Kids Lego Style Bike Helmet

Getting your child to wear a helmet when taking a ride on a bike would be so much easier with this Kids Lego Style Bike Helmet.

What kid doesn’t like Lego? Correction, who overall doesn’t like Lego?

It’s impossible not to love those tiny bricks that are much more fun to assemble than furniture from IKEA.

This certainty in the popularity of Lego of kids has inspired Simon Higby and Clara Prior from the DBD marketing agency to create this helmet. 

Kids Lego Style Bike Helmet

This bike helmet is an almost ideal recreation of a Lego hairpiece you can put on any resident of your brick town. The helmet looks so fun to wear that you won’t even have to force your child to wear one.

Kids Lego Style Bike Helmet

Considering that a recent survey has shown that 44% of children don’t wear a helmet when cycling, this helmet offers a simple solution to a serious problem.

It is not yet produced globally but we certainly hope that it will be someday. In both kid and adult size, please. 

Kids Lego Style Bike Helmet

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