Sleep Improvement Robot

Have you ever suffered from sleep deprivation Aka insomnia? Tossing and turning around in your bed unable to will yourself to sleep can ruin your whole next day.

Fortunately, you can now reach out to the world’s first Sleep Improvement Robot for help and fall asleep faster and better.

This robot uses various methods in order to calm your mind and body. First, it imitates breathing by raising and lowering its surface.

By matching your own breathing to the rhythm of the robot’s breathing you will be able to calm down and increase relaxation. 

Sleep Improvement Robot

Second, the robot can play a variety of audio cues. You can choose from an already existing library of sounds that includes sounds of a heartbeat, lullabies, meditation audio tracks, and more.

Sleep Improvement Robot

You can even upload audio tracks of your own. The best part is that the robot will lower the volume of the sound in response to you falling asleep.

Third, the robot gives you something to cuddle and hold close when trying to sleep. It might sound silly, but just as your teddy bear helped you to fall asleep when you were little so will this robot. 

Sleep Improvement Robot

Your teddy bear was there to ward off the monster and, well, insomnia is a real-life invisible monster that every adult has had to face.

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