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Pop-Out Electric Wall Outlets

The truth is life without electrical outlets in the digital age is impossible.

But they also take up space, need constant cleaning from dust, are not completely nice to look at, and so on.

But the Pop-Out Electric Wall Outlets solve the problem.

The pop-out outlets look like a simple plastic panel that sits flush against the wall until you push it and a cube containing 3 outlets – you guessed it – pops out.

Pop-Out Electric Wall Outlets

Pop-Out Electric Wall Outlets

It is easy to install, functional and will add a modern twist to your interior design. Speaking of which, the wall plate and the outlets themselves come in different colors, so let your inner aesthetic junkie have a field day.

Plus, if you’re on a baby-proofing spree, that’s already one item to tick off your list.

Pop-Out Electric Wall Outlets


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