28 Cool Fortnite Hoodies for Fortnite Fans

There is a saying that “boys will always be boys.” No matter how old they are, they will find a way to act and behave like young boys. Most boys and men like to play games in their leisure time. It can be one of their hobbies or a way of relieving stress. Playing games also becomes a way of socializing for some people. Fortnite is one of those games that men, or boys, love to play. Being a popular game, the players love to wear accessories to show their love for the game, including wearing a cool Fortnite Hoodie.

Lining to that reason, if you’re looking for a unique Fortnite merchandise as a gift for someone who loves the game and proud of it, then you can give that person one of these 25 cool Fortnite hoodies as a thoughtful gift. So, let’s get started!

Cool Fortnite Hoodies for Adults

Not only children, adults also love to wear hoodies that has a graphic of their favorite stuff on them, including games like Fortnite. To start with our list, here are some cool Fortnite hoodies for your special gamer boy.

Popular Skins Totem Pullover Hoodie

You might not understand a thing about Fortnite, but your gamer boyfriend will absolutely understand, and will love this cool Fortnite hoodie. With four popular costumes, Peely, Meowscles, Raven, and Creepy Bear on the design, he can wear this hoodie while playing the game on weekends. Moreover, the totem of the game’s character looks quite cute standing next to its logo. 

2. Greyscale Classic Logo Zip Hoodie

Greyscale Classic Logo Zip Hoodie

If your man prefers a quiet way of expressing his love, you can choose this navy zip-up hoodie with a simple grey Fortnite logo on the front side. The hoodie is available in various sizes, from small to 2XL. In addition, you can order the same hoodie with the smaller size for you, and the bigger size for him to make sweet a couple look. 

3. Raven Logo Pullover Fortnite Hoodie

Raven Logo Pullover Hoodie

You’ve probably seen your boyfriend wearing his Raven outfit on Fortnite a few times while he plays the game. Then, this light grey hoodie with bright blue font and the birdy version of Raven will look good on him, too. In short, this is one of those cool Fortnite hoodies that will definitely make a change to his black hoodie collection.

4. Banana Lay Down with Title Pullover Hoodie

Banana Lay Down with Title Pullover Hoodie

The laydown banana hoodie will help you send a sweet message to your boyfriend. A message that tell him to take a break from his Fortnite game after hours of playing. Peely’s design will tell him to relax with you after spending his time focusing on the game. Moreover, he will feel warm as the hoodie uses cotton material, making it a super comfy hoodie to wear.

5. Logo Lures White Pullover Hoodie

Logo Lures White Pullover Hoodie

If your man spends his leisure time playing Fortnite and fishing, then he will be delighted to accept the Fortnite Logo Lure Hoodie as a gift from you. He can wear this hoodie when he is on the boat fishing. Undoubtedly, we are one-hundred percent sure that this hoodie will definitely appear on his game night with the boys, too! 

6. Victory Llama X-Ray Zip Hoodie

Victory Llama X-Ray Zip Hoodie

You can’t miss the unique design of the Llama hoodie as a gift for your gamer brother. The vibrant green x-ray photo-like design takes a dominant appearance on the dark and mysterious navy hoodie. It has two useful and comfortable pockets, and the zip-up hoodie offers your brother the convenience to take it on and off.

7. Spring Character Fill Pullover Hoodie

Spring Character Fill Pullover Hoodie

Like its name, this black hoodie has a colorful font design. It’s not the ordinary vivid color that fills the Fortnite logo, but four fan-favorite characters with their signature shapes and colors. The contrast sends off a cool vibe. It is perfect to be worn in the winter, right before the spring comes. Definitely one of the coolest Fortnite hoodies to own!

8. Colorful Llama Zip Hoodie

Colorful Llama Zip Hoodie

We think the colorful Llama zip hoodie will be an excellent gift for your Fortnite fan boyfriend. The Llama head design comes with several vibrant color shadows. It looks nice with the simple white color Fortnite logo. Even when they zip down, people will acknowledge that this hoodie belongs to a Fortnite fan.

9. Victory Royale Gold Chain Pullover

Victory Royale Gold Chain Pullover

If your boyfriend finally gets the Victory Royale on Fortnite, then it’s time for you to give him this hoodie as an award of achievement. The gold chain with gold Victory Royale pendant design perfectly symbolizes the hard work he earns to reach that stage. He can absolutely feel proud and brag around while wearing this hoodie.

10. Llama Pinatas Pocket Logo Pullover Hoodies

Llama Pinatas Pocket Logo Pullover Hoodies

The Llama Pinata looks deadly serious as the pocket logo design in this hoodie. The purple head on the left chest looks neat and chic. It’s not very visible that is perfect for those who love Fortnite in hidden. This hoodie may be suitable for your man if he is not talking about his interest in Fortnite openly to you.

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11. Skull Trooper All Hail Glow Pullover

Skull Trooper All Hail Glow Pullover

As one of the Epic Outfits in Battle Royale, Skull Trooper is famous among the Fortnite players. This hoodie has the Skull statue design with a glow effect on it. The boyfriend of yours will definitely smile ear to ear upon receiving this hoodie. You can expect him to wear the rare outfit Skull Trooper hoodie to hang out with his friends.

12. Spray Can Graffiti Pullover Hoodie

Spray Can Graffiti Pullover Hoodie

Instead of helping him to find the spray cans on the game, you might want to give this spray can graffiti hoodie to your gamer roommate. It surely cannot make him complete Fortnite’s quest, but you will definitely let him know that you support him in doing exactly that. It’s available in black and white color, and also in large-size.

13. Victory Royale Gold Script Pullover Hoodie

Victory Royale Gold Script Pullover Hoodie

Since you know that Victor Royale is important for your best friend, then you can wish him good luck with this Victor Royale hoodie. The gold font represents the great success and wonderful benefit he gets if he wins it. You may bring him the lady luck for playing Fortnite wearing your gift.

14. Durrr Burger Pullover Hoodie

Durrr Burger Pullover Hoodie

It might be fictional in the real world, but Durrr Burger is a pretty real fast-food chain in the Fortnite universe. The hoodie will be a good remembrance to your younger brother when he is off from the game. There are four color hoodie options for you to choose from, and you can consider this item as one of the most suitable gifts for him.

15. Raven Victory Royal Pullover

Raven Victory Royal Pullover

Your man’s favorite character’s outfit and the hardest stage to gain in Fortnite will be a nice combination. And to have the two things together on a hoodie is something that can be a pleasant surprise. You can choose between the four color options on the website to fit your gamer big boy’s taste.

16. Peely Peace Sign Pullover

Peely Peace Sign Pullover

How about getting your jokester boyfriend this Peely peace sign hoodie? The silly man will not refuse to wear the playful design hoodie at all. You know your man will definitely love his favorite Fortnite skin pose on his hoodie, and try to copy it at any chance he has. 

Cool Fortnite Hoodies for Kids

Getting your gamer kids new clothing not only excites your boys but also yourself. Pick unique and cool Fortnite hoodies for them.

17. Purple Blue Llama Hoodie

Purple Blue Llama Hoodie

This hoodie undoubtedly will gain a lot of attention, especially from Fortnite gamers. The collaboration of bright purple and blue following the color of the Llama places your son to be the star of the room. He himself will enjoy the comfy hoodie while playing the game. You can also bring him to the Fortnite gathering and let him make new friends. Buy the hoodie before going to the game gathering now.

18. Fortnite Peely Big Boys Pullover Hoodie

Fortnite Peely Big Boys Pullover Hoodie

Can your boy be cuter with this yellow pullover hoodie? With everyone’s favorite banana, your son will get lots of love from the others. It has an adorable face design on the front and a lovely patch on its sleeve. The bright yellow color will make him stand out, so it’s easy for you to watch over him.

19. Boys Long Sleeve Fortnite Hoodie

Boys Long Sleeve Hoodie

If your shy son prefers neutral clothing as he grows up, you can give him this black Fortnite hoodie. The classic white font Fortnite design looks chic on the black hoodie. The cotton and polyester fleece make a warm and cozy cloth for a cold day. 

20. Leviathan Blue Fortnite Hoodie

Leviathan Blue Hoodie

The blue hoodie and Leviathan outfit make a cool Fortnite hoodie for gamer boys. The grumpy face of the famous outfit seems friendlier and lovelier in its cartoon version. The signature peace sign pose of the character dominates the design. Undoubtedly, it will show people that your son is a big fan of Fortnite.

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21. Grey Gamer Hoodie

Grey Gamer Hoodie

This Fortnite jumper hoodie offers various sizes from children to teens. It has a camouflage pattern on the pocket and hood, with the same green color on the logo design and hood string. You can make your gamer boy become a part of the game’s character teammate to complete a mission when wearing this hoodie.

22. Games Characters 3D Print Pullover Hoodie

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The 3D print hoodie will fulfill your son’s expectation of a cool Fortnite hoodie. He loves the characters so much to have them on his clothes. The technology allows the design to be just the same as they were in the game. He can feel like a cool big boy with his cool hoodies with both of his hands on the kangaroo pocket.

23. Kids Winter Rainbow Hoodie

Kids Winter Rainbow Hoodie

A rainbow comes after a rain, while this rainbow hoodie comes on your child’s birthday as a gift. The tie-dye hoodie has a large Fortnite design on the center and on each sleeve. It offers many size options to be a perfect winter hoodie. This hoodie will also be a perfect Christmas outfit that matches the festive mood.

24. Pink Fortnite Hoodie

Pink Fortnite Hoodie

We are glad to present you with the cool hoodie of Fortnite’s Creepy Bear for your children. The pink hoodie has two bear ears on the top. As this hoodie is a zip-up style, it separates the symmetrical left and right sides of the bear. It is designed with mesh material on the face area. Your children can play around with the hoodie while showing their affection for the game.

25. Black Personalized Hoodie

Black Personalized Hoodie

Doesn’t it cool to have your name on a Fortnite hoodie? You can put your name or any text right under the logo and picture. It also offers to personalize words down on one arm. Made of yarn material that feels soft on your kids’ skin, it comes in six color options to choose from.

26. Fashion Pullover Hoodie

Fashion Pullover Hoodie

As a parent, having your kids’ clothes be machine washable is a blessing. Moreover, it’s a cool Fortnite hoodie with vibrant color and patterns with a bit of customization. The lightweight fabric is comfortable for active children. Whether he’s wearing the hoodie outside or inside, it will definitely keep your kids warm and comfy.

Zip-up Hoddie with Fortnite Text Logo

The side Fortnite text logo design on a hoodie is truly one of a kind. The red color will become the focal point of this cool hoodie. It has a white double stitch lining to make the design more beautiful. This hoodie is officially licensed, so it will definitely make an excellent gift for your little gamers in the family. 

28. Blue Fortnite Hoodie

Blue Fortnite Hoodie

This Fortnite jumper hoodie claims to be cozy, light, and very soft, which make it perfect for children fans of the Battle Royale video game. The bright blue color will look good on kids. It has a kangaroo pocket and a long black stripe on each arm sleeve. Your boys can wear the hoodie to school when the day feels a little bit cold.

Final Thoughts

Since most men and boys love to play Fortnite, and most them love to wear a hoodie, then it would be a great idea to have Fortnite hoodies as part of their daily wear. Whether you are looking for a cool Fortnite hoodie for yourself or looking for a nice hoodie for a special man in your life, you have come to the right place. Since you have gone through our list of some cool Fortnite hoodies above, we assume you have found the perfect one that fits your taste. Also, if you think the list is insightful, feel free to share it with your fellows who also love to play Fortnite, too!

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