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25 Unique and Encouraging First Day of School Gifts 

The first day of school is always exciting but can also be terrifying at the same time. For the first time in their life, children will go and experience the outside world all by themselves. Most of the time, young children can be a little bit scared to start their very first day at their new school.

Any forms of motivations from parents, siblings, and other family members are crucial at this stage. A nice first day of school gifts will help them to get ready to tackle the challenge knowing that they get all the support they need. Below is a list of first day of school ideas to help them kick start their first day of school bravely.

1. Personalized Brave Button

Because the first day of school can be a little scary, children need something to rely on and help them to face it courageously. This brave button will help them a little to start their new day with bravery and encouragement. Slip this beautiful button on their pocket and let them know that as long as they have this button with them, they will be okay. This button can be personalized with their names so they know that the power of the button will work because it has their name on it. 

2. Little Pocket Hug Token

Hugs always make everything better especially when we face such a hard time. This little pocket hug will give your kids assurance that even though they have to go to school all by themselves, mummy is always there with them. They can also use this token every time they miss you and feel the comfort as if they get a real hug from you. 

3. Lucky Charms Keyring

To tackle every challenge successfully, we need a lot of love, encouragement, and a little bit of luck to the mix. Having these lucky charms with them will help to face their first day of school, knowing that the fortune will always be on their side and that they will tackle every task and challenge successfully. The charms are beautiful and the box can be personalized with their names and encouraging message, making it the best first day of school gift to get. 

4. Superhero Pocket Hug Token

Superheroes are strong and capable. Having a superhero hug token on their pocket will make them believe that they have the superpower to face the day and get the love and support from their loved ones. This token can be customized and colored based on their favorite color. It also comes with a sweet encouraging message on a card, telling them that even superheroes get scared sometimes and it is normal to feel nervous, but in the end, everything is going to be okay. 

5. Brave Bracelet

This bracelet will remind your kids to be their true self on their first day of school. It also helps them to just be themselves bravely and it will help them a lot when they have to deal with the first day of school anxiety. The bracelet is also beautiful and they can always see the message on it easily. By having this item, they can feel the love and support all day long. 

6. Personalized Name Tags

These name tags are cute and beautiful, which will definitely help anyone who owns it to feel cheerful. It can be personalized with their own name or encouraging words to help them face the first day of school bravely. This is the perfect first day of school gift to get for your nieces or nephew who are about to go on a new adventure. 

7. First Day of School Personalized Pencil

Pencil is one of the essentials that every child needs on their first day of school. Getting a personalized pencil with an encouraging message will help them a ton to go through their first day of school smoothly. You can personalized these pencils with their names or a selection of motivational quotes of your choices. 

8. First Day of School Story Book

On their first day of school, kids often feel as if they have to face the big world all by themselves. Having someone relatable can help them to feel not so lonely anymore. One of the ways parents can help is by telling stories. A story book like this will make them feel related to the main character, and help them to face their big day tomorrow. 

9. Funny First Day of School T-shirt

A good outfit can help anyone, including kids, to feel more confident. This t-shirt can be a great first day of school gift that your kids can wear to help them elevate their confidence. It’s funny and fun cheerful design will make children feel better about their first day of school. 

10. Personalized Handwriting Notebook

A notebook is also one of the most important school supplies. It will feel so good and encouraging to have a notebook with their personal name on it. It can help the children feel more happy and motivated to start their first day of school, so they can use their beautiful personalized notebook. 

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11. Fidget Popit Backpack for the First Day of School

On their first day of school, children need to carry all of their school essentials in a nice backpack. This is the reason why a good backpack is so important. Getting them a backpack with fidget popit design can be a wise decision for several reasons. First, the fidget popit is very popular right now and your kids can feel a little more confident wearing such a trendy backpack. Secondly, your kids can actually make good use of the popit when they feel lonely and nervous. So yeah, it is definitely a good first day of school gift to get. 

12. Cute Pencil Case

A cute pencil case can also help motivate children for their first day of school. They can prepare their own school supply the day before the big day. Putting all of their stationery together into a pencil case can be a fun activity, and may also increase their motivation to go to school the next day. A cute pencil case will surely help them to get ready. In short, it is such a nice first day of school gift to get. 

13. Cute Erasers

Cute erasers can also be a great first day of school gifts. The cute eraser design can cheer up anyone, especially children, on their first day of school. This is the right gift to pick if you are that cool aunt who always brings the coolest gift to your nieces or nephew. A pack of these erasers contains 30 puzzle erasers the children can pull apart and play with. 

14. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

It is very important to stay hydrated on the first day of school, hence a water bottle is an essential thing to bring to school. This water bottle can be a great first day of school gift. It is a DIY water bottle your kids can decorate however they like with the rhinestones and stickers. Decorating their own water bottle can give them a sense of achievement. Plus, it can also help them feel more brave and courageous. 

15. Art and Craft Supply Library

Art and Craft Supply Library

Eventually, kids will create arts and crafts at some point of their school day. This is why an art and craft supply will be a great first day of school gift. This art and craft set contains over 1.000 art and craft pieces that will unlock your kids creativity. They will certainly make use of it whether for school or personal projects. 

16. Rotating Art Supply Organizer

Rotating Art Supply Organizer

Having their art and school supply cluttered will not help them to feel courageous. On the other hand, having everything well organized will help them to feel ready. This art supply organizer can also be a nice first day of school gifts. Your children can arrange this organizer in their room. And when they are ready for school, they can pick any of the supplies they need easily and put them on their pencil case and bag. 

17. Stationery Gift Set

Stationery Gift Set

A stationery set is also a nice first day of school gifts choice. A thematic set like this one is a great idea since you can pick the one theme they love the most. For example, this set will be a great gift for children who are obsessed with Disney Frozen. You can get another thematic stationery set that suits your kids the most. 

18. School Bag with Insulated Lunch Tote and Pencil Pouch

School Bag with Insulated Lunch Tote and Pencil Pouch

Having a matching bag, lunch tote, and pencil pouch is fun. This set of bags can be a nice first day of school gifts. It looks cute and can accommodate every school essentials that your kids like to bring to the school. With this set of bags, they can start their school days confidently in style. 

19. Squishy Pens

Squishy Pens

Cute pens will also help them to feel better for their first day of school. The best thing about these pens is not only that they are cute, but they are also squishy. Squishies also work as stress relievers so these pens will surely help your kids to deal with the first day of school anxiety. The character design on these pens are so kawaii too. 

20. Watches Shaped Pencil Sharpener and Eraser

These are not actually working watches. They are a multifunctional tool of pencil sharpener, eraser, and cleaning brush in one tool. This can be a nice first day of school gifts that are actually useful and will help your kids to do their school tasks easily. 

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21. Electric Pencil Eraser

Electric sharpener can help them to sharpen their pencils faster. This set of sharpener and cleaner will help them to get things done quickly and more effectively. This set also includes an eraser and desktop mini vacuum cleaner to help them keep their desktop clean and comfortable at all times. Such a cool first day of school gifts. 

22. Vault Locking Supply Box

If your kids think that regular pencil cases are boring, you can get this locking supply vault instead. It looks more sophisticated and cool as if they meant serious business. This supply box comes with a 3D Batman logo and will be the perfect gift for kids who love Batman. 

23. Pencil Grips Pack

Holding pencils can be challenging for little kids. Their fingers can get tired resulting in messy and unclear handwriting. These cute and soft pencil grips can help them to hold their pencils comfortably. It also helps them to get into the right pose so they will get used to the right way of holding pencils. 

24. Sticky Notes Pack

Sticky notes can be useful. Your kids can use them to write reminders of all their important school tasks and assignments. A pack of cute sticky notes can be a nice first day of school gift. This set includes various cactus shaped sticky notes that can help them go through their first day of school cheerfully. You can also use them to write encouraging messages on their lunch box. 

25. Lunch Box

Lastly, you can also get a lunch box as a first day of school gift. Thermos lunch box can be a great option since it can keep the food at the desired temperature. More importantly, it should be leak proof and easy to carry even for little kids. Don’t forget to get it in the most fun color and design you can find to add a little cheer up boost on their first day of school. 

Latest post:

What do you get someone for the first day of school?

You can get them something that is actually useful for the first day of school, such as school supplies and school bags. You can also get them something to encourage them, such as a motivational bracelet or brave buttons to help them ease their nervousness. 

What do you get a new kindergartener?

You can get art and craft supplies since kindergarteners do a lot of art and crafts during their school time. You can also get them story books and coloring books. Moreover, a fun t-shirt can be a nice gift for them as well. 

What is the best gift for school?

The best gift for school would be art supplies whether you get them in a set or individually. Kids use school supplies all the time both when they are studying in school or when they are home doing homework. It is the basic essentials that every kid needs. 

What do you give your grandson on the first day of school?

You can give them a fun lunch box or pencil cases. You can also let them know that you are supporting them by giving them the pocket hug tokens or a brave bracelet so they can go to their first day of school happily and comfortably knowing that they are loved and fully supported.

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