25 Best Gifts for Cricut Users That Will Impress Them

Some people who love to create DIY craft may be familiar with Cricut. DIY aficionados laud these wonderful, albeit pricey, crafting makers. Cricut machines enable users to cut out elaborate, customizable designs from materials such as adhesive vinyl and paper, as well as add-ons. Cricut users may also create iron-on decals to decorate garments and other fabrics, perfect for Christmas gift ideas. By using some creativity, they also can turn this hobby into another source of income. As these machines are fast and easy to use, they can create more products with the same quality than those made by hand. In case you want to support their craft business, you can surprise them with gifts for Cricut users. 

Furthermore, since Cricut machines help you to realize your imagination well, you may want to give those amazing crafters appreciation with gifts for Cricut users. Whether you are looking for gifts for your friends or even for yourself who love DIY crafting with Cricut, we are sure you will find the right presents in the lists below. What are you waiting for? Let’s jump to the list!

1. Glow In The Dark Vinyl

Glow In The Dark Vinyl

Glow in the dark vinyl is one of unique gifts for Cricut users. In the daylight, it may look like basic vinyl used by Cricut crafters. However, once this craft is placed in the dark room, it will be the gorgeous and shining one. As this material features heat transfer, your friends can put it under the light to absorb light and produce a better glow in the dark.

2. Storage Vinyl Roll Holder

Storage Vinyl Roll Holder

Help your friends to organize their Cricut craft materials with the useful vinyl roll holder. This vinyl storage holder is ideal for any little space or creative room. To save your crafting tables for work rather than supply storage, place the holder in a closet, hang it over the door, or install it on any wall. It will be one of the most simple but practical gifts for Cricut users in their life.

3. Dust Cover with Back Pocket

Dust Cover with Back Pocket

Cricut machines are the key to any Cricut craft maker’s hobby. Protect their precious machines with this dust cover. This dust cover is one of the best gifts for Cricut users as it is composed of heavy-duty nylon that is both water-resistant and long-lasting. It features 3 back pockets that will be very useful to store your crafting supply.

4. Snow Plaid Vinyl Bundle

Snow Plaid Vinyl Bundle

Celebrate Christmas with the perfect gifts for Cricut users, like this snow plaid vinyl bundle. It features 10 colorful vinyl with cheerful Christmas patterns, perfect for Christmas gift ideas. It is made of thick polyurethane which has excellent dimensional stability and cutting application qualities. Not to mention, simple and ready-to-cut materials are provided for customizing garments.

5. Cricut Project Ideas Book

Cricut Project Ideas Book

Project ideas books as gifts for Cricut users are the best option to hone their creativity and skills. This amazing book has 200 fantastic projects that are separated into categories based on difficulty and theme. Every time your friends feel stuck on craft ideas, just open this book and start making a masterpiece!

6. Protective Resistant Mat

Protective Resistant Mat

Surprise your friends with gifts for Cricut users that protect their working area safe and sound. This protective resistant mat is designed to provide a smooth surface while crafting. The foil membrane deflects heat away from your project and prevents moisture vapor transfer, while the silicone foam insulates and protects your surface from heat damage.

7. Bedazzler Kit

Bedazzler Kit

Add beauty to your friends’ Cricut masterpiece with this bedazzler kit. This kit will be one of the greatest gifts for Cricut users who love additional and detailed touch. When the adhesive is melted, use the applicator tool on objects that can absorb it. They can use this present to attach rhinestones, studs, and patches to their fabrics projects.

8. Permanent Adhesive Backed Flat Vinyl

Permanent Adhesive Backed Flat Vinyl

In case you are looking for affordable and worth buying gifts for Cricut users, try this amazing backed vinyl. In one pack, there are 30 different glossy colors, two matte colors, and three metallic colors. It also has a high-quality sticky backing and liner to keep the glue safe until it’s ready to use. Unlike vinyl rolls, it arrives flat and ready to use, eliminating the need to worry about bent corners.

9. Craft Weeding Tool

Craft Weeding Tool

Support your Cricut users’ business by giving them this weeding tool. This is one of the most important things to buy if you want to ease your life. The negative space vinyl can be removed well from a job using the weeder tools. Although it may look like a dental pick, it will be one of the smartest gifts for Cricut users. 

10. Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape

Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape

More useful gifts for Cricut users to come! In case your friends are just starting to be crafters, this present will be very beneficial. With the transfer paper tape, your friends can transport their complete design from the vinyl backing paper to the appropriate surface in one step. The top layer is made of paper or clear PVC, the middle layer is made of moderate viscosity adhesive, and the bottom layer is made of peel-off paper.

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11. Party Theme Decor Vinyl

Party Theme Decor Vinyl

Create a wonderful party decor with this cool vinyl. Each vinyl features a gradient rainbow color scheme that is incredibly lovely, brilliant, and dazzling, making your friends’ designs more attractive and layered. The water-resistant materials are ideal for indoor and outdoor DIY projects including signage, scrapbooking, and writing.

12. Gold and Silver Transfer Sheets

Gold and Silver Transfer Sheets

If you are looking for gifts for Cricut users that can beautify their work, try to give them these gold and silver transfer sheets. Use beautiful foil effects from these transfer sheets to make their work stand out. Cards, invitations, gift boxes, wedding reception table decor, and other DIY projects benefit from the addition of accents.

13. Beach Side Smart Vinyl

Beach Side Smart Vinyl

For those people who use  Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker 3, or Cricut Explore 3, this gift will make your life easier. By using smart vinyl, they can load it directly into the machine without a cutting mat. It’s ideal for making stickers, cards, labels, and a variety of other items. Cricut users may now avoid using adhesive! To make amusing cards, appealing posters, and a variety of other paper projects, simply cut, peel, and stick!

14. Foil Transfer Tool Replacement

Foil Transfer Tool Replacement

Give your friends this precious foil transfer tool replacement before they have a problem with their Cricut machines. The foil transfer provides a superb user experience thanks to its smart design. Simply place the foil transfer kit immediately onto the machine and begin the DIY project without even heating it up. Your friends may use the foil transfer more smoothly with a simple framework, showcasing their ingenuity and hands-on ability to their heart’s content.

15. Blank Press Mug

Blank Press Mug

Get your friends a new craft medium to express their creativity! This blank press mug will be one of the most suitable gifts for Cricut users who want to try decorating new mediums such as a mug. These cricut mug blanks are compatible with Infusible Ink and are designed to work with the Cricut Mug Press. Any mug design will be smooth, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe when using Infusible Ink products.

16. Christmas Metal Cutting Die

Christmas Metal Cutting Die

Make your friends’ journaling fun and exciting with this Christmas metal cutting die. These cutting dies are composed of a tough carbon steel substance with a robust body that ensures durability and life. They feature cute and funny Christmas ornaments, making it perfect for cut paper and cardstock or decorative scrapbooking elements from Cricut.

17. Laser Cut Butterfly Journal Decor

Laser Cut Butterfly Journal Decor

In case your Cricut users also admire the artwork from other crafters, try to surprise them with this gift. Made from wood, these lovely laser cut butterflies are available in 5 different patterns. Each butterfly is delicately sanded after cutting to remove any laser burn lines. These gifts are ready to use in craft projects, scrapbooking, or as house decorations.

18. Cricut Keychain Box Template

Cricut Keychain Box Template

Give your friends this amazing keychain box template to create one on their own. This gift will be beneficial for their craft business to produce great packaging for their products. The keychain insert card and a YouTube instructional are included with the box template to assist your craft maker putting it together.

19. Cricut Disney Silhouette

Cricut Disney Silhouette

For those Cricut users who are also Disney lovers, this gift will be one of the top things to buy. It features more than 50 Disney stickers templates in beautiful silhouettes they can print in their Cricut machines. Your friends can use those designs in whatever way they like, whether it’s for an iron-on transfer paper or not.

20. Personalized Cricut Font

Personalized Cricut Font

In case your girl is a fan of Cricut font, try to be romantic by giving gifts for Cricut users such as this personalized font template for her. This beautiful font represents the feminine and soft side of calligraphy, ideal for her personality. The typeface will be detected automatically by Cricut and Silhouette. There is no need for any particular software or knowledge.

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21. Cricut DIY Fox Papercraft Template

Cricut DIY Fox Papercraft Template

Challenge your friends to complete this Cricut DIY project! With this creative template, your Cricut users will hone their skill and imagination to create a beautiful fox toy. What makes it more interesting, your friends can make an experimental design with various colors that is offered in this template.

22. Lollipop Holder Cricut Template

Lollipop Holder Cricut Template

Create your own gift basket from this lollipop holder template. Use your Cricut skills to make a cute lollipop holder from an amazing template that will light up any party. Just simply follow the instructions and print it for cool party props. After the project is completed, you can fill it with your favorite lollipop inside and put it in your gift basket.

23. Loop Rotary Cutter

Loop Rotary Cutter

Cut all your Cricut supplies you need to redesign with this cool loop rotary cutter. Its 45mm blade makes cutting a wide range of quilting materials simple and pleasant. A natural fit for your hand is provided by the curved shape and loop handle, which improves comfort and control. For right or left-handed users, the adaptable design gives good blade visibility.

24. Mini Heat Press Machine

Mini Heat Press Machine

This is one of the most versatile gifts for Cricut users that ever exist! The regular heat press is used to permanently apply a heat transfer to a vinyl surface. However, this easy press machine is ideal for all heat transfer applications since it has a larger heated plate than other machines, which saves time. It may be used to print personalized patterns on T-shirts, hats, handbags, masks, and even socks.

25. Very Merry Tags

Very Merry Tags

Light up the Christmas vibes to your Cricut users with the Very Merry Tags. The seasonal cartridge features 50 excellent holiday tags that are perfect for personalizing any present. Use these tags to make banners, ornaments, scrapbook layouts, and more to show off the festive creativity. It will be one of the most creative and memorable Christmas gift ideas.

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What to get someone with that likes Cricut?

You can give them Cricut craft supplies to show that you support their hobby. As they may have used Cricut for a long time, try to give them the beachside smart vinyl or the blank press mug for new Cricut crafting experiences. For more inspiration for gifts for Cricut users, please read in the article above!

Is Cricut a good gift?

Yes, Cricut is a good gift. Especially if the receiver is a DIY maker. This will be a wonderful gift as this machine helps him to produce great products in a shorter time than the manual one. Moreover, as the advancement of technology, Cricut has many features that allow you to let your imagination and creativity go wild. Despite its costly price, every aspect in Cricut is well delivered.

What all does a Cricut need?

There are some additional things to buy as you decide to use Cricut. Some Cricut supplies such as the permanent adhesive backed flat vinyl should be one the essential items to produce crafts. Don’t forget to buy vinyl transfer paper tape for transporting your design to the surface easier. Suppose you need additional accessories, you can read our selected gifts for Cricut users in the article above.

What do you need for a beginner Cricut?

As you don’t have any experience with Cricut, all you have to do is read the instructions and guidance carefully.You need to learn how to use and maintain the machine. Try to do research for better maintenance of this machine. For example, you can protect your Cricut machine with the dust cover with a back pocket. Later, you can start to learn to create artwork from the Cricut project ideas book. In case you want to find gifts for Cricut users in beginner level, try to find it in the top lists above.

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