25 Coolest Sanji Figure for Sanji’s Fans

“Black Legs” with a deadly fire kick. That’s the perfect nickname for Vinsmoke Sanji, one of the most popular protagonist characters in the famous One Piece anime. Powerful kicks into all corners are the signature fighting style of Sanji figure, who is famous for its iconic blonde hair and cigarettes.

Do you want to complete your collection of figurines from the One Piece anime? Or perhaps you want to bring the cool figure of Sanji into your table or display cabinet? Then you can consider yourself lucky to be here! We’ve put together a list of 25 of the coolest Sanji Figures that you can buy. From the most stylish to the rarest figurines, you can find them all in this list. So, let’s scroll down and get started!

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Great Style Sanji Figure

Deadly fire kick from all angles are the ultimate move from Sanji. However, that’s not the only iconic style that we often see from Sanji. Here, we have a compilation of Sanji figurines with his best styles for you!

1. Bandai Tamashii Nations Figuarts Zero Sanji

Bandai Tamashii Nations Figuarts Zero Sanji

The tongue of red flames swooped down like a dragon’s breath. This Sanji figurine features the iconic one-foot kick style perfectly. The fiery kicks are incredibly detailed, and the entire workmanship of this cool item is done with precision. Moreover, the hair is also made with extra attention to details for perfection, including the color and shape.

2. Bandai Tamashii Nations Sanji


As a One Piece fan, you definitely know how Sanji casts a move. His smooth hair and neat clothes will turn scary and cool, and his feet will create waves of red fire ready to defeat every enemy that comes his way. Therefore, this cool figurine of Sanji with this red fire will definitely be a cool addition to your collections.

3. MEGAHOUSE One Piece Edition Z Version Sanji PVC Figure

MEGAHOUSE One Piece Edition Z Version Sanji PVC Figure

Sanji is not only famous for his fire kicks, but also for his extraordinary shooting abilities. For that reason, we highly recommend this Sanji figurine to add to your collection. It presents a heroic shooting style wrapped in an elegant fur cloak. Crafted from quality PVC material, this cool item is imported directly from Japan.

4. One Piece Sanji 20th Anniversary Version

One Piece Sanji 20th Anniversary Version

Sanji’s calm and cool demeanor are perfectly described by this cool figure. Fist served while looking at the enemy in front of him. The outfit details, which resemble the characters in the famous anime, definitely make this item worthy of being crowned as an amazing diorama!

5. One Piece: Sanji Portraits of Pirate Strong World Edition


The figure that all One Piece fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Carrying the strongest bazooka, this Sanji figure claims to be the greatest armed force out there. In addition, this figurine is also equipped with an octagonal blue stand, so you can display this cool item on your desk or display cabinet at home.

6. One Piece Battle Record Collection Sanji

One Piece Battle Record Collection Sanji

Courage is a great pirate, and this fact is perfectly represented by this figure of Sanji. Why would you choose an ordinary item when you can afford an extraordinary item like this? Officially produced by BANPRESTO, this One Piece figurine is worthy to complete your collection at home.

7. Door Painting Collection Sanji the Three Musketeers Version

Door Painting Collection Sanji the Three Musketeers Version

Who would have thought that Sanji can look so cool in a Three Musketeers version? The sharp gaze while pointing a gun at the enemy is the main attraction of this cool item. Moreover, the costume and black armor are also complemented by silver ornaments on the legs. What an elegant version of Sanji’s figure!

8. BANPRESTO One Piece Glitter & Brave Sanji

BANPRESTO One Piece Glitter & Brave Sanji

Sanji wearing the Cake Island Outfit is an acclaimed favorite item by many One Piece anime lovers. Curious to know why? The plush red cape, great shoes, gorgeous hair, great pleats in his pants, and the super stable base are basically the main reasons that make this cool item is so sought after by so many fans out there.

9. TV Animation One Piece Hybrid Grade Figure Sanji

TV Animation One Piece Hybrid Grade Figure Sanji

Since its release in 1999, the One Piece anime has continued to increase in popularity. No wonder why one of the protagonist characters, Sanji, also gained a lot of fans around the world. For those of you who want to have a Sanji figure with an original style, then you can make this cool item yours. Sanji’s legions are ready to annihilate evil.

10. One Piece: Sanji Vinsmoke Ichiban Figure

One Piece Sanji Vinsmoke Ichiban Figure

Officially manufactured by Bandai Japan, this Sanji figure brings an immersive fighting style. Sledding kicks with flames make this cool item looks super amazing. However, this figurine is only suitable for display, since it cannot be articulated freely. But nevertheless, this product remains one of the best. Get one now!

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11. Sanji Action Figure One Piece Anime Statue

Sanji Action Figure One Piece Anime Statue

Incredible drift kick pose! Explore your imagination with this cool Sanji figurine. We believe that this figure toy is a perfect item of decoration for Sanji’s fans. Moreover, it will also be a nice decoration at home, inside your room, or even in your car. Made of tough PVC material, you will definitely enjoy staring at this Sanji’s heroic style for a long time.

12. Character Model of Sanji

Character Model of Sanji

You just can’t miss this Sanji figurine! Crafted using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, this cool item is also painted using acrylic, which will make it shine and stand out among other figurines out there. Comes in two colors, you can choose between a luxurious white coat or an elegant black suit. Truly an unmatched product!

13. Bandai Spirits ICHIBANCHO One Piece: Sanji

Bandai Spirits ICHIBANCHO One Piece: Sanji

Don’t be slack! Sanji will not tolerate any obstacles that come even though he is enjoying his vacation. A beach-style outfit is worn appropriately by this Sanji figure. The upward kick poses with smoldering fire are perfectly articulated by this cool item.

14. BANPRESTO ONE Piece Treasure Cruise World Journey Sanji

BANPRESTO ONE Piece Treasure Cruise World Journey Sanji

Who said Sanji can only kick? The iconic character who always has his cigarette on can also play the sword very well. As you can see, this version of the Treasure Cruise World Journey features a Sanji figure with a sword, which is his signature outfit as the legendary sword warrior.

Best Rarest Sanji Figure

Rare items are definitely hard to find. However, you will feel tremendous satisfaction when you finally make them yours. Here are the rarest Sanji figures that you should consider to own.

15. ONE Piece Cake Island Vinsmoke Sanji Black Suit Limited Edition

No products found.

Lively and attractive. These are two things that this Sanji figurine shows. Every single detail of this item is created with precision, result in an extraordinary work of art. Made of high-quality eco-friendly PVC material, this cool item definitely brings out the upscale feel of Sanji’s figure. So get this limited-edition item now before it runs out!

16. Vinsmoke Sanji Bath of Blood Battle Damage Version Figurine

sanji figure

The battered pose after the fighting action makes this Sanji figure are hunted by One Piece fans out there. The smoke effect in the mouth is a great and also unique combat accent. Moreover, the blood gushing out is detailed and super cool. So, you better get this rare item right away, and feel the intense battle atmosphere.

17. One Piece JZ Studio Vinsmoke Sanji Statue Model Figure

sanji figure

Undoubtedly the rarest Sanji figure! Constructed by hand from high-quality solid resin material, this extraordinary product definitely delivers a total action hero set to your home. Accurately polished finishes and colors make every eye amazed when they see it.

18. Crazy Studio Sanji Painted GK Statue Collectible Figure 

sanji figure

Fire dragon kick that glows in the dark! This one is clearly Sanji figure that all fans have been waiting for. The devastating effect of the amazing activities comes as a unique form at the bottom of this statue. Not to mention the sturdy stand, which gives you a sense of security to store this rare item on a table or display cabinet.

Top Chibi Sanji Figure

Who would have thought that a character as cool as Sanji can look so cute? Minimalist size with adorable facial expressions and poses radiated well by these top chibi Sanji figures.

19. One Piece WCF Figure New Series Sanji 3-inch Minifigure

sanji figure

Regardless of size, Sanji remains identical to his fire kick pose. This Sanji figure presents a pose that is both fun and amazing. In addition, the cool purple suit also characterizes this item. So get this right away and give the best gift to your friend or relative who happens to be a fan of Sanji.

20. One Piece DXF The GrandLine Children Vol. 6 Figure Sanji

One Piece DXF The GrandLine Children Vol. 6 Figure Sanji

Return to the original profession. Did you know that Sanji was first recruited into a pirate crew as a chef? To remember his original profession, you might want to add a feeling of the original Sanji’s character into your collection? Therefore, then this cool Sanji figure might be the perfect figurine for you.

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21. Sanji Figure with Flame One Piece Anime Action Statue

sanji figure

Strong muscles can make the opponent in an uproar. Therefore this Sanji figure might be the item for you to grab. It features Sanji’s six-pack abs in a minimalistic size. Made of safe PVC plastic, this cool item will definitely be a great gift for children who love the character.

22. One Piece Love Sanji Doll Cartoon Decoration Boxed

sanji figure

Do you want to give the best and unique gift to a friend who is a fan of the One Piece anime? Then we highly recommend this Sanji figure deserves to be on your list. Sanji’s masculine character comes in a very cute and adorable pose of falling in love. What a decent cute item!

23. BTNMGX Sanji Demon Wind Foot Shine Fighting Stance

No products found.

Exquisite workmanship and eco-friendly paint add to the unique value of this Sanji figure. Crafted by hand, this minimalistic figurine looks amazingly real. Moreover, it also shows the flaming fire effect of the deadly kick motion.

24. Sanji Figure One Piece Anime Action Statue 

sanji figure

Look at Sanji’s angry face and unbelievable pose! Every enemy will definitely be frightened to see the scary temperament as shown by this Sanji figure. The red and green flame kicks are described perfectly, which makes it the perfect gift for One Piece anime fans.

Best Funko Pop Sanji Figure

Funko Pop has a unique market share. Each character created must have an adorable shape.

25. Funko POP! One Piece Vinsmoke Sanji Vinyl Figure

sanji figure

This is probably the only Funko Pop Sanji figurine that you can buy. So don’t let this item runs out! Sanji’s masculine character looks super unique in this cute little figurine. In addition, Sanji’s signature style also adds more cuteness into this item. If you plan on using this item as a decoration, you can choose to display this cool item with or without the box.

Final Thoughts

For true fans of Sanji, there is no such thing as having too many Sanji action figures. If you happen to be one of them, it’s definitely the more the merrier when it comes to having action figures. So, we assume that you will always be in the search for more figures to add to your collection, right? Well, we are happy that you have found our page with a list full of the most recommended Sanji figures for you to choose from. With so many options on the list, you can find one or two figures for yourself or perhaps one for your fellow Sanji fan, too!

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What are the rarest Sanji figures?    

Well, this one is an easy question. We can say that the One Piece JZ Studio Vinsmoke Sanji Statue Model Figure as well as the Crazy Studio Sanji Painted GK Statue Collectible Figure are probably the rarest Sanji figures to own. Manufactured on a limited basis, these two items are definitely very hard to find. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately add these items to your shopping cart!

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