25 Cool Lego Cars That Worth Collecting

Cars are one of the most extraordinary vehicles that exist in the world. If you can’t ride it or are not qualified yet either by skill or age, cool Lego cars can be the solution to satisfy your desire. Collecting Lego cars is also an affordable way to enjoy luxurious vehicles.

There are many types of Lego cars. For instance, a Lego car may take inspiration from movies. Vintage cars are also one of the inspirations for cool Lego cars. Whether you love sporty models or old-school vehicles, the following Lego sets are worth collecting!

Cool Lego Cars for Kids

Cool lego cars are classified as suitable for kids and adults, or even both of them. Now, these ones are suitable for your children!

1. Vintage Lego Convertible Car

Vintage Lego Convertible Car with Cowboy, 1980

This Lego car is rare and one of the best sellers on Etsy. This set is vintage because it came out in 1980. There is also a Lego driver for additional features, which is cute. Your kid will absolutely treasure it.

2. LEGO City Smart Car

LEGO® City Smart Car

This Lego set features a smart car! The compact design is one of the main characteristics of a modern car. Furthermore, the Lego kit is 100% brand new. Your children will adore the lovely mini-vehicle. It is also great for someone who loves a blue car.

3. Volkswagen T1 Camper

Volkswagen T1 Camper

The VW cars are also blue-colored, just like the car before. This classic lego car kit is one of the rarest lego cars sold online. It is made of plastic, so it will not break easily.

4. Military Jeep Lego

Sluban Military Jeeped

This military jeep lego kit will be an excellent collection! It takes inspiration from the Humvee. The kit also features mini soldier figures. If your kids want to join the army, this set will be an ideal present for them. However, please note that you should keep it away from toddlers. After all, the small blocks are a choking hazard.

5. WRC Racing Sport Car Building Block

WRC Racing Sport Car Building Block

Do your children love fast cars? In that case, this set will be a thrilling present for them. The classic racing car building block is suitable for anyone who wishes to be a racer one day. It also comes with a racer mini figurine!

6. Lego Ninjago Cole’s Speeder Car

Lego Ninjago Cole’s Speeder Car

This Ninjago Speeder kit will bring a thrilling addition to your Lego cars collection. It features complete pieces to build the weaponized car miniature. Furthermore, the Lego kit also comes with Ninjago characters’ mini-figures.

7. LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva

LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva

Here is another McLaren Lego car to enrich your collection! This kit features over 200 pieces. You can assemble it with your kid as a bonding activity. The vehicle comes in blue and includes two chairs for two mini-figure passengers.

8. LEGO City Police Car

LEGO City Police Car

The Law Enforcement cars have also inspired Lego. This particular set comes in blue color, unique to the police. You can also assemble this kit with your children who may want to join the force when they grow up.

9. Disney and Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen’s Race Day

Disney and Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen's Race Day

This Lego kit uses Pixar movie as its inspiration. You should get it as a present for your children who loves Lighting McQueen! Assembling Lego is one of the most exciting activities to do together with your kids.

10. LEGO City Speed Record Car

LEGO City Speed Record Car

This kit is not an ordinary lego car! You can tell by looking that this model is super fast because of its fire. The original version of this Lego car is designed to break the speed record on land. Your children will be thrilled to receive this item as a present.

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11. LEGO City Race Car

LEGO City Race Car

This Lego set takes inspiration from a real F1 car. If your children love watching this type of race, they will absolutely appreciate this kit. It features 46 pieces, so it is not very difficult to assemble. Furthermore, this Lego also includes a racer mini figurine!

12. LEGO Toyota GR Supra

LEGO Speed Champions Toyota GR Supra

Toyota Supra is one of the most iconic fast cars in the world. To honor this superb vehicle, Lego offers you this building kit. It features around 200 blocks, providing mid-level difficulties, perfect for children who love challenges.

13. LEGO Speed Champions 1985 Audi Sport

cool lego cars

Audi is one of the most expensive cars in the world. This super awesome Lego kit will be an excellent alternative if you can’t afford the actual car! Moreover, it is inspired by the 1985 model. The set comes in 250 building blocks, offering a thrilling challenge!

14. Lego Car With Remote Control Feature

cool lego cars

This Lego car set is unique! Usually, Lego does not include an electronic motor. A regular Lego car is static, yet this one comes with remote control features!

15. LEGO Speed Champions Chevrolet Corvette

cool lego cars

Here is a stunning Chevrolet Corvette Lego set. If you are looking for a present for your son, this item is perfect for that! This Lego offers many building blocks, so the assembly process will be exciting. Furthermore, this one is original from the official Lego company, no knockoff!

Cool Lego Cars for Adult

These cool Lego cars are for adults due to their difficulty level, size, material, and safety. The realistic sets are harder to assemble. Some building kits even feature thousands of blocks.

16. Realistic Lamborghini Lego

cool lego cars

This time, we feature this iconic Lamborghini Lego building kit! This green supercar comes in a realistic design. It includes over 3000 pieces, making this set quite advanced. You can assemble it together with your children on your spare day. It will be a thrilling experience!

17. Custom LEGO McLaren

cool lego cars

This Lego set features a super realistic replica of McLaren’s sports car! It is one of the most iconic vehicles, so this Lego kit will be a special gift. Furthermore, the building blocks include small parts to provide you with a complete detailed set! The front chassis and doors are also moveable!

18. LEGO Speed Champions Vehicle Display

cool lego cars

Instead of an actual Lego car set, we offer a display stand this time! The 4 post lift ramp set is compatible with your Scalextric and Carrera from LEGO Speed Champions series. In addition, the seller offers a custom color. The building blocks for the stand are designed using a 3D printer with PLA+ material!

19. LED Light Kit for Batmobile

cool lego cars

Do you already own a Batmobile Lego set? In that case, you can enhance its incredible look with this LED kit for Lego. The added lights will bring out its realism and coolness. This item is the perfect addition to your Lego display shelf.

20. Lego Technic Supercar Nr. 8070

cool lego cars

Supercars are always popular among men! If you are looking for a present for someone who loves automotive, you should consider this red supercar Lego set. Your friends or family will absolutely enjoy assembling the set in their spare time. Upon completion, they will have a lovely decorative car miniature!

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21. Lego Francesco from Pixar

cool lego cars

Pixar’s movie Cars has captivated the heart of millions of people. If you are a fan of this franchise, you will recognize Francesco, Lightning McQueen’s former rival. This Lego set features that character, ready to race!

22. LEGO Ferrari

cool lego cars

Who doesn’t like Ferrari? Fans of Ferrari cars will absolutely adore this realistic Lego set. This model features 1677 pieces, so the assembly process will be fun! You need to pay attention to the instruction because it has delicate small blocks for intricate parts.

23. LEGO Technic Porsche 911

cool lego cars

Porsche is not just a car. It is the icon of the automotive world! Lego fans would not want to miss the 911 GT3 building kit because it is very realistic. The intricate pieces will blow your mind and provide you with challenging assembly. It features more than 2,500 pieces!

24. LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron

cool lego cars

Fans of advanced-level Lego sets will absolutely love this Bugatti Chiron! It is a 1:8 scale model and features over 3500 pieces! Moreover, the kit is super realistic because it includes realistic parts. It is a result of an official partnership between Lego and Bugatti!

25. LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette

We have covered a Corvette before in this list. However, this is the ZR1 version! It is also one of the most realistic Lego building kits that you can buy. The set offers more than 500 pieces, so the assembly is not that easy.

Final Thoughts

Lego has been one of the world’s most popular toys from many years ago. No wonder why there are so many people make some Lego forms as collectible items, including Lego cars. There are lots Lego versions that has a certain level of difficulties, and of course those Legos are created for adults. From high-tech Ferraris to classic cars like the Volkswagens, Lego has it all and we believe you would want to collect them all. So let’s spoil your eyes by checking out some of the coolest Lego cars, and we believe you will be amazed!

Latest Post:

What is the coolest Lego car?

The Bugatti Chiron Lego set is definitely one of the most extraordinary kits! It features thousands of pieces, so the assembly is very complex. The detailed small parts make this kit very realistic. Lego fans always prefer models that include more building blocks because they are more challenging.

What are the best lego cars for adults?

The red Ferrari Lego set is definitely one of the best Lego building kits for adults. It offers a pretty advanced assembly because of the amount of Lego blocks. There are over 1500 parts that you need to build! The Bugatti Chiron is also one of the best models for adults because it comes in more than 3000 blocks!

What are the best lego cars for kids?

Lightning McQueen, Mater, or Francesco are the best lego cars for kids. These cars use Pixar animated movies as their inspiration, so children will be familiar with them. Furthermore, they are not overly complex to assemble, so children can build them correctly.

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