Compact Fishing Rod

The Compact Fishing Rod calls itself the Swiss Army Knife of fishing rods, and it earns that title well.

This modular fishing rod can be partially disassembled and reconstructed with different parts depending on what type of fish you are searching for.

The smallest size rod is tiny enough to fit in a pocket and handles and pole types can be customized based on your usual fishing preferences. As of now, 6 types of fishing rod bases correspond to 6 types of different spring poles

You can mix them up and choose the diameter, length, and a number of spring-bends that best suit your fishing style.

Compact Fishing Rod

Best of all, this fishing rod is lightweight enough to be handled with one hand, but durable enough that it will not break, even if you land a whopper.

compact fishing rods

Compact Fishing Rod

The durability of this fishing rod is possible thanks to carefully chosen materials. Stainless steel, hardwood handles, and sea-water resistant metals are just what you need when it comes to sturdy unbreakable fishing rods. 


Add the Compact Fishing Rod to your collection and you will be set for a lifetime of fishing!

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