The Amphibious Zeltini Z Triton is an Affordable Alternative to Camper Van

Would you love to go camping, kayaking, and riding a bicycle all at once? The Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’ tricycle combines those three activities in one indeginous design! For those of you who love camping, carrying around equipment and walking long distances are the hardest parts of this outdoor activity.

Now with this amphibious tricycle, you will have an easier time to move around to find the best camp spot.

For casual campers, the Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’ moves on a three wheel and offers you with a comfortable tent-like compartment that can be pulled by pedalling the tricycle. This unusual and creative invention can move through the beaten path of the beautiful outside world. 

The Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’’ is much more affordable than owning a camper van. You could even say that this quirky tricycle is the equivalent of a luxurious camp trailer in the bicycle world.

amphibious tricycle

Additionally, because this camper tricycle is moved by manual pedal, the Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’ is very eco-friendly. You can spend time with nature without emitting pollution. 

This tricycle can carry two people. One person will pedal while the other can ride on top of the tent’s roof. Camping is more fun when you have a friend with you after all. On top of that, the two of you can take turns to pedal this tricycle through treacherous paths.

When the night falls, you can huddle up inside the tent-like carriage at the back of the tricycle. The Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON. The snug tent chamber can comfortably hold two people together. 

Furthermore, you can detach the wheels of your mobile camper so that this tricycle will not roll away while you are sleeping. Just ride to a beautiful forest by the river, find a flat spot, and deploy your Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’ camper tricycle!

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amphibious tricycle

The tent compartment would look like a small house when viewed outside. It features a small window to see the situation outside. It also offers you an openable roof that will provide you a chance to stargaze before you are asleep.

The hardened material of this tent-like container looks like some sort of futuristic chamber when you view it from the inside. It has several knobs that can be used to adjust airflow and insulation. If it is cold or rainy, just put down the hatch and you can lay around inside.

In addition, when you are camping in a forest, you may be worried about big predator encounters. There are places where you might meet mountain lions, giant moose, or bears. With Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’, the tent compartment offers you extra protection from wild animals.

Amazingly, the Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’ is an amphibious tricycle! You can cross a lake or a river using this mini mobile camper. The vehicle is designed to float and equipped with a 250W electric motor for propulsion. You can maneuver around a body of water without  problem.

For people who are looking for something different to enjoy the great outdoors, the Zeltini ‘Z-TRITON’ tricyle is certainly a nice alternative that you can try.

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