25 Perfume Gift Sets That Will Never Go Wrong

The use and enjoyment of perfumes have endured throughout the centuries and become one of the most important parts of today’s lifestyles. A subtle splash of fragrance has the ability to spark memories, lift spirits, enrich romance, improve one’s mood, and lead to an overall feeling of happiness. The right fragrance also plays a role in shaping one’s characteristics. It became a key element to bolster up the look and lift up confidence.But finding a signature fragrance that speaks for our personality is extremely difficult.

On the other hand, the pursuit of finding the perfect gift for people we love can also be a tricky task. With this, we come to the question of how we help people find the right fragrance for them?

Perfume set can be a great gift idea. It is elegant, useful, and can never go wrong. In this article, we’ve selected a list of 25 perfume gift sets ideas for anyone, on every occasion

1. NEST Eau de Parfum Trio

NEST Eau de Parfum Trio

Mini discovery sets are a great way to get into a new fragrance. This set includes three fragrances from the Nest WildFlower series. It includes three limited edition fragrances: Sunkissed Hibiscus, Wild Poppy, and Black Tulip. All three fragrances come in small roll-on bottles and packed in a beautiful floral box, perfect as a gift set

2. Rain Garden Collection Perfume Oil Sampler Gift Set

Rain Garden Collection Perfume Oil Sampler Gift Set

A set of miniature bottles is a great way to give the gift of fragrance to a friend or loved ones. These Mini Perfumes feature gorgeous labels on each unique scent. Each perfume is a mix of essential oils, fragrance accords, and cosmetic grade fragrance oils dispersed in skin-friendly Jojoba and Coconut Oils. They are nestled in paper shred inside a gorgeous aluminum tin that looks great as a collection. 

3. FM Personalized Perfumes Gift Set

FM Personalized Perfumes Gift Set

Treat that special someone with this beautifully presented made-to-order perfume gift box. They have over 240 perfumes and aftershaves, 18 shower gel fragrances, 11 body spray fragrances, 4 body mists fragrances and 6 solid perfume sticks to choose from. Each set features a bottle of perfume, shower gel, and perfume stick. You can choose which one to include on the set along with a beautifully presented gift box. A perfect perfume gift set for both men and women. 

4. Perfume Oil Gift Set

Perfume Oil Gift Set

These perfume bottles are ideal for carrying in pockets and handbags, making them perfect for traveling. The color or the bottle of the perfume and label may vary depending on the fragrance. You can choose the fragrance you prefer or let the seller choose three unisex fragrances for you. The perfumes are made out of mostly natural ingredients and are vegan friendly. A perfect perfume gift set for your vegetarian lover friend.

5. Crystal Infused 5 Perfume Oil Gift Set

Crystal Infused 5 Perfume Oil Gift Set

These crystal infused perfumes are crafted with healing Crystals and sage. The healing crystal of Peridot promotes responsibility and forgiveness, instilling confidence in one’s own abilities and reestablishing a sense of self-worth. Each bottle contains perfume, essential oils, and crystals. You can choose the crystals for each unique purpose or get all of them as a set.

6. Mini Perfume Collections

Mini Perfume Collections

This set of perfume miniatures will make a great gift for vintage item collectors. Each set contains different mini perfume bottles in beautiful vintage style. They are packed in beautiful boxes and ideal as a collection. This is the perfume gift set that will never go out of style. Perfect for those who want to enter Mini Perfume Collections

7. Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit

Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit

The unique selling point from the Mixologie brand is that they allow you to blend your own unique fragrance. When you give this set as a gift to your loved one, they can mix different perfumes to create a brand new note. This set contains 10 different scents providing them with limitless fragrance options.

8. Michael Kors Wonderlust 3 Piece Purse Spray Set

Michael Kors Wonderlust 3 Piece Purse Spray Set

Each perfume on this set comes in an elegant travel pack that can fit in any purse perfectly. The set offers the best of three exotic locales with oriental gourmand, woody floral and oriental floral amber fragrances. The perfumes are packaged in a glamorous gift box. They come in rollerball bottles for easier application anytime. 

9. Clinique A Little Happiness Set

Clinique A Little Happiness Set

What gift you can offer to your special someone other than a little happiness in a box. It contains three travel sized eau de perfume sprays. Clinique Happy is a notable perfume line that is known for their long-lasting fragrance. They are packed in a bright red tin box that will make anyone happy. 

10. White Tea Set by Elizabeth Arden

White Tea Set by Elizabeth Arden

This set was perfect to try and you can use the sample sizes for travel. You only need a few sprays to wear throughout the day so a small travel bottle can last you for quite some time. The white tea series has a light scent that is perfect for people who love subtle fragrances.

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11. Estée Lauder Fragrance Treasures Gift Set

Estée Lauder Fragrance Treasures Gift Set

Sample size sets are a great way to get your hands on the scents before you buy the full size. This set includes four different Estee Lauder perfumes in different style mini bottles. The miniature samples are packed in a pretty gift box that is suitable for any occasion. The bottles themselves have a unique shape similar to the full size and are so cute that they deserve to be collected.

12. Victoria’s Secret Best of Fine Fragrance Mist

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Filled with travel sizes of four of Victoria’s Secret’s best-selling Fine Fragrance Mists, this set is more than just a gift. This is a perfume gift set that can set up a great memory. The set includes the best fragrances from VS’s collection in floral and fruity notes. This collection can be the perfect gift if you know people who are into light and fresh scents.

13. Elizabeth Taylor Perfume Gift Set White Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor Perfume Gift Set White Diamonds

The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Perfume Gift Set brings out elegance and sophistication for women. It provides a sensual floral scent that will be perfect for any woman in your life. The set consists of a bottle of white diamond perfume and body lotion. The body lotion does not only strengthen the perfume scent but also rejuvenates skin and adds a radiant look.

14. Juicy Couture Rock the Rainbow

Juicy Couture Rock the Rainbow

The Juicy Couture set is designed specifically for girls who live in vivid colors, and not afraid of defying the rules and twisting the trends. If you know someone who follows their own brilliant path to the end of the rainbow, you can get them this set of 3 colorful and exciting fragrances. This Rock The Rainbow by Juicy Couture contains three unique and interesting fragrances to match their everyday mood. 

15. Paris Hilton Coffret Set

Perfume Gift Sets

This set of sample coffrets by Paris Hilton can be something that will lead you to the full size bottles or can be used as a convenient travel bestie. It features four different fragrances from Paris Hilton’s perfume release. Each scent is packed in a beautiful and unique bottle that deserves a place on the shelf. The set can add a glamorous touch to your perfume collection and make a trendy gift for your loved ones. 

16. Calvin Klein Mini Perfume Gift Set

Perfume Gift Sets

This collection was launched by the design house of Calvin Klein in the year 1994. Now you can get your hands on this memorable collection that will never go out of style. This set includes five best citrus aromatic fragrances that can lift up your mood. The notes on this collection have a blend of tropical fruit and floral that can match everyday occasions. A great perfume gift set choice for your special someone. 

17. Lancome Miniature Collection Perfume Gift Set

Perfume Gift Sets

French perfumes can get really pricey. One of the ways we can get the amazing effect of French perfume is by getting a mini sample set. This is the sample set that any fragrance lover will appreciate. It features five pieces of Lacomes’ best Eau de Perfumes, all packed in elegant looking bottles ranging from 4ml to 7,5ml.

18. Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Collection

Perfume Gift Sets

Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo is a colorful blend of European chic and the magical allure of the Far East. The charming freshness and subtle beauty of these fragrances is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. This set is free-spirited, feminine, and glamorous, perfect for younger women but also suitable for anyone in any age. Each scent is packed in a colorful bottle adorned with carefree summer motifs that look so cute and can lift up their mood. 

19. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler Set

Perfume Gift Sets

Featuring six of the best perfumes from high-end designers, it is safe to say that this is the ultimate perfume gift set you can ever get. The set features Chloe Signature Rose Tangerine, Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace, Miu Miu, Ouai Melrose Place, Victor & Ralph Flowerbomb, and Yves Saint Laurent Libre. Each sample comes in a convenient travel size spray and roll-on bottles. E=WIth this set, it is like handling six of the best designer’s perfumes in a box.

20. Gucci Perfume Women Collection Samples Set

Perfume Gift Sets

Aesthetic-conscious people will love this collection. When it comes to classic fashion styles, we know Gucci never fails us. Even this set of perfume samples is packed in such a beautiful and elegant way. Each scent comes in a small vial bottle wrapped in a gorgeous floral card. The cards feature a vintage looking floral design making this sample one of a kind and worth collecting

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21. Versace Perfume Collection For Women Sample Size Set

Perfume Gift Sets

When we heard the brand name Versace, the top things that pop to our mind would be elegance and over the top vibe. But this is not the case with this collection. Instead of featuring its over the top signature, this set takes a more pop and casual approach, making it suitable for people of any age ranging from teenagers to adults. The six unique scents come in unique cards with proper introduction to the high-end fragrance experience. 

22. Juliette Has a Gun Mini Discovery Set

Perfume Gift Sets

Juliette Has a Gun is a notable perfume line known for the younger market. It offers fun and sweet notes highlighting the innocent and young spirit. This set features seven of their best fragrances so you have a broader option. The samples come in convenient spray bottles so you can use it anytime you need a boost of mood.

23. Eau de Juice Perfume Spray Pure Sugar Chill Set

Perfume Gift Sets

The design of these perfume packaging screams fun and youthful spirit. Just like its name, the fragrance on this set consists of sweet and juicy notes, perfect for sweet and cheerful individuals. This set features four full size perfumes that can still fit perfectly on your everyday backpack and purses. A trendy perfume gift set that will lift up your best friend’s happiness. 

24. Pacifica Wanderlust Perfumes

Perfume Gift Sets

Everyone deserves to smell great everyday even when they’re going on an adventure and get lost. This is the spirit that this set offers. It has 5 of the best fragrances from the Pacifica wanderlust series. Each perfume offers a unique tropical note in a convenient spray bottle that can fit your mini bag and pockets. This set has the complete notes ranging from fresh, bright, to romantic to match any occasion and mood. 

25. MIX:BAR Eau De Parfum Scent Discovery Set

Perfume Gift Sets

This set features 100% vegan and cruelty free fragrances. They come in small spray bottles that are perfect for gifting and travel. Each scent is designed uniquely so that it can be used as a standalone or mixed in layers. With its mixable nature, you can achieve your own unique signature scent in limitless ways possible. 

Latest Post:

What are good perfumes to give as a gift?

The options are limitless and depend on the person you are going to give the perfumes to. For example, you can choose the white diamond set by ELizabeth Taylor or the Lancome set for elegant ladies, and opt for Juicy Couture and Eau de Juice for younger women. When it comes to gifting, it’s alway about the receiver’s personality. 

Is a perfume set a good gift?

Yes, it is a classic way of gifting that will never go wrong. Perfume gift set does not only offer a great form of gift, but also a memory. Giving someone a perfume gift set is like a way of saying that you care about them and it can be a great form of appreciation. 

Why perfume is the perfect gift?

Perfume can be the perfect gift because they are actually usable. The receiver can use it in their everyday life and when they use the perfumes, the scents will remind them of your loving gesture. It is also a versatile gift that can alway make anyone happy no matter how old they are.

What is the meaning of gifting a perfume?

Perfume gifting has some meanings including love and appreciation as well as affection. If you want to show your love to your special someone, a perfume gift set is a great way to go. In the older days in Europe, perfume gifting even had a symbol of a relationship declaration.

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