Revolutionizing Fashion Industry Using Colorofix’s Sustainable Lab-grown Dye

Did you know that certain fabric dye can be toxic and carcinogenic? Wearing colorful clothes is certainly a great way to brighten up your day. However, please be mindful that shirt coloring is not always the safest thing for your long-term health. Luckily, Colorfix, a green-minded company has invented environmentally friendly lab-grown dyes. 

Instead of using chemicals that may be harmful to your body and environment, Colorfix uses a unique method to create dye using microbe organisms! 

In order to create specific color pigmentation, Colorfix has successfully performed DNA programming on the microorganism. The altered DNA will instruct the microbe to produce dye with the required color. 

Genetic engineering is actually a legitimate branch of biology that has been studied for sometimes. Crops which have stronger resistance to pests are a classic example of similar technology application. However, Colorfix is certainly among the first leading companies who have successfully produced dye using this method in large capacity.

Furthermore, the organisms with altered DNA allows the company to produce any pigmentation that naturally occurs on living things. For example, tf you would like a green, brown or black t-shirt design, the engineered microbe can produce these colors easily.

The method of producing dye using engineered microbes is dubbed to be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to produce colorful clothes. If you would like to go green, clothing dyed using microbes should be up on your shopping list.

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Microbes can reproduce in large volume given the right environment. You would not have to worry about running out of colors. Furthermore, microorganisms are organic matter that will decay away once they have served their purposes.

On the other hand, inorganic chemicals which are being used to dye regular clothes, may take a long time to be broken down. Additionally, these artificial colorings may poison the environment. In fact, in developed countries, textile colorings are still often misused to dye food. It is horrifying and may cause stomach cancer in the long run!

In order to widely introduce this new green invention, Colorfix has teamed up with a sustainable clothing company named Pangia. The two companies are collaborating to release limited edition hoodies, dyed in pink and blue using the DNA manipulation technology!


Additionally, dyeing clothes using the microbes is twice as fast compared to the classic old method. Colorfix’s lab-grown dye is very potent and capable of making your clothes become more beautiful.

Furthermore, the dye which is produced using microbe’s pigmentation is cheap. The microbes are capable of producing rare colors that usually can be very expensive.

Inventions that encourage the preservation of the environment should be heavily supported. Therefore, let’s all wear clothes dyed by microbes!


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