Remote Controlled Fishing Boat

This Remote Controlled Fishing Boat provides you with a completely new and fun way of fishing. Yes, it looks like a toy remote controlled boat you’d always wanted to have as a kid.

Well, now you can have this RC fishing boat and it will be much more useful than the toy one.

How does it exactly work? First, that depends on what kind of fish you’re planning to be fishing for. If it’s small fish, all you have to do is attach the line with the hook and bait ready to the small fishing pole on the boat.

When the fish is on the hook, navigate the boat towards the shore or your boat and there, you have your fish. For larger fish, however, you’ll need to attach the line from your fishing rod to the fishing pole on the boat. 

But instead of casting the line (and possibly catching the tree branches behind you) you navigate the RC boat with your line and hook to where you need it and wait.

When the fish takes the bait, the pole on the boat will release your line and you’d be able to reel your catch in.

Remote Controlled Fishing Boat

The boat measures 34” in length, hits approximately 20 mph at full speed and the remote control can control it from up to 300 ft.

It runs on chargeable batteries, 2.4 Ghz remote system, and can hit several speed modes.

Remote Controlled Fishing Boat

Overall, it can make your kid’s first fishing trip an absolute blast. It can also help you get your line in and out of places where you won’t be able to get through simple casting.

Plus, you can finally unleash your inner child and play around with a remote-controlled boat. In an adult way. 

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