25 Bizarre and Unusual Coffee Tables to Freshen Up Your House

When you try to design a cozy house, don’t forget to include a coffee table for your living room. It’s a simple yet effective table that looks beautiful. Although it is called a “coffee table”, this kind of table is perfect to display any kind of things, such as books, snacks and beverages, games, remote control, and yes, coffee. It’s safe to say that a coffee table is really essential in any house!

Coffee tables came in different shapes and sizes. There are a lot of unusual coffee tables in the market. Although they have bizarre appearances, they still look dope and definitely worth it to buy. There are coffee tables with a futuristic design and there are some with vintage-inspired themes. Some coffee tables even contain a game that you can enjoy with your family! If you’re getting excited already, let’s take a look at some of the best and unusual coffee tables that the internet could offer. 

Modern-looking Coffee Tables

In a modern house, a futuristic and modern-looking coffee table will be perfect. Thankfully, there are a lot of elegant coffee tables that you can choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the best modern-looking and unusual coffee tables on our list below!

1. Silver Aluminum Traditional Coffee Table

Silver Aluminum Traditional Coffee Table

This awesome coffee table has a simplistic design. However, the silver aluminum makes it so elegant. And if you’re looking for a small or medium coffee table, perhaps this particular item fits the criteria. It can also serve to store wine in your home office. 

2. Natural Walnut Coffee Table

Natural Walnut Coffee Table

Modern-looking coffee tables need to have new designs that defy the normal standard. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this elegant Walnut Coffee Table for you. It is made out of beech wood, but it is resistant to water and moisture. 

3. Red Rock Canyon Resin Table

Red Rock Canyon Resin Table

This coffee table is really minimalistic, but it will be a perfect choice for those of you who love uncommon designs. The design is inspired by our very own mother Earth. People who love rock climbing or camping will definitely want to have it in their home. 

4. EKNITEY Folding Coffee Table

EKNITEY Folding Coffee Table

A versatile coffee table is just what you need in any house. Besides being your average coffee table, this awesome item can also serve as a nightstand in the bedroom, a casual table in the garden, or a display stand for your lovely plant. Oh, did we mention that this table is durable and waterproof too?

5. Rectangle Coffee Table

Rectangle Coffee Table

If you want to find a larger coffee table that can act as a TV stand, perhaps this modern coffee table is the answer for you. With this table, you’ll get four large drawers with built-in push mechanics so that you can safely store your belongings. We thought that the color of the table makes this item more elegant and exclusive. 

6. Gold Hammered Metal Cala Coffee Table

Gold Hammered Metal Cala Coffee Table

Just take a moment of your time to look at this beautiful coffee table. It really is something, right? Every single aspect of the table is perfect, starting from the awesome design and shape. Plus, this cool coffee table is also handcrafted, which makes it all the more special. 

7. Handmade Nested Geode Table

Handmade Nested Geode Table

Have a lot of items that you need to display in the living room? Well, don’t worry, because you can just buy these coffee tables! You’ll get two handmade Geode textured tables with gold leaf paintings. It is really perfect for people who have a unique design taste. 

8. Blue Stone Coffee Table

Blue Stone Coffee Table

Eccentric people need to have fancy items to resemble their lifestyle. That’s the reason why we include this 15 inches table to our list of unusual coffee tables. If you love the design of this table, wait no longer and buy it quickly before you miss out!

9. Modern Quartz Stone Coffee Table

Modern Quartz Stone Coffee Table

Words can’t describe how unique this coffee table is. It looks nothing like any usual table. In fact, this innovative coffee table is inspired by voxel, a three-dimensional space in computer graphics. You can definitely put a lot of things on this coffee table too. Surprise your guest with this awesome coffee table in your living room. 

Vintage-looking Coffee Tables

We must admit that some of the modern-looking coffee tables sometimes can be a bit too much for people who love simplistic designs. If you prefer to have a more vintage design, then please take a look at our compilation for vintage-looking unusual coffee tables below!

10 Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

See, we told you that vintage-looking coffee tables have a simplistic design, right? However, simple doesn’t make something bad! In fact, we really love the design of this reclaimed wood coffee table. It is inspired by African American textile and the women of Gee Bend. 

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11. Elegant Marble Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

Coffee table designs may vary in certain countries. If you want a vintage coffee table with Indian design, then perhaps you might want to consider this awesome coffee table. It is said that this coffee table is handcrafted by the descendants who built the Taj Mahal!

12. Blue Agate Coffee Table

Blue Agate Coffee Table

There’s nothing special about the shape of this coffee table. However, the blue agate makes it unique and unusual. It provides a warm aura to your living room, and it will make your guests comfortable. This is a must-have for your interior decoration!

13. Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

Most of the vintage coffee tables look a little bit rusty, or they are heavily inspired by wooden design. However, those are deliberate, and we thought that it looks cool. This Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table is a cool example of a perfectly done vintage coffee table. 

14. Vintage Wooden Treasure Chest Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

Buy this multipurpose treasure chest now for your interior decoration. You can store a lot of your precious items here. Furthermore, it can also act as a coffee table in your living room. It is made using plywood, and it is extremely durable. 

15. VidaXL Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

Still weighing your options? Well, here’s another alternative for you to consider. This exotic table is made using reclaimed wood. Refurbish your house with a more vintage aura by purchasing this awesome coffee table now!

16. Round Wooden Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

When you’re lost and out of ideas in choosing which coffee table to buy, then you probably can consider buying this simplistic table. With a drum shape that is made up of mango wood, this coffee table can fit in any house with various styles. 

17. Dual Tier Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

If you have a lot of items that you want to display, you just need to find a coffee table with an extra layer. That’s precisely the reason why we’re recommending this cool dual tier coffee table for you. It contains two elegant tiers of retro wood boards, and it will look nice in your living room or home office. 

18. Ship Wheel Vintage Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

We know that everyone has a dream to become a pirate. Even though it is impossible to become one, you can still fantasize about it with this unique coffee table. It will be perfect for those of you that love nautical-themed decoration. 

Unique and Unusual Coffee Tables

For our last category, we’re going to be looking at some of the weirdest and most bizarre coffee tables in the market. Some of them can be used for various purposes. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best unusual coffee tables for you. 

19. Poplar Wood River Blue Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

A coffee table isn’t used solely for item storage. It also makes a good decoration for your house. That’s the reason why you should consider this awesome river blue coffee table. The unique design will give you an ocean aura to your home!

20. State Side Table

unusual coffee tables

If you prefer to buy a coffee table purely because of the looks rather than its function, then probably you should consider this cool state side table. It is made using poplar wood, and you can enjoy your morning coffee with this small-but-awesome table. 

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21. Chess Gaming Table

unusual coffee tables

Why buy a chess board if you can buy a table that acts as one? With this awesome coffee table, you can enjoy a game of chess with your loved ones while consuming your favorite beverages. You can also put this outdoors in your garden!

22. Tic Tac Toe Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

Chess isn’t the only option for a cool gaming coffee table. If you don’t want to play something simple with your friends and family, then you should buy this unusual coffee table instead. Play a simple game of tic tac toe before you go off to work. 

23. Quirky Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

Here’s a unique coffee table that looks similar to a vending machine. The snack is real, and you can choose from three different flavors: cheese and onion, salt and vinegar, and chicken. When you have consumed all of the chips, make sure to refill it with another snack to retain its quirky aspect!

24. Maison Jansen Illuminating Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

This is an old coffee table with a unique design. Made in France during the 70s, this awesome coffee table will give an elegant vibe for your living room. You will regret it if you miss out on this item, so don’t wait any longer and add it to your cart. 

25. Lift Top Coffee Table

unusual coffee tables

Here is a cool idea for a coffee table. With a lift top installed on the coffee table, you can work or enjoy your meal comfortably. Adjust the height to your preference, sit back, and relax with this unique coffee table. 

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What Coffee Tables are in Style Now?

Nowadays, people like to buy something that is out of the box. Conventional items may not be the right option. Instead, unusual coffee tables start to generate interest from lots of people. That’s the reason why you should take a look at our list of unusual coffee tables. You might be interested in a chess coffee table or a lift top coffee table.

Coffee tables with unique design and shape might be really popular to certain groups of people. However, if you really want a simpler approach for a coffee table, you can consider buying this Blue Agate coffee table. The VidaXL coffee table is also an interesting choice for you. 

What is the Right Size for a Coffee Table?

There is no guidance for coffee table size. It all depends upon your preference and usage. If you don’t have a large space, you can consider buying small coffee tables. However, if you really have a lot of items to display, a multi-tiered coffee table might be the right option. 

What is the Average Length and Width of a Coffee Table?

We have mentioned that coffee tables are produced in different shapes and sizes. However, common coffee tables usually measure about 36-48 inches in length and 18-24 inches in width. It is enough to store lots of things without taking up too much space in the living room. 

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