumes more than two types of medicines.

Therefore, surprising them with monthly pill storage is a thoughtful idea. They can easily put the pills based on the days and categories. So they won’t miss the schedule!

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21. Adaptive Eating Utensil Sets

Eating Aids

Eating will not be as flexible as before if you suffer from a stroke due to changes in the ability to move. Therefore, they usually eat less because they lose their appetite. If you know someone who is a stroke survivor with these symptoms, give a gift of a set of eating aids utensils to help them enjoy their meals.

These utensils are easy to rotate so as to prevent food from spilling onto the patient’s body. You can also help easily feed them when visiting.

22. Personalized Mug


Having a new mug, especially a personalized mug, will always give a smile to people, including stroke survivors. You can request to write the patient’s initials on the mug so it’s easy to find.

It is especially important for those whose cognitive abilities are disrupted when they experience a stroke. Apart from that, the mugs also have handles that are easy to grab, perfect for someone who suffers from strokes. A cool gift, for sure!

23. Drive Medical Flex Walking Stick

Walking Stick

A person who suffers from a stroke usually has paralysis on one side of the body and difficulty walking. Therefore, gifting them a walking stick is pretty much helping them. They can walk around the house more easily, although it takes longer than usual.

At least, it can help them move, exercise, and improve. You can surprise them by giving them a folded one. So, it is easy to bring everywhere they want to.

24. CanDo 55-cm Exercise Ball

Gifts for Stroke Victims

Support stroke patients’ recovery activity by buying them a exercise ball to train their motor skills. Exercise using a gym ball is good for stroke patients. But of course, we strongly advise that the activity should be accompanied by an expert to avoid injury.

Get a bright color gym ball, such as orange or red, so that they can feel energized and encouraged to recover faster! Considering it bears diverse sizes, you better look for information on what kind and size the stroke survivor needs to maximize the ball’s potential.

25. Garmin Venu 2 Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Smartwatch is an answer if you need a gift to easily monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and walking step in one tool. Imagine you can track how long the step is for your dad, who suffers from a stroke, day by day in an easy way.

You can also see the progress of your dad’s health just at a glance through the watch.

Moreover, it is not only you who can check the progress; your dad or other family members can do it, too. In addition, it would be best to choose the design your dad loves. So he can wear this meaningful gift proudly!

26. Kindle E-reader

Kindle E-reader

People suffering from stroke may have mobility issues. They won’t be able to move around freely or explore interesting places. To keep them from being bored, you can get them a Kindle e-reader. It is a perfect gift, particularly for the nerd survivors!

Moreover, it will allow them to read various fascinating e-books on one device!

The size is pretty small, while the design is slim and light. So it won’t bother them when grabbing the book to read. Because the books are digital, they won’t have to worry about tidying up.

27. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Some stroke victims may require bed rest. However, spending time indoors all day can be unbearably boring and stressful. But don’t worry! You can help them find some excitement by gifting them a Nintendo Switch.

The portable gaming console will help them to relax and pass the time. And even cooler, they can invite friends and family to play with, so they won’t feel alone and bored. Plus, playing games by pressing the joy-con may help stimulate their finger nerves.

28. Night Sky Projector

Night Sky Projector

A night sky projector would be a lovely present for bed-bound stroke victims!

Because of their illness, it may be hard for them to go outside and enjoy the starry sky. Due to this sad fact, you can give this projector that will bring back some sparkles into their life.

The device can project HD stunning nebulae and stars that look so amazingly colorful. Suggest the caretaker put the projector in the patient’s bedroom so it’ll envelop the whole bedroom, creating a magnificent, enjoyable view.

29. Grip Strength Trainer

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People suffering from stroke may get paralyzed. They will have to undergo some physical therapy to regain their physical capabilities. But no worries!

We can help them train their muscle and coordination by giving them this grip strength trainer, truly one of the most valuable gifts for stroke victims.

Stroke patients can use it to strengthen their muscles and grip. You can gently assist them to put their fingers on the tool, like grabbing a handle and starting training. It’s a light exercise that is suitable for stroke therapy at home.

30. Fidget Toy

Fidget Toy

This is one of the most excellent gifts for stroke victims of all ages. Kids or adult patients can play around with the cube filled with little switches and buttons. The fidget toy can help stroke victims coordinate and train their fingers, thanks to the stimulating buttons and gears.

It may also aid them in releasing anxiety and stress from being cooped up inside the bedroom. We recommend pairing it with a grip strength trainer to offer variations. It’s a love small gift that will help them immensely!

Final Thoughts

Offering physical gifts to stroke victims is not only recommended but can be profoundly impactful. These thoughtful presents alleviate stress and anxiety during post-traumatic events and the recovery process and play a vital role in their rehabilitation journey. From finger training tools and walking sticks to grip strength trainers, these gifts facilitate muscle exercise and mobility.

Additionally, puzzles serve as excellent aids in memory recall and cognitive training. However, it’s important to remember that your unwavering support and genuine care are truly invaluable. Let’s brighten their days through the gifts we bestow upon them and the love we express in our daily interactions, making a meaningful difference in their lives.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can art help stroke victims?

Definitely! Consider gifting therapeutic coloring books or sketch pads. They stimulate creativity and can also improve fine motor skills.

Why are music and audiobooks considered therapeutic?

Music can uplift moods and stimulate memories. Audiobooks provide entertainment without the need for reading, which can be challenging post-stroke. Both can be a source of relaxation and cognitive stimulation. They’re an escape, allowing patients to immerse in another world.

Why are adaptive clothing items recommended?

Adaptive clothing is designed for easy wear and removal. They accommodate physical limitations and minimize strain. Features like Velcro closures and elastic waists can be particularly beneficial. They’re both practical and stylish, boosting the wearer’s confidence.

Why are adaptive clothing items recommended?

Adaptive clothing is designed for easy wear and removal. They accommodate physical limitations and minimize strain. Features like Velcro closures and elastic waists can be particularly beneficial. They’re both practical and stylish, boosting the wearer’s confidence.

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