2020 Toyota Supra 4×4

Following Toyota’s announcement about the Supra rebirth, automobile design enthusiasts have created countless mockups of the 2020 Toyota Supra 4×4 Concept. 

One of these is Rain Prisk, an Estonian digital graphic designer at Ubisoft Reflections studio. 

Thanks to his amazing concept of this awesome vehicle, he has taken the excitement several notches higher.

He conceptualized the all-time favourite into a 4×4 model, opening up the fenders to create space for beefy off-road tires.

His shooting brake version has a wider, lower shape and a front-end winch. A step on the sides adds functional appeal to the design so you don’t have to jump in.

If you happen to love adventure, you will appreciate the roof rack and the snorkel intake for when you have to ford deep water.

2020 Toyota Supra 4×4

Add to this the running boards and front skid plate and we have a winner!

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