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Water Transfer Printing Kits

Give your belongings a DIY upgrade with these Water Transfer Printing Kits. They allow you to take advantage of the usually commercially used process of hydrographic printing.

Water transfer printing is the process that enables the transfer of images and patterns onto 3D surfaces.

In short, it uses water to print on oddly shaped items, something that can’t be done with traditional printing methods. Think fancy gamepads, carbon fiber-like car parts, cool motorcycle helmets and so on.

By using this kit, you can customize anything that can survive a dive into the water and can hold a coat of paint. Just choose the film with a  pattern or image you like and you can start cracking. 

Water Transfer Printing Kits

The process of water transfer printing is relatively simple. You need to thoroughly clean the parts you want to upgrade, priming them, applying the base coat, and then dipping them into hot water with the film.

The DIY kit includes all the basic supplies you’ll need as well as the instructions to guide you through the process.

Water Transfer Printing Kits

With Water Transfer Printing Kits, you can breathe in new life into your gadgets, car and boat parts, hunting and camping gear. You always can experiment with other stuff as well. 

Water Transfer Printing Kits
Water Transfer Printing Kits

Water Transfer Printing Kits

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