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Insect Repellent Perfume

Get ready to go “glamping”—that’s glam camping!—when you take this Insect Repellent Perfume along for your next outdoor excursion!  This perfume serves two purposes: it keeps you smelling fresh and flowery all day long.

Even when you’re sweating from an intense hike, and it is also a functioning insect repellant! It features a cardamom, spruce, and cedar scent that is reminiscent of chai spice, all while keeping the bugs at bay.  No need to worry about DEET or any other unwanted chemicals, either.

This Insect Repellent Perfume is healthy and all-natural, making it the perfect choice for an environmentally-friendly camper, hiker, or nature enthusiast.

Insect Repellent Perfume


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