25 Unique Macrame Gifts That Everyone Will Love

Macrame is one of the most versatile and classic materials in existence, with a rich history and a timeless aesthetic. Macrame is thought to have begun in the 13th century with Arabic weavers who used knotting techniques to create towels, shawls, and tapestries. It then spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Macrame gained its popularity as a hallmark of bohemian style. It’s a good alternative to wall art, and it adds texture to the space without having to add a new color. Today, many macrame gifts utilize this flexible textile art to create everything from wall hangings and plant hangers to accessories, charms, and even garments.

Furthermore, macrame gifts are a symbol of creativity and imagination. They can be a simple macrame design or complicated macrame patterns, depending on the maker’s desires. In addition, they can create macrame art with various materials such as cotton thread, jute, hemp, or yarn. In case you want to know what macrame art can be, and planning to surprise your loved one with macrame gifts, then you come to the right place. In this article, we will give you some inspirations about macrame gifts you never knew before. Let’s get started!

1. Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger

If you are looking for macrame gifts for a green thumb, then this beautiful plant hanger is the excellent choice! It is composed of premium pure cotton cord, making this charming macrame plant hanger strong and durable. Not to mention, it has a flexible woven construction that fits a variety of planter shapes and sizes. With this gift, your friends can decorate their house with beautiful hanging plants easily.

2. Macrame Woven Pendant

Macrame Woven Pendant

Add bohemian style in your friend’s new house with this adorable home decor. This macrame woven pendant is made by hand from high-quality raffia, plywood, and wooden beads, making it natural, safe, and gorgeous at the same time. The neutral light brown color will be an ideal housewarming gift that will blend to coastal interiors. 

3. Floating Macrame Shelf

Floating Macrame Shelf

Thinking of having a floating shelf to save more space? Well, you can make it come true with this unusual macrame art! This is one of the most unique macrame gifts that combine home furniture and art. The strong macrame pattern can hold the shelf well and stable. It will be very useful to place books or simply for home decoration.

4. Christmas Macrame Kit

Christmas Macrame Kit

Light up your Christmas with an awesome project to work on! This fantastic kit features all you need to make your own Christmas ornaments. From the macrame cotton rope to the small bells and cherry decors, those cool items will let your creativity do it. This gift set is also ideal for beginners who want to learn making simple macrame as it contains a manual book inside.

5. Macrame Dream Catcher

Macrame Dream Catcher

Wish your loved one a sleep tight with this beautiful dream catcher. The tapestry is handwoven from high quality cotton cloth that is non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly. It will be a nice addition in any room. Just put it one the bedroom to give a warm and calm feel before bed time.  

6. Macrame Owl Cotton Cord Tapestry

Macrame Owl Cotton Cord Tapestry

In case dream catcher macrame gifts are too feminine, then you can try this owl tapestry for guys. Beautifully handwoven with firm and strong cotton, it creates amazing art. The owl has sharp eyes with natural color, making a focal point for any room style. It will be an amazing present for guys who love decorating.   

7. Macrame Coasters

Macrame Coasters

Bring the bohemian style in each sip of your coffee with these adorable macrame coasters. The macrame coasters are hand-woven with 100% organic cotton rope, making them environmentally friendly. They also come with a very thick design as  heat insulation and water absorption. These coasters are wonderful macrame gifts that add an artistic touch to the new house. 

8. Mini Macrame Bag Charms

Mini Macrame Bag Charms

This gorgeous macrame charm will definitely be a precious gift to treasure. The braided macrame patterns are incredibly charming and beautiful, which will be a special tassel for your special ones. Simple natural color and texture are combined with a geometric flair to create a piece that will go with any style. They can put it on their bag, as a lucky charm they can bring everywhere.  

9. Handmade Macrame Photo Frame

Handmade Macrame Photo Frame

Keep a beautiful memory in this stunning macrame photo frame. This will be one of the best macrame gifts for weddings or anniversaries. Hand-knitted cotton yarn creates the natural texture tassels, making a soft and elegant touch to this bohemian photo frame. You can hang it on the wall or just place it one the desk as it has two line-shaped hooks at the back.

10. Macrame Welcome Sign

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If you are looking for housewarming gifts with simple macrame art, then you may consider this beautiful door sign. This round macrame art features an artificial greenery and a bell along with the “Welcome” text as the focal point. It can be hung on the front door of the house or the garden door to add the beauty of the new house.

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11. Macrame American Flag Wall Hanging

Macrame American Flag Wall Hanging

Surprise your military colleagues with this American flag macrame art. This gift will definitely make them smile ear to ear. It can be a perfect decoration to show their love to the nation. For tangle-free measuring, each flag color is wound neatly on a spool. Both vertical displays have a blue field with 50 wooden beads representing the states at the top left.

12. Travel Beach Macrame Shoulder Bag

Travel Beach Macrame Shoulder Bag

Let your friends travel in style with this awesome macrame shoulder bag. Especially if the summer holiday is coming, this charming bag will be a brilliant fashion item at the beach. High quality cotton ropes are delicately braided into this woven macrame bag, making it robust and difficult to break.

13. Macrame Wall Photo Display

Macrame Wall Photo Display

Give your loved ones a memorable spot with macrame accents to light up their room. It consists of a wooden dowel and natural, high-quality cotton rope. The soft light from the mini LED makes any room feel quite warm and cozy. This easy photo organizer is one of the most excellent macrame gifts for people to keep track of all the amazing things that happen in their lives.

14. Macrame Hanging Fruit Basket

Macrame Hanging Fruit Basket

Bring the fruit basket to another level with the creative macrame art. Made from cotton with sturdy structure, it allows you to store more fruit easily, saving more space in your kitchen. This is one of the best macrame gifts for busy moms who need to store more fruits at one time or as a spacesaver for new couples who just move into a small apartment. 

15. Macrame Jewelry Box

Macrame Jewelry Box

For those girls who love to collect jewelry, this beautiful box will definitely impress them. This is a handcrafted woven rope jewelry box in a bohemian style that is suitable for luxurious things inside. Beside its charming design, it also features a removable compartment with big capacity and a variety of layouts, including different storage chambers, necklace hooks, ring holders, and earring cards.

16. Large Angel Wing Macrame Decor

Large Angel Wing Macrame Decor

Get your artistic friends this unusual wall decor for their home. Inspired by the large angel wing, this masterpiece will give blessings to any room, as if the genuine angel has arrived. Handcrafted with pure cotton cord, this natural home decor is environmentally friendly, which is safe for kids to play around.  

17. Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging

Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging

If you need macrame gifts for babies, then this personalized wall decor can be a lovely idea. These personalized rainbows would be a welcome addition to any nursery or children’s room. The attractive colors will be the focal point. You can add the baby’s name which is made of 100% cotton that is hand-shaped with aluminum wire.

18. Macrame Leaf Wall Hanging

Macrame Leaf Wall Hanging

This is definitely one of the genius macrame gifts to add greenery and a fresh look in a room. In case your friends want to decorate their room with plants but they have no time to take care of them, why don’t you give them an artificial one? Unlike the one made from plastic, this macrame leaf portrays a beautiful touch of art. Its olive green color also will bring natural vibes to their house.

19. Macrame Wood Swing

Macrame Wood Swing

Bring the macrame art to your friends’ backyard with this fantastic macrame wood swing. It was built using high-quality cotton rope and a natural oak seat, resulting in a macrame art structure that is both durable and safe. With this gift, your friends will get a gorgeous outdoor addition while having a good time playing with swing at the backyard

20. Macrame Door Curtain

Macrame Door Curtain

In case your friends love to hold garden parties, then this macrame curtain will be very useful to light up their backyard. The wonderful curtain will give a soft and elegant touch to the party, perfect to decorate the welcome door. While it is not used for parties, it can be the door curtain in their door house, adding an awesome welcome in bohemian style. 

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21. Macrame Wristlet Keychain

Macrame Wristlet Keychain

Give your forgetful friends this pretty wristlet keychain to minimize their bad habit of losing things. This is one of the most brilliant macrame gifts for forgetful people. The unique wristlet design allows your friends to keep the key close without holding it as they can hang it on the wrist. Made of soft cotton with a unique swirl pattern, your friends will love to wear it on their wrist.

22. DIY Macrame Feather Kit

DIY Macrame Feather Kit

Show your support to your friends who just started to learn macrame patterns with this amazing gift set. The kit comes with pre-cut materials and a simple instruction to make their first feather macrame art decoration. It’s easy to shape the feather and it’s ready to hang. Simply tie a knot, brush it, and hang it. This is a simple and fun activity that will appeal to people of all ages!

23. Modern Macrame Separator

Modern Macrame Separator

For those people who just start to create more complicated patterns, they definitely will need this macrame separator. It is necessary for every macrame maker to construct even and consistent knots. It is an ideal gift for your friends who want to make macrame wall hangings, bags, and other advanced macrame projects using it. Using this lifesafer tool will make any creation neat and beautiful.

24. Macrame Mirror Shape Wall Decor

Macrame Mirror Shape Wall Decor

Let the macrame art adorn your friends’ boring mirror with this gift. Especially if they love to check their appearance before going out, this item will be one of the most charming macrame gifts to lift up their mood. It comes with a unique round pattern which is made from high quality cotton thread, giving natural and elegant accents. 

25. Animal Head Macrame Wall Art

Animal Head Macrame Wall Art

In case you are looking for macrame gifts for kids, then this lovely animal head wall art can be one of the best options. Combining the beautiful macrame art with wooden animal heads, it will be an attractive decoration for your kids. They can use it for toys to play with, which will be a great method to introduce them to animals.

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What can macrame be used for?

Macrame can be very versatile for any household needs such as hanging planter, floating desk, or even fruit basket. The strong and sturdy knot allows them to hold heavy things. Moreover, it is also a great option for accessories such as the macrame wristlet keychain or the mini macrame bag charms. Suppose you need more inspiration for unique macrame gifts, you can read in the article above.

Is it hard to learn macrame?

The difficulties to learn macrame depends on the macrame patterns you want to make. Macrame can be as simple as a few simple knots to hold indoor house plants or a festive decoration. However, it can also be a little more complicated and turn into a new piece of wall art, which will take a longer time to learn.

Is macrame expensive to make?

Macrame is absolutely affordable to make. Compared to another craft, all you need is just a cotton rope, dowel, and beads that will cost less than USD 40.00 for all items. With some creativity and skills, you can turn all the materials into an impressive art. Meanwhile, buying macrame gifts is one of the alternatives if you want to save time and energy. If you are looking for macrame gift ideas, go check out our article above.

Why it is called macrame?

It is believed the word “macrame” is derived from the Arabic word “migramah”, which means “fringe.” The origins of macrame knot-tying can be traced back to 13th-century Arabic ornamental weavers who utilized the knots to tie loose ends of woven textiles such as towels and shawls. Another school of thought claims it comes from the Turkish word “makrama”, which means “napkin” or “towel.”

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