25 Unique Hippo Gifts for Adults And Kids

Kids will not miss their chances to visit the cute hippopotamuses when going to the zoo. The chubby mammal always gets to everyone’s soft spot and has a special place in their hearts. Adults also love hippos, the giant river horse, as much as the younger human. Therefore, a hippo gift will be warmly received.

There are so many hippo gifts available online, so it might be confusing to choose. Fortunately, you just have to see the following unique hippo gifts recommendation. The 25 hippos decorative and wearable pieces will be an excellent choice for someone special in mind.

BEST Hippo Gifts for Hippopotamus Lovers

1. Hippo Piggy Bank

Hippo Piggy Bank

The white Hippo Sculpture will be an excellent addition to your friend’s desk decoration. The sculpture uses a high-quality resin material to give a sturdy look that lasts a long time. The space inside the hippo body can help the children save their money until the piggy bank is full. It’s undoubtedly a unique piggy bank that will encourage them to save money.

2. Hippo Statue Storage Bowl

Hippo Statue Storage

You can send this Hippo Statue Storage to your parent’s house as a gift. They can put the blue hippo in their living room and put some candies in its mouth. It welcomes the guests that come to your parents’ house warmly. 

3. Hippo Animal Neck Wrap Plushie

Hippo Animal Neck Wrap Plush

The hippo neck wrap plush could become a comforting gift for your friend after they are free from their hectic schedule. The relaxing lavender scent will fill your friend’s senses when they wrap this soft item on their neck. They can get the warm and cozy feeling from the plushie by warming it in a microwave. A good rest is what you hope for when they receive this present.

4. Henrietta The Hippo Rocker

Hippo Animal Neck Wrap Plush

Kids always have an intense urge to own a new toy. And so, the unique purple hippo rocker will become their favorite toy. They can ride the furry rocker for a long time in one sitting. Your kids may love running around, but they will be back for the cute rocker for more. The rocker uses hardwood material for a sturdy frame, perfectly safe for kids.

5. Hippo Sculpture

Statue Décor Hippo

The incredible Hippo sculpture is a versatile gift because your friend or family can place it anywhere as decoration, at home or office. The hippopotamus art piece uses the finest polyresin material. It is lead-free and uses environmentally friendly paint, so it is very safe for anyone, including children. In addition, the resin sculpture will come with a custom box so that you can ship it directly to your gift receiver!

6. Hippopotamus Christmas Ornament

Hippopotamus Christmas Ornament

Send the Hippopotamus Christmas Ornament as an early Christmas gift! The ready-to-party hippo ornament is in a festive mood with a string of lights attached to its body. The figurine cosplays as a Christmas tree with a present box on its feet and a star tree topper on its head. Additionally, it comes with a unique feature that you won’t find in other Christmas ornaments! You can hear music by pressing the button on the hippo!

7. Ceramic Hippo Pot

Animal Ceramic Pots

The ceramic hippo pot gift will be suitable for people who love making flower arrangements. The playful hippo pot has the right proportion for a hand-tied bouquet or flower foam arrangement. Additionally, you can bring this ceramic pot with flowers inside and give it to your girlfriend for a fun yet a memorable gift.

8. Hippo Bookend Homedecor

Polyresin Faux Hippo Bookend

The gold hippo bookend can be a great addition to your boyfriend’s workspace decoration. Additionally, he can use your gift to keep his favorite books organized and tidy. It comes in two parts that keep the left and right sides steady. The functional statue uses polyresin, making it very sturdy. The quirky item suits formal or casual decor. It is without a doubt one of the most unique hippo gifts that you can buy!

9. Hungry Hippo Retro Game

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Your family will appreciate this Hungry Hungry Hippo retro game, especially your children. It is a fun game to play together after dinner. The complete set includes four hippo heads and bodies, a marble launcher, and twenty plastic marbles. Ultimately, this retro game will be a unique gift that will bring your family closer.

10. Magnetic Bottle Opener Hippo Head

Magnetic Bottle Opener Hippo Head

This magnetic bottle opener with a hippo head design is a great gift idea for your brother. He and his friends can use the silver hippo head to open their beer or soda bottles. The decorative magnetic piece can be attached to his game room wall or fridge door, where he welcomes his guests to drink. In conclusion, the magnetic hippo head is among the most unique hippo gifts you can buy at an affordable price.

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11. Hippo-Shaped Ceramic Holder

Hippo-Shaped Ceramic Holder

We know you can’t ignore the cute-looking hippo ceramic holder! The multi-functional ornament can be your pen holder or the succulent pot on your working desk. Furthermore, it can help you improve your mood to finish your job before the deadline comes. 

12. Giant Hippopotamus Plushie

Giant Hippopotamus Lifelike Stuffed Animal

Are you searching for unique hippo gifts for your lovely kids? The giant hippopotamus plushie will be your children’s best friend that they bring everywhere in the house. The grey stuffed animal looks very real with the neat linings, which match its claim to be a lifelike doll. Moreover, it has a sturdy wireframe construction that allows it to stand tall on its own. Your children can lean on them whenever they feel tired after intense playing time.

13. Geometric Wooden Hippo Wall Art

Geometric Wooden Hippo Wall Art

There is nothing more exciting than personalized wall decoration! This geometric wooden hippo wall art can be a unique housewarming gift. The size and the colors can be chosen based on your preference. The laser-cut art piece is lightweight, so the gift receiver will not have difficulty installing the hippo wall art.

14. Hippo Engagement Ring

Hippo Engagement Ring

This unique hippo engagement ring will help you to have a memorable marriage proposal. Thanks to the beautiful ring, your girlfriend will definitely be surprised when you ask her to marry you. Depending on your preference, you can customize the gorgeous white sapphire into moissanite or diamond. Do not forget to measure your future fiancée’s ring size to get the best matching ring.

15. Glass Hippo Figurine

Handmade Glass Hippo Figurine

Are you sure this glass hippo figurine is not the gift you’re looking for? Any glass decoration collector will treasure this piece dearly. This handmade figurine uses glass blowing technique or lampwork technique. The difficulty in making the colorful glass ornament adds more value to the artwork. It’s available in blue and purple with a cute frog on the hippo’s face.

16. Cuffed Hippo Beanie

Cuffed Lazy Hippo Beanie

This lazy hippo beanie can protect your head from the wind and give you a stylish look during the winter season. Thanks to the embroidered hippo design on the front center, this beanie will look fantastic on men or women. It comes in six different colors, and it will be an excellent gift for any boy or girlfriend of yours.

17. Hippo Shaped Mug

Hippo-Shaped Mug

Sending this hippo-shaped mug as a birthday gift for your close friend is a great idea. This lovely mug reminds you of your loving and warm friend, just like the hippos’ good trait. Furthermore, you and your friend can drink from the hippo mug together during the party. The lovely hippopotamus will bring you closer together!

18. Hippopotamus Door Stopper

Hippopotamus Door Stopper

This art piece will be a fun gift that surprises anyone who receives it from you. A hippopotamus door stopper with a realistic design will surprise your friend or family when they open the gift box. You might want to see and record their reaction for a memorable archive. 

19. Handmade Hippo Candles

Handmade Candles

We bet you haven’t seen this exceptional candle anywhere. The unique hippo candle is handcrafted using the ancient technique of Millefiore from eSwatini. The artisans will meticulously carve the hippo-shaped candle by hand. And so, this candle will be a valuable gift to someone special. 

20. Blue Tie with Hippo Embroidered

Blue Tie with Embroidered

This navy tie with hippo embroidered will be an excellent choice for a gift to complete your boyfriend’s hippo collection. It will match his unique fashion style. Furthermore, he can also wear the item to every occasion, from casual to formal events. The accessory will be the point of his outfit when he goes out with you. In addition, you can wear a navy sling bag with a hippo charm to get a matching couple-look with him. 

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21. Hippo Charm Neckle with Initial

Hippo Necklace with Initial

The gold pewter necklace with a hippopotamus charm and hand-stamped initial can be a heart-warming gift. It shows the owner of the charming accessory just by looking at the initial. Moreover, you can add another initial or a birthstone charm to make it more attractive.

22. Hippo Statue Water Fountain

Hippo Statue Water Fountain

How about gifting your parents’ pond with a hippo sprinkler statue? The handmade water fountain will enhance the pond’s attractiveness and the garden ambiance. Plus, the realistic hippo statue has a series of features such as wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and weather-resistant, making it durable and not easy to fade.

23. Hand-Carved Soapstone Hippo Figurine

Hand-Carved Soapstone Hippo Figurine

The hand-carved hippo figurine looks very cute as a shelf decoration or a coffee table centerpiece. You can use this figurine as a small thankful gift to each of your best friends. On top of that, the soapstone art piece is available in different colors and patterns to make it more diverse. By purchasing this adorable figurine, you can create an employment opportunity for artisans from Kenya!

24. Hippo 3D Illusion Night Light

Hippo 3D Illusion Night Light

This unique Hippo 3D night light can be your gift for a curious toddler or even a grown-up adult. The flat acrylic lamp projects the seven colorful lights and makes an excellent 3D visual of a hippopotamus. What’s more, this item can be used to teach kids about anime. It’s easy to change the night light color by using its touch control feature.

25. Luxurious Hippo Ornament

Luxurious Ornament

Enhance your living room atmosphere with a luxurious hippo ornament. This item uses 24k gold and authentic precision cut crystals to create an elegant design. Furthermore, you can use this golden hippo as a congratulatory gift for your office colleague’s promotion. They can display the beautiful heartfelt present from you on their work desk.

Final Thoughts

Hippos are known as a cute and kind animal, and not to mention, huge! Being an adorable creature, Hippos have inspired many people to produce so many items and products such as wearables, toys, and home decor items. So if you’re planning on giving someone you love a unique Hippo gift, we would say that it’s going to be a wonderful and kind gesture.

Among many Hippo gifts out there in the market, there are certainly some best options for different occasions. Hippo home decor items would be a great housewarming gift for sure, while Hippo jewelries are perfect as birthday gifts. In addition, you can also find Hippo gifts in various range of prices. So if you’re currently tight on budget, you can still find many high-quality gifts with an affordable price. Happy gift shopping!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best hippopotamus gifts for him?

The navy tie with embroidered hippo design is the best hippopotamus gift for men. He can use the gift as his office attire with a cool, sleek hairstyle. Alternatively, if your man rarely uses a tie, you can give this hippo bookend to keep his reading collection tidy. He will no longer have an excuse to leave his books untidy and misplaced after that.

What are the best hippo figurines?

There are so many options for hippo figurines online. And so, picking the best ones will be a difficult task to do. However, we would like to suggest the hippo storage statue with multifunctional features as the best hippo figurine. It has a realistic hippo shape and a big mouth to store sundries. Moreover, this soapstone figurine is also among the best hippo figurine.

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